Didn’t You Think They’d Last? 7 Surprising Celebrity Breakups

April 11, 2012  |  
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Even though celebrities and real-life acquaintances remind us every day that love (fifty percent of the time) doesn’t last forever, we’re still sad to see couples that we really love break up – especially ones that we believe would’ve made it for the long haul.  For one reason or another, these celeb breakups blindsided us!


Seal & Heidi Klum

I just…don’t know where “we” went wrong here, people.  Of course, not “we” literally but Seal and Heidi just seemed so good together. Yes, they gave us PDA and multiple wedding ceremonies but it was more than that; they just seemed so cool with each other. I still feel some kind of way that it is really over between them.


Nas & Kelis

These two were a hot hip-hop couple and seemed so down for each other. But amid allegations of infidelity, they just couldn’t make it work.  They share an adorable son so hopefully they can “keep it cute” for his sake.


Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

Sadly, I didn’t think these two would make it “the distance.” However, after so many years of them going strong, I felt really good about them. But Ashton…well, it seems from the messages Demi was sending out at the time of their announced separation, he just wouldn’t do right.  The once-reigning Queen of Cougars is trying to get herself together, allegedly having left rehab a few months ago.  Divorce isn’t easy even if it is the “right thing to do.”


Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore

By a show of e-hands, how many of you ever thought that Chante (or any other woman for that matter) was Kenny’s type? Alright, now that I got that out my system, Kenny and Chante were married for 9 years and it seemed pretty blissful. I mean, they made beautiful music together and everything (those duet cds were the JAMS) but last year, Chante announced out of nowhere that she and Kenny were divorced. Talk about shocked!!


Kobe & Vanessa Bryant

After all these two had been through and what Vanessa had been putting up with, I just knew that she’d sit back, deal with it and enjoy her lifestyle (no matter the emotional cost).  But then…POW! December 2011 came and divorce papers were filed citing irreconcilable differences. Nessa “did her bid” of a little over 10 years to get that proper alimony (not saying it is right, I’m just saying what it is) and said “ENOUGH.”  As it stands, the finances have been broken down so all that seems left is to sign the papers; but, Vanessa was spotted giving Kobe a smooch at his V-day game in her finest linens sooo…we’ll see how if they really divorce.


Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez

Although this one took us for a loop, people had lots to say about this because Jenny started messing with Marc while he was still married to his ex-wife. Karma? I don’t know because we don’t know the reason they broke up but for the sake of their twins, they seem semi-cordial.  Marc seems intense though so I wonder if that contributed to the break-up. (Lord, please don’t let Jenny marry that young, opportunistic, gecko looking boy.)


Jesse James & Sandra Bullock

There Sandy was on stage accepting her Oscar for her role in The Blind Side, thanking this man Jesee damn near through snot tears for supporting her and loving her; meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jesse is texting and sexing other women. One day, we’re all happy for them and the next day we’re dropping our jaws because they just as quickly split up.  Clearly, I still don’t like how it went down but one good thing came out of it: the adoption of baby Louis Bardo and his cute self!

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  • TX2Hi

    J-LO…saw that coming.  Kobe…DEFINITELY saw that coming.  Kenny and Chante…a surprise

  • passingtime

    There’s a lot of couples missing off this list..what about will & jada?! Or Michael Jordan & wife or toni braxton & her husband, etc.??

  • Rosesister15

    no couple is Unbreakable!

  • Mystique

    Maybe Seal needs to find him a “sistah.”

  • Shortyspice

    Chante was divorced from Kadeem Hardison when she and Kenny started dating and eventually marrying.

  • unque43

    She’s better off!

  • unque43

    She had her divorce lawyer on speed dial day one. She waited the time she did for one reason and we see what that was. Wish them both good luck

  • unque43

    wasn’t she married to some other celebrity and divorced him to get with kenny? So no surprise here.

  • unque43

    Ashton and Demi no surprise there

  • unque43

    Nas and Kelis not a surprise

  • Jsmalls

    “Chante’s got a MAN at home” that was enough foreshadowing for me. Boast much?

  • KickWhitesOutAfrica

    Surprised?  HELL NO!  I don’t bank on ANY celebrity or
    non-celebrity interracial marriage lasting… especially amongst OUR
    people.  I abhor seeing one of our own
    with a foreigner because I know it is our own who is going to end up LOSING practically
    everything while the foreigner walks away unscathed from the illicit and
    therefore ill-fated union.  When these bizarre
    relationships breakdown – which they ALWAYS do, I feel no sympathy for the fool
    who sold out.

    • You need to get a grip.

      • KickWhitesOutAfrica

        You need to grow a brain… you’ll need one if you
        wish to have an adult conversation.  

  • Don

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you about Vanessa Bryant.  I do not care how long you are married, there is nothing you do to “deserve” half (or in a lot of cases more then half) of something you had no hand in earning yourself.  Of course, the man should provide alimony to take care of his kids but woman of working age should and can work to provide for themselves.  That is what I will teach my daughters so they will strive to be more than a gold digger so they will have the dignity and wherewithal to take care of themselves without depending on a man to do it for them–and thus, will not tolerate bad behavior from any man hoping to be kept in comfort or hoping for a big payday at the end of it.  That way, the men they encounter will respect them and treat them with respect.  I actually respect prostitutes more than Vanessa Bryant and her ilk.  At least they are honest about who they are.

