Nicki Who? 7 Female MCs Who Could Be Coming For Nicki Minaj’s Spot

April 17, 2012  |  
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Just days before Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was released, noted music writer Jon Caramanica wrote an op-ed in The New York Times calling Nicki Minaj “the most influential female rapper of all time.” Sparking discussion, many took to social networks to voice their disagreement. Why? Because in making the all-encompassing statement, he discredited legends such as Salt-n-Pepa, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, MC Lyte and the slew of other female MCs that not only paved the way, but are still influential today.

It’s no secret. Within the world of hip-hop, rappers gain power and influence by dissing or boasting their individual appeal. But let’s be honest… nothing under the sun is new, so while Minaj is extreme in popularity, sound, look and influence there are a number of new stars who could possibly outbox the hip-hop heavyweight. Madame Noire believes that championship belt is still up for grabs, so we’re showcasing the best lyrical pugilists in the game—tale of the tape style:

MTV Style

Azealia Banks
Age: 20
Hometown: New York, NY (Harlem)
Weight: Universal Music Group
Knockouts: Having rapped for Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld in his home this January, this lyrically-lewd star definitely has a lot to boast about. Banks attended the same performing arts school as Nicki Minaj and rose to fame from where else… viral videos. Banks (who also sings) believes her pink haired competition hasn’t left a legacy just yet and is not shy about saying she will be the next to dominate the game. “I need to make money,” she said. “That’s why I’m not afraid to be popular. That doesn’t mean I’m prepared to do anything to get attention – wear a wig this high or get plastic surgery. It’s way more about the art than it is about me.”

Atlantic Records

Brianna Perry
Age: 19
Hometown: Miami, FL
Weight: Poe Boy Music Group/Atlantic Records
Knockouts: Called an amalgamation of Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and Rihanna, the Miami pretty girl has been groomed from a young age. Perry, who calls herself the “Young Rich Bandit,” was hanging in the studio with Miami rap legends from the age of seven because her uncles owned a major music label. At the age of nine she was featured on Trina’s “Diamond Princess,” and was signed to Missy Elliott’s label but amicably parted ways. Loved by many including Beyoncé and Lil Kim, the Southern MC is one of the less cocky female rappers. Currently working on her solo album, Perry has been releasing club-happy singles all year.

Iggy Azalea
Age: 21
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Weight: Grand Hustle/Interscope
Knockouts: The blonde haired, Jessica Rabbit looking rapper was signed to T.I.’s label after a few years pushing demos across the country. Having written for a few artists before getting a deal, Azalea was well-versed on the music industry and has had a mellow, often underestimated, demeanor. Although her lyrical style is said to mimic Minaj at times, she does stand alone as the first woman to be on XXL’s Freshman Class list. Her first album, The New Classic, is due this summer.

Ladytragik’s YouTube channel

Age: 22
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Weight: Columbia Records
Knockouts: Raised by a mother who was in several West Coast garage punk-bands and worked in a Good Vibrations factory, it’s no wonder where Kreayshawn got her eclectic style from. The Oakland native, who’s criticized for not having great lyrical skills, gained fame after directing videos for rapper Lil B and then releasing her first single, “Gucci, Gucci” last year. Truthfully, she’s not a threat at all to Nicki, but with 33 million hits on YouTube and a $1 million record deal for a song with two words (kidding!), someone’s clearly listening.

Nitty Scott MC
Age: 21
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Weight: Unsigned
Knockouts: A part of the Boom Box Entertainment movement that promotes conscious hip-hop, Nitty Scott MC is unlike any of the young women on this list. She’s been characterized as a mid-90s naturalist tossing the short skirts, flash and gimmickry for pure, raw talent. Not too vulgar in word choice, she’s constantly being challenged to freestyle, which is how she gained attention at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards during Estelle’s cypher. She dropped her single, “Bulls**t Rap” last week and is working on her upcoming EP, Boombox Diaries.

