Can I Get a Rerun? 7 Shows BET Should Bring Back

August 31, 2012  |  
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We’ve talked about BET quite a bit over the past week. We discussed why VH1, a network which is owned by BET’s parent company, seems to have all the high-rated programming, while its sister station is on struggle mode. We even asked whether ratchet reality shows were “not good enough” for the network. Who really knows the answer. All we can say for sure is that once Bob Johnson, the creator of the network, sold it to Viacom, things started to take a turn toward terrible, boring or just plain awful. But this wasn’t always the case, there was a time when BET’s shows were quite entertaining. Check out the shows we wish the network would bring back.


Midnight Love 

I will forever be indebted to “Midnight Love” for being the first place I saw D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does it Feel)” video. In contrast to BET’s Hip Hop heavy content, “Midnight Love” was the time to slow everything down and focus on the slow jams. It was like the “Quiet Storm” in video format. Due to the fact that people could request or dedicate their favorite videos, via a request line, there were often a lot of repeats from night to night– (Anybody remember how they used to play N’Sync’s “Gone”?)–but that didn’t stop the show from being amazing. In 2005, it was reformed to “BET: After Dark,” but things just weren’t the same.


Comic View

Sing with me…”It’s Comic View on BET, comin’ at you six nights a week, Get your laugh on, When you wanna get your laugh on. (Get your laugh on baby!)” I don’t know about you, but few shows provided as much entertainment as “Comic View” did back in the day. Essentially, it was a direct rip off of “Def Comedy Jam,” but for a new generation of comics. I can’t tell you how many times I watched that show, wishing I was old enough to be in the studio audience. “Comic View” introduced us, or at least me, to the likes of Ricky Smiley, Lavell Crawford, Sheryl Underwood, Bruce Bruce and my personal favorite Arnez J. The things that man could do with his body were amazing. The show had an insanely long run from 1992 to 2008, moving around to different cities. Perhaps the ratings slipped a little bit. Either way, it’s a show, the network could stand to reinstate.


BET News (preferably with Jacque Reid)

BET News became a part of the programming just eight years after the network’s launch in 1980. The program covered local and international news concerning black communities. At that time it was hosted by Ed Gordon and then eventually by Jacque Reid. Personally, Jacque was my favorite. She was the perfect balance of professional and keep-it-real relateable. But like so many other of BET’s programs, it ceased to exist in 2005, just two years after Johnson sold it to Viacom.


Teen Summit

Before there was the ever-popular “106th and Park,” there was “Teen Summit.” A program dedicated to talking about the very real issues black teenagers were facing during those times, it also featured guest performances from some of the hottest musical acts. The show first aired in 1989 and ended in 2002. Five years later, in 2007, BET brought a type of backstage access to the show but that was the last we’ve ever heard of it.

Cita’s World

I could appreciate Cita because she was what she was: hood. With her super short mini skirts, buxom frame and loud mouth, Cita was quite entertaining. She introduced the music videos like no one else, and provided commentary that sounded much like something we would say to our own friends. Was I the only one who completely shocked to find out that Cita was voiced by Kali “Miss Kitty” Troy. If you don’t recognize her by name, she was the same woman who was on the reality show, “Let’s Talk About Pep,” which also starred fellow BET colleague, Jacque Reid. Cita was the embodiment of a stereotype, which is probably why BET got rid of her. If you don’t remember her show, check out the clip below. What do you think, was she too funny or too much?


Rap City/ Rap City: The Basement

In response to MTV’s “Yo! MTV Raps,”which launched in 1988. BET debuted “Rap City” in 1989. The show was good not only for the Hip Hop heads and music lovers in general because it featured interviews with rappers but also the now famous freestyle sessions in the booth. In the later years, “Cousin Jeff” came on the show and added a little something extra to the show with his news updates and commentaries. That was his launch into the mainstream world of political and social commentary. Today, you better not call him “Cousin Jeff,” he’s just Jeff Johnson these days.

How I’m Living

This show was a straight rip off from MTV’s “Cribs” but you could guarantee that when you were watching “How I’m Living,” 9/10 it would be somebody you cared about. The show featured everyone from A.J. and Free (a shoe in.) to Steve Harvey, to Alicia Keys. While I’d love to see this show come back the “Cribs” and “How I’m Living” days were before paparazzi became out of control and people started stanning for their favorite celebs.

What did we miss? What were your favorite shows from BET back in the day?

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  • Chile, Cita’s World was TOO MUCH (the original “ratchet” show), but it was hella funny!! Video Soul, Planet Groove, & Teen Summit NEEDS TO RETURN!!!

