Did Sheree Get Fired From The Real Housewives?

April 6, 2012  |  

Earlier this season Sheree asked “who gon’ check me boo?” on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and she even put it in song. Now it sounds like Bravo is the one to check the reformed diva because rumor has it they are not renewing her contract for next season.

Two nights ago, the network held it’s annual Upfronts event which showcases all of the shows on the channel and its cast members and Sheree was noticeably M.I.A. That’s reportedly because Bravo broke the news to her beforehand and told Sheree her time as a real housewife is up. Adding fuel to the fire is a report on MediaTakeOut that Nene had something to do with her firing. A source supposedly told the site:

“NeNe put an ULTIMATUM to producers . . . either FIRE Sheree . . . or she’s LEAVING. Producers decided to stick with NeNe, and they gave Sheree her walking papers.”

That rumor seems a little odd since those two have been pretty cordial this season, unless Nene’s sticking up for her friend Marlo who I bet will be taking Sheree’s place if this news is true. Sheree’s had a relatively low-drama season and we all know what happened to past cast members who refused to act a fool in front of the cameras. Remember Lisa Wu Hartwell and DeShawn Snow? Marlo seems more than ready to stir up some drama which is exactly what the network wants.

Earlier this month, Kandi even mentioned there were likely going to be cast changes for Season 5. In an interview with Concrete Loop.com she said:

“We don’t know who they are casting. So they are going to make a change this coming year. We don’t have any say so in that so this is not me trying to tell what’s going on. It’s just me being real about it.

“They get mad when we say too much or whatever. But it’s no secret they are interviewing new people. So they’re going to shake things up maybe. I don’t know what they’re going to do.”

The Examiner points out that Kim Zolziak is also expected to leave next season since she has her own spinoff now, and even though Kandi’s new show is pretty different from “Housewives” I wonder if they might knock her off too.

The season 4 reunion is coming up this Sunday so maybe they’ll address these rumors then. Sheree might have to wave goodbye to that Chateau she was supposed to be building.

What do you think about Sheree leaving the “Housewives?” Do you think they’ll make Marlo a permanent cast member?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Skhuart

    Nene should go. She thinks she’s all that, calls herself a moviestar.
    She is as perennially annoying as Vicki G. There’s one on every show.

  • Janmoore0977

    Nene man looking a** is a hater sheree is a hater and marlo is just ugh

  • benice

    I like Sheree and I hope she is still on the show if not i may not watch it, Nene sooooooooooo rich, why is bugging her about sheree wanting more money. Marlo won’t work out on the show, and i don’t like her.

  • I am not sure if Marlo will become a permanent  cast member but she has more personality than Sheree.  Sheree has no life and tries to live bigger than she is that is so sad. I hope she can get her act together.  

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Sheree has been very boring lately, but I don’t wish anyone out of a job.  I hope she’s on the show another season so she has the funds to get some other money making projects in the works.  Shoot bring Lisa back.

  • Iman344

    If they have to get rid of somebody, it should be that obnoxious hater, NeNe,

  • Jackieo Perkins

    kandi should be next and the white chick kim….

  • Ajsmom1961

    she became too much of a hater, and she did diss Nene, but i feel sorry for her losing out on the paycheck and her deadbeat ex not supporting those kids

  • JaniceDee

    I might of felt a lttle bad for Sheree if she hadn’t spent most of the season running back and forth telling what everyone else said behind each other’s backs.  It was childish and if that was the only way she could make herself relevant this season, then it’s time to go.  Most of the tactics utilitzed by the ladies (and I say ladies loosely) on this show are reprehensible to say the least.  Where are our positive shows about positive black women role models?  I have an idea for a great talk show.  Maybe I’ll pitch Oprah, her network could use some sprucing up!!!!

  • LiLi

    This article is confusing!!!  Sheree attacked NeNe on national television, even going as far as to talking about her teeth and NeNe was so upset she was crying to Cynthia about it and they really haven’t spoken on the show since–that’s cordial?  In addition Sheree has tried to defame Phadra as a lawyer, was as nasty as possible to Marlo, and stabbed Candy in the back and has self promoted herself as the villian this year in just about every storyline, she has been creating drama all season–that’s low drama?  Please watch the show, before doing an article.  This info. is just wrong!

    • Rarabish

      I am in total agreement with you, I think that Sheree if being fired is being fired because of the back stabbing to Candy, Sheree is money hungry. I heard that she asked for a raise and they told her no, Sheree couldn’t even act when she tried the acting gig last season. I never did care for her since the season started. She has no money, she is lonely, she needs to get a real job.

  • Tswain92

    Alas…more stereotypes. It’s good Sheree is getting out with her dignity intact. I overheard a white guy asking his girlfriend one time, “Why are black people so angry?” I had to laugh at that one because this show is one of the reasons why they ask this question. Angry black women with no cause to be angry. Nene, Marlo, and Cynthia really make me nauseous.

    • None35235325

      ironic, since some of the angriest people I’ve ever come across were white men…

  • D_fab

    I hope they don’t make Marlo a permanent cast member.



  • CreamyLatte

    This season I really felt for Sheree regarding the court drama…but she dealt her cards, now she got played

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  • Dreama41

    I’m glad Sheree is gone, nothing but a s**t starter. I doubt it as anything to do with Nene though. I’m also thrilled that Kim Zolziak will be exiting as well. We’ll see how long her “fairy tale” lasts. Hope they keep all the others.  

  • Naquis1

    glad to see her go…she is a non MF’n factor…lol

  • coppertone

    Sheree needs a new team. I know RHOA is not the only exposure she can get.

  • KM320

    This has been a rumor since first season.  I won’t believe it until it comes out of Andy Cohen’s mouth, seeing that he’s the one who’s over the whole franchise.

  • Johjah

    Sheree gets no mo checks Boo! Girl bye!!!!!!

  • Iammihelle2

    Good Riddance Sheree!!

  • Helado31

    Sheree was far from low-drama. She’s so negative for a person that has nothing going on. At least the other women are accomplishing other business ventures.

  • And MadameNoire, you can do better then citing MediaTakeout. Everybody knows the cite publishes straight up garbage. 

  • Umm, wasn’t ‘who gon’ check me boo?’ like two seasons ago. lol