“Ask A Black Man” Episode 3: The SEX Episode [EXTENDED CUT]

April 11, 2012 ‐ By Liz Burr

Here is the extended cut of Episode 3 from Ask A Black Man, just like we promised! In this version, you can expect to see more questions asked, as well as more discussion between our panelists. This is The Sex Episode, so expect the discussion to be a little racy.

As always, please be respectful of each other and the men in the comments. Thanks in advance!





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  • YoItsMe!!

    First i want to say I am enjoying this series. I get see how men contradict themselves. How in one breathe they say they would not date a woman with a high body count but would think nothing less of a woman who sleeps with them on the first date. WHAT???? Don’t ever believe you can only have a strong vibe with one person a vibe can be felt with a number of people and what If I was to act on that vibe every time i felt it becuase it just felt right. Guess what, that body count keep going up and up!!!

    • YoItsMe!!!

      To add, ladies if you have a past you can either accept that you will be alone for the rest of your life or A live a lie. Lie about your body count, lie about your stds, lie about your exes, lie about your weaves, smh …. OAN please don’t take my rants as negative this is very insightful, I think us ladies are so clueless on men.

  • http://twitter.com/TheBlackPsyche Easy Rawlins

    every time I see panama I think Joe Budden

  • http://www.facebook.com/hellalinday Helen Lindsay

    MN, this is really good !! Keep this going!!!

  • Ninde

    Though this ‘episode’ was at times amusing, the content is probably the best example (put into words) of why I won’t consider a black man for anything other than a friend.

  • MichganHopeful

    you should do an session on “cougars” and younger men

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1478730719 Ugochi Okorji

    I cannot believe i am late on this! This show is really great. Thank you for the input guys!

  • Rachel

    1) Women.. stop telling these guys yours “numbers.” They don’t believe you and it shouldn’t matter. If women judged a man based on his Number we wouldn’t deal with them for real.

    2) Buddy on the far right (in the red next to Panama) is ghey!

    3) And I feel like women who’ve had LOTS of “bodies” tend to get chose more than the “good girls” so I don’t think guys care for real….

    • MarcoG

      Sweetheart I’m far from.  Thanks for your comment though, but I don’t think anyone should agree with any of your opinions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DJRH5W33HTWQL7EWXK5USSH5JM KD

    Is this Panama from Smart Brothas? I love his blog.

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  • Blue

    panama reminds me of kid from kid and play..lol great panel!

  • Smiles

    wow…men really wouldn’t date a virgin these days? I thought finding a virgin was a good thing?! *looks at 23 year old V-card

  • RenJennM

    This was a great episode. I really like this series. 

    Panama and Stephen were my favorite to listen to. Panama was very straightforward, chill, and hilarious. Stephen seemed nice and very cool, and he reminded me a lot of a friend of mine, in looks and demeanor (a compliment, I promise). 

    Lester’s smile in the introduction truly made me LOL! 

    Marco’s story about him farting in bed while a lady was giving him fellatio made me laugh hard and gag at the same time. If I was that lady, the sex would have been OVER! lmao 

    I must say that Marco and LC have some pretty teeth though. lol Had to mention it!

    • MarcoG

      The fart smelled like flowers Renjennm!  Thanks for the compliment also! 

  • africangirl


    I grew up with 3 men of different generations and I used to live with 5 guys all in their early to late twenties, so this episode is extremely reminiscent of endless conversations we had as a group!

    This episode reinforces my view that many men share the similar opinions about the questions Kela asked, as shown by the men in this episode! Thus, i think this series will give a good idea of what’s on a guy’s man to clueless women watching the series.

    Good job Madame Noire! Now we need the lady version! :-)

  • Perspicacity913

    This was hilarious!  I really like this series.  I just like watching men interact this way.  Nothing they are saying is new, necessarily, but it’s just interesting to hear.  

    Also, I think a Ask a Black Woman would be interesting, but…  I doubt many men would watch it.  Lol…

  • Streetz

    This was def my favorite episode and i did one, lol.

    Liz I should’ve been on this one there was no room for slander on this. LOLOLOL!

    Marco dont entertain the comment trolls on your style bro, you already know what it is hahahaha. Damn they said #TupacBack at your nose ring tho?! LMAOOOOo chill!

