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Here’s the thing: almost everyone knows at least ONE “gold digger” who is only interested in chasing the next dollar. I certainly don’t like the idea of gold digging but as I get older, I find myself questioning whether or not it is really “wrong” to go for what you know. The people on the following pages have all been considered gold diggers whether it be because they’re trying to pocket some dollars of their significant others, trying to find their own fame, restore their image…or for any other reason you can think of.  What do you think? Is it wrong to date someone with money (or power or fame) just so your star can shine a little brighter?



Kanye is the reason Amber is no longer on the pole.  They met, they talked, she had a vision for her future and Kanye liked her.  They definitely seemed very into each other for the year or so they were together but throughout the relationship, Amber was accused of being a gold digger because of her “humble beginnings.” When they broke up, her light was shining and she absolutely took advantage of all opportunities. Once she started dating Wiz Khalifa, she was accused of being a “rapper loving gold digger.” They’re engaged now so it appears people are trying to be “respectful” but if they don’t make it down the aisle, all that talk will come right back.



“What? Eve? Why is she on this list?” Yes, I know that’s what you’re thinking! Eve, without a doubt, has her own money from the albums, acting, fashion and everything else she’s gotten her hands on.  So when the opportunities seem to slow down (outside of the remix to “My Chick Bad,” think about the last time you’ve seen or heard her doing something entertainment related), you chill and see what you can do next. For Eve, that seems to be dating very wealthy men. For a few years she was dating an African prince whose family was very rich and now she’s dating a wealthy British race car driver and entrepreneur.  I’m not sure anything is wrong with this and this is where my inner conflict arises.  She shouldn’t date “broke” men because she isn’t broke but it appears that the men she exclusively dates now are even outside of her tax bracket.  Hmmm, but shouldn’t we be dating “up?” Oh goodness!



Kim Kardashian

It seems like Kim Kardashian dates solely because they are rich and can make her famous.  Those reasons and because…her mommy says so.  Ray-J got her in the door and Reggie Bush kept it open and there’s no stopping her now.  Unfortunately for her, the 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries has not helped her image at all.  Because of her current earning power and fame, Kim will likely never date a doctor or lawyer; those types don’t seem to appeal to her.  Who do you think is next on her “to do” list?

Padma Lakshmi

Padma will NEVER be broke because she also dates with a serious purpose. In 2004, she was married to acclaimed author Salman Rushdie (it lasted three years) and has never looked back.  Her tryst with billionaire Adam Dell – while dating the late billionaire Teddy Forstmann – resulted in the birth of a little girl. Teddy left Padma’s daughter a $1.4 BILLION dollar trust (knowing full well she wasn’t his child) and also forgave all debts Padma owed to him…whatever they were. After lots of fighting in court, Adam Dell is now being recognized as her daughter’s father.  See, Padma is a professional in this “dating wealthy” life.  You will not be dating her if you earn the same amount she does by releasing books and being a judge on Top Chef.


Selita Ebanks

Selita gets in early…right when a person is about to blow up.  Remember when she was dating Nick Cannon?  Yes, he always had some fame and some money but they got engaged right when he was really about to start wheeling and dealing new opportunities that would boost his fame and wealth up several notches. But that didn’t work and she’s dating a few men – as she should – since then. But now, she’s dating Terrance J and my eyebrow is now raised again. I know many of you think Terrance is corny (so do I but I like corny yet cool guys anyway) but don’t sleep on him because he is definitely elevating his profile through movies, television and other outlets.  And there’s Selita, right there as he tries to inch his way to the top.


Maliah Michel

Why do the rappers insist on trying to take the strippers off the pole? I’m not here to bash any strippers because quite frankly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if that’s what you want to do. Maliah does her thing at a strip club in Houston and apparently does it well enough for Drake to put her name in one of his songs and to also date her. When he was finished having his fun with her, she moved on with Sean Kingston. Downgrade, you say? Maybe in terms of visible popularity it is but Sean is still played a lot in certain clubs and he always gets paid the big dollars to make appearances.  If Maliah has any sense, she’s pocketed some of the money she’s likely received and has planned her next move. I mean, when you’re young and trying to be famous, you always have to have a plan.


