My Hair Horror Story: What I Learned From Coloring & Breakage

April 9, 2012  |  

by Marissa Ellis

I never thought it would happen to me. But we’ll get back to that in a second.

Like every woman out there, I’ve been inundated with advertisements of hair products promising to stregthen and volumize hair to make it healthy and lustrous. I ignored most of it. My hair was healthy after all and I didn’t need to “heal” it.

In the past few weeks, I’ve since changed my tune. I’ve been scouring product reviews to find out which protein treatments, deep conditioners, and moisturizers would help me avoid these daily thoughts of cutting it all off. That’s because a month ago, what I thought wouldn’t happen to me, happened: severe breakage.

Sure, I’ve read about it, but assumed most people were talking about split ends. I didn’t know your hair could really break off an inch from your head, taking fly-aways to a whole new level. In telling my hair horror story, I hope you can learn from my bad experience and be better informed about the dangers of coloring.

Go To A Colorist 

The first mistake I made was not going to a “colorist.” I did go to a professional, a very expensive professional in a high end salon at that, but I soon found out that he was known more for his cutting/styling skills than his coloring skills.

I arrived at his salon at 8am on a Saturday morning, showed him a photo of the color I wanted, and he went to work ten minutes later. In essence, there was no consultation, and every good colorist does a consultation. The only question he asked me was when was the last time I had semi-permanent color in my hair. I put in a warm brown rinse in my hair every six weeks to cover my premature grey. So after I told him that I had a semi-permanent color in my hair done about a month ago, he just nodded.

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  • Shiq

    Wow, I color my own hair permanently but blak. I always wash, aphogee har core protein, sleep in a deep condition wake up steam. Wear my hair in two plaits for the day. Color, then do a 2 min protein reconsctruction lighter protein, deep contion again for 15 minutes and steam then style. The moisturize my life away till my next color. i usually only color JEt black 2x a year. If i were to do any color but black i’d go to a colorist and I wouldn’t hold my tongue.

  • HairHealth11

    Hi, your LA stylist sounded great! I live in LA and would like to get my hair colored at some point. What was the name of the salon & stylist?

  • hairbreakagestinks

    Same thing happened to me 🙁 After doing a high-lift and then a correction the next day (SO stupid on my part, still kicking myself) I noticed my hair was thinner, and it only got worse from there. Luckily, there was no damage to the hair follicle so it should grow back. Never, ever doing any color again besides using natural dye to dye it back to my normal color.

    Everyone makes mistakes, and I guess there are worse ones than damaging your hair! I’m just thankful I don’t have alopecia or anything permanent. I see this was written a while ago, how is your hair now?

  • I also bought the Shielo Shine Hair Oil and O.M.G… After one use of the Shielo Hair Oil the texture, look, and feel of my hair is almost unbelievable! Going into this my hair was breaking, full of split ends, over-processed, frizzy, and poofed out at the ends because of the damage brought on by heat products and blonde color. I have A LOT of hair that is naturally curly and about a medium thickness and Shielo has done wonders.

    My hair is sooo soft and looks 100x more healthy then before and I’ve only used the product ONCE! I cant wait to use again and see what my results will look like down the road.

  • gigis83

    Hair horror cracks me up. I love coloring do it all the time. No problems and never time it

  • Guest

    Someone recommended Aphogee two weeks ago. Methinks, I want some hair. Thank ya’ Jesus for a good word.

  • mochaaa

    i actually put a warm bronze in my bangs myself in November. I regret it because i’m tired of the color and the breakage is totally not worth it.

  • APhogee works. Im a blonde/brown afro and have been using it for years. It does stop breakage in its tracks!

  • Kareenc

    Please tell me this stylist in LA because i would love to go there.  Thanks 

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  • kidrebelny

    I’m suffering from breakage too, but I made the horrible decision to color my own hair, and yes I did it twice to get a blonde brownish hue. OMG, between my homegirl doing my weave, she braided my hair so tight, that even after taking out my weave 3 months ago, I have thinning around the perimeter of my head. She braided it into a circle, the middle of my head is so thin, I almost cry when I touch it. My bff instructed me to try aphogee, its the best thing that I have done to my hair since and now my ends are thick, but its still thin at my roots 🙁

  • Amija James

    I know there are good stylists out there but since going natural I’m a DIY.  If you are going to get your hair colored, you should always deep condition you hair multiple times before you get it done.  If you go to a stylist speak up!  It’s your head and you will be the one walking around looking crazy if they mess up!  Especially if it’s something that you know has worked for you in the past.  

  • Naturalista27

    Dang, I feel for you, girl! One of my friends got color applied, and it broke her hair- she’s back to shoulder-length, now, though… Thank you for writing this!!! I’ve been considering getting coloring for a few weeks now. At first, I wanted to use henna, but I wasn’t sure if the color would be noticeable on me (I have 4b/c curls and they’re VERY thick). The only things keeping me from coloring were a) fear I wouldn’t like the color or it wouldn’t fit me, b) the idea of having to go back and get it reapplied was a no for me… I like my Saturdays lol and c) the fear of breakage. Thanks for sharing your experience with color! It really gives me an idea of what to expect if I ever color it. Wishing you luck on your journey back to your normal hair! : )