Kandi Says Beef With Marlo Almost Turned RHOA Reunion Into a Different Kind Of Show

April 10, 2012  |  

Kandi is clearly the most calm and the least rowdy member of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” crew, but apparently she almost got beside herself during the taping of the show’s reunion March 16. Rumors were flying that she got into it with cast hopeful Marlo Hampton, and in an interview with Wetpaint, Kandi opened up about what exactly happened during the show, and how she really feels about Marlo.

“I’m not feeling her at all — that’s no secret,” she told the site. “I mean, for a minute there, the reunion almost turned into a different kind of show.”

When the interviewer asked whether she thought Marlo was acting out for the cameras during the reunion taping in hopes of landing a permanent spot as an Atlanta housewife, Kandi said that’s exactly what was going on.

“I think she was trying to get a job and stay on Housewives because right now, she’s NOT a housewife. But it doesn’t look like she accomplished anything because she’s still not a housewife, and I don’t think she ever will be.”

There goes my theory about Sheree’s replacement. But while the news of her leaving still isn’t confirmed, Kandi does know she’ll be back at least.

“I’ve been told I’ll film the new season of ‘Housewives’ first, then go straight into taping ‘The Kandi Factory,’ so I’ll be taping all year long. It’s going to be a very busy year!

Kandi is definitely a “housewife” I can respect. Will you be tuning in to the reunion?

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  • Kandi came at Marlo the wrong way on her show,” Kandi Koated Knights”. Kandi dished it out but couldn’t take it. Kandi asked Marlo how she made her money, which was none of Kandi’s business; Kandi was trying to front Marlo. So at the next event Marlo told Kandi that the talk around Atlanta was that Kandi was a sugar-mama, you know the type that pay men to be with them. Kandi obviously didn’t like that but it was the same thing; Men paid Marlo to be with them and Kani paid men to be with her same thing, different situation.

  • kandi started the beef with marlo can’t take it when marlo pushed back

  • dntsaynothin

    Kandi is just as ratchet as everybody else on that show.

  • I can’t wait to watch because I am sure hoping NeNe is asked just WHAT SHE MEANT WITH THOSE “TWEETER PEOPLE” COMMENTS! What, does she now feel she is above “THE TWEETER PEOPLE?” Hell, SHE CAME FROM “TWEETER PEOPLE” THUS IS A “TWEETER PEOPLE” NeNe ego needs to be deflated, she’s beyond herself with those new dollars. What she needs to keep in mind is< THOSE SAME DAMN "TWEETER PEOPLE" MADE HER A** AND CAN BREAK HER A**!!!

    And I don't even Tweet, but STILL!

  • Oregonsistah

    Kandi is a “housewife”…What is the criteria?

    • Get Smarter


    • Muvon2000

      Casting… just look at the shows intro shots to tell who’s currently a housewife.

    • Aliciabajan

      Well when kandi started the show she was engaged to be married her fiancé died

  • imjusayin

    Ummmmm no one on this show is a house wife. 

    • Superfly

      Ummmm Phaedra and Cynthia are married, and NeNe WAS married when the show started#ijs

    • Bren F

      OMG, how dense are you? “Housewife” as in cast member, not actual an actual housewife.

    • Gimmeabreak78

      Some of these women are indeed wives, but the only housewife is Kim (because she’s the only married woman with no other form of employment besides the show). 

  • Janice Dee

    Marlo is shady!!! Sometimes there is such a thing as too much crazy!!! Ask ex RHONJ cast member Danielle Staub about getting too crazy.  Marlo is headed in the same direction.  Where’s Dwight, Sweetie et al?  When they start thinking the show is about them and their ratchet behavior, they usually end up cut out of the picture.  Marlo would do well to remember that!!!!

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Kandi, Cynthia, and Phaedra are the only self-made women in the bunch.  Everyone else had to marry or sleep into money.  Kandi’s values show in her work ethic as well.  Even though she can probably buy the rest of her castmates several times over, you never see her gushing about and exaulting gaudy material items the way Nene, Kim (especially Kim), and Sheree always do. You never see her proclaiming her wealth like Nene, chasing after a man’s money like Kim (and Marlo) or trying to keep up appearances by buying fancy clothes, cars and houses when she’s actually broke like Sheree.  More power to her.

  • TheKaramelBelle

    Let’s keep it 100. Kandi isn’t a housewife either so I find it funny that she tried to call Marlo out for that when they’re in the same boat. Secondly, Kandi insinuated that being a housewife is the only accomplishment…well Atlanta has plenty of successful, non-catty, mature WIVES that have accomplished alot in their career AND family. Problem is, is that those women would want nothing to do with a show that someone like Kandi and Marlo is on.

    • Bri

      I don’t think she meant “housewife” in the sense of being a married woman.  I felt Kandi meant “housewife” as a cast member of the show.

    • Bren F

      LOL, How dense are you?

  • Shannon

    Marlo is a known prostitute…and low one at that for old…fat white men in ATL….the broke ones for Black women like her

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  • Byfaith

    Off topic: she looks a lot like Fantasia in that pic. 

  • writingmomma

    Thought you had to be married to be called a “Housewife?” I don’t see hopping from man to man being a “Housewife.” Let’s see, we have married, divorced, just looking and dating, going on in this show. Will the “Real Housewives” please stand up.

    • Aliciabajan

      Well in all honestly when kandi started the show she was engaged to be married same as cynthia bailey. Her fiancé was killed so still a housewife in my eyes

    • Gimmeabreak78

      When the show started NeNe, Sheree, and former castmate Lisa Wu Hartwell were all married.  On the current incarnation of the show, Cynthia, Phaedra, and Kim are married, so although I get your point, at least half of the cast members have been married since the show’s inception.

      • KIMBERLY

        But the real definition of a housewife is, a wife that stays home while the husband provides for the family! Last I checked none of these females have that, except Kim, because she landed a gullible guy! Having said that, all the other women, work and have to be the sole provider for the house….. Phaedra, Cynthia, and Lord knows NeNe too….and yes that would make Kandi not qualify for a housewife, she isn’t married, but is self sufficient… Sheree, please! She needed housewives, to try to get a house! So in a nutshell, this show needs a new name or some actual housewives. IJS

  • Oh sh!# ! i Just erased RHOA off the DVR because it was a bunch of crap… but i GOT to catch the reunion now…

  • Amija James

    Marlo is an idiot.  Kandi shouldn’t even waste her breathe on a chick who makes her money on her back.  Why is Kandi even on RH?  She has talent and a job.  

  • Jumelle

    Kandi is the most sensible housewife on that show- besides Phaedra.  If they both weren’t cast members, they’d be well to do.  Marlo is an opportunist who will jump at the chance to prolong her 15 minutes of fame- The truth always comes out- Kudos to Kandi!

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  • @msredbonebrite

    Love Kandi… Marlo always struck me as the “doing the most” type, & I was waiting on Kandi to blow up! They say she so nice, so quiet, and everybody knows that those are the people who will go HAM on that @$$ if necessary!! Glad to see her still grinding!