WEEKEND WRAP-UP: Kevin Hart’s (Ex) Wife Not Acting Like A Lady + MORE!

April 15, 2012  |  
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Hey loves! As the weekend comes to a close, we just want to catch you up on a few celeb tidbits you may have missed over the weekend and also introduce you to one new artist (I’m trying to keep my promise and keep you up on new folks) that you will LOVE.



Mr. Big Gets Hitched

Congratulations are in order for Chris Noth and his long time partner Tara Wilson who are now husband and wife. A rep told PEOPLE that they two were married in Maui two weeks ago.  The 57 year old actor has been with Tara, 30, for about 10 years and they have a four year old son.


TJ Holmes Back in Action

I can’t deny it: I was a little concerned when we learned television anchor TJ Holmes was leaving CNN and even more concerned when I heard he’d be going to BET.  Well, I am now cautiously optimistic because BET announced last Thursday that TJ would have his own nightly talk show called Don’t Sleep!, which will focus on issues directly affecting Black America. Hopefully, this will work out for TJ because he does good work and deserves this chance. I know BET almost always gives us a reason to speak ill of the station but we should really try to give this some initial support!


Kevin Hart’s Wife Ready For A Fight

Ummm Torrei Hart? I need you to calm yourself down. Last week, whilst in court dealing with some post-divorce matters from comedian Kevin Hart, the judge sanctioned Torrei to pay a portion of Kevin’s legal fees. Welp, Torrei didn’t like that one bit and got a little…upset. She was so upset that according to RadarOnline, she lunged at Kevin’s lawyer, Debra Opri, outside the courtroom and called her “the b word.”  She had to be restrained by court sheriffs but, luckily, was not arrested.  I mean…what?? Okay you’re mad you have to come out the pocket but act like a lady!



Bring on Badu!

According to an interview Erykah Badu did with Sister2Sister Magazine, she is working on TWO albums – a solo album and also one with her group, The Cannabinoids.  In checking out the excerpt EURweb provided, I don’t think we should actually expect to get either album this year as Erykah spoke on just being “free” with music and letting it just come naturally. That kind of means that unless her label puts her on a deadline, we need to just listen to the albums we already own.


Trouble In Paradise for the Georges?

Don’t shoot the messenger – I got this one from The YBF. I think most of us remember when Eddie got caught up in a situation where a young, female golfer was arrested for a DUI at 2am and he was in the car with her, right? Well, Eddie said they were at an event party and rather getting the shuttle, he let her drive him back to the hotel not knowing she was inebriated. Okay…I guess.  But now, Eddie and Taj George (that’s Taj from SWV) have put their TN mansion up for sale. Now it could be that they just want something new (although they’ve only been there five years) or it could be that the money isn’t coming in consistently enough to maintain mansion living.  But Natasha and her crew also pointed out that it has been quite some time since they’ve tweeted each other, which is something they normally do. I don’t know but I hope this doesn’t mean anything.  You can check out the pictures of the gorgeous house here.


Hip-Hop Manager Gives Back

Kudos to Cortez Bryant, Lil Wayne and Drake’s manager, for donating $500,00 to his college alma mater’s band. Bryant, a New Orleans native, attended Jackson State University in Mississippi on a band scholarship to be part of the Sonic Boom of the South. Cortez credits “The Boom” for giving him a sense of dedication and structure and because of that, he wanted to give something in return.  Check out the video on Hip-Hop Wired.


Introducing: WILLARD HILL

You may not know his name now but trust me, you’ll want to go check him out.  Willard is a rapper/singer/musician from New Orleans who specializes in, as he defines it, New Orleans hip-hop/soul.  Last year, a song called “Future Fresh” landed in my inbox and as soon as I hit “play,” I knew it was something special.  The song tells the story of a guy telling his girl that while he can’t provide her with all the flashy things in life, he’s a man working hard to make sure they survive and if she’s down, she can come along for the ride.  As you listen, you can easily get lost in his voice and the music.  He released an album called Gemini Mood Swings which is a beautiful description of not only his life and his trials but also his hometown of New Orleans. I truly could go on and on because this guy is incredible. Check him out at willardhill.com.

