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I’m a big movie fan, and a big black movie fan at that. Therefore, when new movies come out by black directors and with interesting, hot or amazing actors, I try to support them. But in my years, I’ve seen a lot of overrated movies. This list isn’t to be mean, I’m just being honest about the fact that these nine films got my hopes up pretty high, only to leave me feeling jilted, confused, and of course, disappointed.


Red Tails

I know we here at Madame Noire, like many people, pushed really hard for this film. It was mostly done in the hopes that we could make Hollywood see that big budget black films could be marketable. And while it was a valiant effort, this movie was just not what I was expecting. The action sequences were pretty good and the men were FINE with a capital F, but the dialogue was horrific. Allegedly they were trying to make the characters sound like individuals from films back in the ’40s, but I’ve seen movies from the ’40s (thanks college film class) where people didn’t talk so cheesy (i.e., “Thank goodness those Red Tails were here!”). I’m not saying it was the worst film ever, and I do appreciate the information it provided me on the Tuskegee Airmen, however, within the first 10 minutes of watching, I was blown away by the writing (and not in a good way). And that love story they threw in there? Raaaaaandom.



Granted, most films that are spawned from dope literature are usually a fail in most people’s eyes, but Beloved was all over the place. Maybe it was just a book that didn’t need to be turned into a movie and needed to be left to the imagination? Between Danny Glover’s awkward love scenes with Thandie Newton and Oprah, and my expectation that Lady O was going to kill it Color Purple style (she was…okay), a lot of the time, this movie was hard to work with. The book was able to do what the film could not:  jump from one time period to another and weave in and out the complicated lives of its characters without throwing you off. But then again, it took me two readings of the book to get it…so…?


For Colored Girls

I’m not a big Tyler Perry fan, therefore, my expectations for this film weren’t all THAT huge. However, seeing the cast and knowing the play had me kind of geeked. A lot of the performances were magnificent, however, I found that what you can get away with on stage doesn’t work so well on-screen (just like with Beloved). Some characters were focused on and developed well, while others often came off like extras (such a waste of Kerry Washington’s talents in this movie). While many women were blown away by the film (the response on social media seemed pretty positive), I left feeling underwhelmed. I can say that they did a good job of using the poetry in the film, but in the end, there was just too much going on at one time to keep me excited. And if Mr. Perry doesn’t stop trying to force feed us Janet as an actress…I just can’t.


She Hate Me

I’m like a Spike Lee junkie. I’ve seen most of his films and own a majority of them (She’s Gotta Have It is everything to me), but one that I bought as a fan, thinking it wouldn’t disappoint, actually left me feeling mad confused. That of course was She Hate Me. I love me some Anthony Mackie, and clearly I’m a Kerry Washington fan, but these two couldn’t save a story that was a stretch by even my man Spike’s standards. I was a fan of one part of the plot that touched on the unfair consequences people have to deal with for doing the right thing (the inclusion of Frank Wills of the Watergate scandal was a great idea), but how that turned into a man selling his sperm to lesbians and fathering countless children all over NYC? I don’t know. The movie seemingly ended with this guy in three-way relationship with his ex-fiancée and her girlfriend, and I (as well as my pretty disgusted mom) were left scratching our heads and left pining to watch Mo Better Blues instead.




A huge Outkast fan, I believed all the hype about this film so much that I bought it to watch rather than renting it first. Uh, big mistake. While a charming piece of work when it comes to the visuals (all that color and those costumes, my goodness!), still, as my friend would say, you know a film is in hot water when you can’t remember what the plot was. This was my first time witnessing Paula Patton on-screen, and while she was great, the movie as a whole was just okay. Films that center around black folks running a juke joint and all the dirty dealings of it need a lot more than good music and Andre 3000’s fine self to keep folks interested for hours.


Under the Cherry Moon

Speaking of musicians making movies, Under the Cherry Moon is another film based around the music of a popular artist that fell flat. After Purple Rain, I think people thought Prince could do anything, throw some dope music in it, and the world would come running. But Under the Cherry Moon was not worth running to the theaters for. While Purple Rain‘s soundtrack was enough to make you ignore the underwhelming acting, Under the Cherry Moon couldn’t really do all that. I did enjoy seeing Prince act a fool as his character,  Christopher Tracy, but did I really need to see Jerome Benton trying to act? Without Morris Day, he wasn’t as much fun. Blame it on the bad writing (gigolos in the French Riviera? Say what?) or the fact that instead of seeing dope musical performances, we only heard Prince’s amazing tracks as background music, but I now understand why this film is so easily and readily available on Netflix.


Their Eyes Were Watching God – TV movie

Who didn’t have huge hopes for this little TV movie? Zora Neale Hurston’s book is the definition of a classic, and to see Janie’s struggles come to the “big” screen sounded like a fantastic idea. But what we saw on TV was just…okay. The love story of Tea Cake and Janie was a beautiful one, and the chemistry between Michael Ealy (again, FINE) and Halle Berry was great on-screen, if not steamy. However, as critics would say, it seemed that too much time was spent focusing on their love rather than presenting Janie’s story in full (what about the trial for the killing Tea Cake? Or Janie’s childhood and mother?).  Also, it just came off kind of boring. It was a nice production on Oprah’s part, but as usual, I think I’ll stick to the book.



Shame on me for having expectations about a film that had to be hidden from view for a good while after Chris Brown’s legal troubles, but with that supremely yummy cast of men, I was just hoping that with all the hype, it would be pretty good. But if ATL taught me anything, it’s that movies with T.I. are just not for me. The dialogue in the movie, as with Red Tails, is so cliche and cheesy, but in reality, so is the story. Meet the heist team. One guy from heist team goes to jail, and former partner takes his girl. Guy comes out of jail and back to his heist team (unwelcomed really), and has a big bone to pick post-jail with everybody and their mothers. Add that to over-the-top scenes with Chris Brown’s random display of Parkour as well as T.I.’s confusing bad guy accent and even with the fine cast, you’ll only be willing to watch this baby once.


Brooklyn’s Finest

Antonie Fuqua’s “Good cops gone bad” film had the opportunity to do big things. It had a great cast (Don Cheadle can make anything awesome), and Brooklyn! What else do you need? But somehow, this movie just became a hot mess withing the first 45 minutes of watching. The characters make horrible, yet predictable decisions all the way through, and there are a lot of unnecessary parts of the film (for instance, having to watch Richard Gere’s prostitute girlfriend have sex with him and random dudes in the longest scenes ever…), including those braids somebody tried to put on Wesley Snipes’s head. In the end, the film was pretty brutal. All the people you want to survive don’t, and everything bad that can happen, does. Once again, predictable. Where’s the fun in that?