Taylor Gang Records

Lola Monroe
Age: 25
Weight: Taylor Gang Records
Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Knockouts: She sounds like Nicki. She dresses like Nicki. She even has Nicki’s mannerisms. But the East African born former model and video vixen is trying her best to have her own shine. She addressed the constant comparisons in an interview with All Hip Hop saying, “How can I be jacking somebody or using somebody’s style if they never been known to have their own style.” Hater? Maybe. But she was also nominated in the Best Female Hip Hop category at the 2011 BET Awards. Hopefully signing to Wiz Khalifa’s label will give her the individual appeal she’s yearning for.


Somaya Reece
Age: 28
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Weight: Rebel Entertainment Partners (talent agency)
Knockouts: Paving her own lane in the Spanish club music circuit, the down to earth beauty is most recognized from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. Having acting credits before becoming a rapper, the Salvadorian MC dropped a mixtape series in January called Rebel with a Cause that features songs from her upcoming album. Called a “female version of Pitbull,” Reece, who’s one of the less drama-filled characters on the show, hopes to continue pursuing her goals free of naysayers.

What do you think of this new crop of talent?

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  • Truthteller

    this list is straight garbage… Not even 1/4 of them can compete. This list is straight up garbage…


    They should add TINK outta Chicago as well. She’s actually really gud. She has two HOT songs with Jeremih: M.E.N. & Don’t tell nobody

  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    People forget that these days it really has nothing to do with talent..its all about what is sell-able and who can be pimped most! You can be the greatest: an amalgamation of Missy Elliot, Lyte and Eve with the conscious of Latifah and lyrics of Ms. Hill it doesn’t matter, if you don’t have gimmicks or turn yourself into a caricature you won’t be successful.
    We are in the Kardashian, reality tv era where people are famous for nothing and admired for even less than nothing. Most of these people who are so popular today are worth less than a penny with a hole in it BUT that doesn’t matter because they sell. Minaj isn’t successful because her lyrics are remarkable, clever or make you think, she is successful because of her body, weird spastic facial features and someone for whatever reason decided she was the “IT” thing for the moment! She is replaceable and her work forgettable her image however isn’t so easy to forget (unfortunately).
    So forget bringing back legends and comparing artists from the past to the new. And all new artist with great talent GREAT LUCK because they will need it.

  • MM needs to revamp this list… there are some new and improved female MC’s that also have potential and lyrics to come for the top spot. The rap game is not a monopoly anybody can go for number 1 if their smart about it!

  • This is the truest list about newcomer female mcees! Props for dat, but please replace this gurrl Somaya with Lady Leshurr if u know sumthin about good rap flow n lyrics Mr.! Here’s a link:
    Hope dis was helpful 🙂

  • Drea Camille

    I think the list should be analyzed and critique again. You guys should have mentioned Rapsody an up and coming lyrical femcee straight out of North Carolina. She is down with 9th Wonder and Jamla records. I didn’t even see Jean Grae which is killing em on the lyrical tip. I feel like this list is based off of popular of who is down with who.

  • Goddess8281

    Wack list

  • sowuth0

    LOL it’s all kinds of wackness & lunacy in this “article”.  Nicki is just Lil Lady Kim Gaga.  And I could have sworn EVE was in the “freshman class”.  Maybe I’m getting old and my memory is betraying me?  And could we get a list of these people Iggy wrote for, being as though her producer has been writing HER mediocre rhymes? kthnx

    The only thing poppin is Azealia Banks.

    • Thisisntagame01

      and Brianna Perry.

      Iggy pop though.

  • Why is Nikki Lynette not on this list!?
    do your research.

  • Renee

    Somaya, Kreayshawn, Lola ummmmmmmmmm No! They wack, everybody else has potential for the game

  • Hornsca

    sorry .typo.. Shawnna

    • RenJennM

      Shawnna is dope, but she is not new!!!! *heavy sigh*

  • Hornsca

    Im mad Shawanna is not on this list. She is better than this list, and most male MC’s

  • RenJennM

    *sigh* Every time someone does an article or blog topic about current, RELEVANT female rappers/emcees/Hip-Hop artists, people start mentioning legends. I love legends, but this list is about the “new-new”. We already KNOW the femcees that changed the game! This article has nothing to do with them! 

    *breathes* With that said, I personally agree with all of the women named in this list EXCEPT for Kreayshawn and Somaya Reece. Kreayshawn seems like a cool girl to kick it with, but she’s a one-hit wonder, and Somaya’s music will not pop any further than where she has already become successful. 