    Enjoy this thorougly


    • MarcoG

      Jeff what’s good kid?  You see how they try to go at your boy?  lol…Heads may have to do a webisode on our own!

  • http://twitter.com/KikiAdoreMe Kiki Max

    the last one one is soooo fine but he need to cut that them dreads PLEEEEEEEEas

    • MarcoG

      Sorry Kiki…not anytime soon.  Thanks for the luv though.  ;)

  • Business19050

    I like these guys.  They are interestingly honest. None of them were phony or trying to project any particular type of image.  Panama was the best. His level of commmunication was on point, regardless of how painful.

  • http://twitter.com/POWTV Birch

    Dating a virgin though guys? Keep it funky. You not gonna take her to iHop

  • http://twitter.com/POWTV Birch

    Dark light Dark light Dark……….nice seating arrangement

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  • Snarkychic243

    Wednesdays are a happy spot in the middle of my week because of this web series.  Keep up the great work.  I enjoyed listening to the responses from all of the men even the ones I gave a side eye to.  And I’m not sure why some ladies are not digging Marco…seems like a fun dude and a cutie.

    • MarcoG

      Thanks so much Snarkychic243.


    showin more luv from the ASIAN PersuASIAN!!! lol :D

  • Dee

    They are against the 90day rule and Marco said, “I’m not big on rules.” BUT, they have rules about the number for the woman.  Marco also said, “her number needs to be lower than mine.” Is that not a rule? How do these men expect the woman to keep the number down if she’s having sex every month with someone new or on the 3-5 meet. Some women “wait” to get a feel for where the relationship is going so that they don’t share their bodies with everyone that took them out to dinner a few times only to be a “friend” or a “boo” or insert whatever other term instead of girlfriend/woman/lady. If a woman has sex with the majority of the men they date, then the number racks up. If she waits until a relationship is established or 90 days, she has too many rules. Seems as though women are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. 

    • MarcoG

      What’s up Dee?  I think the lines between rules and preferences are getting crossed a little bit.  When I said that I would’nt want my girls number to be bigger than mine, that to me was expressing a preference of mine.  I think what person chooses to do is fine…wheter they wait to be intimate with a person or not.  As long as they are not making it feel like it’s a “rule” that I have to abide by no matter what.  If that’s the case I think you’ll find yourself cfocusing more on the rule than the person.  You never know, if you find “the one” I’d hope that all rules would go out the window. 

  • http://twitter.com/ConverseWMSis Joyce Okoth

    Definitely the best in the series. Panama’s side eyes killed me! His response to why men cheat was as succinct and real as you’ll ever hear. Marco is a hottie – love the smile. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • hellogoodmorning

    i love ask a black man that is the funniest s**t everrrrrr..r..r..r.r.r..r.r…. oh lester and panama are my favorite and marco is hot …

    • MarcoG

      Thank you Hellogoodmorning.  ;)

  • Tynesha Craven

    This was really good, totally enjoyed it!

  • NegRican24

    Dear Madame Noire,

     I would like to be on Ask a Black Woman. I have alot of responses to these videos and the way alot of these guys are answering the questions. I look forward to someone from your site contacting me soon.
                                                                                                              Thank You

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      We do not have plans for that series, sorry!

  • NegRican24

    YES! Men it is better to give than to receive, that’s why i love a man who looooooooooves to please. Mm mm mm.


    Marco looks good :)

    • MarcoG

      Thank You luv.  ;)


    interesting! sex toys? sexual orientation? how about any (baby-makin) music 2 put a pair in the mood like R. Kelly or somethin!? lol. favorite sexual position? best place 2 have/had sex? fetishes? lol  =)

  • Janet2gees


  • AlissaLynne

    This was an eye-openiing experience to hear what men have to say about women.  To each his or her own about the opposite sex. What’s most important is the character of an individual and how they can be supplemental to you in your life instead of taking away from it.

  • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

     Bad sex just tends to be boring. I mean its still worth having for us men, but its not something you want for the long haul. When you’re with a woman who makes it seem like a chore to be having sex with you, its a turn off. Yeah, we’re getting some, but we could be doing something else to enjoy ourselves instead of havign sex with somebody who would ALSO rather be elsewhere.

