Don’t Text Your Ex! Things To Tell Yourself Before Picking Up The Phone

April 1, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin
"Woman texting"

The desire to text an ex can feel like an unstoppable force, especially if you’re intoxicated. Whether liberated by liquor or emotionally needy, here are some sobering thoughts to make you put down that that phone….

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  • Samoline

    Exactly what I needed. I’m going to print this out and keep it with me until I’m stronger. Thank you.

  • Kyac86

    Honestly wish I’d read this last week. Broke up w/ him a month or so ago but just wanted to wish him happy bday. Even though I said to myself that the only wonder why I really did. Kept asking myself what I really wanted from this.

  • Tbrooksbp

    As a guy, I have to admit that I did this..I texted my ex who cheated and did me dirty, and now I feel bad about it..I missed her and had dreams about her and felt compelled to call her, hear her voice, even though she caused me some if they worst pain I ever we are talking everyday,
    although I don’t think we will get back together, its been flirty, and long conversation like when we first meet, and are even talking about our kids hanging out… family is pissed at me, and I wish I had saw this before sunday..

  • Strength

    It all depends of the nature of the point in which the person became your ex. If it was an amicable break-up go for it. But if you hurt him or he has hurt you, it MAY not be worth the risk.

  • Ms12

    I was totally desperate for almost 6 months because of him (yes, I feel ashamed…), and then I decided to cut all ties, deleted him from my phone, emails, Facebook, pics, etc. anything that could’ve reminded me of him. I’m still not over him… but well, everytime I think about all the “attempts” of calling him but didn’t, I’m proud of myself. I feel better…

    • Jolie

      Don’t feel ashamed! That took a lot of strength to delete all contact, I admire that. Best of luck to you!!!

    • Blondeambitious27

      Keep being strong MS12, you will eventually stop thinking about him….you should be very proud of yourself for deleting him out of your life completely…some people grieve longer than others…& keep in my mind, prayer changes things!

  • Nikki

    damn it i needed this last week

  • Atypical Black Woman

    Where the hell was this list on Friday?! Lol! I was all emotional needy and whatnot lol. I’m gonna add this to my “read it later” and bring it up next time I get the urge lol.

  • autumn_breeze

    This list was dead on!

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  • ZZZzzz

    Ha… This is me atleast one day out of the week. And to add the list it: contacting the person doesn’t change a thing. You’ll have those moments again and gain until you find someone or something else to occupy your time