    In case you haven’t noticed, album sales have declined tremendously in recent years due to online downloads and the ability to purchase one or two tracks instead of a whole album. Labels nowadays want artists who seem like a MOVEMENT, not just an artist (like Jay said: “not businessman, but a BUSINESS, man!)”. Artists of that caliber will garner die-hard fans who will buy, buy, buy. Though Nicki isn’t everybody’s taste (including mine), we have to respect her hustle. She is moving units! People are buying her albums! She is a brand now! That’s the type of artist, Hip Hop or otherwise, that is successful today. 

    A lot of the female rappers you all have named, I either already knew about or just googled today. Most of these women are just artists. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing special. Some of them aren’t even all that at that! The way the game works nowadays is this: FEMALE RAPPERS TODAY NOT ONLY HAVE TO BE TALENTED, BUT THEY HAVE TO ALSO BE EITHER COOL/INSPIRATIONAL OR QUIRKY/WEIRD/INTERESTING, AND ALL OF THEM HAVE TO BE PRETTY OR FLY. Admittedly, Nicki is weird and interesting, pretty to look at, AND has bars. She’s the whole package… even though lately her music and performances have become a little too c**nery for my tastes. The next female rap superstar has to be BETTER than Nicki lyrically, visually, commercially, and personality-wise. The main ones that are really popping RIGHT NOW are on this list, minus a couple missing. 

    The closest ones to becoming just as successful as or BETTER than Nicki are: 

    1) Lola Monroe — Watch this: — Lola has the story, the swag, the fashion sense, the hustler mentality, the lyrics, the flow, and the look. And she’s all about empowering other female rappers, not bringing them down. 

    2) Brianna Perry — Watch this: — She’s YOUNG! That’s one of her biggest assets. She’s also fly, has a hustler’s spirit, and has got bars for days. She isn’t that lyrical, but she has bars. Tough ones. 

    3) Iggy Azalea — Watch this: — She’s also young. An Australian white girl with a modelesque look. She also has a hustler spirit: she cleaned homes and rooms for years with her mom, and saved up all her money to fly to America to make her dreams come true of becoming a rap star. In fact, that music video was filmed at a Wal-Mart parking lot! Talk about making a lot out of a little. Plus, she has swag and is true to herself. There is nothing like her in the game. A breath of fresh air. 

    4) 3D Na’Tee — Watch this: . And watch this: . And this: — She’s authentic; she has a story. She has lyrics AND bars. Punchlines for days! She has a hustler’s mentality, she has swag, and she has a shape that dudes like. Plus, she’s sonically versatile, as you can see by the videos. 

    5) Azealia Banks — Watch this: — Pretty, brown-skinned girl with her own style. She has a fresh flow that can ride on almost any beat. Very vulgar (which I like), but her punchlines are fire! Plus, she ALSO has a hustler’s spirit: she was popular for her music on MySpace when she was 17, which got her signed, but she was later dropped, so she continued grinding until she released “212”, which caused a bidding war amongst labels and got her signed to Interscope. She’s only 20-years-old and is seen as the “future of music” by people such as Kanye West. 

    Two other artists to look out for: 6) Miss Mykie and 7) Teyana Taylor. They are technically singers who just so happen to rap. But they both rap well (not amazing, but pretty decent), and are on the come up, so I figured I’d mention them. 

    There are other female rappers who I think can spit hard or are incredibly lyrical, but I question their ability to reach commercial success and change the game: 
    – Tiye Phoenix 
    – Mae Day 
    – Snow Tha Product 
    – Kalae All Day 
    – Patwa formerly known as Trinity 
    – Reema Major 

    And there are other female rappers who could DESTROY anyone in a battle, but will probably always be underground: 
    – QB 
    – E-Hart 
    – Chayna Ashley 
    – Imah X 

    • meeee

      What about Dutchess?!

      • RenJennM

        Dutchess is a beast; but she’s not f***ing with the four in my list.

        • meeee

          But she violated QB. i know Dutchess personally and she wold merk all of them. Maybe not E-hart.

          She’s also a natural beauty and can show her feminine side.