    • Dear_Heart

      I’m glad the topic for today was sex because now everyone can see why it’s so important as a whole in any relationship. If they been around and you aint feeling it, you have the option to dip before it gets too deep and if the sex is great among other things, they could be a potential spouse. I’m not knocking anyone that chooses to wait til marriage (or 90 days lmbo) but if we aint clicking in the bedroom or where ever we choose, I aint accepting that til death due us part.

    • Gye Nyame

       Thanks for the clarification…no one wants boring sex, man or woman.

    • http://moacn.wordpress.com/ Sir Farouk

      Just to piggy back off that, I think bad sex is when you would rather be masturbating than having sex with the said person. Its so boring that you think to yourself, I ll probably have fun jacking off and watching some pron.

  • Mel

    I just wanted to say that I am loving this series and I thought tonight’s episode was hilarious!  It was great to see all of the panelists being so open and honest. I can’t understand all the Marco haters cuz I am loving his look and his swag and as a follower of vsb I always love to hear Panama’s opinion.  Kudos to Liz and the MadameNoir team!

    • MarcoG

      Appreciate the luv Mel!  

  • Stasi

    First of all, Why is everyone tripping about Marco!!? I seriously appreciated all of the panel’s opinion (even though I have/had some hang-ups about Lester because of his orientation (You like men.), but alas) especially Marco’s! I met him at an event he coordinated, and he was VERY YUMMY, and so sweet even though he didn’t know me!!

    Anyway, I LOVE THIS SERIES. LOVE. As echoed by some others commenting, I just wish that we had gotten some more specific questions – We need an “Ask a Black Man” Sex 2. Questions like What  turns you off during sex? What constitutes as GREAT sex? What do women do that make them irresistible? Things like that.

    I am now a follower of MadamNoire. I hadn’t been a visitor but now I make sure to browse at least twice a day!

    God bless to all my ladies still out here in the struggle and thank you MadamNoire and the gorgeous men that are helping us!!


    • amthomp7

      I appreciate Lester’s honesty, on all matters. Marco, uhm yes!

      • MarcoG

        Thank you Amthomp7.  ;)

    • MarcoG

      Thanks a lot Stasi.  If you scroll up a little bit, Luvbnblk answered a similar question that  Gye Nyame asked.  I think he answered it very well.  I responded a little to her question also.  Thanks again for the compliment luv.  Where did we meet and What was the event?  

  • http://twitter.com/Knesha TaKnesha

    This series is quickly becoming one of my favs! I can’t stop laughing…thanks for the mid-day giggles!

  • TK

    I love the extended cut! Hilarious!!!! Great job guys!

  • Inglewood Hustle

    Lester’s SMILE!!!!!   LMAO! 

    Had to rewind it several times to see it again.  Oh man!  That smile is hilarious! LMAO! Priceless!

  • Gye Nyame

    I must say that after watching the first 2 episodes I was relieved that I’m a married woman and no longer needed to wade in the single’s pool, but episode 3 was refreshing and hilarious. Marco’s story of his “letting go” had me crying. But I wish the host asked a very important follow up question that I will now pose to the men on the panel. She asked would you let a woman know if the sex was bad? But what I really want to know is what constitutes as “bad sex” for a man? I was always under the impression that for men sex is like pizza, even the worst pizza is still edible… lol. Even men that were not on the panel pls feel free to enlighten me.

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      Def a good follow up question! 


      Bad sex for me usually comes from “expert” who think that KNOW what I want and don’t understand queues or requests. Also, a woman who “dead-fishes” or acts like a blow-up doll. We are share ourselves with each other, even casually that should mean something, go in and have fun. And don’t act like your maidenhood is a scooby-snack, we are giving as much as you are (often times more). Sexual half-steppers are also whack, a half-stepper is someone who doesn’t perform with a whole heart. I guess you can compare it to some begrudgingly “eating the peach”.
       My theory for the reason why most men don’t complain about “bad” sex is because we usually take ownership of our pleasure, too many women (not all of you) expect a man to GIVE them the big “o” when in reality he’s only sharing it with you. Think about it, can a man force you to have an orgasm, then how can he really “give’ you one. We certainly assist on getting you there, but you hold the GPS to your “petite mort”.
      Hope that this was helpful


