Star Wars: The Best Of Celebrity Feuds!

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We’ve all had a beef or two with someone we felt have done us dirty or stabbed us in the back. These celebs unfortunately let their problems play out in the court of public opinion and we all had front row seats. Some of them were actually friends at one point.

Can you remember your biggest beef with someone? Let’s see if you remember these…

LisaRaye vs.  Vivica Fox and Star Jones

These three were all really good friends but when LisaRaye began going through her separation with then Prime Minister of Turks & Caicos, David Missick, all hell broke loose. LisaRaye said she looked up one day and realized she hadn’t spoken to her friend Star Jones in a long time and then Vivica went out and said LR messed “it” up for everyone.  Star was originally the main person involved but she quickly took a backseat when LisaRaye and Vivica started taking shots back and forth in the media with each of them calling the other a gold digger.

Jay-Z vs. R. Kelly

Tell me you all remember this epic fight from 2004!  The “Best of Both Worlds” tour had finally made its way to NYC and the show went off without a hitch on a Thursday night at Nassau Coliseum.  But Friday night at Madison Square Garden, R. Kelly told the crowd his life was in danger and people were waving guns at him. He left the stage and said he wouldn’t be returning.  When Jay came out, he yelled to the crowd that he didn’t need R. Kelly and continued the show with Mary J. Blige and his other artist friends. Meanwhile, those of us who weren’t at the show got to hear R. Kelly’s first interview on the incident on the radio saying that he was also pepper sprayed by Jay’s people when he tried to return to the stage. Jay, on the other hand, told his side of the story saying that R. Kelly was just jealous of the overwhelming amount of love he received. The tour without R. Kelly and the name changed to “Jay-Z & Friends.”

Shaq vs. Kobe

For those of you who are Lakers fans, I assume this had to be hard to watch. But for those of us who always wanted the Lakers to lose, this feud was right up our alley. On the court, these two passed the ball to each other and got the job done, including winning the championship.  But off the court, there was no love lost and when it came down to management deciding which ego to keep, they went with Kobe.  Though their reign was over, they continued to throw jabs with Kobe blowing up Shaq’s spot about his cheating when Kobe’s own extramarital affairs were exposed and Shaq creating a song where he asked, “Kobe how my a** taste?” Yeaaah, I don’t know either.

Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump

This one was NASTY.  It all started back in 2006 when Rosie accused Donald of using then Miss USA Tara Connor’s partying ways as a publicity tactic for the pageant and called him a “pimp.” Well, “the Donald” responded by calling her a fat pig, a degenerate and also calling her unattractive.  For months they took random shots at each other and even in 2010, Donald reiterated his dislike for her on his show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Star Jones vs. Barbara Walters

When Star left “The View” she made the announcement on live television because as she tells it, the producers told her to let the fans know in the way she wanted to do it.  Barbara would go on to say in her memoirs that Star was greedy and used the show to get sponsors for her wedding to now ex-husband Al Reynolds and she also said they had to lie about her gastric bypass surgery which the other hosts hated.  For her part, Star said it spoke to Barbara’s true character that she would speak negatively about her for the sake of selling books.

Dr. Dre vs. Eazy-E

And to think, these two were friends until new management came in between the group N.W.A. After that and Dr. Dre wanting to be released from his contract on Eazy’s Ruthless Records, they had an all out war.  Dre released “Dre’s Day” while Eazy retorted with “Real Muthaf***in G’s.”  Suge Knight threatened Eazy’s mother for goodness sakes. I mean, remember the videos where Dre portrayed Easy as a sucka being punked by label execs and Eazy portraying Dre as a woman? Classic.

Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan

In 1994, figure skater Tonya Harding lost her entire mind.  She hired a man to break opponent Nancy Kerrigan’s leg at her U.S. Figure Skating Championships practice in Massachusetts. The man was unsuccessful in his attempt so he followed her to the actual championships in Detroit and used a police baton to, again, break her leg.  Her leg wasn’t broken but it was bruised and Kerrigan had to pull out of the championship. Harding won that competition and they were both selected to the 1994 Olympics team. Harding was initially removed because of her involvement but after some legal threatening, she was reinstated to the team.  It didn’t matter though because she placed 8th while Nancy won the silver medal.

Ludacris vs. Bill O’Reilly

In 2002, Bill O’Reilly used the platform on his show to tell all Americans that they should boycott Pepsi products because spokesperson Luda promotes drugs, guns violence and disrespect towards women. Allegedly, Pepsi fired Ludacris the very next day.  Not one to take an attack lying down, Luda would take direct shots to O’Reilly through his music on his 2003 album Chicken-N-Beer and on his 2006 album Release Therapy. But according to Luda, the beef was squashed in 2010 at a charity event. Well, good for them!

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