    Azealia Banks is in her own lane and Iggy is in her own lane. Nicki is in her own catergory. None of these ppl listed will be taking the crazy fyre spot anytime soon.

  • Bubblez288

    This list is WACK. No one on here is taking her spot. Azealia will have a career. Brianna probably not. Iggy, trash. Kreayshawn, trash. Lola, um no. Nitty, idk her yet. Somaya, hot garbage. For the Barbie haters…She may be plastic, but last I checked she had her own house and car, and a hundred different jobs (doctor, lawyer, chef, singer, etc.) Most importantly, she wasn’t an accessory to Ken, he was her accessory. Barbies are independent.

  • Miss_Pryss

    I don’t know about these girls here but I know plenty of other unsigned femcees that would body Nicki lyrically. I just think people are sleeping because they don’t have the same exposure as these girls here. Just to name a few 3D Natee, Miz Smurff, Allie Baby, these three alone could body everybody listed on this bullshit list.

  • Karmaizabia

    Kreshawn is from Oakland.

  • Azealia Banks is def coming for Nicki, but there’s room for two at the top. Even more than two..

  • whoeva made dis list need to hop bakk on the short bus u rode in on. and lola monroe is nothin like nicki yall must have never heard her music she’s actually betta than nicki her music has substance unlike that willy foo foo barbie bs

  • *sigh* I hate when there is a title that says one thing then you contradict yourself just to add more weight to the article- The title suggest female MC’s that are coming for “nicki’s throne” (lol out the gate) but then you put Kreayshawn on here and say she is no threat to Nicki…then why is she on the list??? That Izzy chick shouldn’t even be mentioned after her “slave master” comment – I continue to support you cause I know things will get better

  • Liyah

    I love Lola Monroe soooo much. She sounds nothing like Nicki Minaj to me. Her lyrics are real and her delivery is even more gangsta than Nicki. We gotta remember Lola’s been a video vixen since Nicki Minaj was in High School so of course people are gonna say her style is similar. Nicki is using what’s in the industry and making it brighter. 

    Nicki can honestly kill the game if she cuts out the watered down, cotton candy pop gimic. Don’t sleep on Lola Monroe. She has maad potential.

    • im glad u said she is nothing like nicki she actually raps about real stuff not that garbage pop bs

  • Jennifer

    NO ANGEL HAZE???????

  • I don’t see Rapsody on this list!! she was quite good on her Thank H.E.R Now Mixtape

  • RottweilerDaDon!

    I would love to see Nicki go up against Rasheeda….don’t think Nicki could last!  Seriously, Nicki does have a wild flow, but to be the most influential of all times….That’s like saying LL isn’t the G.O.A.T!

  • There’s always one hater! All of these ladies deserve to be on this list. You must be a failed artist. lolz

  • I like Somaya Reece Lola  Azalea and Nitty they’re so different in a good way which is what rap is missing. All these other girls with their weaves and gimmicks are just like Nicki.

    1. For example Somaya raps in Spanish and English capturing  both markets and she’s down to earth. She’s charting in Latin America that’s a big accomplishment considering the show seemed to try to whisper her success and highlight her downfalls.  I watch the show she is drama free. A true star doesn’t get involved in messy things like the other artist Olivia she is messy and will never go anywhere with that stank atitude. Her Latin lyrics are RAW and lyrical . They’re not  pop at all (if you understand Spanish) 

    2. Nitty reminds me of Lauren Hill but a younger now version of her. She is also down to earth and her lyrics are RAW and she can freestyle most women don’t do that. She looks like Lauren London too. She has looks and talent and seems down to earth. She is down with the concious rap she is refreshing no gimmicks.

     3 . 4 Lola and Azalea are very unique brown skin beauties. Lola doesn’t like nicki at all I don’t aggree with what was written about her. She just has her type of body but Nicki bought hers. Azalea is our new Foxy Brown. Raw real and a Harlem spitter. I think this list was made well. Good job MM

    • Caroneisha

      Sorry but Lola brought her body too.

  • YoungCosby

    This list didn’t even include the one female emcee that even matters, and that’s Jean Grae. If this site needs music/movie reviewer, let me know, because some of these lists are suspect.

