Robert Zimmerman Jr. Claims Trayvon “Snuck Up” on George in Piers Morgan Interview

March 30, 2012  |  


Seems like everyone wants to act like they have some sort of insight on what happened on Feb. 26, the night George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fl. One of those people is now George’s brother Robert, who appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight” to say that his brother had no choice but to shoot Martin, and that the young man snuck up on him.

“He did not follow nor did he ever catch up to Mr. Martin,” says Zimmerman. “If he were really being pursued, I don’t know how he wouldn’t have been able to make it home. What has come out that I can talk about today, is that Trayvon Martin somehow snuck up on him…Trayvon went up to George and said the first thing to George.”

He also touched on the fact that everyone is questioning the claim that Zimmerman was beaten by Martin and had to shoot him in self-defense, especially since video after the incident with Zimmerman in custody shows him with no visible wounds on the back of his head or damage done to his nose:

“To me, his nose looks swollen in that video.”

Honestly…I can’t see crap on that video. But that’s just me. In the end, Robert sums up his brother’s use of deadly force like this:

“He prevented his firearm from being taken from him and used against him, and that’s called saving your life.”

I’m not feeling Robert’s story, especially the part in the video where he says it was Robert screaming in the call to police by a neighbor. “Despite those screams, no one came to his aid. Those screams could have avoided what eventually George had to do to defend his life.”

I don’t see how Martin could have “snuck up” on Zimmerman and done any real harm to him when all he Martin had on him was a pack of Skittles and some tea.  Oh yeah…he was really going to do some damage to a man with a gun. It’s  clear that George Zimmerman went looking for trouble, and though he was told not to pursue Martin, he did anyway, and that could have been avoided. So forget what the neighbors should have done Robert–if George hadn’t felt the need to go all vigilante and go against police orders, then I’m pretty sure Martin’s murder wouldn’t ever have happened. What he says changes nothing…

Check out the video and let us know what you think of this new “side” of the story:

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  • oac

    There were 72 shootings caused by black men in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. Why don’t you ‘people of color’ clean your own house before telling others to clean theirs.

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  • Narobi

    Honestly…This man will never see the inside of a prison. I really hope this lights a fire that turns into a 5 alarm in our community……People of Color need to wake up out of this “Kum Bayah” haze and realize that racism is alive and aint never left. I hope, this sparks a movement , not just tweets and facebook post but real action….If not it’s open season on black people.

  • RedButterfly81

    Um………was this fool there when Trayvon was murdered? If he wasn’t, he has no right to say anything. I’m sick of these people defending that fat, lying a** b***h!

    • shorty 45

      Being involved with law enforcement, the truth needs to be found!!! What if in the end it is proven that Zimmerman was telling the truth? Why is everything always considered racial? It bothers me because i live in a town that african americans have shot and killed many whites.We don’t march and parade against the blacks..It sickens me that our own president would comment and stir up and contribute to racial crime before knowing the facts!! ” This could have been my son” What if this was a black man and white boy? Would he have said that? I say, learn the facts before jumping to conclusions!!!!
      In conclusion, i’m not racial and have worked with the N.a.a.c.p protecting innocent African Americans. Why can’t we just say ” A human being”?

  • Charmed

    “Vengeance is mine said the Lord I will repay”  …I hate to wish anything bad on anyone..BUT LORD come get this Zimmerman dude..he has stripped away a child of yours…whether he was good or bad while he was alive….the point is since when is walking in a neighborhood with a hood a CRIME? How can they keep getting on TV to justify this boy being killed? Zimmerman can go and quiz his entire family on what to say but the point still remains…GOD, ZIMMERMAN, and TRAYVON saw what went down that day…and right now only two remain…when the truth comes out…and justice is served I believe that will be divine intervention……

  • OMSS

    TO THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP COMING FORWARD TO DEFEND ZIMMERMAN: Keep talking. Because all the ish that comes out of your mouths only brings greater attention to the fact that his defense/lies doesn’t add up!!! 

  • Lisa

    Don’t get caught-up in the lies vs. truth.  The 911 call and video etc., are proof enough for an arrest.  Start questioning everything!  “The family worshipped at All Saints Catholic Church, where Zimmerman served as an altar boy, neighbors said.” Any proof to the claim he was raised Catholic besides his father or the neighbors in VA?

    What’s in his high school records?  How does George getting charged with a felony assault on a cop get a plea bargain.  Who is his wealthy godfather who bought a $1 million property in Florida?  Is  that whose been getting him off the hook?

    Who describes their child as a “white hispanic”.  Is the name Zimmerman (meaning carpenter)  in line with other hispanic names like Lopez, Diaz and Ruiz?” Did he belong to any hispanic group. Better yet, when did the media become so concern over the plight of hispanics?

    Listen to the words Robert Zimmerman Jr. uses does it sound like everyday language or more like a cop?

    Pierce ask him when he spoke to George… listen to the response in the video above.  At no time did he say he actually spoke to George. One conclusion is that Joe Oliver is wrong that the brothers are close.

    The sad truth is that Trayvon will never get TRUE justice! 

    Because the Zimmerman’s have already helped their son  flee the country.  Judge Robert Zimmerman Sr. loves his son George so much that he’s been covering for him his whole life (like Natalie Holloway’s killer’s father covered for him) every time he got in trouble.   Judge Robert Zimmerman Sr. continues to lie for George in the newspapers and on TV.

    SOMEONE should pay…the question will then be if not George, then who?


    Soooo he’s just gonna pretend like we DONT have tapes that prove the exact opposite?

  • Ladybug94

    If you are worried about someone taking your gun from you, what’s the point in having one?

  • FromUR2UB

    This is like a talltale.  It’s gets longer and more elaborate everytime someone tells it. 

