Teen Pregnancy Rates Drop Nationwide

April 12, 2012  |  

The CDC released a report recently, revealing the U.S. teen birth rate decreased again in 2010. Almost every state saw a decline in teen births from 2007-2010, but Arizona experienced the biggest drop at 29 percent.  In fact, U.S. births by mothers of all ages dropped in 2010, and experts cite the economy as the biggest factor.  Although the highest rates of teen births are still found within the Black and Latino communities, the decline was seen among all races and ethnicities.

Mississippi, New Mexico, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana still lead with the nation’s highest teen pregnancy rates.  New England states including New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey continue to have the lowest teen birth rates in the country.  The report defeats the stereotype that teen pregnancy is limited to urban areas and sex education and pregnancy prevention efforts may have also significantly influenced the falling rate.

With an unstable economy and employment rates staggering to grow, it may very well be that teens and people in general are seriously considering the costs associated with building a family.  Offered more options when it comes to accessing birth control and relieved from the pressure of affording sexual healthcare, more women are choosing to take advantage of the contraceptive options that are available to them.   What’s important about this study is that somewhere, for some reason, young people are listening and actively choosing not to become teen parents.  It brings to light that traditional, more conservative states may benefit from welcoming alternatives points of view when it comes to sex education.

Why do you think that teen pregnancy rates are decreasing?

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  • RedButterfly81

    Breaking news: 16 & Pregnant has been cancelled!

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  • Knowledge

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  • Kenedy

    I would say “16& pregnant” on MTV has scared some sense into these teens. 90%of the baby daddy’s on that show always leave, & this is eye opening for them, atleast I hope it is.

  • Rentmebwood

    What about abortion rates? or adoption rates? If I were fetching, I would say perhaps 16 and pregnant might have helped educate teens on the “realities” of having a baby at a young age. Good job mtv for once.

    • yeah good JOB showing THEM HOW STUPID They make themselves LOOK on national TV.

      let us not forget the BRIAN DEAD PARENTS ALSO – They’ re Much Too Blame For This.

  • Jessevandell

    I see some misleading things in this story, it implies that teens are being safer about sex or choosing abstinence, and therefore are no longer getting knocked up as frequently, not sure if I believe that . Teen birth rates and teen pregnancy rates are two different things, aren’t they? Teen birth rates may have decreased but that doesn’t mean these girls still aren’t getting pregnant. The southern states still have high pregnancy rates (conservative, more religious…so probably less abortions?), while northern states have low BIRTH rates(liberal, less religious…more abortions?)…Id be interested in knowing the teen pregnancy rate for both regions compared to the abortion rate in each region, that would really indicate whether teens are being more responsible or not. Also toward the end of the story you also talk about how the southern conservative states could benefit from broader sex ed…this may be true, but Ive read this same article from another news source that says the drop can be attributed to both abstinence only and comprehensive sex ed programs. Which implies that both should be taught.

    • well spoken & well thought out…..I agree

      because after i read the story it was misleading to me as well. c’mon were all grown adults here & not stupid 5 year old. who believe in the Tooth Fairy. to say the birth rates & preggo rates have declined. Yeah ……….. RIGHT I DON’T THINK SO.

    • Toya Sharee

      Hello!  I agree that the study revealed a drop in teen “birth” rates not necessarily teen pregnancy rates, which could imply that teens are choosing not to deliver babies even if they aren’t protecting themselves against unplanned pregnancy.  With that said, I do applaud the fact that either way you look at it, teens are more aware of their options and are advocating for themselves by seeking out these resources and taking advantage of them.  Electing to have an abortion or adoption for that matter, is no easy decision.  I believe that when young people feel supported and not judged they are more likely to make better decisions fo themselves and their children.  Do I think more people have abortions in the NORTH leading to lower birth rates?  Not necessarily, but I do believe they have increased access to this type of service.  I think before sex is even discussed, what needs to change is the stigma attached with sex in this country.  Conservative and religious doesn’t mean we should make teens feel ashamed about sex or afraid learn about it.  I would even throw out that possibly high birth rates exist in the SOUTH not because they don’t believe in abortions, but aren’t properly educated about sex because they aren’t made to feel comfortable talking or asking about it leading to faulty decision-making.

      As far as the sex ed programs, I am sure that both schools of thought have their share of successes, but I firmly believe that abstinence-only programs do teens a disservice by leaving them unprepared for the challenges of adolescent sexuality. 

  • L-Boogie

    Good news.  Don’t mess your life up before it begins.