Beyonce, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Head to St. Barts

April 9, 2012  |  

The Carter family celebrated Bey and Jay’s fourth wedding anniversary by taking a vacation on the island of St. Barts.

The couple took their three-month old baby girl along for the boating vacation. But we didn’t see her face of course. She was protected from view in her sling with towels and blankets. Check out the pictures below.

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  • Wendy

    Personally I have never been a fan of either but I love the way they carry themselves as a loving couple.  She adores her man and he appears to adore her also.  I never really liked Jay I think he is all about perception however he really seems to love B and that is all that counts.  The baby is simply gorgeous and I hope B focuses more on motherhood then trying to be the artist of the century

    • Ms Cynthia Corbett

      Dayumm…, you put it at best because I feel the same as you. 

  • Arnold_latisha

    who the fk cares……. let them people have their family time…if they don’t want to show baby blue oh well….. dayuuuum people make too much of small things!

  • I think yall problem is that yall can’t control what she does. Yall mad because she covering up her child, its her child. Blue is not a celebrity, her parents are and Beyonce let us see her. I think that was amazing of her to do that considering how private they are. She didn’t have to share her bundle of joy with any of us but she did and I appreciate it because I’m a big fan of B and every once in while I get curious too and wanna see the baby but its their child. And, the ones that always got something to say about what she does, are probably the biggest fan ever. Yall can’t control her, thats what the problem is!

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  • FreeAsIWannaB

    Why does she keep covering the baby head we already know what she looks like it is only a matter of months before she has to take it off let Blue breathe

    • Cscott37

      How weird was it to see Michael Jackson covering Blankets face. At some point she will have to be seen or never be out in public. Im not HATIN…just sayin!

  • They look great.

  • AJ

    Wow so glad to see ALL positive comments for once. They deserve it….

  •  looks like fun. i don’t know if i’d have a newborn on a yacht, but that is just me.

    • T*LoCo

      I agree 2 da fullest….2 early 2 me fo a baby 2 be on a yacht but dats jus me 2! I have a newborn son n I would be 2 scared 2 bring him out on da water already!

  • L-Boogie

    Love this couple!

  • Jen

    I’ll be darn…they showed some PDA, holding hands! 

    • Kanigytsum2

      Lol!! Jen they’ve got picture online of them play fighting, him picking her up and hand holding walks through NY. They also have pics on boats of them hugging and kissing. I think its sweet. I hope they last.

  • Nicolesandraperk

    I never had a issue with Jay or Bey. I think they make a cute couple. Don’t get why they get so many haters…..especially B. What she ever do to people? lol

    • LAME

      She was blessed with beauty and talent which she made millions from affording her the life that only few will ever have and then found the love of her life, got married, and had a baby. Basically she has the life most ppl dream to have and there’s a lot of ppl that just HATE to see someone have a seemingly perfect life so they make up things like fake pregnancies and illuminati affiliation to make their miserable lives seem normal and hers pathetic or a result of evil doing…. flippin psycho’s. lol

      • Klatoria

        Wow u could not have said that any better! (round of applause) I love them both and wish them continued success.

      • So true I couldn’t have said it better

  • LAME

    Cool I feel Bey and Jay. I wouldn’t want my baby’s face smeared all over the place either unless I SAID SO! They knew they wouldn’t be able to do anything out and about unless they let the public see something, anything. They probably didn’t wanna recreate another Princess Diana type tragedy. They released those newborn pics and so what, newborns features change. I’m sure baby Blue doesn’t even look like that anymore. lol

    • Tallchiick

      Yep…people are getting mad b/c she covers the baby..but its HER BABY!..and it is smart to control whats put out there when ur a celebrity…especially when it comes to their little ones…because lets face it…the people complaining about the baby being covered are the same ones who cant wait to get a bad pic of her so they can rip her to shreds…smh @ people jealous of a little baby…Team BeyonJay all day lmao!