“Ask A Black Man” Episode 2: The Dating Episode

April 4, 2012  |  

We’re back for a fresh new episode of our web series Ask A Black Man. This week’s episode is titled “The Dating Episode.” We have four new men for you to pick apart analyze: Birchell, Jeff (Streetz), Devale and Demetrius. Birchell and Jeff offer somewhat differing perspectives as single men, while Devale and Demetrius represent as married and older men, respectively. See what they had to say and leave a comment below.

The full and extended cut of this episode can be found here.

P.S. Don’t think we don’t see you in the comments. Please play fair and keep your comments above the belt.





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  • Lena

    Hey, to all those mixed men who feel they are not black enough or white enough, hang out with us Latinos, we’re mixed, we understand you 😉 , we’re mixed with whites, with indians, with blacks, with asians, with arabs, hey, the more races the merrier for us, come join the party! And for the black guys afraid to date outside your race for the lame reasons exposed by these guys, pffft… Whatever, let THEM restrict themselves on the dating pool, that means just more for you to love!

  • Very interesting!!

  • Guest

    This is fun…very interseting.  Keep it going.

  • Marissa

    I liked this! I need to know what men think in regards to dating. So thanks!

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  • can’t wait for the next episode

  • Black men who got a degree and think they are Superman. Let’s get serious. These guys are so arrogant, for no reason. They talk like they are a prize.

  • ReesyPiecey

    I absolutely love this series!  I just wish they would ask some better questions…the questions seem a little basic to me. There are some more thought provoking questions I believe they could ask on these series though

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  • Jobro

    .testtest testmaytest test.test 

  •  My name)<——Here your dreams begins,Find your love today!

    Want to find a person who peaks your interest?

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  • Ok for the ladies……. Barack Obama or Idris Elba?

    • Mipleo

      Barack… fine, smart, ambitious, a leader, cool… yes mam

  • Firefox

    enjoyed this episode too..i’m sure it’ll get better with time. i really appreciate the diversity of the panel this time…maybe in the future, we can see a panel that’s all over the age of 40? or all married? to see how specific groups respond to the same question. keep up the good work mn

  • NN

    All the men had some appeal. In the first episodes, the men felt roguish and caveman like. These men were thoughtful and diverse as were the questions. Kela is awesome, great makeup, subtle beauty and manages the comments well. Keep her!

    • I had good makeup too

  • FinVoilaQuoi

    I know pointing this out makes me a mean ol’ hag but my issue (just the one) is that Kela can’t manage to pronounce the name of the website. She’s adorable and sharp but please hand her a flashcard that says “noire” – say “NWAR”. She can even go http://www.forvo.com/word/noir/#fr to listen and or download it for later

  • Thoroughly enjoyed episode 2….Side note: this is what TV One or BET needs on the air. Madame Noire needs to pitch this asap

    p.s. hey soror Liz! skee wee!

    • Mel you’re an AKA? #heyboo

      • FIRST AND FINEST. Often imitated, NEVER duplicated! Yes I am an AKA!

        • oh my god…Can I take you out? Not to iHop either lol

  • Cashaychanel

    I thought it was GREAT! cant wait  to see the extended version… and oh #TeamKela You did an awesome job!!!! 

  • Andrea243

    overall really like d show…..and i lol at d “pick apart” comment hehe

  • CanadianBella

    Damn why Devale gotta be married though?! #HeyBoo 🙂 

    • Liz

      LOLOL! I heart Devale, he was a pleasure to have on set lol.

  • Pam

    I like this.  I’m looking forward to more episodes.  

  • Soso

    Kela is so pretty forget the men shes gorge and really good at standing her ground when the guys get a bit hmmmm….

  • Destinee

    These forums are wonderful – keep them coming. I have been using these topics as guidelines for my own local Happy Hour Crew when we meet once a week.  Everyone seems to enjoy!  Looking forward to the extended cut!

  • Pre Evans

    I love this series! It is funny and too real. And Kela HOLDS IT DOWN for the women! 

  • Ms_Mara

    I enjoyed it and I thought Kela did a good job again. She doesn’t dominate the conversation; she asks her questions and then falls back. I thought her expressions to some of the answers were funny too. And I appreciate that these guys are willing to be honest even if it means some of them come off sorta….. doggish. lol I’ll be back to watch the extended version. And high five to Demetrius. 🙂

  • MS

    Kela is a great host and moderator of the conversation! Its all in fun! This is not a 60 mins interview. For all those people critiquing i would like to see you do a better job! Keep up the good work MN! 

  • Tp02united

    As a woman about to hit the dating sceen after 20 years….uph, I must take notes!

    • you gotta facebook?

  • LAME

    That Devale………….. sheesh. What a lucky woman his wife is.

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  • Fe Clerk

    I like the the whole “Ask a Black Man” The guys are great. I actually do this with my brothers. I am the only girl so it really rings home for me. It’s funny to hear how guys somewhat think alike.

  • Imogen

    Kela needs to tone it down. The show’s called Ask a Black Man. Honestly, I don’t want to hear from her as much. She talks way too much and the camera focuses on her too much for my liking. One guy was making a statement, and she said they need to turn his mike off. Really?? They played it off as a joke, but I think she’s seriously taking away from the show. And the questions? Michelle Obama or Beyonce? These just aren’t the questions that I, a woman, wanted to ask black men. Last episode was better. This one disappointed me. Maybe after I see the extended version, I’ll feel better about it.

    • Liz

      We actually like Kela the way she is, but thanks for voicing your concerns. 

    • Miss B

      I really like Kela & feel she did a perfect job. I was actually thinking that they really should have turned his mic off before she even said it lol…no disrespect to him.

    • I don’t know…Kela did a great job on set and even looking at these videos…I think she held it down like it needed to be held down.

      • Yeah Kela was dope. IDK what else they wanted people to do! smh – Streetz

  • UKJourno

    I think it’s necessary not to overly edit this.  I feel like it’s too short and detached.  It seems like whoever was editing this was merely trying to get a soundbite from each of the panel members.  Let them develop their answers.  Unless, this version is a trail for the extended episode, there is no point it.  So like the person said below – I’ll wait for the extended version. I didn’t really get much out of this episode.

    • Liz

      This is why we offer the extended edit and the regular episode. Not everyone wants to hear the guys talk at length about their answers (extended cut is 20 minutes), while others like the shorter version. Our internal data on episode performance suggests both types are important to audiences, just in different ways. You likely fall in the category of people who prefer the extended cut, so come back tonight at 6pm EST and you’ll see it.

      • UKJourno

        Thanks – will do!

  • Age

    This episode was better than the first, maybe because the guys seemed more comfortable, and the answers seemed more real as apposed to what they think we want to hear.

  • really???

    will wait for the extended version.

    • Liz

      “See” you here at 6 pm EST!