Is This The Real Meaning of Blue Ivy’s Name?

April 6, 2012  |  

When the media first learned that Jay-Z and Beyonce had named their daughter Blue Ivy, the origin of the name was thought to be based on Jay-Z’s classic Blueprint album and the Roman Numeral IV but Beyonce’s recently released Tumblr page hints at a new meaning behind the baby’s name.

In one of the few video clips on the site,a pregnant Bey is seen standing next to a tree while on vacation in Croatia with Jay and she says this:

“We woke up this morning and took a nice little walk and passed by this beautiful blue tree. I think it’s Blue Ivy, which will be quite appropriate.”

Perhaps they’d already settled on the name and came across this tree by coincidence or maybe that’s where the inspiration came from. We’ll have to wait til she does her first post-baby interview to see.

What do you think?

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  • Itizmi

    Their beautiful daughter came from love, their love for each other and their blessing sent from the Lord. God bless you and your family always.

  • gpaumer

    Don’t care

  • temple_killeen

    It seems to me if you dislike a person, why read every article or look at every photo of them only to criticize. Why not just follow your favorite intertainer instead. When reading some of these comments they are just jealous and try to take it out on Beyonce, anything that she does. There is nothing of fact but hearsay. Beyonce has class and tries not to follow up anything their way so the make up things. She has a life and I doubt has time to read any of these comments.

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  • Sophie

    you punks fall helpless over every gosh darn this couple does… ugh. makes me sick.

  • Heavenlie

    See what I find suspect about this is that it’s still the “white ruffle bikini” bump exposed time. And this video has been released months after the initial few photos of her, could have been edited. Never believing she had a child until she shows advanced pregnant tummy photos. An exhibitionist like Beyonce not doing even a clothed maternity shoot? RIIIIIIGHT. And I think this Tumblr thing is more to silence her critics rather than to keep her in the spotlight with her fans. The fans are obsessive and they will continue to worship their queen no matter what. But obviously the first thing a critic is going to look at is her pregnancy photos so hey what better to dispel a myth than a video. Bump looked suspect in the 2/3 photos that were available of her in that 1 bikini. Still does. This is how I look after a week of good eating. Slim waist and a gut.

  • Ananda

    How come none of these comments are about that country a$$ name: Blue Ivy.  I actually liked the idea that the name came from JayZ’s Blueprint album and the roman numeral four.  But taking a stroll and seeing a blue tree? That’s stupid. But whatever, it’s their baby. If they like it, that’s all that matters.  It’s still country though.

    • Tallchiick

      I think she’s been hanging around Gweneth Paltrow too long lol….I mean her first child’s name is Apple…so Beyonce just couldnt give the baby a normal name like Ashley or Tiffany or something…it had to be something Odd and unique…and why not…at least its not Shauntiquatae Aaliyah’yanna Monique Carter smh…thats what some yall haters names sound like lmao.

  • LiiSH

    I had a moment like this recently. I opened up a family heirloom that was recently passed to me and it had 2 things in it that reflected names i’d settled on for my daughters. It was a gemstone  and the name of a color that was engraved in the back of something, spelled just the way I like it. I believe it was a sign that those names are right. No one else knew about those names either…

  • Lalatarea

    why does it matter if she gave birth, used a surrogate, adopted or whatever, does that make her any less of a mother?

    • Jamaicansugar

      Actually, yes it does make a difference. lol

    • Sandra Madeleine Tanoh

      Hell No!!!! but Why did she tried to convince us that she was Pregnant???
      And it’s her first Baby that’s so exciting why we didn’t see her with her belly Nude on Magazine Paper????

  • Sadreeyah

    BULLSPIT, dont give me that, so now yall taking walks half naked with no shoes on,come on now the popparazzi must of just missed yall(SIGHHHH), what happen was B had a a 20 oz T-bone for lunch and yall decided to take a pic since she was extra full……still dont believe she had that baby

    • Kiya Welch

      Can you say private island you really think that these two rich @$$ people are vacaying that paparazzi can find them. I don’t understand the obsession that would cause you all to denounce the obvious she pregnant and had a real baby. But I sure Bey doesn’t mind that her name is always on your lips. Not even a fan but ignorance makes me crazy

  • HoneyBrown1976

    I think more people need to concern themselves over the state of education for young, black children in America and not how Beyonce had a child (which was a real pregnancy from her). Ignorance knows no shame.

  • Maldrie489

    It is full of crap like them.

  • Tagirl

    I saw Destiny’s Child in concert several times back in the day and never did her stomach look like this. Definitely baby weight.

