On the Move: A Look Back at the Many Men Kim K’s Dated

April 6, 2012  |  

From StyleBlazer.com

It seems like Kim Kardashian changes men like most of us change purses: from season to season. Six months after ending her 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries, reports are swirling that she’s now spending quality time with Kanye West. With Kim’s “love ‘em and leave ‘em alone” dating record, and Kanye’s emo breakup albums (808s & HeartbreakMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy– you see where we’re going with this) the two are an emotional pairing for the record books.

Before Kim hits the record carpet with the “Louis Vuitton Don,” we want to take a look back at Kim’s ever-changing fashion accessory: the men on her arm.

Take a look back at the way they were. If you blinked in the past two years you might have missed some.

Check out the rest of Kim’s boos over the years at StyleBlazer.com. We guarantee there will be some surprises.

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  • Like my momma say …her kitty kat is gone fall off when she go to the bathroom …

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    Let her enjoy her 15 minutes of fame because in the grand scheme of things that’s all it is. After her it will be somebody else. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Treacle234

    I’m sorry but doesn’t this author have nothing else better to blog about. Who cares who Kim has dated & how many men she has date. It’s her life, she can do whatever she pleases. I mean seriously!

  • Jim1280

    I wish people would get off of the woman’s back. Don’t we all date several people before we find the right one? That doesn’t mean she’s sleeping with everybody. Jealous b i tches.

  • Glasma

    She’s like a doorknob, everyone gets a turn …shrug

  • Kim is a woman looking for love the men that date her over the year knew what kim wanted from them. she ain’t doing NOTHING different than any man/woman…she’s just in the lime light  & why  are you guys  worrying what she is doing……. you guys can seriously do better!

  • Love_Sexy

    What is the status of the petition that was made to get this woman off the air?……I thought her 15 mins of fame would be nearing the end.

  • cool story bro!

  • anon

    Wait, Kim K deserves a headline about her dating life? and she’s also black bcos she likes black guys? C’mon now, you guys can do better. 

  • Hannah

    I only have one thing to say: Kim Kardashian is a trip, I tell you. 

  • JustAshley

    Ya’ll do know that being seen or photographed with someone of the opposite sex does not necessarily mean you’re dating that person or bumping uglies- right?

    • Hmmmm

       You sure?

    • Jtascam

      well it means it if you talking bout the stank kim kardashian..

      • MNTrackingScam

        You sound bitterly jealous of someone you’ve never even met. How sad.

        • sweettea

          That was actually pretty mild compared to what people normally say about her. She didn’t wish death or disfigurement on her like 90% of tmz does

          • Love_Sexy

            Thank You….. Because the white websites be shredding her to pieces …. Black websites seem to be alittle more mild compared to them …. They really hate that woman with a passion….. They see her as the scum of the earth and you right 90% of the responses are unbelievable….Some of the things they say is pretty scary…. I almost feel sorry for Kim

          • JustAshley

            Whoa! Death and disfigurement? That’s sad and scary. I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity. SMH