Beyonce Writes a Letter Thanking Michelle Obama for Being a Role Model

April 12, 2012  |  

Beyonce took a little time out of relaxing on the beach during her St. Barts vacation to pen a short note to Michelle Obama. On her website, she posted the letter below, singing the praises of The First Lady and thanking her for being a role model that her daughter, Blue Ivy, can look up to.

Beyonce is usually the one on the receiving end of compliments like this so it’s nice to see her recognize such an important African American figure like Mrs. Obama. Bey’s been a fierce supporter of President Obama’s re-election campaign and Michelle’s right-hand entertainment woman for her “Let’s Move” campaign so perhaps basking under the tropical sun with her husband, away from (most of) the paparazzi got her thinking about how difficult it must be for the Obamas to remain cool under pressure.

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  • nice but suspect.

  • disgusting to see such haters!

  • Msmykimoto2u

    Nice to see her showing Mrs. Flotus some love, but if it was addressed to Michelle, why did the whole world need to see it? Shouldnt it be more personal?

  • SpicyCreole

    lord knows that the child is blessed to have Michelle as a role model because we all know that Beyonce bleaches her skin and doesn’t claim to be black but creole… I am creole as well, but I also know that I am a black woman.

  • A bit of grammar lesson is needed here – specifically, sentence structure. A world-traveled individual should have a better command of her native language. 

  • Just saying!

    I’m sorry but I kind of agree with some of these comments. I don’t mean to be cynical–I love black women supporting each other. But I can’t help but think it would have been better if she had done this in private. It seems ever since she had her baby she’s been putting out little things for us to get all gooey over. I feel bad for saying this because you don’t see this camaraderie everyday but the fact that she publicly did it and said “look what I wrote–I’m humble and I’m a good mother who cares about black people” makes it look a tad bit insincere….

    • Not to mention extremely tacky. Wouldn’t it have been beautiful for Mrs. Obama to casually make a mention  of it in an interview, after she (quietly) received the note in the mail? A rhetorical question, of course.

  • Me

    She will do anything for a headline. This could have been done privately. Next. 

  • Reese

    its a nice thought but is it really ok for the the First Lady of our country to be referred to as simply Michelle? Are her and Beyonce homegirls or something?

  • JusSayin

    I just don’t understand why it was necessary that she had to post it on her website. To me? It doesn’t seem genuine. You could have figured out a way to get it to Michele and allow her to know how you feel but instead u write a note and put it on your website? Might as well posted on facebook or twitter. 

  • Sameriaamerson

    The English major in me must correct the “u.” It should be “you.”

    • Anna S.C.

      Lol, you’re right, but its do easy to resort to text grammer… I know I’ve slipped up many a times. 🙂

      • Anna C.S.

        I meant *so, not do… Lol.

  • While I like this letter, I thought Beyonce considered herself to be French…

    • L-Boogie

      LOL!  She never said she was French.  

      • Kenedy

        That one commercial for make up, i think its L’oreal….it says she’s french, native american, blah blah blah

    • Jumelle

      True- I giggle every time I see that commercial- but I still got love for B!

    • Hiveship99

      bwaah. That is what I said.  Now she and her daughter are black?

    • Kenedy

      Lmao! Your comment made my day

    • LOL When it’s convenient, of course. 

    • Nitty

      An african french.
      Everybody wana be anything but african..poor baby

  • Hmm. Okay then.

  • CantStandLiars

    I dont care what that liar has to say.

    • L-Boogie

      What makes her a liar?

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  • T_musiclove

    Nice to see black women supporting and encouraging each other!

  • L-Boogie

    Classy as usual.