  • Steeler_cowboys

    Beyonce is about a hamburger and no fries away from being chubby.  They are trying way too hard to convince the public that they did not use a surrogate, but why.  Tell the truth and shame the devil!  Beyonce was chubby when Destiny’s child came about; she’s could not afford to have a baby and have another operation to remove her body fat, continute to perform with her bathing suits.  One word…….SURROGATE.  🙂

    • Lalatarea

      when the he’ll was beyonce ever chubby? she always seemed avg to fit to me but never chubby.

    • guest

      Preach!!!!  Who is she fooling?  She in no way would have bounced back this quickly were she actually pregnant.

      • Cosmotiffany

        Yes people do… Models can do Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry but not Beyonce… 
        People are crazy. If you are in shape before the pregnancy and monitor yourself during your body will bounce back in shape Me my sister and my girlfriend bounce back and I have twins. Get your life!

        • guest

          Get yours and stop defending celebrities like your crazy.

      • prettyeyes27

        exactly I swear people be defending beyonce i think she’s f.o.s then she shows the baby then covers her everywhere she goes it’s patheic!

  • bits

    i think its pretty obvious that the name was settled on before they came upon this tree. probably way before they even conceived. why was this article written?

  • Mocha_687

    lol @ people always thinking something has to be a conspiracy. She was obviously pregnant. She had them swollen cankles in the last month, everything about her said pregnant. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, but some people are just dumb. lol.

  • Bri F

    Bey is clearly pregnant but I know people will find some way to negate it. If you claim your stomach looks like Bey’s after a big meal or a couple pounds of weight gain then you probably had no stomach muscles to being with. Tight abs like hers don’t just completely disappear after a burger…but then again you probably thought she had painted on abs. Im just sayin.

  • Truth0312

    Y’all could see that baby’s head crowning out her vajayjay while Bey sings Single Ladies on tape and still wouldn’t believe it.  Lol.  Clearly she’s around 4 or 5 months here.  Some people, I tell you.  *smh*  

    • Tallchiick

      I know right!

  • devildog808

    I thought the child was named after Jayz’s old flame Blu Cantrell?

  • Kenedy

    I can look like that after a night of smashing on thanksgiving food, so nope, doesn’t convince me.

    • Sickofit

      Then you need to see a doc b/c you have some digestive issues…seriously

      • Kenedy

        Touche. But i still think she used a surrogate & i always will. So bye.

      • guest

        Are you a family member of theirs?  Pay attention:  Plenty of people think that way.  How many women who have had c-sections are out and about on heels 4 weeks later?  OB-GYNs advise women who have had c-sections to lay low a good 6-8 weeks.  I had one and could not even sit up and sneeze much less be out on heels in 4 weeks.  Why let common sense get in the way of your Beyonce adoration thought, right?  Everyone knows she used a surrogate.  Also, why are the pics of her in silhouette?  That could be anybody.  Again, where is the advanced pregnancy shot?  When you can answer that, talk about folks who are “sick”. 

        • CosmoTiffany

          Some people refuse to use common sense… While I guess it not that common. 
          She was pregnant she give birth to her own child. She did not have a C-section she had a natural birth. they said hours after she give birth. People hate to see other people Happy. I carried my twins and you could not tell I was pregnant until I was 5 months so go and sit down. Everybody bodies are different. Side note she has pics of her advance pregnancy on her new website were they pulled this video. Go and check it out HATER!!!

          • guest

            Check your facts…she had a C section.  I love this stupid term “hater” that’s used when someone disagrees with you.  I think it’s funny how you so vehemently defend a celeb who doesn’t know or care about you.  I’m not wasting time checking out someone who is trying so hard to prove she was actually pregnant.  Now Hate on that!

            • Intysingsuga

               She did not have a c-section.

  • Hallie

    Okay how am I suppose to hear the video when these annoying ads and videos are playing on the side?!!!!

  • Looks like regular old weight gain to me…

    • Sickofit

      At this point – you are just sad

  • Her stomach is saggy… so she did have  Blue Ivy… okay… that shut me up…

    • Bklyntee

      This video was early in her pregnancy.

    • GirlSixx

      *LOL* Yep it shut me up too.

    • guest

      It actually just looks like she gained weight.  I would have been more of a believer if she had an advanced pregnancy shot.  As much as she is an attention seeker, it seems bizarre that she wouldn’t be on the cover of some magazine with her advanced preggo belly a la Demi or Jessica Simpson….Think about it.

    • bubzdear

       blue stands for born living under evil and ivy stands for illumantis very youngest all tht s**t abt blue trees is fake and why does she need to take a video to prove us tht she was pregnant either way she worships the devil!

      • 66Sick

        Acronyms are fun, aren’t they?  I’m just certain Blue stands for “Beyonce Lied, Uterus Empty”

        RE: “Illuminati’s very youngest” – I’d like to think a secret society of the most powerful and intelligent folks in the world would be able to come up with a less-redundant acronym.