Which films would you add to the list?

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  • Masterpieced

    Can we make our movies more thoughtful and not either ‘woe is me’, slavery or drug/prostitute infested?

  • The list is accurate in that the movies cited were lackluster. For all the reasons listed above and more.

  • K’lana

    Ms. Noir, your web page is very tedious to view. It’s not the content. Your topics are interesting, but audio ads popping up at will is distracting.The page is too busy, too much stuff crammed onto the page.Are you just trying to make a lot of $$$ with all the ads?. Don’t think I can continue viewing.

    • Masterpieced

      They need to pay bills too.

  • I completely disagree about Beloved.  I think it’s one of the best adaptations of a book that I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

  • Jwiliams257

    Most movies are crappy.  Looking for real life in movies.  Get a life.  Black movies are no better or worse than the usual clap trap that we go to see.  But you entitled to your opinion. Like elbows and butt holes, we all have one.  Have a good day.!

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  • Ajordanfan2

    Im sorry but sooo many black films just SUCK! They’re predictable, they require little to no thought at all and lack imagination badly. It’s like the film makers are afraid we lack intelligence so they continue to make these lackluster films. Takers was garbage compared to “Heat” and even “The Town.” All Tyler Perry movies are all the same with different names. No new material or creativity there at all.

    • Masterpieced

      Agree with you on T. Perry. And now he is TRYING his DAMN-EST to cross over into white audiences. And why does all his characters have to wear such ridiculous weaves???????

  • Yourfriend2

    Some of the films that you seemed to feel you could not understand, required you to dig deep.  I’m really challenged by your assessments of these movies.  All I can say is just dig deeper and you may get what they were trying to communicate. 

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  • “9 Black Films That Were Disappointing TO ME”

    Fixed that for you.

  • oksmile

    I get the Janet Jackson remark and I agree she’s just not that convincing to me. However, I di like the movie and it’s always refreshing to see a black female case- at least their working.

  • Chicago’s Finest

    Wow! You guys don’t like ANYTHING! Even though For Colored Girls was difficult for me to watch because of some of the subject matter, I was impressed that it came out as well as it did. Having seen the play and read the book I was afraid it wouldn’t transfer well to the screen but I was pleasantly surprised. I LOVED TAKERS! Can watch it over and over and I’m rooting for a Takers 2…I already have the plot all figured out in my head :). Get up off my Michael Ealy! 🙂 Have loved him since Their Eyes Were Watching God and through Sleeper Cell. He needs more parts that will showcase his talent. I enjoyed Red Tails also I just felt like it didn’t provide as much “education” about the Tuskegee Airmen as I thought it would with the way that it was advertised. I didn’t think it was educational at all, just entertainment.

    I think that some movies need to be taken for exactly what they are intended to be, entertainment, nothing more nothing less. I don’t think it’s about not wanting to attack or criticize anything black, I just feel like I’m  true movie buff who can find the positive in most movies. Although there are some definite “F” grades in this list…Idlewild, She Hates Me. Was interesting reading the different perspectives.

  • Brandon C.

    Out of all the dissapointing movies out there you chose to pick the movies our brothers and sisters made some success from to criticize? We’re all free to our opinion, ofcourse. But considering the amount of black films in the theater  compared to the rest, I find it dissapointing to know that someone of this site would point these things out.

  • Jaycee3

    WHAT??? Brooklyn’s Finest???? 
    The end WAS dissatisfying, but that is a filmmakers choice. Other than that It was great!

  • RR

    Are the facts correct on this? Is this a Tyler Perry movie or did he just lend his name as producer to help advertise the movie?

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    Add Clockers to the list…. oh, and any of the sequels to Friday

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Where in the world is Pootie Tang, Soul Plane, etc.  I can’t believe you included “Their eyes were watching God.”  That movie was made for television and it was good.  What’s with all the Tyler Perry bashing?  He’s keeping black actors employed.  Stop hating.

    • Masterpieced

      Soul Plane was soooo embarrassing!

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  • Whatsthematter

    the casting was wrong…
    Kerry Washington…Janet’s Part
    Nicole Beharie…Kerry’s part
    Michael Ealy…Kahlil (rapist) part
    Derek Luke…Michael Ealy’s part
    Halle Berry….Thandie Newton’s part
    KeKe Palmer….the little Sister part
    Jill Scott,,,Loretta Divines part
    Idris Elba…Loretta’s boyfriend part
    Whoopi and Macy…trade parts

    the only good choices were Phylicia Rashad…and Anika

    oh, Diddy for Janet’s husband <<<side eye

    • Masterpieced

      Why Halle? Can we please move on from worshipping her?

  • Roger Dean

    This is one of the best and most accurate articles I have ever read! The writer is dead on target for each film. The arguments presented are not the usual say all the right things you get from most black based web and blog sites. This article does uplift because you learn to expect better and you know WHY these films were NOT good.  I see over 60 movies every year and the writer was spot on. Great job!

  • JJ

    ANYTHING made by Tyler Perry.

  • Hjones

    I usually dont comment on these sites!!! But this list was horrible!!! Two these movies actually brought tears to my eyes!!!

  • damn..i liked most of these movies lol


    i disagree about brooklyns finest, great acting and i thought it was good story and i enjoyed beloved even though some of the scenes were painful to watch.

  • I haven’t seen Redtails, Takers or Brooklyn Finest, but the rest of the films (except She Hates Me) I thoroughly enjoyed. It seems as though as all the movies chosen were movies showed Afr. Am. in a dramatic light instead of the all too common comedic approach that is such a popular genre. The author of this blog could have definitely found countless buffoonery comedic movies to even this list out. I loved Idlewild–come one two popular rappers who did not do a comedic movie, great. Their eyes were watching god and beloved were okay to watch once but, I half way agree that they should have been left as books. For Colored Girls was a movie that I took my daughters to see and discuss even though they were young, I loved this movie, but the play adaption is so much better than the movie. She Hates Me, uh he could have kept that one. And I am such a Prince fan so Under the Cherry Moon is one of my favorite movies. divaclubchic or luvingmahlocs at etsydotcom

  • cat lover

    I agree the Red Tails was all over the place with the dialogue and the “romance” was hard to watch. Would have preferred something about the Black women who served during WWII as a subplot.

