Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Good Times”

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Esther Rolle

Where would the Evans family have been without Florida? The matriarch of the family, she took no mess, but was always a supportive ear for her children’s issues. The widow was the backbone of her family, and she also had many memorable lines and moments on the show: *Drops bowl* “Damn, damn, damn DAMN!!!!” Once the show ended, Rolle released an album, The Garden of My Mind, did a little bit of psychic work (side eye), and appeared in a great deal of movies. That includes How to Make an America Quilt, Rosewood and Down in the Delta. Rolle passed away in 1998 due to complications from diabetes. She was 78.

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MadameNoire Video

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  • Frida

    Bookman was referred to as “Buffalo Butt”, not Bubble Butt.


      Lol…I still do Florida’s line that I think we all have said “D**n D**n, D**n!!!!” I still do that entire scene including throwing something to this day!!!!!

  • Funky_Pink

    I loved them then and still love them today. My family & I still watch the reruns and enjoy them all! I was sad to see James role cut and later Florida, the show was never quite the same with James gone. Norman Lear was a fool to let James die off (God rest his soul) , shows like this are yesteryear, too bad.

    God bless them all.

  • mrsoulo

    How could you not mention John Amos’ starring role in ROOTS???

    • Funky_Pink

      Exactly, someone fell asleep at the wheel. What a shame, though.
      John Amos WAS Good Times, not JJ.

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  • LaWanda

    I was surprised by the bio on Ben Powers. I thought it was going to say he went on to become a comedian. I thought Ben Powers was Sinbad all this time.

  • jodega

    I will never forget John Amos’s remarkable work as Kunta “Toby” Kinta in Alex Haley’s made for T.V. mini series ROOTS!

    • Funky_Pink

      Very true. Roots is the best.

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  • B J

    Dayum dayum dayum she still looks awesome. She aged well like fine wine.

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  • jacqueline mitchell

    I recall seeing Ben Powers play Nell Carter’s ex-husband on an episode of “Gimme A Break”.

  • guest

    I still watch the show today…it has everything that’s important to me: a strong family head, a supportive wife who was just as strong when she needed to be, respectful children who were loved and were loving in return, great friendships, a sense of community, hard times, and GOOOOOD TIIIIIIIIMESSSS yeah!!!…makes you see just how much of a breakdown in family there really is in the world today 

    • dayday

      Yeah it’s an inspiration to restore the family back to it’s glory.

  • Lightbulb

    James Evans was the epitome of what a father and husband was in the 70’s.  His character did a lot for me.

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  • Cami

    It was one of my favs back in the day and still is today.  As a natural curly, I have so much more appreciation for Esther Rolle and her choice to rock her natural hair throughout the series.  Too bad Oprah didn’t have a reunion of the cast before the passing of Ms. Rolle. Now THAT would’ve been some “must see TV”. 

  • MadBrooke


  • Mzpocahontas2k

    On the show JJ was swexy in his own way. He was silly, but he could be serius like when he found out Penny’s mom was beating on her, that really hurt him.

    • Freddy

      Yes, after John Amos left, JJ could still be silly, but he also had more of a sense of what was serious and when the joking around needed to stop. I thought the writers did a good job of showing his slow but steady evolution into being the man of the house.

  • Mzpocahontas2k

    Let’s not forget that John Amos starred in the movie Roots as Toby/kunta kinte.

    • Safargaj

      We know this poco, you review something else.

  • Julius

    Hated it. JJ Walker character ridiculous. They removed all the strong male influences of John Amos and filled it with 20 minutes of JJ Walker Foolishness.

    • ElvisWasAHero2Most

      Hated Good Times?!?!??  That’s blasphemous dog, that’s like saying you ain’t vote for Obama… did you?

    • Kay

      Sorry but JJ is the one who made the show so popular. It is what it is!

    • Freddy

      Yeah, sometimes, but the show was just so good that it didn’t matter. I loved all the characters, but I agree that John Amos was a hard act to follow.

  • Whathahellizat

    John Amos also had guest spots on Two and A Half Men

    • So_What

      and he was Lisa’s dad in Coming to America.

    • Freddy

      John Amos was great as Gordy the weatherman on Mary Tyler Moore even before he was James Evans….a truly outstanding actor.

  • Ja’Net DuBois also had a small appearance in Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle, #IJS

  • Darkfather504

    Still in love with  

    Bern Nadette Stanis

    • Freddy

      Me too. She was one fine fox.

  • pirate

    Had a crush on Thelma but JJ always got in the way.

  • iking821

    Wow Ralph……..

    • So_What

      …….he looks older than Mr. Bitterman the Superintendant.

      • iking821

        Older than Esther did when she passed too….

  • Kia

    Ralph Carter looks scarey, he did not age well

  • Eestoomuch

    i used to have a mad crush on James! lol! when he was the old Kunta Kinte…mmhmm…but when i seent a photo of him circa 2005 with some braids and that hairline…NO SIR!

    • Jen

      LMAO @seent!!!!! 

  • Smacks_hoes

    I was born in 1991 but good times Is timeless!! I watch the reruns daily…similar to full house. Those types of sitcoms warmed my heart.

  • Jackieo Perkins

    great show…

  • RedButterfly81

    One of my all time favorite TV shows and I wasn’t even born when this was on the air (I was born in 1981), but I wish I was though.

    • IllyPhilly

       Then you wouldn’t be able to get ’em all at once on DVD

  • Chip Fields is ageless!! She looks amazing!!