Shequoiya, Cordozar and Other Amusing Middle Names of Black Celebs

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As much as folks like to make fun of “Black” names, we here at MadameNoire can appreciate a mother’s creative approach to naming her seeds. How else can you define your offspring from the pack? In any case, this slideshow is not about the most creative first names, but the most surprising middle names of celebrities. For example, who would’ve thunk that Martin Lawrence would have such a haughty-sounding French-British name? And Ashanti…let’s just say her mom chose right when she picked a historical African tribe to name her daughter after rather than using the name she selected as her middle name. Check out other celebs with interesting and surprising middle names.

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Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence

Fitzgerald just doesn’t match his image, does it?

Ciara Princess Harris

She was the princess of the house considering she was the only child.

Robert Barisford “Bobby” Brown

We’re sure the kids on the playground of his  Roxbury  neighborhood loved to pick on this middle name.

Kelendria Trene “Kelly” Rowland

Now Kelly’s first name of Kelendria is actually more interesting.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.

We can imagine Calvin but Cordozar? Snoop’s first and middle name actually comes from his stepfather, who he was named after.

Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas

The name Ashanti screams worldly. Shequoiya…not so much.

Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand

Foxy Brown’s whole name is just fascinating, isn’t it? Somehow, we would’ve imagined a Russian Italian heiress married to an Asian man to be behind this name. But it’s just the Ill-Na-Na.

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  • “Black Celebs With Funny Middle Names”,………for real,….seriously???

  • Foxy is Trini, so the Inga and the Fung make sense…DeCarlo is some Brooklyn ish LOL!

  • Cora500

    What makes me laugh about this article is difference in names in just 10 years. From Bobby, Martin and Calvin to Ciara, Kelendria and Ashanti (though I have to admit I do like the name Ashanti as it kinda of reminds me of a black hippy name and it least shows some kind of thought behind it). And another thing, Calvin maybe his birth name but he is definitely a Snoop. It fits him so well. 🙂

  • boom

    Foxy Brown’s name is very interesting…but then I had to consider her Caribbean roots – and “Fung” made a little more sense. 
    Ashanti’s middle name, I have heard before. “Shequoiya” actually stems from the Native American name: Sequoia.

  • Why

    Ashantis’ name is horrible and sounds so hmmm….  Ashanti from the african tribe? Sheqouia or whatever it is…  SMH!!  why black people why?  if your going to try and name your child afrocentric or african names then stop being stupid and go to the source. Look up or speak with people from african countries.  SMH!!

  • Eestoomuch

    martin was named after martin luther king and jfk john fitzgerald kennedy. bobby brown sound like his mom may be somewhat carribean, rexton, ralston, beres, beresford…um yeah, snoop dont look nor sound like no calvin, he snoop to me always will be, ashanti’s aunt brought some ripple to the hospital before they signed the birth certificate…inga…so pretty, named so ugly…not porsche but de carlo as in monte carlo? reminds me of some old neighbors. boy and girl twins…mercedes and benz…smh..thuston….no words. i cant talk idk what my daughters middle name means, it was one of my coworkers first names and it went well with her first name…boughetto…i know. and ice cubes parents wanted something that sounded like OJ….there u go..and yes there was a lil boy named Ray Qwuan at the school i worked at today!

  • Cairo5

    If most of these names were written down on paper without seeing the persons face, you would have no problem identifying that persons race. When applying for jobs that can automatically block you from even getting an interview, so unfortunately parents need to think hard about the names they give their children

  • Thruston?!!? Thurston? PLEASE tell me that is a LIE! 

  • Jolie

    Middle names are optional ……I guess some parents didn’t get the memo. I’m gonna stop there.

  • Incognegrita

    Foxy Brown is of Trinidad descent, mos people in the Caribbean are of mix ancestry so her name reflects that. Not weird at all…

  • Rachael

    Wow! Foxy Brown’s whole name is pretty darn terrible. LOL I read somewhere that Ice Cubes real name is O’shea. Yes……like the butter. And don’t forget Janet Damita Joe Jackson!

    •  HA! Named after the butter… i always thought of some Irish dude whenever i thought about Ice Cube…

    • I won’t say it’s terrible b/c it’s her heritage but the Fung had me tripping. 

      I wonder if anyone has ever called her Fung Massa Flex or said Fung You to her…LOL 

      • Mocha_687

        lmao @ fung you!!! haha.

  • Niko

    Well Foxy Brown is from Trinidad, like Nicki Minaj whose real name is Onika Maraj, so there is a high chance that she has dougla ancestry so that can easily explain her name, especially last name. But I can’t really explain the DeCarlo though lol