NEW MN WEB SERIES: “Ask A Black Man” Episode 1: The Life of A Single Man

March 28, 2012  |  

The day has finally come! We’re happy to introduce to you our very first talk show web series, Ask A Black Man. Every Wednesday on our Ask A Black Man channel we will release a new episode. This week’s episode is called “The Life of A Single Man,” featuring Panama Jackson, Dozie, Mo, Bentley and Skoob.

Check out what these brothas had to say about their single lives, and click here to watch the FULL and UNCUT version of our conversation. You won’t wanna miss the extended episode, we promise!




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  • Lovn this series

  • Kizzmyazz

    Not one of these guys is fine not even attractive so I woud not be at all interested. 

  • doziex

    Great job Kela. Thanks for showcasing every day, regular black men. There are too many generalizations and stereotypes out there.

    Please, resist any pressure to skew this show towards the usual emasculating topics such as the down low issue, no jobs having, etc.etc.
    Pick a good cross section as you did, and then let men be men.

    Also, the show needs a smart, pretty lady like you to keep the fellas interested.

  • It looks like it will be a very interesting and informative show will definitely love to see more of it. it’s good to see other brotha’s perspective on things. As a community we need to have more shows like this and not that load of bull they show on B.E.T just saying!

  • Ellisvisionary

    FIrst off a grown man needs a real name.  Let’s start there.  Pookie, Mookie and Man-Man need to come again

    • Bailey A.

      OMG!!!!! I noticed that from the jump! It really was shocking….like who do they think they are.

  • Ifuaskme2

    Actually I thought you would ask the IMPORTANT questions. Like…1. Are all of you employed?  2. Any one of you ever ‘experimented’? 3. Why is it that men say if a woman makes more money he’s fine with it until he meets one who does?  And most important…. Can you let a sister know if you’re not packing? Just saying……….. Instead I find the rhetorical BS. 

    • Liz

      Watch the whole series first, then review your question list.

      Also, what’s important to you is not important to everyone else. 

  • Missioneagles

    Greetings –

    Have you considered “Ask a Black Woman?”

  • Sma410

    I just have one question, Why is there a bi-sexual man on the panel?  I would think most women would want to know what goes on in the minds of bi-sexual men, but I dont think he fits in with the conversation with the other men. If your going to include a bi-sexual man, have a panel of bi-sexual men and then ask questions.  Also are you going to include men of 35 and older?

  • Ladydanger

    they know that she has weave right?

  • FromUR2UB

    I’ve been trying to view the full version, but can’t seem to access it.  The video I’m seeing lasts about 5 mins.  Is that all of it?

    • Liz

      Nope that’s not it! Full version is here:

  • cocochanel

    I enjoyed the commentary! And short, simple, and to the point was awesome, especially while trying to sneak a peek at work! Loved Dozi! Was articulate, well dressed, and funny !

  • Jay

    I loved this and I wish it was longer. LoL@ “giving up the cheeks”
    Btw, could Dozie take it down a thousand with the lip chap? Thanks. I had to keep adjusting my screen for glare.

    • LOL @ Jay…yeah I was thinking the same thing about the extra shine on Dozie’s lips. His lip gloss was poppin’

  • Just Lissen

    I think the concept is excellent; the idea that you can get honest, unedited feedback from a man’s perspective will definitely catch a woman’s attention. It caught mine. I have two brothers so I’m not unfamiliar with the opinions of the men on the panel but I think it’s bold and refreshing that they were willing to broadcast it for the world. I wish the sessions were longer than 5 minutes, but I can’t wait to watch more.
    I think this is a good edition to Madame Noire. 

    • Liz

      Thanks for the feedback! You can watch the extended episode here:

  • So who came up with the questions? I think a MALE moderator would have been better.

    • Kéla

      Shani why you trying to take food off my table?! I kid!  I respect your opinion. The producers came up with the questions.  There were about 20 for each panel and they were cut into what you see above.  Hopfully you will get to see a lot more of them in the extended version.    Thanks for watching 

      • Sorry Miss Kela, taking nothing away from your ability to moderate (you were on point), I just think men would open up more to another male, so women can hear the “nitty gritty uncut/unfiltered 100 proof, straight from the horses mouth” truthful thoughts/opinions of black men  lol I will stay tuned though.

    • Liz

      Ehh. As a producer on the show, I felt like a male moderator would have been too much like TVOne’s “Black Men Revealed” (no shade, it just isn’t what I was looking for at the time). This is a show for women, on a site for women, so we went with that. 

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  • Ms_Mara

    I liked it. Looks like something I’ll be checking for on the regular.

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    Dozie, Mo and Skoob holding down the panel, haaaha… were Butch, Smoke and Bebe too busy??  

  • Lord Reginald

    Content unavailable. What’s up?

    • Liz

      Try refreshing the page?

  • 80sbabee

    Where can  you watch the full episode?

    • Liz

      This is the regular episode, but you can see the extended cut here:

  • Go Kela!!!!

    • Bailey A.

      Yes, she did an excellent job! This is my first time navigating this website…but she seems like a real entertainment host.

      • Bailey A.

        *What I mean is she seems very mainstream.

  • L-Boogie

    I enjoyed it.  It is always good to see how the opposite sex thinks.  

    • Bailey A.

      It has a very natural feel to it….very informative too.

  • KW

    1st! Sorry, I always wanted to do that. 
    Good job! Everyone HAS to watch the full conversation.  This is just a taste of how these men went in on the life of a single man.  

    • Hi Kela –

      When is the full version? I’m on your site now. From where I am, It’s Wednesday at about 2:57 p.m.  I couldn’t locate the FULL version.  Can you all please post when, every Wednesday, the FULL version will be online.

      My desire is to share about the FULL version but I’d like to be able to tell folks at what time, on every Wednesday, that they can go online and view it.

      Also, when will the older men be on – 35-55 in age and beyond?

      Thank you.

      • Liz

        Full version is here:

        You can check out the full version every Wednesday night. New episodes every Wednesday morning. 

        Older men coming in next few episodes, but not necessarily as old as 55 or beyond. 

        • Missioneagles

           Greetings Liz –

          Thank you.

          I watched the full episode and am pleased that Madame Noire has decided to air this series.  Certainly, it’s good to learn how some men think.

          Your choice to do this is appreciated.

          Note: As one, who for the most part dislikes weaves, I was happy to hear about the dislike for weaves.

          Most weaves that I’ve seen don’t add to the appearance of the wearers.  As the saying goes, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing.”  I will add, however, that of course, some folks “need” weaves and wigs for conditions that concern their natural hair….