  • KSunShyne

    I don’t see it for most of this list. You guys have got to be kidding about Somaya who cannot rap and Azelia who is nothing but hype and Lola who isn’t even Nicki on a good day. Brianna is mediocre, Kreayshawn is a joke. Nitty is good and Iggy is decent. But, I doubt if any of them will impact like Nicki has. 

    • wat impact has nicki had besides settin black ppl and women bakk 100 years she aint nutin but a 2012 house n***a smh wat are u in middle school lol

      • meeee

        she revived female rap, whether you like/agree with that or not.

  • Whtuthought?

    This is one tacky, misinformed-sister! Black Barbie, really??? This is a prime example of stay in damn school! Barbie will always be the whitest of the white women. There is and never will be anything black about her-Mattel is getting super paid off of a concept that was never meant to benefit us! Even the darkest of the line has the whitest features. That’s right moron with your psychotic swings DISAPPEAR! The only thing worse than someone who can’t read is someone who doesn’t! (Twain)

    • Caroneisha

      Preach Sister !!!! (shaking my head while throwing my hands up)

  • Cocojrs2

    Nicki is the only female MC being Heavily marketed, so unless you go underground. She doesnt have same level of competition (note the grammys no longer has a female rapper category.

  • jackieOsassin

    i can’t thank you guys enough for including nitty scott on this list and not honey cocaine. : )

  • Annelli

    Why does someone have to move out the way to make room for ONE other person? That is complete foolishness….there is room at the top for everyone. 

  • Jdmann

    Nicki is ‘influential’ but Queen Latifah has done more in the industry and hip hop culture than any female and most male rappers.

  • MannieCarlo_SS

    Another thing, they will not share the same success as Nicki. There’s no way in hell that would ever happen. Whoever is the author of this post really don’t understand Nicki’s appeal. You never seen one like it.

  • MannieCarlo_SS

    Influential: YES! Extraordinary: NO! I don’t care what any of you all say, but Nicki has changed the way girls in my community act, talk, and dress. I definitely see the influence. I’m not a fan – but her being labeled as “INFLUENTIAL” in my opinion is exactly on the money. I’ve never seen an impact from any of these ladies listed not even the old school.

  • lisa

    brianna has a very good chance in the Rap industry judging from her videos i see on youtube

  • Looneytunes0012005

    Everybodys sleeping on Natee da Queen…soon yall will know

  • Bre

    Why aren’t Angel Haze or Carmen Amare on this list? Angel Haze is one of the best female rappers I’ve ever heard. Kreayshawn and Somaya don’t really have a chance in my opinion; their rhymes don’t come hard enough. I feel like Honey Cocaine is better than those two and she’s just ok.

  • MadBrooke

    I hope they all come out, minus Somya, she’s just wack. I hate that there can only be 1 female rapper at a time. Bullsh!t!!

  • My_Mind_Speaks

    I wish that Mad@me N0ire (B0ssip) would’ve at LEAST put a sample of each of these females…I mean with all this clicking to state an opinion would THEN be justified…

    What does their pic and bio tell me about their LYRICAL ability?


    We all know pretty faces DON’T equal LYRICAL ability…(i.e. Nicki Minaj)

    Now I gotta go to You.Tube…

  •  Līfe ī$ lōńely āńd $ōmeτīme$ eveń bōrīńɡ.I ωāńńā $hāre āń excīτīńɡ plāce______meetāfflūeńt.cōm______īτ’$ τhe lārɡe$τ āńd be$τ clūb fōr ωeālτhy peōple āńd τheīr ādmāīrer$ ωhō āre $eekīńɡ lōńɡ lā$τ āńd eńdūrīńɡ relāτīōń$hīp$…yōū dōń’τ hāve τō be rīch τhere,būτ yōū cāń meeτ ōńe.If yōū dōń’τ mīńd,Pleā$e check īτ ōūτ,I’m $erīōū$.

  • Foolio

    Azaelia banks is definitely coming for dat a** and wig nicki! Iggy might get a lil shine, Lola is the female Wale so I’m not sure why she hasn’t blown up yet!

  • Hp

    Snow Tha Product should be added to this list ASAP!