      Bad sex for me usually comes from “experts” who think that KNOW what I want and don’t understand or take queues or requests. Also, a woman who “dead-fishes” the action; we are sharing ourselves with each other, even casually that should mean something, go in and have fun. Another annoying thing, please don’t act like your sex is a scooby-snack, a good man is giving as much as you are (often times more). Sexual half-steppers are also whack, a half-stepper is someone who doesn’t perform with a whole heart. I guess you can compare it to a man begrudgingly eating the peach. It takes away from the act.
       My theory for the reason why most men don’t complain about “bad” sex is because we usually take ownership of our pleasure, too many women (not all of you) expect a man to GIVE them the big “o” when in reality he’s only sharing it with you. Think about it, can a man force you to have an “O”, then how can he really “give’ you one. We certainly assist on getting you there, but you hold the GPS to your “petite mort”.
      Hope that this was helpful

      • Gye Nyame

         Thanks, it was very helpful. Although I find it kinda sad that a woman would behave that way in bed b/c it says something about her. Either she doesn’t really want it, she’s afraid she may be judged if she lets her inner “freak” out, or she’s not comfortable with her body and/or sexuality. I think that’s what’s really at the root of it, and even though I’ve never suffered from any of the above, I can imagine it would be hard to really enjoy the experience with that hanging over you.

        • LUVBNBLK

          Thx for being open and honest in asking Gye. I think that “traditionally” most women come at sex with an fractured mind set and its mostly the paternalistic social “norms” are to blame. But, time have changed and now women need to “own” there own sexuality. I’m not saying to sleep around or objectify men, but to understand your own personal sexiness.  I found that many women don’t even understand the power that breathing and muscle flexing play in achieving orgasm -SMH. RE: fear of the the inner freak, you’d be surprise  on how many men are open to toys, role reversal, role play, etc (with the right woman). I found that a “bullet” is a smart man’s best friend. Personally, I hold the line at “probing” and multiple partners (of any gender). I’m greedy and focused, I don’t need distractions :D.

    • MarcoG

         Thank you Gye Nyame!  I think the homie Luvbnblk answered the question very well.  I definitely agree with what he said.  If me and a lady decide to share ourselves with each other sexually.  I want there to be no inhibitions.  I believe Luvbnblk was absolutely right in saying that a lot of women don’t realize how important  breathing and muscle flexing play in getting off… 
         Also, for me a woman’s hygiene is very important.  I feel like I have an extra keen sense of smell…lol  With that being said… If a lady is’nt fresh…the sex is automatically bad, and I’m forced to not give my total effort…I’ve even faked it before so it could be over.  Damn, damn!  Keep in mind though anything that I would ask or even expect of my partner she should definitely expect to have at the very least the same thing in return.   

    • http://twitter.com/KikiAdoreMe Kiki Max

      oh please, i hate “smug marrieds” … how happy is yo marriage? yo man prolly got a chick on the side u dont even know abt

      • kia

        so true, in the world of today, not even a married woman should be cocky that she’s reached the finish line :D

  • Skyla

    Loving the series.  I would like to see a ladies version as well.  Keep it up!

  • Ms Understood

    First, let me say that I thoroughly enjoy this series! Wednesdays just don’t come soon enough! There are so many different personalities and viewpoints – a little something for everyone. While some of the guests prove to be single for VERY obvious reasons (I won’t name any names LoL), most of the men are handsome, educated, humorous, and (seemingly) honest individuals….makes you wonder WHY/HOW they’re ever single in this estrogen filled abyss.

    Now, in reading the comments I had to interject. Marco…yes Marco…well his style is definitely different but individuality IS what makes life interesting (right?). I’d be bored out of my mind if everyone was a carbon copy of the next so I think we should cut him some slack. Consider Prince, Eric Benet, Dennis Rodman, and Lenny Kravitz…women fall head over heels for them so what’s the difference. We (women) switch up our make-up, jewelry, hair (length/texture/color), breast size and even our physique (courtesy of spanks LoL) just as often as we please. Men don’t have nearly as many options. With that being said, I commend Marco on his swag. Fresh shave, hair cut & new threads are all good but doesn’t that get boring after a while?? ijs…he took all the ‘jokes’ with a grain of salt b/c he knows he is FINE!!! #ThatisAll

    • Anon

      You just named a bunch of suspects and addicts, sexual and otherwise. To each their own though, and I do love prince artistically….

