Gabrielle Union Tells JET Why She Didn’t Address Homewrecker Rumors Publicly

April 10, 2012  |  

Throughout all the talk about Gabrielle Union breaking up Dwayne Wade’s marriage and being a homewrecker, she’s remained silent and never addressed the allegations, until now. This week she covers JET magazine and when she was asked why she never defended her reputation she said, “The kids.”

“For the people that hire me, it’s a non issue,” she added. “But at the end of the day, Dwyane’s kids are going to be the ones who really suffer. They’re 10 and 4-and-a-half. They’re old enough to understand the mean things that strangers can say.”

But how does she feel about the mean things her fans and other women say about her?

“I think people mistook me taking the high road as an admission of guilt,” she told the magazine. “Dwyane and I made a decision very early to not react to the negativity. And I kept feeling like the truth would come out. The problem is, when it did, nobody cared. What I discovered on social media is that people don’t read the entire story.”

There have been tons of stories about Gaby, especially around the time D. Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn filed a lawsuit saying her relationship with her husband was causing their kids emotional distress. That’s one thing Gaby did decide to take on.

“I fought it,” she said. “My life is just too easy to track. So, we were submitting plenty of proof for the times she said I was in Miami. So, it was like, obviously you’re not telling the truth. And then the courts dismissed the case.”

As perfect as things seem between the couple now, Gabrielle did say she had to rely on people close to her to get through the difficulties in the beginning of the relationship.

“I did a lot of talking with girlfriends and sorting through my feelings about the madness. This kind of love is a gift. It’s so consistent. There’s no way that I would trade it for people who refuse to simply acknowledge the truth.”

And how’s her relationship with Siohvaughn now?

“I’ve never had one. I wasn’t involved then-because I wasn’t involved with their marriage–and I don’t have one now.”

Well, I think she set the record straight on everything we were wondering. What do you think about Gabrielle Union’s interview?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • nachoman

    Gabby can go to hell union is WRONG that man is married men are dumb they go off emotion BUT women know how to twist and control a man. A woman can do that if u notice Alicia keys hiding because of shame gabby gonna do  the same soon no movie deals just like A keys aint come out with a record in a couple of years there time will come D wade and Swiss beats gonna find some one young and be posted up with them on the cover of a magazine just sit back and watch FOR you hoes out there pay attention this will happen to you so go on get that married man and you too will go into hiding      

  • Sassynhot

    Is there any comparison between Gabby’s situation and JLo’s situation? Since she’s been dating up a storm with this young buck while STILL MARRIED to Marc for months now. Shouldn’t we then be calling the “young buck” a homewrecker as Marc only just filed for divorce.  I haven’t read anywhere he’s  called that term.  Hmmmm,  methinks there’s a double standard here?

    • Rich

       I don’t disagree.  Same principle applies.

  • samcos

    Oh how we love to judge. Before my divorce was finalized my husband was living with his gf for more than a year and I was now getting into a relationship. You never know what you’ll do unless you go through it and for the person saying they’re referring to the bible, I’m sure none of them followed the bible and were virgins before marriage so stop using the bible to aid in your judging of others

    • Rich

       I wasn’t going to respond but I am compelled to since I wrote it and you referenced it directly. So, in my most soft, kind and patient teacher’s voice…here goes:  No one is perfect and I was in a similar situation going through the divorce.  Sure they are referring to the bible, but the bible also refers to forgiveness if you ask.  Maybe some of them came to God and asked for His forgiveness and moved on with their lives and tried to work through their weakness. I do not know. But think on this:  As you are telling them not to judge, how then can you turn around and judge them when you do not know their situations? (Since you are so sure that none of them were virgins….).  Even that can be forgiven. When we teach, we just need to show both sides of the coin and stop condemning people to hell.  This is where most people have a problem with “Bible thumpers”.

      Everyone has different vices and people have different ways of dealing with them.  I was simply pointing out to Jenn that I believed that they were basing their thoughts on biblical principles (which can and often does get twisted I might add) and if that is what they are basing their thoughts on there is nothing wrong with that.  No more no less.  I could go on all day and I will not preach to you but people should respect the institution of marriage more than we do today.  So many families get hurt because of the lack of it and if children are involved it hurts them more so.  Especially if the parents involved are not being civil adults about it. As I stated in my post I would not wish that situation on anyone.  Divorce is hard enough to go through.

       Finally, please remember or rather take into consideration that the bible simply aids people in showing them how to live and what is right and wrong in God’s eyes.  I agree that people who speak on the authority of the Word must be careful in how they teach or talk to others, but this does not stop them from teaching others about it.  Everyone sins, but there is also forgiveness. Hope this helps.

  • beauty

    Knowing for a fact that divorce can take months to years or a long separation. All these people talking are probably guilty of the same situation, and you never know what’s it like until you are in it.