  • NiceNasty

    Does anybody know why they fired Free and AJ? Cause I have no idea, and they never said why either.

  • ms. mya

    what about Caribbean rhythms and Hits?

  • AJ

    can someone please tell me the name of the cartoon that used to come on BET? It was a show about 2 women and they would go out drinking etc. I cant remember the name for DIDDLY! She had a cat tho

    • Jay

      It was Hey Monie!

  • adrienne michelle

    What about College Hill??

  • dipsexxx2

    UNCUT Videos!!!!!!

  • dipsexxx2

    I hate BET now….its lame

  • kesha

    What about the cartoon? I think it was called “Hey, Mona”.

    • Jay

      Hey Monie!

  • t

    caribbean rhythm was a great show

    • Chanda

      LOVED Caribbean Rhythms. Sometimes that show took me to another world without even leaving the house.


    I MISS U CITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVENTHOUGH U WASNT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lovely09

    Now Teen Summit was the show with Ananda Lewis!!!

  • How did ALL of u forget on Saturdays they would play a specific artist/group’s TOP 25 COUNTDOWN! That used to be tha ish!

    • tata111

      And every News years eve

  • I do miss some of those shows, but am definitely glad they’re not going the route of VH1. Is that what the author of this piece really wants? More stereotypical, negative imaging of black women, that MANY think reflects the average black woman,added to the BET lineup. Really??? I’m also with the commenter who said that Cita’s world set up back, and I’m glad that ridiculousness is off the air. Now for the rest, BET News, Rap City (real hip hop), Midnight Love, the Free and AJ days of 106 and Park….and the rest. I do shed a tear 😉 Viacom simply doesn’t know or respect our culture displayed by its shows “hot ghetto mess” and others once they took over.

  • Lol BET Uncut I aint got no panties on aint got no panties on I ain’t got no panties ON THE DANCE FLOOR they played that song every night first song. That’s when I knew I stayed up watching all BET,shows

    • Chanda

      Lol, No panties on the dance floor was one of the most memorable songs on the show. I also remember Oochie Wally, My neck my back, and that White Girls video that looked like it costed $10 to make. I feel better now knowing I’m not the only one that stayed up watching that mess.

  • mrs.j.cole

    I miss all of those shows and college hill I was mad when they ended those shows

  • Erika

    Oh man! How I wish they would bring these shows back. Making me miss the old BET! (especially midnight love!)

  • scorpiosexxy

    What about hits from the streets??

    • cw

      That was good too.

  • WhoMe

    Access granted and the black carpet were good. I miss donnie and sherry. They were older but i loved them.

  • JSL

    1. RAP CITY!!! When they ended that, SMH, that hurt…Lol
    2. 106 & Park (AJ & Free – BEST EVER!)
    3. Comic View
    4. Teen Summit

    Oh, and I was *really* young but I DO remember Cita’s World and Oh Drama! Lol . 🙂
    Ya’ll are making me miss Old BET! Ahh, nostalgia…

  • observant1

    I loved those old BET shows. At first I thought this would be about reviving old sitcoms. If they brought their original shows back, they’re not going to be as good as the old ons. BET butchered the game. They should’ve made season 4 the final season. BET too flooded with wack juice for them to revive anything. BET shows start out on life support… ijs

  • FAMURattler85

    The Box Music Network.

  • i miss midnite love. i tape the valatine day special with jagged edge, usher, craig david, jaheim. also comic view, 106 and park when AJ and Free was there. I only watch BET now for The Game and Lets Stay Together.

    • Man what happened to Craig David I loved him

  • Girl you know we remember Video Soul! Donnie Simpson was on a jogging suit my dad used to sport CONSTANTLY *smh* my goodness the horror of that outfit & the jokes that came with it from my family.

    • Chanda

      Bummer! I recorded a lot of Video Soul videos but no clips/interviews of Donnie Simpson with his light green eyes self. I remember the outfits, too! At least he wasn’t saggin’.

  • IllyPhilly

    “Cuz Imma bad mamma jamma!” I think that’s what she said. Vita was the lady!

  • vdizzle

    Definitely Hits from da Streets!!!! Milk it, milk it, milk it!!! That was before Ashton started hosting the SAME exact show on MTV.
    I didn’t have cable growing up (lived out in the country), but I used to have a friend record eps of Video Soul. lol. When I graduated high school in ’99 I started watching MTV, then BET when 106 & Park, Hits, etc started. I loved those shows!!! Honestly I stopped watching when they fired Free and AJ.