      • BermudaBound

        LOL I concur…but notice I didn’t say that “I” like any of them. They were just the first eccentric guys that came to mind. Whether they’re addicts, DL brothas, or otherwise…you have to admit they all have many female admirers. 

        (SN: Excuse the name change. Still trying to figure this site out…)

    • MarcoG

        Damn, damn!  I really appreciate your words Ms. Understood.  I think you’ve got a good grasp on what I try to embody.  I’m of mixed decent so I may be influenced by a lot of things that some people may not encounter on a regular basis. 
         With that being said,  I’m confident in myself and everything I attempt to do, and I can always laugh at myself so I enjoy when someone has something funny to say.  Let’s laugh!  Now to those heads that just want to hate for hating sake I would’nt advise that either I’m a 6’2′ 220lb “Thundercat”…let’s keep it  pure fun and jokes.  lol…
         I do however refuse to do something just because society says that’s how it should be.  I question everything, and I enjoy doing what makes me and the people around me happy.  
         As far as being single…well I recently got out of a relationship with a girl that I cared about strongly and now I’m taking it easy, but grinding hard with my business and career endeavors…but thank you so much for having my back Ms. Understood ;) 

      • http://lizburr.com Liz


      • BermudaBound

        I can relate…tis life. Matters of the heart = tricky business. And you’re very welcome! I love your positive attitude (despite the haters) so keep it up. And pleeeease make sure you’re featured on another episode ;) *serious face* Good luck on your new journey in this game called life.

        (Again, sorry for the confusing name change)

        *Ms Understood*

  • http://rhondamae.wordpress.com/ RhondaMae

    I’m convinced that these are the opinions of men in NY (or other parts of the east coast). They also seem like a pretty intelligent selection of guys, so that eliminates opinions of the less-educated (right?). I would be very curious to hear the answers to these questions from guys in other parts of the USA…especially ATL, LA, and the Chi.

    Keep these engines going, folks! I’m lovin it lol. Oh and btw–yes, I know y’all fake it. I’ve learned a lot from my big bro over the years.



    I can understand some of Lester’s points. I’m not a first date sex kind of dude, I’ve done it and none of those episodes lead to anything worth really revisiting. I like to let things simmer before I indulge…but that’s just me. To each they’re own.

  • L-Boogie

    This is funny and informative!

  • amthomp7

    I am not sure if I agree with the questioning in this segment. They seem kind of out-dated, like questions that you always hear. I have some questions about sex, coming from a black woman to a man, that were not represented :/

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      Like what, for example?

      • amthomp7

        Like, lettin the freak out. How intimidating is kinky sex or anal sex? Or feelings towards women being aggressive when it comes to sex. Or, true, friends with benefits? What are their sexual experiences with BLACK women? My black male friends always tell me black women aren’t this in bed, they aren’t. Personally, I would like to know do other men feel the same, as in BLACK women are more reserved? I think I just expected an episode titled “sex” would be focused on the act, more. 

        • Liyah W

          Also, what is bad sex?? Lol No, really. How can a woman be bad at sex?

          • rampagejackson

            Easy. If she just lay there, don’t like to throw it back, can’t take d*** real well and other things but I don’t have enough time to list everything.

            • LUVBNBLK


        • Candacey Doris

          Definitely agree! I have questions about things that are actually done in bed. Can we have a Sex part 2?

        • http://lizburr.com Liz

          Good to know your thoughts thanks for sharing. There are reasons why we didn’t or can’t ask those questions, but I hear you :) If I have an oppty to explore this topic again with the series I will keep these in mind :) 

  • YoungCosby

    I wish I had gotten picked, but dah well, I tried.

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      ? Did you audition at the casting call?

      • YoungCosby

        Yes I did.

        • http://lizburr.com Liz

          Don’t remember you at the casting. 