  • jas

    None of us readers actually know what was going on in dwades marriage or why him n his wife split, so everyone should stopping speaking on this subject we know nothing about. None of us are god so were in no place to pass judgement on anyone. And if any of you are a true gabby fan then you’ll stand by her no matter what!!!

  • Jenn M Parks

    Well as a person who went through a divorce that took time, I began dating during the seperation (seperation meaning I moved to a completely different state while awaiting the divorce). I do not consider my current boyfriend or any other men I dated while going through my divorce as home wrecking. The relationship was over we were waiting on papers! So if that is D. Wade’s situation then I don’t see the wrong in Gabby dating him…but since none of us know the situation we are all judging a woman we don’t know.

    • Rich

       Jenn I see what you are saying, but I think most on here are posting from somewhat of a biblical perspective.  In your situation you were “waiting” on the divorce to be final…meaning you were still married although in your heart you considered the relationship dissolved.

      I realize that your marriage for all intents and purposes was over when you began dating, but the truth is that similar to D-Wade you were still married while this was going on.  Which from a biblical perspective puts  both you and your husband at the time off limits.  Situations like that are difficult to be in for all involved.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    • Nikki

      Thank you!  I wonder how many people commenting here have ever been in that same situation. Until you have been there you don’t know.  Where I live you have to be separated for a year before you can even file then once you file it takes a few more months to get a court date.  And that’s an uncontested simple divorce with no kids or property involved.  In my situation once the decision was made that the marriage was irrevocably broken I was not longer married in my heart and mind.  I was just waiting on some legal paperwork to be completed so of course I started dating during that time.  The papers where just a technicality. 

      I could see all of this venom for G. Union if D. Wade and Siobhan were still living in married bliss and then she came swooping in, but from all accounts I have read that is not the case.  Their marriage was already over in all the ways that actually matter when it comes to being married.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    she still hasn’t said really anything to justify why she was dating this man while he was still married. . . .

  • google

    I don’t understand why she is even celebrated.  Why is she on the cover of any magazine?  The only way Fantasia made the cover is to judge her.  We talked about her looks, her financial situation, her educational background.  We we’re merciless with her!  But this chick has been virtually unmoved by her behavior. She could careless about any of this. She has been parading around with another women’s husband regardless to what you or I had to say or what we thought; and we’re just taking pics like it ok.   You never seen her or Alicia Keys duck and hide, but Fantasia couldn’t even come out the house.  Please give me a break! I wouldn’t buy a book or see another movie with her on it or in it.

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  • Tagirl

    I don’t think Gabrielle was responsible for the demise of DWade’s marriage because it was reported that both o them were cheating on each other. She was taking care of another man with his money, according to her friends. Then they separated and continued to see other people but his ex didn’t seem to have a problem until Gabrielle came into the pic.

    As much as I am a fan of Gabrielle, she should have waited until the divorce was final. However, the ex-wife was playing extra dirty, fought the divorce, drug it on and kept him from his kids. I know every day guys going through a divorce after a long separation and it’s a long process and the guys are dating. So I kind of have different outlook from their perspective.  Sometimes things are not as simple as  we think.

    • Rich

       Finally a post that holds BOTH persons in the marriage accountable based on facts and not looking to point the finger at the opposite gender for the sake of pointing the finger at the opposite gender. Good post!

  • Kesi

    it goes to show success and money does not give wisdom. She was dating him while married. I dont care if he verbally broke up with his wife, they seperated verbally, or he wasnt happy. THe point is he was married. She was that desperate for him then good have him. That woman will never go away so she needs to the hell up and develop a corgial relationship with her for kids sake. Since she cares about them so much. Yeah right if I did not sleep with a married man me saying that is not the case would not affect his kids. However what would affect them is if she admitted that she did that would cause them to be right in feeling like she took their daddy. So she did not say anything which gives an answer. D Wade will pay child support and alimony for a long time so she might as well get used to ole girl around … Men are something … Loook at Kobe that man may try and go back to his wife. Gabby is not A list money so he may find its cheaper to stay with ole girl and work it out. Women feel like they can change men. Right so did Fantasia and Kobe’s hoes. Look at the wives now though. Careful.

  • Lady Tee

    Not sure why she is even an issue. The marital vows were between Dwayne and his wife. You can’t “steal” a man or a woman from a relationship. Adults make a conscious decision to do what they want, when they want and with whom they want. And you can’t expect the other woman or man to respect your vows more than you do. It’s like kid stealing something from their parents to give it to someone else. Should the other be held responsible for receiving stolen goods? If the infidelity accusations are true, Dwayne should be the fall guy –  not Gabrielle. He got married young and made a choice not to stay with her for whatever the reasons. Not male bashing – because the same applies to a lady who steps out of her marriage. IJS

    • Hunn

      AMEN! I totally agree with Lady Tee… I’m still perplexed as to why some people, Especially some women, are harder on women than on men? They will allow a man to do whatever he pleases, and act a total fool, and still give him a “pass” and let him off the hook so easily, BUT when it comes to woman, OH NO, you will condemn her for the rest of her life. It’s ridiculous, and all that message is sending out is that, Dwayne somehow can not think for himself, he’s so easily “persuaded” by this woman that she “made” him step outside his marriage, she made him do something he didn’t want to do? Really? This is a grown man, and grown men need to be held responsible for their actions, they need to be held to the same morals, and standards we hold  grown women to. It’s shameful how some women are the first to point the blame at the woman for being the “evil” one who broke up this “poor” man’s marriage, NO he broke up his OWN marriage!

