Here We Go: Crazy Video Claims Blue Ivy Isn’t A Real Baby

April 4, 2012  |  

Please don’t shoot the messenger here. I’m just relaying the craziness that occurs on YouTube, and the huge amount of idle time people obviously have on their hands.

A few days ago, Ready Set Gossip wrote an elaborate 8-point article insisting that like Beyonce’s “fake pregnancy,” her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, also isn’t real—and now they’ve created a YouTube video of “proof” to go with it. I know, trust me, I know.

Basically, the site (and video) claims that Beyonce is walking around with one of those extremely lifelike reborn dolls that women who have had a miscarriage sometimes use to cope because whenever Bey is seen walking with Blue, her feet and arms are always in the same position. But, because she’s a reborn doll, Blue’s photos on the Hello Blue Ivy Carter Tumblr page do look real—except for the fact that her hands are in an odd position and she’s awfully “aware” for a 1-month-old. (I hope this explanation doesn’t mean this is all starting to make sense to me.)

Considering these writers have the same vantage point of Bey and her daughter that everyone else does, they can’t say she’s fake anymore than anyone else can claim she’s real, but in the interest of playing Devil’s Advocate, I just don’t see what would be the purpose of this elaborate baby scheme. Ready Set Gossip claims Bey is greedy for attention and since her last album didn’t do so well so she needed to do something big to remain in the spotlight. I don’t think she’d ever risk her nearly perfect image trying to pull off something this crazy—besides how do you fake a child growing up?

Anyway, check out this crazy video, with background music provided by Lisa Stansfield (they know they are a fool for that) and tell us your thoughts. Is this an example of haters gone hate or are they on to something?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • MajorPrinceFan

    You know what? If Beyonce and Jay Z faked a pregnancy AND a baby, I still have to get up and go to work tomorrow. And they’re still multi-millionaires. So God bless them and their adorable little (fake) daughter.

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  • KM320

    I could only make it 52 seconds into the video, and honestly, I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did.  What is wrong with people?  Why is this idiot complaining about Beyonce keeping her daughter wrapped up? Apparently it had to have been cool that day because Beyonce herself is somewhat layered, and so are the people in the background.  I see nothing but sweaters and layers on the people in the background who don’t know they’re being pictured.  People want to be a [expletive] detective, then find a way to not look like an idiot and learn how to spell, stop making grammatical mistakes and cease on the conspiracy videos… douche…

  • Jess

    How could you even believe someone like Beyoncé who has never had a scandal in her life & kept her private life private want to do this? If you believe she was faking her pregnancy and the baby isn’t real you really have to test your intelligence. This video was obviously made by a hater because they said her music wasn’t doing well even tho her album went #1 and has gone multi platnium. Leave the woman alone!

  • Thominonose

    Who ever made this video should kill themselves!

  • Dlenica

    This lady is sick and twisted for you to sit there and pick apart this womans joy. Find some joy of your own and then maybe you will leave her alone. and PS dont comment on other peoples money if you have nowhere near that amount. Its called HATE boo boo.

  • Sexiqueen05

    I’m just not that interested in somebody else’s life. Besides, when I carried my newborn in a front carrier, she didn’t move unless I changed her position so that’s not real proof….IJS

  • Ms_Mara

    I don’t even think I’ll bother watching the video but these comments are hilarious. lol I really can’t believe months later people are still all up in this woman’s uterus like this. She was clearly pregnant, there were pics of her pretty far along wearing a bikini. Why would her husband, parents, friends, etc lie about it? This chick has multiple endorsements and millions of fans. What did she have to gain from faking a pregnancy and toting around a fake baby? That’s so far past crazy it needs a new word!

  • FromUR2UB

    People spend too much time thinking about this woman.

  • Trisha_B

    They keep saying its hot & the baby is wrapped in a blanket. But you see Beyonce in a coat & hat. If its cold enough for an adult to wear a coat, its cold enough for a baby to be bundled up. Even if its cool out (it hasn’t been hot in NYC) the baby still has to have a blanket over it. You can’t detect movement from a picture! There were pics of Bey walking w/ Blue & you can see blue’s hand on top of Bey’s while bey’ was holding her head. Then in the next picture, Blue’s hand was down. & its clear this person has never been around a newborn. what you mean newborns don’t open their eyes that big? o_O Newborns can open their eyes pretty big. Plus Blue was like a month old in those pictures smh. Leave Beyonce and Blue alone. & those re-born dolls are creepy! You see the lil boy’s peepee? lmao smh people are crazy

  • This person needs to 1) enroll in some college courses, because I don’t see how you can take someone seriously who can’t tell the difference between “their”, “they’re” or “there” 2) after enrolling they need to RUN not walk to the nearest psychiatrist.  And I mean psychiatrist not psychologist… because this chick is gonna need some drugs.

    • Mrsadkiah

      YES! So many grammatical errors! Damn at least have someone edit it first. Smh

    • Sexiqueen05

      I love your take on this!!! It is spot on!!