          • YoungCosby

             Yeah I was there, I did the casting interview on 12/22 at 5:00. I still have the emails…

  • Kellyy

    Why is it we as women are constantly looking for answers from men regarding what they want and what they think? Where’s the miniseries “Ask a Black Woman?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2018648 Amaris White

      Probably because black women tell people what we think anyway without anyone asking..Just sayin’

    • RenJennM

      As candid and as “tell-it-like-it-is” as Black women are, do we really need a show saying what we think and feel? Like, really?

  • LadySpartan91

    Poor Lester, lol….The rest of the panel keep giving him side eyes, lmbo.

  • Reeda

    This was HILARIOUS! I laughed the entire episode. Very well done cast and crew! By far my favorite episode of the series. 

    • MarcoG

      Thank You Reeda!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2018648 Amaris White

        You have the best teeth. Is that natural or do you get them whitened? I’m sorry, I know that’s sort of a personal question.

        • MarcoG

          Lol…Thanks a lot  Amaris.  Nah I don’t, Just brush well i guess. 

    • Kéla

      This was definitely one of the crew favorites.  Wait till you see next week. 
      Thanks for watching 

  • http://twitter.com/Jazzyjezzie Jessiree Jenkins

    Those side eyes that Panama is throwing at Lester are slaying me! This episode has me weak. I’m only watching the extended cuts from now on.

    • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

      there were some significantly side-eye worthy statements being made.

      • http://twitter.com/Jazzyjezzie Jessiree Jenkins

        There definitely were! I could see that Lester was causing you all some strife with those confusing answers. He seems like a good dude but I was thrown off by some the responses he was giving.

        • Sarah

          I am going to have to support Lester now. It wasn’t so much that his responses were confusing to the other men on the panel, they were just not realistic approaches for them.  I know a few men who are virgins, who can handle a woman who had a blemish on her sexual health history, and also who like just cuddle.  His answers were very real and understandable, in fact, upstanding.   

    • http://www.facebook.com/msshay247 MsShay Knight

      me too. lol

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JAI4SRENU2A5WKRTELXXYJPDSI Kayla

    What’s going on with dude hair that guy in the plaid shirt……  he got half dreads half low cut… wtf, was he undecided at the barber…

    • http://observationsfromachocolategirl.blogspot.com/ Jessiree

      HA! I was thinking “he’s really attractive even with the nose ring, but he has two whole hairstyles.”

      • ladyspartan91

        I wasn’t feeling the nose ring, dude this aint the 90’s and you ain’t Tupac….but I will say he does carry his unusual style very well. His good looks and smile make me want to like his style.

        • MarcoG

          Lol…the nose ring is kind of a cultural thing for me.  I’m actually half Indian, but I appreciate you comments, and hope I get you to like my steez a little more.  ;)

          • FromUR2UB

            Really? Your right or left half?

            (haha!)  Sorry.

            • MarcoG

              I’m Indian above the belt and black below the belt…  :P

      • MarcoG

        Thank you Jessiree…and It’s really like a style and a half.  ;)

        • http://twitter.com/Jazzyjezzie Jessiree Jenkins

          You’re welcome. I stand corrected, style.5  lol.  Not everyone can pull off that look and you do.

      • MarcoG

        Also my locs are braided in the front, but I don’t think people can tell that.

    • LadySpartan91

      Girllll, I said the same thing on Madame Noire’s facebook page. I was like was he undecided on what style to pick, so he just went with both.

    • MarcoG

      Lol…I like your joke Kayla…but nah it’s just my style, and I how I started my dreads.  Appreciate the joke. 

  • Sharilynne365

    This has been a very interesting series. These guys come across as honest. Sometimes it’s hard to hear some of the things that they’re saying, though. This series reminds me of another show called “The top twelve reasons why so many good black men are still single”. That one was pretty raw too. Here’s the link to that show:


    There’s been a lot of heated discussions about both these shows. What I like about the “Ask a black man” series and this other show is that we get a chance to hear things from our brothas that a lot of us don’t want to hear but we NEED to hear. Keep speaking the truth to us Madamnoire! 

  • sholla21

    lol. “Smooth criminal walking away from the crime scene.” Love it.
    I enjoyed this episode and especially Marco and Steve. Panama is funny. 
    Keep up the good work!

    • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson


      • sholla21

         And thank you for your candor :)

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      Glad you liked!!!