  • Ms_Mara

    Gabrielle Wrecka Union can spin it however she likes. But if the man you’re dating is MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE, guess what people will call you? Yep, a home wrecker. I don’t care who has one foot out the door, how “crazy” the wife is, how long it’s been since the spouses were “intimate”. Married is married, and it should be respected. If you love him that damn much, can’t you wait for the ink to dry? Just my .02.

  • Ann

    A “clean up woman” swoops in when the relationship isn’t completely done—like a divorce.

  • Ann

    Still a homewrecker. 

  • Wordsfromawife

    Why do we always blame the woman? Yes I acknowledge she knew he was married but we have to remember she did not enter into covenant with his wife, he did. He made vows and promises before God. Therefore we can’t e pect the “other” woman to care if the person who is really responsible doesn’t care. He is the home wrecker! She is just the next move.

    • Ann

      He’s was an adulterer just like she was a homewrecker.  Both are guilty.

  • Jamie Davis88

    If the person is married HANDS OFF!!! NOT EVEN SEPARATION…… to me

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  • Sweeety333

    Listen…If your marriage is rocky and Gabrielle Union enters the picture you might as well hang it up ladies lol

    • Kesi

      Gabrielle Union is not that sought after. LOL maybe a few years ago but not now. Aint no one checking for her. She got hooked on that … and saw he was married.Hoes will be Hoes so I couldnt blame Gabby – LIL Wayne (Six Foot) LOL

  • RahTruth

    How did this clear up rumors? As long as he was married (no matter how bad things may have been with his wife) he was off limits. That’s not ok.

  • TrgdyAnn68

    As for the Home already being wrecked, a GROWN Woman would have waited on the sidelines (no matter how bad she wanted the other woman’s man) while it completely crumbled on it’s own, and NOT helped to contribute to the crumbling of that existing union while sneaking in/out the back door!

  • Mizzlady140

    I dont know a lot about this woman but i know a lot about women. There are some women that just have to have a man and will never walk away or pass a man up..and simply say.”.Your still married and i choose not to involve myself in your mess when you get divorced call me”But how many women would say that, they see a man they want and thats all it becomes about, what they want and will do anything to get what they want including, being a home wrecker! Real woman know when to walk away and move on.I hope these people can build a solid relationship, but she needs to take a hard look at reality..the same way you get him will be the same way you lose him..Thats a true statement..I feel sorry for women that think they can just have someones husband and not be held accountable and that goes fot the man as well. How can a man cheat if he has no one to cheat with.? Yes as women we love being in love but a situation like that, there is always a cost in getting that love….not worth it.. if you ask me, but hey what can you do. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink…

    • Surburban Soulja

       I am one of those women who DID say “…..when you get divorced; call me”—and BOY am I glad! Although a mutual female associate of ours swooped in and seduced/married/bore a child all within 14 months of me Representin….all her chickens are comin home to roost.  He still deals with the ex-wife and their child was born with a serious defect (NOT that I wished that on the innocent babe but one can’t help but wonder if such is a Karmic repercussion). Oh yeah; they’re getting divorced.  Does that fella still want THIS? Of course! Any chances? HECK NO! I am convinced that any fella on that ol’ “Grass is greener on the other side” shullbit will FOREVA wanna scale the fence in search of greener pastures—regardless of how well-kempt my own lawn is! No thanks!

  • IllyPhilly

    The home had to already be wrecked, Gabby is just a scapecoat. Like she said, the kids will suffer the most. 

  • Miami Mami

    Sorry, Gabby you were having an affair with D-Wade while he was married, just admit. Everybody in Miami saw you “booed up” with him in Club Mansion VIP section many times while he was married.  Gabby did you forget there are at least a dozen pix of you & D “booed up” during his marriage.  Photos don’t lie sweetie.

  • Reallytho

    This interview did NOTHING to clear her “homewrecker” image.  Gabrielle and Alicia Keys are obviously dillusional and refuse to take responsibility for their homewrecker actions.  What goes around will definitely come back around.  

  • emily

    always been a fan, and still is…

  • Ananda

    This interview makes me like her even less for some reason.  I didn’t even care enough about what went on to label her homewrecker or otherwise.  I’m just wondering why she didn’t keep taking the ‘highroad’