    • Masterpieced

      YES! I did not need to see the Italian love. smh

  • Eestoomuch

    dead on with everything except FCG…sure there were misteps with casting…Kerry should have had the Janet role and that Beharie girl should have played Kerrys role…Viola should have had Whoopi’s role and i think that it would have been great to see Octavia the Oscar winner and Bunk from the Wire in the Loretta Devine and whats his names roles….also, i would have loved to see Halle in the Thandie role and maybe KeKe Palmer as her lil sis…the only roles that made sense were Phylicia Rashad, Macy Gray and Anika Noni Rose….shouldve had Idris Elba as the cop husband and Michael Ealy as the rapist…Derek Luke as Elese husband and Diddy as the downlow husband (playing to type) and Tasha Smith as the Janet character….lol!

  • tlynette

    Films and books are terribly subjective — LOVED IT!/HATED IT! — so unless it’s so heinously BAD by EVERYBODY’s standard, lists like this are somebody’s opinion, nothing more. Having said that, “Their Eyes..” was a test for me: whether I would take Oprah outside if this was messed up or allow her to live another day! ;-p It’s my favorite book of all time, so it was a decent movie (I’m not the biggest Halle Berry fan (gasp!!, I know!) but “Janie” was supposed to make me cry at the end, and she did — attributed more to Zora Neale Hurston than Halle or Oprah. I’m with you on “Beloved,” tho’ — read the book twice, still don’t get it, and the movie didn’t help. Oh well….

  • NeliaPruitt

    I can not say whether I agree or disagree on “Takers” because I have not seen this film.  But on the others you were on the money….I too was very disppointed in those movies.  Wait….I wouldn’t really say I disappointed with “For Color Girls”.  That movie was addressing so many issues that is was a bit overwhelming but overall….I agree with most that was said in this article. #jmo

  • Nwokeith75

    You forgot Janet was an actress first!

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  • DW

    I’m glad someone else disliked FOR COLOR GIRLS!! My girls all dismissed my gripes with this film. I’m a huge Tyler Perry fan and I hated this movie! I really disliked the poems at the most
    inopportune times, The movie was too sad!! I was looking for the climax up and
    never got it! I think Tyler needs to do a For Color Boys! I agree this movie
    was a true flop! Maybe if he took out the poems DURING the scenes and added
    some uppers it would have been better. Sorry Tyler I just could not feel it!

    • Masterpieced

      I LOVED For Colored Girls. I just think that Ntozake should have been in it in some way.

  • Jackieo Perkins

    for colored girls was very good the book was more detail….TAKERS was good because TIP…was a great gangster…BROOKLYN FINEST was just not good enough to stay awake…IDALWILD pu stinker somethings sould not become movies…OH LETS NOT FOGET ” THE PINK PANTHER” BEYO’NCE  the stinker award…and all movies she mad

  • For Colored Girls…. disappointing?  I’m sorry, that movie was easily one of the worst I’ve ever seen.  I don’t say that often, but I felt like I was watching one of those made-for-TV movies.  It was even harder to swallow when I realized that nearly everyone in the cast was too talented for this mess.  I was amazed that even the most ridiculous parts of the movie were predictable.  And can we all stop pretending that a married man being gay is like the most interesting dramatic climax a black film can have?  Tyler Perry has made a career off stealing the worst from daytime soap operas and rehashing it over and over for millions.  Why don’t we demand better from the people who write our stories?

    But then again I think Tyler Perry films should be illegal, because they’re consistently terrible… but that’s just me.

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  • KinaD

    Why wasn’t Soul Plane on this list?

    • I would say it isn’t on the list only because we’re supposed to be disappointed in it.  They weren’t trying to go for high-brow or to be seen as a classic or anything, it’s pure and simple escapism.

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  • MajorPrinceFan

    Kristen Scott-Thomas doesn’t even list Under the Cherry Moon in her resume. I don’t blame her. At all.

  • Ctray72

    Sorry, you are waaay off the mark here! For Colored Girls definitely lived up to the hype. Some small-minded people didn’t get it or I guess they were expecting Madea to show up at some point. But the vast majority of us black women loved and embraced this movie, especially the poetry!

  • Vil4real

    I disagree, not all were disappointing, maybe a bit underwhelming, but enjoyable. I truly liked Beloved. I actually enjoyed it and will watch it every time it comes on.  I read the book years before the reprint and the movie and it stuck with the pages, so I was not disappointed at all.  For Colored Girls, was okay, but not disappointing. Their Eyes Were Watching God was enjoyable as well.  The others were disappointing so I have no rebuttal when it comes to those.  Brooklyn Finest and Takers was my most anticipated let downs. Just a waist of good talent.

  • BlahBlahBlah

    I was really hoping that I could disagree with you on at least ONE of your choices, but I couldn’t!  I have to agree with you, whole heartedly!  All of the films you named left me just as disappointed as you!  If I had to add some to your list, it would be all those crazy movies Vivica Fox stars in…she’s down there with Janet Jackson to me, as far as acting goes!  Her best role was in Kill Bill and I was glad she was killed so soon! 

  • Olumide2000

    Add your article here to the world’s list of disappointments

  • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

    Under the Cherry Moon is a Black film?

    maybe I missed it because it’s in black and white. nevertheless….I’d suggest you save your high expectations for films made by/with people skilled in that endeavor, and let a Prince movie be exactly what it is – a Prince movie. UtCM & PR give just enough between the songs to make them more than visual versions of their respective albums. Graffiti Bridge is merely a long music video.

    Such is also the case of Idlewild, but much of the problem with expectations has to do with marketing – which is often the downfall of many a filmmaker and musician alike.

  • Jtrower

    George Lucas should not be allowed to make movies on real life controversial subjects like racism or the Allied bombing campaign of Europe. Red Tails was a train wreck. Bad script, bad acting, bad editing, bad vision, and some dodgy accuracy. It all came together for a forgettable movie. Watch the HBO movie and 12 o clock high from 1949 to see the subjects handled better. Also, the movie needed to show the effects on the ground in Germany. Too many people died for Lucas to degrade the story with a rah rah football game feel.

  • Nice list. Don’t completely agree. But fun to read.!/iloveblackmovies

    Shawn Edwards

  • O Stop!  Writer….U have gone too far.  The public loves Takers, it’s always on regular rotation on cable and I watch it often.  It has loads of eye candy in it…Idris & Tip just for starters, Paul & Michael Too.  Come one Now!  The story line is on point and the action is also, stop hating.  I bet if u had a cameo, u’d be singing a different tune.