  • Stephanie

    Oh, I see they pulled Joe off of the TV circuit since he got roasted in an interview the other day … now they send out the brother…this is so frustrating!!!! … ZIMMERMAN WAS THE AGGRESSOR/FOLLOWER/PURSUER/STALKER/*HIT STARTER: HE APPROACHED TRAYVON & Trayvon (not knowing who this man was) decided to “stand his ground”, Trayvon had NO weapon & he probably just started giving Zimmerman a good old fist to face combat & Zimmerman fought back by pulling out his gun & KILLING Trayvon …  he didn’t get beaten to a bloody pulp like he wants everyone to believe (a swollen nose doesn’t equal to getting beat nearly to death) … Zimmerman & his camp are deliberately putting out conflicting stories so IF the case ever goes to trial, the jury will be so contaminated & confused they won’t know what/who to believe (*insert Casey Anthony here*)

    I just don’t understand how Zimmerman had the right to “stand his ground”, but Trayvon didn’t??? … & it angers me so much that Zimmerman’s mouth pieces can go on national TV, show NO remorse for Trayvon’s death & pretty much say Trayvon deserved to die … yes, I know you have to support your family, but at least have the decency to extend your condolences to Trayvon’s family (that’s not admitting guilt, that’s showing compassion, being a human being with feelings) … Trayvon is DEAD & Zimmerman has a swollen nose, yeah that seems fair :-/!!!  #justiceforTrayvonMartin

  • A thoroughly confused young man. A 220 lb man is attacked by a man 110 lbs lighter and he screams like a scared kid? I have a bride to nowhere to sell you. SMH

  • …and how would Trayvon disarm a man with a gun? He wouldn’t have a clue, unless he was psychic, that Zimmerman even had a gun. He’s not a cop — no expectation that a gun exists. There is no expectation that some random dude would have a gun in his waistband. And once someone pulls a gun on you, you are scared. Who has a gun in their hand or waistband and screams like a girl? If you have a gun, you’re a bad-ass and there’s no need to scream.

  • kookla

    Victim blaming, plain and simple. Between Geraldo saying it was Trayvon’s hoodie and now this guy saying Trayvon attacked his brother, Zimmerman blames everyone but himself. With the latest information coming out about Zimmerman’s criminal record and hot temper, this guy is a danger to society, no matter what the race. Get him off the street before he hurts another innocent person. Let the courts sort it out. I truly hope Trayvon did not die in vain and justice shall prevail.

  • No, they didn’t find Trayvon dead next to Zimmerman’s car. They found him between buildings. How is it that you’re not following him but now you’re between the buildings and not in or at the vicinity of your car? If the boy approached you at your car then you would have fought there and that would have been that but that didn’t happen.

    They’re using all of this time to try to get their lies straight but they just keep making it worse and insulting people’s intelligence!

    • FromUR2UB

      It also seems that the shot should have been at point blank range, if he was struggling with him before he shot him.


    You have to admit he did a good job memorizing his script. What he says at the end puts it all in perspective for me: “He’s my brother”. You can figure out the rest.

  • Sickofit

    Bottom line…he didn’t have to get out of his vehicle


      THANK YOU! none of this would have happened if he had stayed in the car1

  • How does someone on foot chase someone in a truck. This man is A LIAR. They keep changing the story so you know the Zimmerman family are A PACK OF LIARS.

  • CA Pullen

    This guy is a bunch of junk.  Just like his father.  They were not even there.  How do they know what happened.  Also, they tell an entirely different version.  I don’t believe any of it.

  • collegegirl

    His brother is a racist as well; as the old saying goes that the apple don’t fall far from the tree. This man have the nerve to go on television and open his mouth to say this bull crap?! seriously, so ignore the comment that the dispatcher telling Zimmerman NOT TO FOLLOW the “suspect” I don’t want nothing bad to happen to his brother but I most definitely don’t wish this fool any good. The more the election get closer the more racism I see coming from BOTH ENDS!!!!
    I hope America is ready for the turmoil that we are about experience. Life is getting real for the dead but one day everyone will be awake especially when the Creator awakes them. Only a lame can’t see that something HUGE is about to go down. I just hope we stay together for what ever it is; rather humans will be the cause or the Creator.

  • Herm Cain

    If they can’t find his brother they need to kill this pig he got n*ts showing his face the blind waiting for a justice system that’s not for us

  • Guest

    A mature adult concealing a deadly weapon while using a vehicle to stalk a minor….. just the kind of “neighbor that everybody would want to have”?

  • Amija James

    They need to stop.  911 has George on tape saying he was following Trayvon.  How he snuck up on him?  Plus I just don’t get how a 240lb man is claiming self defense against a 140lb teenager.  

  • FabienneDesrameaux

    How do you sneak up on a man following you in his truck…wth is wrong with these people? Why wont they just arrest this guy? Seriously is this some kind of ploy to cause racial tensions and somehow stop the reelection of Obama. I have to question this. Something isnt right!?

    • FromUR2UB

      Isn’t that ridiculous?  I think it was Zimmerman’s lawyer who stuttered that Trayvon Martin said to Zimmerman, “You’re going to die.  You’re going to die tonight!”.

      Doesn’t that sound like a scene out of ‘Hollywood Shuffle”?

      • FabienneDesrameaux

        Its so unreal Im just hoping this doesnt turn out to be as disappointing as the Casey Anthony case

  • Mariah

    “He did not follow nor did he ever catch up to Mr. Martin,” -BOLDFACE LIE….So, I guess the 911 dispatcher was just talking for their health when he/she advised Zimmerman NOT to follow Trayvon.  Somebody needs to tell this family and their house n****r, uncle-tom “friend” Joe Oliver (or whatever his name is) to STOP talking.

  • keesha


    • Byfaith