7 Early Signs Of The Jealous Type

April 3, 2012  |  
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“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” This is someone we wonder when a man reveals his little hidden secrets—which happen to be his big flaws—once we’re already in love with him. This is often the case with jealous men. They keep their jealousy under wraps until they know you’re too attached to them to leave them so easily. So, better to learn to recognize the jealous types before you’re attached and can’t run away fast enough from the crazy.


He has few friends

The jealous types are usually just suspicious of everyone and burn most bridges in their life, not just romantic ones. If your man doesn’t have many friends, but has many stories about why all his friendships ended, he is probably just not a very trusting or forgiving person in general. And those guys are always jealous partners. They aren’t fans of you going out with others often because, well, they don’t have anybody else to go out with themselves.


He analyzes everyone

After a double date with friends, or just a night out in a group, your guy has something on his mind. He has comments to make about your friends in a relationship: “Joe sure does like attention” or “Does Fran always dress like that?” Jealous men are always critical of other relationships and have the most to say about them. If he’s jealous of other relationships, you can be sure he’ll just be the jealous type, because he shows signs of being insecure.


He doesn’t like your party friends

Pay attention to which of your friends he loves and which he obviously has some issues with. If he doesn’t like your friends who are super social, super liberated and extroverted, it’s probably because he doesn’t want them influencing you to be self-empowered and putting yourself out there too.


When does he touch you?

Does he always start putting his hands on you when other men are present? You may not notice it as a bad thing because you’re just happy for the affection. However, if he gets noticeably more affectionate in front of other men than at other times, he’s probably trying to exert ownership over you or send a message that didn’t need to be sent.


He’s had really bad breakups

In general, it’s immature of someone and it shows instability if they are still cursing up a storm about their last relationship. Jealous men do this in particular. Jealous men tend to have nasty breakups because a breakup can never be peaceful when one person was completely paranoid and would never own up to that fact. Instead, they spent a good part of their relationship always blaming the other person for their behavior as the reason things didn’t work out. Men who are secure in themselves (i.e. the non jealous types) just let it go.



He loses his temper easily

Does he lose his temper easily with his family? With servers at a restaurant? With just about everyone except you early on? Eventually, it will be you. Look, every man has insecurities. Every guy gets a little worried when you’re hanging out with a hot guy friend. The difference between them and the jealous types is that they don’t say anything about it. Why? Because they know how to think before they speak. A guy who loses his temper will have no problem eventually saying, “I don’t want you hanging out with __.” Because he can’t hold his tongue.


He tries too hard with your parents

A sure fire way to make you really like him is to get your parents to like him. The jealous types are used to relationships turning sour, and they want your parents on their side when you’re calling your mom crying about a fight. They want your mom saying, “Oh, but he’s such a good guy!” It’s great for a guy to want to make a good impression on your parents, but you know the difference between being nice and desperately wanting someone’s approval.

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  • Debbie

    Sometimes guys will step there game up and flirt with you more if there jealous

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  • Bella

    Sorry MN, but I’d say only about less than half of the signs on this list equate to jealousy.

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  • customcalendars4u2

    Quick temper is the only accurate sign listed. If you notice any of these signs in your mate RUN!! Cutting you off from family and friends slowly, constantly accusing you of cheating, possessiveness, putting you down, clinginess, invading your privacy, a slap here a push there, withdrawn after the both of you hang out with other people, does not share your interests, bad communication, smelling your undergarments,checking up on you at work and no RESPECT for you. This type of treatment by a boyfriend/girlfriend leaves the other person with sadness,depression and anxiety….    

    • Sha Sha

      All of these and most annoying of all, blowing up your cell phone.  They have to know where you are at all times.  They feel like if they are not in constant contact with you, somebody else can “take you away from them”.  I married one of these people and it was the worst decision I  ever had.  Nothing you do is ever good enough.  Just run for your life!  FYI, I am divorced now but even then he thought I was leaving him for someone else, not because his a@@ was crazy. *SMDH*

      • seethontesy

        Hi I know that feeling a little bit too much HURTS Iam A female,and I did the same married 1 x divorced but I really feel in LOVE with this guy now we no longer speak just got out of a 14 yr and he was like that nothing was ever good enough I dnt know how I got to this cite but AWESOME

  • Tai

    this list is ridiculous, blind  leading the blind…. sad

  • Rissagirl01

    Its these “jealous ” men that end up being abusers. Take heed ladies; you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

    • Kiama Desmangles

      Thank you!

  • Officaileg09

    Damn so about 97% of men are jealous?? I never knew lol

  • Mark

        Why is it sometimes always about the men, dirty dogs can also be women.Well check this out, I thought that I was in a loving relationship. Gave her breakfast in bed, cooked clean,even washed and ironed her work clothes, and mad love to her when she wanted it, and didn’t force it on her when I wanted it, cold showers and reading does work.  Let her go out with her girlfriends for ladies night out, and even went out with them with her and her friends, She didn’t like my friends as I could tell with her remarks, and I didn’t hit her or take money from her. took her on trips and on very good relationships with her family. She lived with me and didn’t have to pay any bills cause i had that covered. treated  her like a queen. And I always told her if she didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore that she could talk about it with me and we can go our separate ways, but I always have felling and love her cause I did. Yet one time she was out with her friends, and normally she would come home around one, but this time she shows up around one in the afternoon. I ask  her were has she been and she doesn’t give me a answer. I told her that I had call her mother and she looked at me like “what the hell you do that for”, but she couldn’t still give me an answer, Well if she call to let me know that she was okay, and show up in the afernoon with no answer, she could at least try to cover her on azz if she was getting her grove on. I let her think about it for a day and she said that she didn’t want to talk about it because I was mad. Well I told her she had to step, she didn’t like it, but she had to go. later on I found out that her best friend  had hooked her up with a friend of her ex-boyfriend. now my ex looks like she swallowed a pumkin. I still have feeling for her, but I can’t trust her. Was that the right call?

    • Sha Sha

      Yes, Mark it was.  But this article is about “jealous” people, not “dirty” people. Your girl was just a plain ole hoe. Good riddance!

      • Caroneisha

        LOL, wow you are so crazy!!

  • Annelli

    Also a man can be jealous because, he knows he isn’t this “nice” guy as he is probably trying to portray. He is probably a cheater as well….

    • Coleen_82

      95% of jealous men are cheaters..have low self esteem and very insecure

      • Kiama Desmangles


    • Kiama Desmangles