  • Idelwild was pretty good…atleast a strong 8.!

  • It was a little weird…but watchable.  Which is meant to be seen on your coutch for $2 instead of $100 at the movies!

  • Mystert

    IndigoBlack –  Opinions are like….well you know the rest. So, I do not get why your opinion warrants such attention? Some of these I agree with, some I don’t. Yawn!!!! this space could be used for better subject than movies you didn’t like.

  • michael davis

    Red Tails was an outstanding film.  Get a life.

  • MovieBuff1911

    Every Tyler Perry movie!

  • Oh and where is Precious on this list? that movie was so depressing i wanted to run into traffic… NOTHING good came from the end of that movie… what the fact that she took her kids and they walked off happily ever after? Right… 

    • Masterpieced

      I often wonder why Precious was even made. It was to make us look worse than worse.

  • Sagarian517

    There is in Hollywood an unwritten rule for Black scriptwriters that states the market segment for people of color is NOT a high priority for quality film scriptwriters so therefore the film industry “only” has about maybe fewer than  a dozen or so scriptwriters they [they] consider bankable, all White, and mainly male, who singlehandedly determine whose scripts get put before the studio heads who ultimately bankroll a film budget. It is basically as simple as that. Hollywood, in the 21st century, is a throwback to and a champion of plantation mentality and thinking. Racist to the core. 

  • donnaschild

    Dear IndigoBlack:  While some of the films you listed may not have lived up to our anticipation.  I feel the state of black cinema could use less negative feedback and more support.  These films while technically imperfect all had some element of entertainment and did represent some aspect of African-American culture.  Currently black films have the most difficult time getting green lit and because of that we are underrepresented on the big screen.  I think more emphasis should be put on highlighting the positive and supporting our films, the good, the bad and the ugly!  I can think of 100 films (not black films) that just out right sucked and we were in line at the theater! 

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  • His6sweety

    Ok 1st let me say WHAT KIND OF LIST IS DIS!!!! Ok now dat dats out da way… When I 1st seen “For Colored Girls” I was like *___* (blank stare) but after da 3rd time watching it I was like ok now I get it but it wasnt bad!

    Now “Takers” was HOTT & da men was HOTTER!!! By da way I like Chris Breezy better with da accent!!!!

    & last “Brooklyn’s Finest” was ok too!!!

  • Tiffany Newsome

    You forgot Dreamgirls.

  • Friutful_18

    I think the beauty and depth of most of these films were wasted on you. Especially for colored girls. But that’s ok maybe next time.

  • After “For Colored Girls…” I was DONE with Tyler Perry. DONE!!! 

  • Blushbashful

    I just knew I was the only person that felt this way about Red Tails! This movie was horrible. To me it seemed Lucus dumb down the script so us black folk could understand. I was not impressed and this was a one timer for me.

  • Brndmnd04

    I think many  writers  for the black film industry are aware that many black people (especially  black people 35  and under) tend not to read quality literature.    So they throw together any garbage and label it black – put beyonce or a rapper in it they know that the target audience will lap it up.  This same 30 and under group is also terribly distracted and have short attention spans.   Instead of thinking, they react.

     ” Beloved” was an okay movie but you had to have read the book to fully understand it  In all reality, however,there is no way a Toni Morrison book or a Zora Neal-Hurston book can be told in a 2-3 hr movie.

  • OmegaDR

    I’d agree with every one of your picks EXCEPT Brooklyn’s Finest, which was an AWESOME MOVIE!!! The Cast was great, plot may have been a bit too in intricate to the less sophisticated viewer. But, who said every blogger was intelligent or sophisticated. 

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  • Sabrina

    …I saw Takers in theaters twice…but I’m pretty sure it was because all those men were SO DAMN FINE! I still don’t know what the movie was about though.

  • Topbillin187

    Idlewild, Takers and Red Tails don’t belong. There’s so much worse black cinema out there. But you are entitled to your opinion.

  • Chessica450

    sigh… tired of being a black woman like really? is this all what we think about when we see black movies/black women/black men/the black race/culture as a whole?? are we all about violence, rape, slavery, oppression, colorism, segregation, blah blah list goes on….cant there be a black happy film?? with out displaying our struggles?? sheeeeesh! this race is freakin depressing!! like damn this Trayvon Martin thing, the Marching for equal rights…we been fighting from Day ONE!! like I know white ppl started it but damn can i read one article, see one black movie or anything black without it being negative?? like are there any benefits/positives to being black??

    • Chessica450

       Alot of times I come on here it’s always something like pointing racism in hollywood ex: the Keri Washington Article questioning if she should have been on the cover of Vanity Magazine….because since she was a minority (black) the cover only had white women on there like am sick of it…is this all we do as black ppl?? look for racism?? like I know racism exists but LAWWWWWDDDD!! can we move past this?? -___- am sick of it #MovingON

    • Masterpieced

      YES! I was studying overseas and we were all told to bring a movie to share with the students. I scraped my brain to think of a movie that did not portray slavery, drugs, prostitution, a flaming gay man, etc. All I could think of was Cool Runnings.

  • Tagirl

    I’ve seen “For Colored Girls,” “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” ” Takers,” and parts and pieces of “Brooklyn’s Finest,”(for reasons you’ve noted).

    I don’t like heavy movies like “For Colored Girls,” but the combination of working in Atlanta that summer and seeing billboards everywhere and the fact that many of my fav actresses were in it made me go see it.  I thought it told real stories but they were heavy ones that I normally stay away from.

    “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” left me with the feeling, “Is that it?”

    Although “Takers” wasn’t a blockbuster type movie, I liked it and the ending. They sure play it a lot on the movie channels.

    “Brooklyns Finest” is another movie that seems to be always on tv. I’ve seen parts of it at different times and just couldn’t get into it.

  • ITrue

    Brooklyn’s Finest:  If only 
    Wesley Snipes was NOT in this movie.  He just looked so awkward and way past his prime.  Now 
    Don Cheadle on the other hand is a bad motherfather.  He was like “You know me, then you know not to F&*^ with me.”

    • ITrue

      Colored Girls:  This is the worst of the worst movies ever made.  It was just so depressing, emotionally draining, and STUPID.  They where throwing babies out of windows, getting sexually assaulted….you name it they did it and then sung about it.  I was done.  That was my last Tyler movie.