  • LippyLiz

    So, I guess once it’s time for the “doll” to grow up, Jay and Bey will have an elaborate funeral for the loss of an infant? Or do they have life-like toddlers, children, and teens available for soaking up all of the much desired attention you all claim they’re dying for…?

  • Chessica450

    Blue Ivy is the stuff of legends ROTFL! DWL! like seriously that baby was famous before it even exited the Cooch lmfao! the whole stories surrounding this Baby’s Conception, Birth, and Life is Legendary, this has got to be the World’s most famous baby smfh….like damn the Mother (Bey) and Father (Jay) of the baby already lead lives that are controversial and stuff of legends (Illuminati, Billionaire couple, Most famous hollywood power couples list goes on)…this is hilarious

  • trustmelove

    I believe it all just boils down to jealousy.  So many people hate on this woman because she is  beautiful, she is famous, she is wealthy, and her husband is wealthy.  I am neither a stan or a hater.  I believe she was pregnant and she gave birth to Blue Ivy.  I do have to give Bey her props for singlehandedly driving so many people to obsession with what she is or is not doing. 

    • Guest


  • L-Boogie

    They need to leave her alone.  If it is a fake baby (which I doubt), let her play dress up and move along.  It is really not that serious. 

  • Annelli

    This is complete foolishness….just stop it please. This woman was pregnant, Blue is a REAL baby…just cut it out please. 

  • Quanee

    SMDH Grow Up… Seriously going with that feet thing huh??? Crazy! If i were Jay & Bey I would shelter my child from this insane world too!!!

  • Jonesal2

    you people are sick.. can’t you leave these poor people alone. jealousy, and just plain hating on Beyonce
    and Jay z…why would they pull a hoax like this… they don’t even seem like they are these type of people.
    They aren’t even given a chance to be normal, with garbage like this going around…. stop and shame on you.
    you are making Bey a monster…

  • Shay

    This is ridiculous.  It’s true, this person has too much time on their hands.  Also, in the pictures they keep claiming it’s a hot day.  If so, why is everyone wearing jackets and coats?  Also, a baby will need extra covering to protect them from the elements.  And it’s not that far from the door to the car, so I promise you the baby will not “die”.  Is anyone doing this to other celebrity moms – especially white ones?  No, I didn’t think so.  Also, Beyonce’ is pretty wealthy.  She is the songwriter of most of her songs and she has interests in other avenues besides music – perfume and clothing.  It’s getting really sickening now and for Madame Noire to even print this is even more crazy.

  • BK

    Firstly, how would you know if a baby ever moves or not from a still photo?  Keep in mind, a photograph is but one second in time and most of the time, these paps are shooting these celebs for less than a minute.  WTF!?  People are beyond ridiculous.  How much life does one lack that they are worrying about the contents of another woman’s uterus and now, another woman’s child?

  • Just saying!

    Okay I understand why people think she had a surrogate but THIS is just too much! I think that it definitely is possible that she carries a decoy around from time to time but not INSTEAD of the baby. Don’t see why she would but hey celebrities do strange things. But to say that she doesn’t have a baby? I don’t get it–didn’t people say she had a surrogate give birth? Now the baby isn’t real? I just can’t….

    Oh by the way—WHO THE HECK CARES. Baby Blue is doing NOTHING for my life. Sorry to keep it real but come ON!! 

  • Amunisource

    I really can’t stand people that compile this crap and don’t bother to check their grammar. It immediately invalidates it to me. 

  • D Brooks

    LMAO!!! This video was very creepy….I can’t believe someone went through all this! I don’t know what to say right now. SMH! 

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  • Who cares? If it all turns out to be fake (which I dont care), what are people going to do. Are you going to throw a party because you were right? Are you going to feel better about yourself because you were right? I mean really how will it change your life if she faked her pregnancy or if her baby is fake? Will you make any money from it? People need to live their own lives, because I am pretty sure they have a lot more to worry about than Beyonce’s baby.  divaclubchic on etsydotcom

  • Jenni

    I think even if Beyonce shows people her pregnancy photo shoot and a DNA test, people will still think that Blue Ivy is fake. They already think that she put alot of money into a fake baby, what stops her from putting money into a photoshopped photo shoot and a fake DNA test where people can be bought out.

    • Just saying!

      Idk about any photo shoot but DNA wouldn’t matter because the rumor is that she had a surrogate–same DNA! lol

  • Smithhintonc

    Everything made sense until you looked at the reborn dolls.  you can tell they are dolls and blue doesn’t look like the others.  look even if she is lying let her live!  she’s human like the video says so if she is lying then we can’t judge.

  • DoinMe

    I believe Beyonce faked her pregnancy. I believe that there is a real Blue Ivy via surrogate. But I don’t believe when she’s out in public, that’s the real Blue Ivy she’s carrying around. First, why would she need to tote this baby around so much. It’s still an infant and Beyonce has a team of people including nannies to care for the baby while she’s out doing business. Who brings an infant out everywhere they go when they don’t have to? Second, the way she always carries it looks unnatural. What real baby can breathe under all of those layers of clothes and blankets? She smothers whatever is under there.

