Dawn Richard On Splitting From Bad Boy, Danity Kane and Cheating Boyfriends…

March 29, 2012  |  

Folks could say, “I told you so, Dawn. I told you that Diddy would play you to the left on Bad Boy.” However, she has no hard feelings or ill will towards her former boss and band mate, as the two teamed up, along with Kalenna Harper to make the group Diddy Dirty Money.  In fact, she says that being released from Bad Boy was the best thing for her. But we will get to that in a minute…

Richard sat down with The Breakfast Club at Power 105.1 to talk about life after Bad Boy, her solo project, making up with the chicks of Danity Kane, and what happened with Que, her ex (formerly of Day 26). The summary of her days with Diddy goes like this:

If you, like moi, were wondering why Diddy Dirty Money disbanded after only putting out one album (that took three years to make), Dawn broke it down like this in her interview.

“Puff was done. He decided to be done, so I was like alright, what are we going to do next? Puff got a lot of ventures going on, so he didn’t really go into it. We did our tour and we were having a good time. Maybe it was sales, I don’t really know what it was.”

“But I asked him, what we doing? And he said [in reference to her solo work], ‘I don’t know if we’re going to be able to put you out for two years or so. But I don’t think you want to wait.’ I didn’t. So I asked to be released.”

So after six years of work with Diddy, under the pop group Danity Kane, and with him for Diddy-Dirty Money, she went on her own. Diddy said that with so many other artists waiting to put out albums on Bad Boy, waiting might not be the best thing for her. Dawn says that she’s currently an independent artist, pushing her videos and her music on her own. When asked if people said “I told you so” with Diddy, she only had good things to say:

“Yeah but I had faith in him because I knew. There was a mutual respect. I went hard and made sure he respected me as an artist. He gave me an opportunity more than once. But he let me go, and it was a good look and I’ll always respect him for it. He could have did me dirty, but instead he did the noble thing. For me, in my book, that makes him great…It’s done but it’s a good done.”

And when asked by crazy Charlemagne about how she felt about literally standing in the shadows while Diddy stole all the limelight from the group (I mean, he did put his name in front of Dirty Money and brought big stars on every track), she said that it was all about the Benjamins anyway…

“It didn’t upset me because I was getting a check. It’s like having the chance to play with Kobe…You still get a ring.”

And when asked about Que, the former member of Day 26 who had something of a breakdown on Making the Band, she said they are not together anymore after more than five years. Cheating just might be the culprit as co-host Angela Yee brought it up.

“We’re just not together anymore. I’m a good woman, and you just have to make sure you get respected the right way. I don’t want to put nobody in a bad spot, I just wish him much success…It’s cool. It’s all good. This is real life. Bad things happen but you move on. That’s why I don’t explain it cause I don’t want to talk about it.  We were real. I didn’t want a public relationship. I didn’t want to fall for him, so that’s what makes it sucky because it was genuine.”

Hey girl, count yourself lucky, because where is he now? But anywho, check out what she had to say about the possibility of a Danity Kane reunion, and hear more of what she had to say about Diddy, Que, ho*s winning in 2012, reality TV and “brown skin” girls struggling to make it big in the business…(“There’s no real brown girl considered pretty right now in the game. Dark skin girls, maybe. But in the crossover world? They’re not allowing it. They don’t want to do that.”) Hmmm, MAD interesting…

Are you surprised things didn’t work out with Bad Boy?

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  • Tussy78

    Yeah man, the diddy curse. Who,besides diddy, really has longevity when u sign with bad boy? Donnie, total, carl thomas, babs, black rob. French montana better get out now…they already draggin his single and did a remix video. Time is almost up and how much you wanna bet this dude comin out with another album. He just wanna be the one to say, oh oh that’s my artist dats why he gotta be somewhere on the song or in the video. He can’t committ to one woman, what makes any artist think he will committ to them? That’s business with a side of selfishness and greed.

  • Mz Jonz

    Sean Combs (momma named him Sean, so I’ll call him Sean) has surely, but not so slowly, become a Suge Knight style manager. Except he’s not the slightest bit gangsta. Which is obvious by his list of artist/friends/bodyguards who have taken a fall for his wannabe actions. I truly feel sorry for anyone who comes in contact with this whirlwind of talent destruction. Craig Mack, Shine, Biggie, 112, The first making the band, Danity Kane, the list is staggering.

    Also love Mary J but I’m really disappointed that she teamed back up with this dude on her latest venture. #bigmistake

  • RenJennM

    I’m proud of Dawn. I’m sad to hear that her and Que are no longer together, but maybe that had to happen. I wish her the best–her music, voice, and style is amazing, and I definitely will continue to support her. 🙂

  • Age

    Much more respect for Dawn after reading this. Wish her all the best and i’ll support if the music sounds right 🙂

  • She should definitely consider herself lucky…everything that diddy has touched in the past decade has failed. If someone told me I could be signed to bad boy…I’d tell them I’d rather work in public sanitation—steady checks and benefits. 

  • Honeybee30

    This doesn’t surprise me with Diddy. The ride is over.

  • ManzyPanz

    These interviewers suck. She’d say some really good stuff, that they just blew by to talk about fluff.

  • GlenCoco

    Good move Dawn.  Diddy’s been telling Cassie the same thing for years now.

  • Tagirl

    Puffy doesn’t want anyone to outshine him, that’s well known. I side-eye anyone who signs with him.

  • RedButterfly81

    Diddy is all about money. Remember  the girl group Dream, The Band, Day 26, Danity Kane anybody? I’ll even warn my worse enemy not to sign with Diddy. Cassie, you’re next.

    • Sookiiee

      not to mention a whole bunch of other solo artist like craig david (i think that was his name), faith Evans etc etc lol the list goes on and on

      • RedButterfly81

        So true.

  • Poetsgroove

    No surprise there, cause Diddy uses everyone and toss them to the side when he see’s there’s nothing left for him. He should really stop trying to find “the next big star”.