  • NegRican24

    I’m sorry but i loved Idlewild. It was a nice change and very unique from rapper as leads movies go. The music, the dancing, and the story i thought were very well done so it needs to be taken off this list.

  • Dymondz68

    The auto-videos on the side are annoying.

  • Rachelharvey

    I found this woman Dominga Martin on Youtube last week. If Hollywood would try and understand that we are not all alike, someone like her could bring a new perspective on entertainment to Spike Lee’s and Tyler Perry’s female fans (and non-fans).  Who’s really producing for today’s modern woman in mind? I was really into the fact she (as a filmmaker) is the star of her own creative. I thought it was a music video when I first saw it, but it’s her reality not fiction. Best of luck to the newbies. We need more great talent to impact Hollywood!!!!

  • bits

    Um IndigoBlack must be on some pretty potent crack. Beloved and She Hate Me are both classics. I watched Beloved as a teenager when it first came out and I must admit i thought it was horrible. but as a mature adult i totally “got it” and i think the movie should have been nominated for the major movie awards. She Hate Me’s plot was “out there” but it was thought provoking and edgy…and lets not forget swexy as hell. She Hate Me forces you to think outside of the box and to see that the regular cookie cutter relationship model is not the only one that can possibly work. Brooklyn’s Finest while brutal definitely does not deserve to be on this list. The acting was great and i appreciated those sex scenes between richard gere  and his lady friend. thats my opinion :-)….oh totally agree with Idlewild…but Paula Patton was great in that movie? Did you hear that accent she was trying to nail?…Indigo please step away from that pipe…

  • Sweetrose78

    Half of the movies the author didn’t understand what the meaning or moral was, the other ones it seemed the expectations were to high. I mean everyone knows that when books are made into movies, these movies don’t follow the exact story or plot line of the book. The few movies on this list I have seen are pretty good, so I don’t agree with this list, just my opinion.

  • darkman

    I didn’t see all of the movies you’re talking about, but a non professional actor in a leading role is often a recipe for disaster (Whitney, Janet). I agree with you concerning “She hates me” and disagree for “Brooklyn Finest” and “Beloved”. The first was a perfect storm in its progress and perfectly played by all. About “Beloved”, I didn’t read the book so I appreciate the darkness of the story and the picture created that fit well. I can’t remember Oprah’s acting, which mean she was more than ok for me.

  • I didn’t get past the right up on the airmen but am SHOCKED … SHOCKED I SAY  that Idlewild is on the list. I’ve watched it 10 times or so and each time I discover a new enjoyable / interesting nuance. Wow did I say I’m in shock. Idlewild is one of the best for black by black movies I’ve seen. The characters, situations and plot lines were rich and textured.  It was quite frankly better than expected as opposed to a “disappointment” … I guess expectations are everything.

  • Babygurl

    These Films were all nice …… u bytches always on here trying to down African American People…. why do u even exist…..

  • Blueaking

    Yeah…why wasn’t Soul Plane on here or Bones….talk about bad!

    •  Lol because those films aren’t supposed to represent black America…then again no film can because black people in the states aren’t all the same.

  • Blueaking

    I agree with the whole list except for ‘Takers’. While it was not the best movie ever made, it was not that bad. I would watch it again.

  • NegraGata

    I can, and have watched “Under The Cherry Moon” every time it comes on.  Cheesy, bad acting, music from a boombox, etc.  I love this movie, it was more fun to watch than Purple Rain.

    I do agree with Takers, it is a movie that I have watched in bits and pieces, as soon as the heist team was made in the beginning of the movie, I lost interest, but I must say I liked he ending (some folk got away).

    “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” was hard to watch, but I did, I suppose I didn’t get it.

    I have nothing for the others, because I didn’t watch any of them.

  • Stacy

    Where is Soul Plane,I’m Gonna Git You Sucka and Monster’s ball now if you want to talk about horrible movies these three are the worst movies I have ever seen in my life!! I have to say I don’t agree with For colored Girls it was a great movie to me!! the rest of the list I agree with!!

  • notorious was horrible, let out so much

  • Lue

    Black folks are used to having to be better than perfect, better than 110% just be accepted or even get a decent job. So when we sit down to watch a movie we come with those perfection lenses even though only 10% have the energy and patience to work that hard to have a measure of success.  The problem is we’ll NEVER truly love films that tell our stories because we are looking for something that is being developed and in process which takes time. Since creativity is subjective and in filmmaking it’s almost impossible to make a flawlessly entertaining movie even moreso when you talk about making black films because they aren’t made often enough to be perfected, largely in part because blacks don’t support them in force.  When we as black people accept that we must build up and support our own before anyone else does is when we will become a powerful group of people. Until then we will continue to criticize and diminish the hard work and sheer tenacity it took to even get the film to screen, which no one seems to get how EXTREMELY difficult that is in Hollywood.

  • 1. Beloved: i didint understand it; maybe cause i was young and didnt exactly pay attention to the story line… idk…
    2. For Colored Girls: that movie was depressing as $#!t! im glad i saw it at home on Epix and it was long too long… i would have rather seen the Sweded (lol) version.
    3.She Hate Me: i liked it… but maybe only from the perspective of this guy was willing to help lesbian couples to have children when no one else would…
    4. Idlewild: Really?!! i LOVE that movie! it was a musical and it had other movie elements blended in so perfectly to me. the only thing i didnt like was the cameo by Cicely Tyson… but it was so short if u blink u miss her.
    5. Havent seen Under the Cherry Moon
    6. Havent seen Their Eyes Are Watching God either
    7.Havent seen Takers
    8. Havent seen Brooklyn’s Finest
    Wait thats only 8 movies… am i missing 1???

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  • Soulsis

    100% cosign on Brooklyn’s Finest (severely disappointing) and I am a MASSIVE Antoine Fuqua fan : (

  • Chocolate

    You’re nuts! Idlewild was a great film that was slept on. 

  • Jrzsnfst609

    Takers? what!! I really enjoyed that movie. For Colored Girls was another good one, I agree w/ u on Janet Jackson and her acting skills…

  • Djones157

    Are you kidding me Idlewild was the shat!