    • NiceNasty

      I know right and BET has never been the same since they fired them.

  • realtalk

    Ooooh, and what about Thea, Out all Night and Roc. I loved me some ComicView and College Hill!. Man I almost forgot I watched BET so much growing up. I wish they would get it together.

  • hadtosayit cita came back as wendy raquel and taraji henson lol

  • Video Soul!!! How could Video Soul not make the list???

    • Realgirl

      AND Video LP!!!

    • Realgirl

      AND Video LP!!!

  • BET needs to bring back Teen Summit and I need to be the female host. I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

  • breezy

    I think they should bring back college hill and oh drama!!

    • Remember when they were in the Virgin Islands and the girl got her a word whipped for trying the American girl. She hit her in the head with a stiletto

      • lovely09

        she thought she was hard. They always testing preppy girls#smh



  • eyeEEsha

    I can’t believe that virtual pickaninny Cita made this list. As far as I’m concerned, this is when BET began it’s decline. And why wasn’t Video Soul on this list? *sigh*

    • Chanda

      pickaninny,lol! with her gelled down hair.

  • Citas World set us back for real. I was in college when she came out and found it hard to listen to her antics and live up to the stereotypes on the show. Some people found it “cute” and funny but I found it to be embarrassing. Good job BET for giving that show the X.

    • eyeEEsha

      Cita was the worst.

    • observant1

      The show was hilarious. Gifs wasn’t even a real person, how did it set us back? No pleasing black folks…

      • queta

        u kno some people will find anything to complain about thats exactly why they would never be ceo of anything lol

  • Chanda

    A lot a “neo” soul artists artists were on that show: Amel Larrieux (sp), Alicia Keys and India.Arie when they first came out. I saw Res’ Golden Boys video for the first time. They came on Saturday afternoons and I think Sundays, too. I have tons of VHS tapes full of Video Soul and Video Vibrations videos I have yet to convert into DVDs.

    • Earthspirit

      When you do convert the vids, please oh please, let us know!!! :-))

    • Sam Mcneal

      You have both Video Soul tapes as far back as 1987?

      • Sam Mcneal

        And Video Vibes too?

        • Sam Mcneal

          Chanda does. But I do not.

    • Sam Mcneal

      And Video Vibes too?

  • cantwejust

    I LOVED ‘Tha Bassment’ but if they brought that back who could be a guest? Since “rappers” no longer freestyle….

  • Ja’Mina

    Yes, they need to bring back Midnight Love, ComicView, Hits, and Baldwin Hills. Just cancel The Game because without Tia, who is going to watch that??

  • curlyk

    Its crazy because I was singing the comic view theme today at work and thinking to myself that they definitely should bring it back! This list pretty much nailed it for me though.

  • thegoodluckpig

    No Hits from the Street!? The D’Angelo/How Does It Feel parody had me in tears as did Mu Psi Mu, milk it milk it milk it.

  • ijs

    OMG!!!!! I used to LOVE cita’s world omg like for the entire hour i was not moving at all. BET needs to get its old owner back or somthing bc ever since he handed it over the net work has went down the toilet!!

    • MLS2698

      They seriously need to bring Miss Cita back! She was so funny. Who did the voice for that character?

      • ok

        its in the article

        • MLS2698

          Yeah, I saw it later….. got excited and posted without clicking. Don’t like to click through all the time.

  • i miss Free & AJ……after they left i stop watching Black Exploitation Television

  • ThisChick

    Is that Tiny in the Teen Summit pic?

    • vwells1

      Yup that’s her with Xscape.

      • Chanda

        There’s 5 of them on stage, too. Looks like one of them didn’t make it, lol.

    • MLS2698

      I just watched the video, and I used to think that Tiny was lip-synching….not anymore ( I never had the album).

      • lovely09

        why would you think Tiny was lip-synching? In the 80s and early 90s you had to sing to get a record deal#hater much!

        • MLS2698

          The word ” hater” is not even in my vocab. I got stuck on the 70’s and have never listened to much of the newer music. Hence, never purchased the album. Don’t even own a MJ album. AL Green is the man!

        • MLS2698

          Have you ever heard of ” Millli Vanilli? * shrugs*

          • ashley

            ^ lmao @ee649d95544d845f0213a8fae85d6693:disqus #uninformed much…

  • Lola

    Baldwin hills and college hill would be lovely

    • naw baldwin hills was so corny…they tried so hard to make baldwin hills look like the black beverly hills and the truth is they were just as broke as me and I’m from Inglewood