    •  well clearly the state of California disagrees with you lol

    • Ifuaskme2

      Typical hater. Kobe apparently WANTED to give her half because he did not think a prenup was necessary. There is no record of her hoeing around so why you mad? Try teaching your daughters what NOT to tolerate from men. and be sure to leave the section about respecting prostitutes out of the discussion. 

  • Chanda

    The reason why these breakups are “shocking” is because they lasted at least 5 years. That’s a long time in Hollyweird. Chante and Kenny, JLo and Marc, Heidi and Seal were the only ones that surprised me. And these aren’t first marriages for most of these celebs.

  • Speaking on Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore: Chante also left/ divorced “Different World” actor Kadeem Hardison whom she had a child with, so it doesn’t even phase me that she ONCE again divorced someone else. I think honestly miss Chante just isn’t the type to stay down wit her man… So yes, Chante.. Someone will “take your man” if you don’t want him. LMBO!

  • L-Boogie

    Well, life goes on.  Some things are meant to end.

  • I normally don’t comment but this list sucked! I was surprised that Heidi & Seal, Chante & Kenny, and Nas & Kelis broke up. The others, not so much! With the age difference of Demi & Ashton I wasn’t surprised. JLo relationship track record speaks for itself. Really, you’re surprised Kobe & Vanessa didn’t last??? I was surprised they lasted 10 years! 

  • So_What

    Marriage for non-celebrities are just as difficult and painful……..and the majority of the time without big money and distractions (groupies, media, getting old/fat).  It’s really tough for these people BECAUSE they go into it as a disposable business………meaning when they get tired of it, they get rid of it a lot quicker than regular working folks.

  • Linab942000

    Only someone who has never been married would be “surprised” or “shocked” when a marriage ends..I have been married for SEVEN years and it is HARD WORK, it requires a tremendous amount of patience and sacrifice.
    Bottom line even in the happiest of marriages where 2 people really like each other, there are still moments where each person is thinking “dang it, I could strangle so&so”.

    There should be more honest discussions before people get married about how tough it is to constantly consider the needs and wants of another person…..

    • Sassynhot

      YOU obviously know the runnings of being married.  It IS  hard work and there must be a lot of give and take or else.  A lot of these persons have never lived with anybody  to know the sacrifice involved in relationships so they can say anything.

  • The only surprise for me was Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore.

  • firstchick

    I knew that wasn’t gonna last cause dude was checking me out at the grocery store.

  • Even though he’s not a celebrity, I was surprised when Jill Scott and her husband divorced. Just about every song on her first album was about him. 

  • most of these celebrity marriages aren’t worth the paper the certificate is printed on.

    • blackninela

       How many times have you been married and how long?

  • stephanie

    I’m just shocked, they were such a beautiful couple.

  • Tchanielle

    Ummm who thought that Ashton and Demi were going to be together for a lifetime…That boy is fine and I’m sure he wants little ones of his own. It was doomed from the start..ijs

  • Michelletabor

    So are you saying Kenny is Gay  with our comment ” how many of you ever thought that Chante (or any other woman for that matter) was Kenny’s type?”  I have heard it before.

  • Sexyniq28

    I was shocked by Kim and Kris lmmfao oh sorry I had to do it!

  • Sammilu1224

    Come on now with this list!  The only one that was maybe slightly shocking was Heidi and Seal..

  • Rachael

    *Wondering if Chante Moore will pen another song like “Just Bitter”.* It is sad to see them on this list because they seemed insanely in love.
    Am I the only one who wasn’t surprised about J.Lo and Marc Anthony???

    • Guest

      I know right. I saw Kenny and Chante perform at Bis Jakes’ church on Valentine’s Day.

      • Guest


    • blackninela

       The song is called “Bitter.”

  • CA Pullen

    Drenna, Drenna, you must couldn ‘t come up with anything else to write for MadameNoire.   Some of these people should even be considered a surprise.    I like to see you write a whole lot more about the celebs who somehow managed to keep their marriage together.  Real couple not some of this foolishenss off reality television.

  •  To learn to get along without, to realize that what
    the world is going to demand of us may be a good deal more important
    than what we are entitled to demand of it – this is a hard lesson.

  • Realer

    Chante stay getting divorced for someone who claims she “…got a man at home”. Kadeem, Kenny, to name a few.

    • JusSayin

       So they were married for nine years. That isn’t exactly short. Soooo? I’m confused..

      • It’s sad that some of us think 9 years is so long. My parents have been together for 42 years and my grandparents were together for almost 70 years so I guess they were together for a millennium. 

        • Sassynhot

          In today’s world that is an ETERNITY to be married to one person.  Now being married for even 5 years is a long time.  Marriage no longer lasts as long as parents and grandparents.  Just a sign of the times.

    • blackninela

       The song “Chante’s Got A Man” was written while she was married to Kadeem. What she supposed to do… throw a good song away??? The song was a #2 R&B hit and a top 10 Pop charts. Obviously you know song well. You could constantly criticize artist’s song on every album, but it doesn’t mean that particular song was current or about their lives. Example, Usher’s Confessions… he claims it wasn’t about him even though he tried to convince the public he and Chilli were together. So get off your high horse and sit yo butt down somewhere.

  •  A little tact and wise management may often evade
    resistance, and carry a point, where direct force might be in vain.

  • KM320

    Even though I know that Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell aren’t necessarily celebrities, but reality stars, I was still taken aback with their divorce announcement.  They seemed all lovey dovey on RHOA and then… no more. 

    • ESHA

       Difficult times can undo that