  • ivy41989

    1) For Colored Girls was disappointing.  I agree…only on this site and anonymously because dare I say it in public I will be ripe for a tongue lashing (LOL).  I felt like the movie was trying to hard not be literal and that is exactly what it turned out to be.  Kudos to Tyler for taking it on however, some of the language used in the film had me saying out loud “who talks like that?”, and it definitley stuck to the traditional “Tyler Perry Treatment”, one woman so pitiful and weak you just want to shake her, one perfect and wonderful man who does everything right however is dreadfully mistreated usually by a woman who is as evil as evil gets and the “Perfect Black Man” whom you will despise and want to cut and the ultimate evil-doer who will by the end of the film come to some epiphany after some karmic moment and change their ways.  I say it now and I will say it again and again I have always felt Tyler Perry has an ax to grind with successful black independant women (yes I said it). 

    2) Idylwilde:  Didn’t get it, if I remember correctly there was a cartoon charater in it (?).  It was confusing.  However the visualt treament and the music was wonderful.  Just and extra long music montage for me.

    3) She Hate Me:  I actually liked it.  There is really only one Spike Lee film that I didn’t like and it was Miracle at St. Andrews.

    4) Takers: Eye candy movie only, and I didn’t expect anything else from it.  It’s similar to Fast and Furious.  I go with my girlfriends and after the movie we drink and giggle about how fine the men were. 

    5) Beloved: I still don’t get it.  Tried to read the book twice then tried to watch the movie thinking that would make my understanding better.  M brain just isn’t at that level yet.  I will try it again in a couple of years.

    6) Their Eyes Were Watching God: didn’t see it

    7) The Red Tails: Didn’t see it.  I will only admit this fact here anonymously for fear that if the truth comes out my life will be in danger (LOL)

    8) Brooklyns Finest:  I agree with the writer, predicatble, predictable PREDICTABLE!

    9) Under The Cherry Moon: should have never seen daylight.  However don’t say nothin’ bad about Purple Rain!  I LOVES ME SOME PURPLE RAIN!  In my opinion its a classic!

    Now as for just supporting black movies so that black actors can get work…I get it, and I am front and center to support it.  However I am at the point now where I am just not willing to financially support movies that I simply have no interest in.  Yes at some point for me it comes down to money and the experience.  I get that writers are at the mercy of large studios and that studios ultimately have no clue as to what black folks want to see.  However there are plenty of excellent African American writers out there that I would pay money for just because they are behind the work.  I am a huge supporter of independant films i.e. Pariah…EXCELLENT movie.  I just feel that we are being fed the same stuff over and over and it gets watered down and for me if I don’t like it or get something from it I don’t buy it.

    • The11thLetter

      So what exactly was wrong with Miracle at St. Anna?

  • Maryann P1227

    I think “FCG” was a monumental task to take on from the beginning but Tyler Perry did the best he could. Janet Jackson is a better actress than she is a singer (no range) if that is any consolation. Another predictable movie was “Good Deeds”, but I am just glad to see Tyler Perry doing something other than Madea…I am sick of that character.  Spike Lee hasn’t made a good movie since “Malcolm X”.  I liked “Their Eyes are Watching God” even though I don’t think Halle Berry is a good actress (except “Dorothy Dandridge”).  Thought “Takers” was terrible. I am a huge Don Cheadle fan and he is good in everything (Not to take anything away from Jamie Foxx, but Cheadle should have won the Oscar for “Hotel Rwanda”, like Will Smith should have won the Oscar for “Pursuit of Happyness”). And I love Kerry Washington (Watch “Scandal” on ABC, Thursday nights.–she is nothing nice).   “Red Tails”, while disappointing, was a movie that needed to be told. Having said all of that, I think you were pretty much right on in your opinion.

    • Katinachowning

      Maryann have you seen Miracle at st. Annas by spike lee? Great movie

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  • Keisha 804

    Idlewild, Brooklyn’s Finest and Takers? Are you crazy? Clearly this writer knows nothing about what a good movie is. You need to go back to the drawing board. Most of the movies you mentioned were not that bad. It takes alot for black films to get funded and then later put on screen I would like to know who the writer of this article knows who can make better movies. How about this? instead of doing dissapointing black movies of the past. (which anyone can do) Why dont u use your platform to expose these black indie movies that need to be noticed? There are plenty out there. Since, you know so much, I expect to come back and see that article. Use your platform for positivity, lord knows black women need that more than anything..

  • Roslyn Russell

    As far and in between that black movies come out, how about just celebrating the fact that these actors/actress are getting work.  Paula Patton a great actress in Idlewild….I don’t know about that, but credit should go to the brothers on being that inventive to come up with the concept. 

  • IllyPhilly

     For colored girls was nothing but Black male bashing. Even Hill Harper’s character was unlikable. BK finest was hella dumb. Takers was all about eye candy to me so I always give it a pass. Beloved book/movie sucked. I liked TEWWG book, but I loved the movie. That was one book made to movie besides Color Purple that I enjoyed. She Hate Me was alright, but did end stupid. Didn’t see the others.

    • Truth Hurts

      For Colored Girls was not “Black Male bashing” If was the truth about black men. They’re worthless and shouldn’t exist. If the truth hurt so be it. 

      • Guest2

        You sound like a fool…..

        • IllyPhilly


      • IllyPhilly

         Wow guess you don’t get any play from them.

      • Masterpieced

        Did your daddy abandon you?

  • Netdandri

    I know some people who are disappointed in 65% of the movies they see. I go to the movies for the sole purpose of letting my hair down and being entertained, not to be a film critic. I’m able to enjoy most of the films I see. Some are better then others. Not every film is going to be a classic. That doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed.

  • Andrea435

    u coulda added others, ther are a countless of others that were atrosious. u trippin

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    i loved idlewild, it was great far as i was concerned. . . 

    • Maryann P1227

      OOOOOOOOO, “Idlewild” was horrible—-there was just too much going on and too confusing.

  • Jolie

    This list was right on! While I do enjoy some of these movies, they aren’t really good.

    Takers seemed sooo good in the theater but when I bought the DVD, I kicked myself. I watch it on mute because whew lawd that’s a delicious cast!!!!!!

    Colored Girls REALLY disappointed me because I did the play (back in my prime lol) and I was uber stoked to see it on the big screen. It just had that Tyler Perry stank on it I loathe and didn’t really stay true to Ntozake Shange’s amazing original.

    Beloved ranks up there with The Passion of the Christ as movies that you only should experience once and talk about it with a therapist afterwards — DE-PRESS-ING

    Shout out to Eve’s Bayou though…now THAT was done superbly!

