You Remind Me Of My Jeep: 7 Songs That Make You Want To (Joy) Ride

April 11, 2012  |  
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1. R. Kelly: “You Remind Me of Something”

You remind me of my jeep, I wanna ride it
Something like my sound, I wanna pump it

Yeah, we know he’s twisted but, damn it, if R. Kelly doesn’t make the catchiest hooks in town.  Only Kels could transform an innocuous Jeep reference into a scintillating double entendre hot enough to make you happy to be compared to a car.

2. D’Angelo: “Cruisin'”

We gonna fly away, plan to go my way
I love it when we’re cruising together

When D’Angelo croons about cruising with his Boo, it sounds like he’s doing it already.  Cruising down the highway, taking his time, doing the equivalent of a vehicular slow drag with I-95 South … and all the while making you wish you were in the car with him.

3. Pebbles: “Mercedes Boy”

… if you wanna ride in my Mercedes boy
There are so many things that I’m gonna do to you

Long before name-checking cars was added to the must-do list for new singers, Pebbles gave Mercedes-Benz much love by creating this anthem for African-American Sugar Mammas everywhere.  Thanks in part to Pebbles, the idea of scooping up a handsome man who is ogling both you and your ride is now decidedly un-taboo.

4. Jay-Z & Beyonce: “03 Bonnie and Clyde”

I got my thoroughest girl wit’ me
I’m mashin the gas, she’s grabbin the wheel, it’s trippy how hard she rides with me

When Jay and B originally dropped this ode to hard loving, there was only speculation that the two of them were talking about each other. Now, of course, we know for sure and the kismet-like syncopation embodied in their song lives on as a testament to how even mega-stars can share their light with someone special.

5. Billy Ocean: “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”

Get outta my dreams
Get in to my car

The fun factor of this song is two-fold.  First, he’s calling you the woman of his dreams without actually saying it, which is kind of cool and, second, Billy Ocean somehow makes the idea of seeing (and picking up) you up off the street seem not only possible, but probable.

6. Soul II Soul: “Keep on Moving”

Keep on moving, don’t stop, no
keep on moving, don’t stop

Even though this song doesn’t mention a vehicle, it’s a great song– both for driving and for life. Soul II Soul urges you to keep on moving forward and never to stop. That’s rock-solid advice that can be applied to rush hour traffic as well as overcoming life’s setbacks.

7. Prince: “Little Red Corvette”

Little Red Corvette

Baby, you’re much too fast

One of the fascinating things about Prince is his interesting duality. I mean, he’s a short man who carries tall, an effeminate sex symbol and he often manages to pull off sensitive and provocative at the same time– not an easy trick. He does just that, however, with this classic ditty about a Little Red Corvette. We’re not sure if the red corvette represents the girl, her fast-girl attitude, or one of her, er, body parts, but we like it anyway.

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