    • tee

      MAYBE BEyonce wants to be a REAL mom and raise her child on her. Why does she need to take her everywhere? IT’S HER CHILD. If she was never with her baby she’d be an unfit mother right? Smfh. She has her in a tie-up carrier, they’re made to carry babies around and they open at the top so the baby can breathe. I carry my son around in the same thing. Lay off of it. Whitney took Bobbi Kristina EVERYWHERE she went because she was a REAL mother. Kimora Lee does it, some famous women actually want to parent instead of hiring nannies.

      • tee

        And maybe she wants to avoid the paparazzi all in her baby’s face, they’re already in hers.

  • Brujita

    This is ridiculous and hateful. The way this person (whom I am sure is a bored teenager going by their bad grammar) writes out their stupid explanation sounds like they hate Beyonce all together. ok so dont listen to her music but going this far is sad and pathetic. SMH.

  • Super Woman79

    This person must be a moron.  Spelling and grammatical errors all up and through the ‘slideshow’, proving nothing except that you can troll the internet for pictures and cut and paste and use YouTube.  This person also must not be a mother.  Many mother’s know, overdress your baby.  They are more susceptible to extreme temperatures, cold included, and she is erring on the side of caution.  Who wants a sick baby? Babies (the proper tense), cannot shiver hence, the extra layers help insulate a new baby.  Baby being in same position entire walk, really…only kids over 6-8 months or so can squirm and maneuver into comfortable positions.  That harness thing wasn’t comfortable for ME, so, good luck to her for carrying that thing…lol. Anyway, all that to Say, Mamma B, be strong, the people will hate; when you have a daughter, that is LOVE. XOXO <3 

  • Sassy1nla

    I think all of this is nonsense..why would she fake a pregnancy? Because it would ruin her figure? Nonsense, she has enough money to fix whatever doesn’t return to its rightful place. Why do people have such hate for someone that they don’t know personally? I can understand not liking her music but come on to attack her character? This is a selfish and immature act. To say she did it for attention is crazy they had to put a movie on hold for her due to this pregnancy. writing ridiculous stories like this is what keeps celebrities in the limelight. if people really didn’t like her then they would stop talking about her but these people are is obessed and need to seek some therapy or get a freaking life…oh wait by putting out these ridiculous stories this people ge5 minutes of fame! So who really is the attention w****s, Beyonce or this B.S.. writers?

  • Ha ha, I know I’m a cynic when it comes to all things Beyonce but I’m not that deranged!
    Faking a pregnancy is plausible since they could have adopted or had a surrogacy but faking a baby, that’s new to me! One way to test this theory we’ll have to wait and see this child grow up, lol!

    Don’t give up the day job!

  • Uncle_Rukus

    …. if the baby is actually a DOLL, how is Beyonce going to explain carrying around a child for her entire life!!! Cause a “DOLL” can never walk!!! So we will never see a 3 or 4 or even 15 year old Blue ivy???
    C’MON!! AND – If it WAS a doll, why would she even bother to leave the house with it? Why wouldn’t she just leave it at home with the Nanny. She is clearly trying to BOND with her baby. Otherwise, she’d leave it at home and go out to do her business…. PLEASE. Get a real job, chick.

  • Serioulsynatural4

    Why is this even news?  

  • The person did this because she knows blogs was going to take this story and runaway with this.

    So much time but so little common sense

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  • Mrsadkiah

    This person clearly has too much time on their hands. All those photos os those reborn babies LOOKED fake to me and thy all had their eyes closed. 

  • Smacks_hoes

    The better question is, why is the media obsessed with this baby?

  • Litonyab

    This is ridiculous. Baby’s are aware at different times.  My little girl had her eyes wide open the day I gave birth to her (and I was 3wks early). She was every aware.  Let Beyonce enjoy motherhood.  Stop the hating.

  • Vanessa Paul

    This ish KRAY!

  • Love_Sexy

    I have always believed she had a fake pregnancy however I will have to put the brakes on this one…I know people do crazy things especially in the world Beyonce live in called Hollywood……I really do not believe this story and actually find it hilarious….A doll?

  • lol.I’m sorry but that video makes a lil sense. rofl. Beyonce brings this stuff on herself. I don’t know about that baby, but I do not believe she gave birth. Jay raps about her having a miscarriage, it may have been something wrong with her being able to carry a baby to term and she got a surrogate, nothing wrong with that, but to lie in peoples faces about having a baby is high school

  • Nini

    I think people need to let this woman breath. lol After all the controversy that has surrounded her pregnancy. If she is lying about it then so be it. I don’t see why anybody should really be THAT concerned about it to make a video. If she is lying then its her life.. she isn’t affecting me. 

    Just my little 2cents 🙂 

  • ymer

    Who has the time to sit here and compile this garbage- this is a sick sick world we live in- absolutely ridiculous