    • misshoneybbabe

      Yes for Eve’s Bayou!!!  That is in my top 5.

    •  Ive never seen For Colored Girls, but my sister said she liked it. I really have no idea what it’s like but I guess I’ll see soon.

    • Truthhurtz

      Yes! Eve’s Bayou is one of the best movies ever!

  • Alexandrea Desteny

    I absolutely loved their eyes were watching god!!! I don’t think it was disappointing at all.

  • Sweetatapii

    You tripping boo, Their eyes was watching god… was the best love story ever for afro movies

    • Maryann P1227

      I really liked “Their Eyes” even though I am not a Halle Berry fan.

      • FromUR2UB

        I don’t know why, but Halle Berry is not a movie draw for me.  She’s not a bad actress…I guess I just don’t find her an interesting one.  You know how sometimes you want to see a movie because of the cast?  When I hear that she’s in a movie, I think: OK, who else is in it?  The only role I’ve ever really liked her in was in ‘Boomerang’.

        • eyeEEsha

          Someone I know said, “She’s Queen in every movie.” After I finished LOL’ing, I totally agreed. Halle has very little range. 

      • Masterpieced

        Me either! She is over rated by us.

  • eyeEEsha

    One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of Tyler Perry movies is that they appear to be written and acted as if they’re on the stage. When you’re in a play, you HAVE to overact to a certain degree because you’re always supposed to play to the back of the house. When you’re doing a movie, all of that is unnecessary because cameras will pick up the subtleties and nuances that can’t be seen as easily if you were watching it live. TP needs to hire screenwriters, not playwrights. AND he needs to tone it down… quite a bit.

    •  Yes, I agree.

      • Copeland

        I so agree with you and so far, I am just on the third review. Tyler Perry needs to stop forcing Janet Jackson on us, as a star.

        Takers was not bad, It was what I expected, when I heard TI and Chris Brown was part of the cast. I think most people enjoyed Takers, because of the cast (Idris Elba, Paul Wall and Michael Ealy), not because of the script.

    • FromUR2UB

      Awww.  I like Tyla Pehwy moobies!

      I never saw ‘Colored Girls’ though.

  • Ms. Spring

    What a picky author.

  • FromUR2UB

     ‘Beloved’ was a pretty ambitious movie project, because without having first read the book, the movie was probably just too hard to grasp.  Tony Morrison’s books are not easy reads.  She uses a lot of symbolism, and you have to be patient because sometimes she doesn’t  reveal their meanings until you get to the center of her books.  So, until that point, you feel like you’re trying to figure out a riddle.   
    Spike Lee?  I really haven’t seen any of his most recent films (made in last ten years).  Does he still do that scene in every movie with the background progressing forward as someone appears to be standing still?  Hated that.
    I liked ‘Takers’.  Thought it was pretty good.
    ‘Purple Rain’ should have been on there.  You know that was a bad movie with sucky acting, and a plot that has been done over, and over and over.  The soundtrack made the movie, and people went to see it because Prince and all his associated acts were on fire back then.

    • eyeEEsha

      Yes Spike Lee still uses that trick. I thought I was the only one that hated that.

    • Maryann P1227

      I read “Beloved” and I guess the problems I have with Toni Morrison in general, is that the characters in her books never have a happy ending which, because they are Black, is rather depressing.  All of her books, with the exception of The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon, are depressing and confusing. “Beloved” was a horrible movie, and I think it was more Oprah’s ego to think anything she would produce would be a hit.

      I agree with you re: Spike Lee. I think the last and best movie he made was “Malcolm X”.

      And the only reason “Purple Rain” was a hit was the soundtrack.

      • Just a thought

        I guess this only adds to your point but, I have to disagree with you. I think The Bluest Eye had a surpremely sad ending.

        • Truthhurtz

          I agree…the Bluest Eye was pretty sad. 

      • Oh yeah, because VH1 and Paladium shows it every other week, so it must not have been good. Whatever. Tyler Perry SUCKS!!! That is all.

    • Katinachowning

      Spike lee has a war flick st. Annas that was just marvelous! Rent that one right away! No weird scenes like described above. I didn’t think it was a spike lee joint. He made the movie in response to clint eastwoods movie about the same war that letft AA out. Michael ealy was in it and ooohh weee he was a real treat.

      • FromUR2UB

        Yeah, I had never gotten around to seeing that one, so I’ll have to check it out.

        • Masterpieced

          I never heard of it. I am adding it to my Amazon order list right now! I love Spike SOOOOO much more than Tyler.

      •  Yea that was a good one! cant believe i forgot about it… Thanks!

  • eyeEEsha

    Yall were expecting good dialogue from a George Lucas Film? I guess the author has never seen a Star Wars film…

  • Lalatarea

    i agree anything with don cheadle can’t be terrible and as much as i love kerry washington i HATE her acting she was on two films on this list and then there was Little Man, i think i love my wife and this new Eddie Murphy movie looks noooo better but hopefully her new series will renew my faith in her.

  • shakeria

    this person doesnt know what he/she is talking about she she should keep her opinion to herself cuz its just pure bullshit

  • Rachael

    I loved Takers. Sure T.I dang near ruined it with his wack performance, but as a whole, I loved that movie. 

  • I disagree with For Colored Girls. I read that book cover to cover, and they went word for word. Somebody filed that complaint when it first came out and I tested it. It was just fine for what it was supposed to be. As for Janet, I thought her part was interesting. Not great, but interesting in how the woman in red was interpreted. Otherwise, I don’t see the harm in Tyler Perry putting his hands on this.

    • Masterpieced

      He left out Ntozake.That was unforgivable.

  • DPro

    I loveeee Idlewild…I highly disagree with the author, this movie is amazing!

    • I didn’t get past the right up on the airmen but am SHOCKED … SHOCKED I SAY  that Idlewild is on the list. I’ve watched it 10 times or so and each time I discover a new enjoyable / interesting nuance. Wow did I say I’m in shock. Idlewild is one of the best for black by black movies I’ve seen. The characters, situations and plot lines were rich and textured.  It was quite frankly better than expected as opposed to a “disappointment” … I guess expectations are everything.

      • Angelee

        I concur! Idlewild is a good movie!!!

    • dgrrl

      AGREED! Please take Idlewild OFF the list…wth?

  • i agree with everything but takers and for colored girls, takers not sure if maybe it was the cast but i can watch it ova and ova, and for colored girls i can honestly say i was touch by the movie he pulled all stops no goody two shoes ending but again i’m bias i love tyler also

  • Cris1582

    Damn shame the only movie I saw on this list was Takers.