    • MzMaryPie2U

      Yes he was Hilarious and those side eyes he kept giving, still shots of those would be even funnier

      • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

         thats what im saying

  • pjscorpio

    These guys had me cracking up!

  • FemaleGuest


  • Ms_Mara

    “Men cheat because the opportunity presents itself and they don’t know how to say no.” Don’t know how to say no, or they just don’t want to say no?

    • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

      don’t know how to say no as in they just don’t say no.

      • Fiona

        Panama, that was one of the realist statements I have ever heard.  Real Talk.

        • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

           sometimes it just is what it is.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2018648 Amaris White

            I have five brothers, and watching this panel took me back to when I used to eavesdrop on their conversations! Good job Y’all!

  • Blacklily

    is that lestor’s real smile??? lmfao

    • Guest


    • Guest

      (,-__-,) I DIED when he was introduced! I actually ran it back just to laugh again!

      • http://lizburr.com Liz


    • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

      cold blooded.

    • http://twitter.com/icantbefamous LC

      Not gonna lie, no matter how many times you rewind it back, it’s the same level of funny lol…

    • Jt

      And Lester *SMILE* lmfao

    • RenJennM

      I thought it was just me! LMAO! Sorry Lester!

    • JND

      I didn’t even notice the smile ’til I read this comment and now I am crying…literally CRYING with laughter.  He’s channeling his inner Cheshire cat!

      • ayalee

        I didn’t notice his smile till the comments either and i can’t stop laughing till i’m chocking

    • Miss Boss


  • FromUR2UB

    C’monnnn!  How does a man SUCCESSFULLY fake it? 

    Feel sorry for the woman who was performing fartlatio.  Yikes! 

    Assuming they’ll know how many partners a woman has had only if she tells them, I would like to have known how they’d respond if she answered, “Nunya.” 

    • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

      i’m not sure we should be divulging how we can fake it. but trust me, it happens.

    • MarcoG

      We were talking about faking it when it came to intercourse not fellatio.

      • FromUR2UB

        Umm…those were two different thoughts.  That’s why I put them on separate lines.

        Were you talking about faking the fart?


      As a man who faked it a couple of times, it easiest when wearing a condom. All you have to do is flex you shaft a couple of times rapidly, added generic moan options 3-14, add an LL Cool J lip bite/lick and immediately go to the bathroom and act like you cleaned up and bring her a wash cloth that has been run under warm/hot water. She’ll be touch by your considerate wash cloth guesture and not even question your climax.

      • FromUR2UB

        Wow!  I didn’t realize there was a whole “science” to it!  Carry on, then.

        • LUVBNBLK

          LOL, no science, sometime you just want to be done with it and are good at thinking quick on your toes! It was one of my few one-night stands and I guess we both thought we had something to prove.

    • MarcoG

      We were speaking in regards to faking it during intercourse not fellatio. 

      • Tynesha Craven

        I wished she asked you guys what the definition of bad sex is/was? You said “the girl” everything was good with her BUT the sex, what was bad about it?

        • MarcoG

          Honestly that particular situation her vaginal odor turned me super off!  It wasn’t like she smelled bad, her scent just wasn’t agreeing with my nose!  Sometimes were better than others, but the times where it was turning me completely off I had to fake it just so it would be over.  

          • http://www.facebook.com/msshay247 MsShay Knight


  • LouisianaLickableLips

    This was definitely more candid than the “cut” version. I do believe their answers were more truthful in this version

    • http://twitter.com/panamajackson Panama Jackson

      Glad to hear that. It’s better than being thought of as full of sh*t.

      • LouisianaLickableLips

        I never thought ya’ll were fos. I just figured yall were being guarded 2 protect ur livelihood (jobs, r-ships, etc).

    • MeetYourInterracialLove

      As a man who faked it a couple of times, it easiest when wearing a condom. All you have to do is flex you shaft a couple of times rapidly, added generic moan options 3-14, add an LL Cool J lip bite/lick and immediately go to the bathroom and act like you cleaned up and bring her a wash cloth that has been run under warm/hot water. She’ll be touch by your considerate wash cloth guesture and not even question your climax.

      • LouisianaLickableLips

        Omgeee! U got tht down. Dead at LL Cool J lip lick. But I gotta be honest, if a guy faked on me, my feelings wud b hurt.