“Ask a Black Man” Cast – Meet Birchell Glenn

March 29, 2012  |  

We love that you ladies are so passionate about Ask A Black Man Episode 1 and its extended cut! That extended cut’s comment section is on a roll, and we’re happy to see some of the cast members dropping by to chat with you.

We’d like to keep the momentum going and start intruducing you to the cast members of our next episode, The Dating Episode. Up first is Birchell Glenn. We cast Birchell because he had personality, a great smile and gave very candid answers during our casting session. While we may not have agreed with him, we can respect his honesty. Get to know him a little more by reading his profile below.

Glenn will appear on Episode 2: “The Dating Episode” debuting right here on Wednesday, April 4. Be sure to log on to our Ask A Black Man channel for more bios, episodes and extended episodes.


Meet Birchell

Age: 28

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Twitter handle: @POWTV

Links: www.pow-tv.net

In 3 words, how would your friends describe you? Random, Real, Funny.

What are the main characteristics/qualities that you look for in a woman? She has to have goals and ambition. Looks are cool, but I’d rather you not be broke than be a dime.

What are your favorite hobbies? Traveling, Race Car Driving, Baseball, Basketball

What are your top 3 favorite books to read? 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership, Think & Grow Rich, Cat in The Hat

Who is your favorite artist? Waka Flocka Flame

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  • Evident

    You are entirely too funny. In all honesty, it is clear you are not a fool you just have a sense of humor. At the end of the day you would treat a woman with respect.

  • caribbeanspice27

    lol..birch so funny

  • collegegirl

    When you think of black women, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Travis Porter Videos, Zane books, and Instagram.

    LMAO. You cannot tell me that response isn’t hilarious?

    Although I may not agree with everything you say, I really do appreciate your honesty. As a woman I’m always wondering what men (Black men especially) are actually thinking and hey – you told the truth. 
    You’re hilarious. Fight the good fight.

    • I’m glad you realize that these answers were made to get people are riled up and their vickies in a bunch 

  • Louisiana Lickable Lips

    Waka Flaka??!!!!! 4 real? U just lost ALL of ur NY street cred…..& Im from the South!!!

    • Waka Flocka is from Queens NY tho

  • ReesyPiecey

    I’m sorry he seems immature…some of his responses to questions just show he has a lot of growing to do.  

    • all for TV boo. thanks for watching.

      • ReesyPiecey

        So you acted immature for TV?  That’s just stupid…naw bruh that’s how you really think.  Which is fine…you just have some growing up to do…

        •  Nah I just said what the other dudes thought but didn’t want to say. Did anyone disagree with me? You date and sleep with scum bags all the time. Are you mad because someone is upfront with you instead of sneaky and lying about it? Oh I forgot. That’s what you women want.

          • ReesyPiecey

            Once again…the immaturity flares up. What did some woman do to you? Why are you so bitter? Because making comments like “you date and sleep with scum bags all the time” or “that’s what you women want” insinuates you have issues with women. Does your mom want to be mistreated? What about your aunts, grandma, or sister(s) (if you have any)? I think not. Let’s talk about that issue at hand. Why you are so mad.

            • I’m not mad boo. It’s what goes on around me. Women crap on the gentleman to smash the more attractive loser, This show wanted different personalities and they got it. I swear if you got to know me, you would love me as a person.

  • JC

    Birchell…you have some growing to do, maybe one day you will feel differently about women

    • JC all those guys think the exact same way. They just wont admit it.

  • Kizzmyazz

    What a joke this half of a man,not so attractive,obvious cheap a**….oh and goofball!

    • nice name. stay classy boo

  • NegRican24

    This ni66a here is i can’t even think of the word for his a55. He paints women with too broad a brush and that is why he answers questions the way he did in the video. He was making me mad as a woman who likes nice men, and NOT n’erdowells. This sadly is how the majority of men think and the guy on the opposite end of him is in the minority. Those are the ones i like.    

    • Notice how I never said the “B word” but you’re quick to call me the “N-word”. Stay classy boo. Thanks for watching.

  • Chelli

    You lost me at Wocka Flocka, I hope that’s a joke!

    • Waka is my friend. Look at my pic. 🙂 my top 5 rappers all time LL, Ice Cube, 50, Master P, Trick Daddy 

      • PhillyDiva

        @Birch: I agree,just by your answers to these questions you seem immature,small minded,and ignorant. You have some growing up to do,I can’t believe you answered your questions with answers like that. How can you be from NY and your favorite rapper is “Wacka Flocka”? You lost your NY card(and I’m not even from NY). You have to be the worst out of the bunch 🙁

    • It’s 2 Chainz now

  • Wacka Flocka Flame? Do you bro. lol

    • I changed it to 2Chainz

  • I’d be cool if I was the first one to comment on my own ish…. There you go! #swag

    • Nysmith79