  • Puppetstick

    I so disagree on Takers… that movie was bad a**.

  • cpeck

    Know what 3 (maybe more) of these movies have in common?! MICHAEL EALY lol.

    • Rachael

      It was so unfair for you to point that out. LOL

    • LiiSH

       Lol and I asked myself last week, I said: “Self, can Michael Ealy really act? I mean does he have talent? or am I just getting sucked into his fione pretty eye’d vortex?” I have yet to come up with an answer…

      But on that note I did like Their Eyes were watching God. Lol I tend to be meh on Ms. Berry’s acting (I realize that she is mostly famous for her beauty b/c her movies only really work [for me] when she is under the influence of crazy [including love], drunk, or high).

      Takers is a waste of perfectly good memory space in my brain…

      For Colored Girls as Beau Willie -__- I’s still on the fence about it. His drunk anger was exactly like his rabies infection in Their Eyes Were Watching God…

      • Freebee33

        I think we just like looking at him so his acting abilities (or lack of) get a pass lol.

    •  Lol oh gosh.

    • Vil4real

      I think he can act, but he just hasn’t chosen the best of roles.  I did like him in Their Eyes are Watching God! But, yup, his sexiness gets in the way of really paying attention to his acting… LOL!

  • guest

    I loved For Colored Girls; Takers sucked big!

  • Merriegirl

    For Colored Girls was disappointing to you???? I thought this was a site meant to uplift the black woman. I don’t get it. Of course every blogger/writer is entitled to their opinion on any given subject. However, some opinions stated on this site, like the ones in this article, are provincial, shallow, and show a lack of insight on the part of the writer. 

    • JusSayin

       For Colored Girls has a few GREAT parts. But Janet Jackson? Lost me… Like Her poem was soooo long and she was sooooooooooooo drawn out and boring. There were parts in that movie that were brilliant and honestly got a lot of praise. I think it just it is everyone’s opinion. I don’t think as black films they were disappointing. I think being a film in general the writers focused more on the names of the actors and not allowing them to really “feel” their character.

      • guest

        For Colored girls was great, but I don’t know why they keep casting Janet “I can’t act” Jackson in lead roles, IMO she’s not a good actress, to me she has lost all her acting abilities after Good Times; She’s so inhibited, too self conscious or guarded, whatever it is, it’s making her f*** up her roles…jmo


          True. I am a fan if her musically, but theatrically, she is sorely lacking. There was a glimmer of ability in why did I get married part one. She is too aware of herself. The movie had poignant moments, was o.k. She Hate Me was disjointed, good performances, entertaining.

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    • vwells1

      You seem to be really all in your feelings about this one. She didn’t say the film reels should be used as toilet paper, she said it was disappointing. How is that a shallow opinion? Instead of trying to insult the writer, why can’t you just say you disagree? 

      • Merriegirl

        What I said was my obersavation, which I did not communicate in an insulting way, simply gave my criticisms, there is a difference. I don’t like the way this post was written. I don’t have to limit my response to just saying that I disagree. I can say whatever I want.

    • MNEditor2

      Janet is that you?
      I understand what you’re trying to say, but I definitely didn’t say the movie sucked just because (“This movie is wack and that’s all you need to know!). I explained why all of them were DISAPPOINTING (again, not the worst movies ever) and I said so without being harsh. Plus, I lauded the performances in “For Colored Girls.” But just because it’s entitled “For Colored Girls” doesn’t mean all “colored girls” have to pretend like it’s THE landmark film of our time. Just because you market something to someone doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to love it, and that we can’t dare talk about it. It’s an okay movie, but I’ll stick to the play.

      • Merriegirl

        You’re not fooling anyone. Whatever you need to say to get people to view these articles is exactly what you’ll do. Including making controversial statements about the very few (non coonish) black films that are produced. We, as black people, don’t have a lot of movies about our stories. & we are disappointed in the ones that we do have. It may not have been made to your liking, but how many other movies made specifically to tell the trials & tribulations of black woman have come out since then?….don’t worry we’ll wait.
        Its funny that you feel like you should be able to give your criticism that the movies were disappointing, but no one is aloud to give their criticism that the post you wrote was disappointing….hmmmm

        • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

          Hello – actor here. I suggest you read the script for FCGWCSWtRWE. It can give a bit of the sense of what’s missing.

          Having done a bit of theatre, I can tell you it was not (just) that Tyler Perry was doing it – it was merely that this piece of work doesn’t work well as a film and it’s not something that one can edit into being a screenplay.

          Films are visual and rely on the image to tell the story – which is something TP seems to still not have figured out. If someone was going to do this, they needed to figure out how to use IMAGE to tell it.

          Now, the other problem is that all the beauty in the play IS IN THE TELLING. What was so remarkable and revolutionary about it was its poetry. It needs to be PERFORMED. It was WRITTEN to be PERFORMED LIVE. There is an exactness to the words that is akin to Shakespeare. I suggested reading the script, but you only really get the true sense of it hearing the words.

          A filmed version of this might have worked better as a concert film of a live performance.

          Further, we have GOT to get past not allowing criticism (meaning analysis, not the negative connotation) of anything Black because “there’s nothing else out there telling our story”. If there are so few examples, it makes analyzing what is there that much more important…


          there are always more examples out there than we seem to talk about. Start hitting up indie film festivals; go see some theatre.

        • Guest

          For Colored Girls sucked! There…I said it. Stupid plots, out of place acting…ugh! Don’t know why you assume the writer’s criticism as something that’s bringing “us” down. I would hope that film is NOT any landmark anything. Come better than that.

    • Vanessa

      I agree. For colored girls was a very uplifting and empowering towards black females. It showed that we can overcome any obstacle in our way 

    • SUCKED!!!! Just more of Tyler Perry’s self-loathing, Oprah-styled, man-hating crap. Did I mention Tyler Perry SUCKS

      • DW

        Shogun the movie did suck! But Tyler is not awful. He just missed it with this one!

    • A film can be uplifting to Black women and still be utter garbage. Sorry but for the Colored Girls was great in some parts and just completely lacking and boring in other parts. I loved the song that Nina Simone did and the poem and the play but this just didn’t hit the mark. I just really am not a big fan of Tyler Perry. I think he is a legend in his own mind really. I was really excited about this film and it was a let down.