  • Live_in_LDN

    People getting irked about Nicki Minaj being the most influential of all time? Even though I don’t like it, it’s the truth. She wasn’t called the most talented or most innovative of all time, but influential. Thanks to the tiwtter generation, when she says ‘jump’, she’s got millions of tweens barbs asking ‘how high?’ No other female rapper can say they can do that.

    • My_Mind_Speaks

      Which proves that half the people in the world are followers…

      At one time music was diverse…Even rap…(i.e. DeLaSoul, Digital Underground, Black Sheep, Arrested Development, etc)..But once it went commercial, it was all about selling a product…That left out a whole generation of people that feel as if music NOW is one-sided…

      Diversity…In it’s TRUE form…Is what hip hop need…No more clones…

    • nicki influence cant compare wit salt & pepper, queen latifah, foxy or kim. she is jus a gimmick its obvious u dont kno the highest selling demographic for music is 13-15 year olds a pile of dirt could influence them smh 

      • Live_in_LDN

        What about my comment says I’m ignorant about the highest selling demographics? If anything, my comment highlight this when i mention the tweens. Work on your comphrehension skills please.

        Also, just because you don’t like the 13-15yr old market, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There is a reason a lot of musicians and brands target them. It’s marketing not music.

        My comments are objective.

      • Young Karter

        Her influence doesnt have to compare to any of them y’all makin it seem as if she has to do tht i mean if yu dnt like nicki dnt listen i mean yes everyone is entitled to their opinion bt if every female rapper compared to one another thn wat would be the purpose the purpose of rappin is to show yur style n to impress everyone

  • Evilempire718

    Jean Gray!! That is all.

  • what about precious paris from queens, 50 cent protege? how could you overlook precious paris for kreayshawn and iggy azelia? you should do more research, you only stated the obvious.

  • Trinity

    Lol at all you jealous a** hating females bashing Nicki. Can’t stand the fact that she is indeed the most influential? Bite me, apple sign!

  • Nice list, but…….

    You completely forgot Xplicit Lyric.  She’s hot, got mad flow, and would most likely choke out all of those broads. It’s so cold in the “D”.

  • I’ve heard of most of these females, and most of them are all wack.  Come better madamenoire!  I know there are more female rappers than this.

    • Pao

      agreed!!  I am still waiting for someone to sign Persia  & not sure if Siya is signed either 🙁 till then mix tapes it is!

      •  Lol  True indeed.  Because this list ain’t cuttin’ it.

  • Caroneisha

    LOL, what is the world coming too?

  • Earthspirit

    Nicki is the most influential female rapper of ALL time…???!!! Are you joking? She is what’s popular right now. The list of influential rappers in my book are
    1. Roxanne Shante
    2. Salt-N-Pepa
    3. M.C. Lyte
    4. Queen Latifah
    5. Lauryn Hill
    6. Lil Kim
    7. Jean Grey
    8. Missy Eilliot, Da Brat….and so on….

    If she gave up the antics , the bubble gum pop “barbie” image (which has been done to death) and showcased RAW lyrical talent then maybe, just maybe…I would listen. She may be influential to a generation Y&Z who weren’t fortunate enough to witness hardworking women with REAL talent in the hop genre dominated by their male peers. Sorry, but whoever this guy is, needs to go back and study the history…we need another Sisters in The Name of Rap concert!

    • Te’Naj Alicea

      I was looking for Jean Grae’s picture smh! the nerve of them to even call her the most influential female rapper of all time. 

    • Darkfather504

       Tru-Tru but as usual times change from your list to whats out now in which I like a mixture I can listen to A. Banks and Lil Kim, Somaya Reece I think L&HH stunted her career

    • Young Karter

      It realli doesnt matter if one person dnt listen to her bt if yu ask almost everyone 80% of ppl will tell yu they she good af she’s given the nickname of female weezy for a reason if you say wayne suck then yu realli are a no one because yur own friends will tell yu he’s one of the best

  • Ms_Mara

    People really lose their minds over Nicki Minaj. “Most influential female rapper of all time”? IMO, she’s just Lil Kim 2.0 but with a Fire Marshall Bill flow. lol
    Irv Gotti (yeah, who?) once said she’s as talented as Lauryn Hill. Really? Who is she influencing and where is all this talent? Sorry but I disagree!