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  • Cassandra InDetroit

    Maybe I don’t understand this website, so could someone please tell me where the entire story is located?

  • Patrick Kitheka

    wait, this is a 2 year old post and I’m like OMG this is news? stupid me! loooool

  • shehiplocki

    There is a Star in this story, it’s Wilard Hill Everybody!! Please Listen to his Gemini Mood Swings! Brother is So Nice..Check Him Out U won’t regret it..no spam.lol Seriously think Curtis, Marvin, no exaggeration.

  • Kath

    Where does this writer get off, telling this woman to act like a lady regardless of whatever the situation is? There are somethings that may be considered minor to you but major to someone else and vice versa. Don’t be so quick to pass judgment on this matter, as it is not your place!

  • HipHopSays

    i wish i could wrap my head around large age differences — ie chris noth and his wife — but i can’t help but to think that she’s had little life experience and this does not bode well for it lasting.

  • Tarik Asim

    Willard Smith joint is dope. Kevin Hart’s wife probably has to pay his legal fees because she brought motions that were already settled or frivilous. If they weren’t the judge wouldn’t have ordered she pay them. IJS

    • shehiplocki

      He is Truly Gifted, I’m searching for other stories about him. I Want to keep track of him, so many Good artists get lost in the Radio, because they want to categorize them and limit their exposure. Peace and Love.

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  • joe chilly

    catch you up on a few celeb tidbits you may have missed over the weekend and also introduce you to one new artist?????
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    it’s- the- most effective-s i t e  in the world to

    connect- with,- d at e and mar ry— successful,

    beautiful-people.Meanwhile”,one said

    ☆____________A g e L o v i n g .С -○-М__________☆

  • hellifiknow

    Wait…Mr Big was 47 and she was 20 when they first got together….all right playa……

  •  When an individual fear or apathy passes by the unfortunate, life is of no account.

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?


  • Shay

    I can’t believe that any judge in his (or her) right mind would make her pay for his legal fees.  The only thing I can think of, is that she brought a frivolous lawsuit and lost.  

    • yup

      thats exactly why! she prob filed too many frivolous motions and unnecessary things and now is being asked to pay it back. Doesn’t sound good on her part. 

  • Gmarie

    Wow his wife must make pretty good money, how did he pull that one off? Makes you think twice about trying to the that “supporting” wife while he’s still trying to get his crap dreams together..

  • Juliemango

    Erykah Badu in Sister2Sister. Can’t wait 2read that. S2S is my Black Celeb Bible. Been readin it 4donkey yrs. Mr Holms I rarely sleep but I know. Don’t sleep has a diff meaning!!!

  • Ombre

    Boycott Kevin Hart and other punks who bash and disrespect black women.  He called black women “broke a** dark hoes” on his Twitter account.  Do not support ANYTHING he does including that stupid Steve Harvey movie.  Join the boycott! 

    • Sweetdraws

      No he didnt he already said one of his staff did it trying to be funny and they were fired and he is doing legal action

    • Tiffany Lakes


  • Lalatarea

    wait. why does kevin harts wife have to pay fort his legal fees?

    • Oooohyeah

      That’s what I’m saying! That’s some crap and a LOW BLOW from Kevin right there!!! But I don’t know all the ins and outs so I won’t point the finger… But uh… Datz dat b.s. right there!!!

    • Juliemango

      Yeah Lalatarea, Y??? Surprised his wife’s finances are higher than his!!!

      • Patrick Kitheka

        but with his new show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” he’s better off now 😛

    • Charla

      Because she keeps filing unnecessary motions (i.e. wanting 90k in child support when they have joint custody). She has to pay his fees because his lawyer needs to be paid for these unnecessary court appearances.