Karrine “Superhead” Steffans

Sure, she’s crazier than ever now and no one takes her seriously right now but Karrine has put in WORK in her gold digging ways. Rapper after rapper, Karrine filed away her excursions and banked the money when they tricked on her. It all lead to her releasing a book that aired everyone’s dirty laundry and her blowing up in the process.  It is probably safe to say, that she has opened the door for all the video chicks looking for a “different” way to make some money.

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  • Kath

    I like Padma’s modus operandi.

  • Kath

    I have zero problem with gold digging, taking him for his money, or whatever other term, concept or phrase one wants to use. And while this is not the main reason I gold dig, fact is, men (generally) want one thing, and will possibly become loyal or dutiful after. But what’s the difference when two persons want difference things that are equally self-seeking? If/when he leaves, I should definitely have something (of extreme value) to compensate for the ‘broken heart’. Only broke men and women who settled use this term anyway.

  • Jamie

    You need to add some white women and women of other races on the list. You have “gold diggers” in all races.

    • Jamie

      Add more white women and women from other races on the list, I mean.

  • Spyluked97

    I disagree with the comments about Selita. You mention all up and down the other women’s jobs and Eve’s on earning power. Selita is an model, actually a super model, and then a Victoria’s Secret model. As an African-American, she had worked hard to get where she is and doesn’t earn chump change. You fail with a huge F for neglecting to mention this was who Kanye dated and was engaged to for YEARS…..prior to his big blow up and during. They broke up in the chaos that was his life after his mother passed. Nick Cannon had Kanye’s sloppy seconds….just saying… I was more surprised then that she was dating Nick, not the other way around…..

    • Caroneisha

      Sorry sweetie, but Kanye West was not engaged to her. He was actually engaged to designer Alexis Phifer for 18 months. Selita was only engaged to Nick Cannon for 5 months, and the parted ways and he married M.Carey. And yea she makes cake, in 2008 forbes ranked her the twelfth highest paid supermodel, earning $2.7 million that year alone.

  • fanarazzii

    Pay Her!  She is one georgeous lady and all of the haters cant take that from her?  Pay Her, she is worth every dime and I dont know anything bad about her and there is no reason why kim K and her family shoud take all of the $$.  Good Luck Amber.

  • Nefijones1

    Eve IS doing the right thing!  There is nothing wrong with her dating style.

  • Lorenzo

    for Cherry Valentine;
    Obviously you have not been paying attention in college, based on the statement you made regarding being equally yoked, you have not graduated, the job market suck, you have very little experience and you are making statements as to what you are not going to do. Education equal to your education status, tone it down a notch. there are lots of non-college graduates that are and probably will for indefinite period make more money than you will.  You must be medecine, law, engineering, architectual,science etc. and the riches are still not guaranteed. Want to get rich self employment is the way to go. Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will feed himself and others. A man that works with his hand will always have a job.

    • Caroneisha


  • Caroneisha

    OMG,does anyone of ya’ll know what gold diggin’ means? Cause half of these comments are making me think some of you don’t. Gold diggin’ means a person who seeks out someone SOLEY on how much money they make. Meaning when you see a man, in your mind the first thing you thinking bout is ” I wonder how much money he makes?” And if you feel he don’t make what you would like him to, you like “bye bye.” Then yes you are a gold digger, sorry. And these women are just that, they seek out men who makes a boat load of money and then they drop their charm on them just to catch them. I feel like people need to worry bout their own pockets and stop counting somebody elses money. Also people forget we are in America. Jus because this person is broke today, doesn’t mean they will be tomorrow. There are plenty of people kicking themselves because they was involved with a guy at one point who didn’t have this or that. So they left them for “better options,” but then they look up and he signing multimillion dollar deals and ish. Reminds me of the old saying my grandmother used to say: ‘ Be careful of the toes you step on in life, cause you never know if one day you look up and you have to kiss their a$$ just to make things better.” Another thing, that gets me is that people think rich people don’t gold digg, how do you think they stay rich?  And as far as this Padma chick goes yea she huslted old boy out of that money. She knew that wasn’t Teddy’s child but she lied and said it was so she could secure a place in his will. Then when Adam found out it was his he sued her for sole custody, but Teddy was dieing then so it didn’t matter. Cuz come on this man had two other kids, why would he just up and leave a trust fund for a child knowing that it wasn’t his? Mind you that when he died his worth was only 1.8 billion dollars. So somebody need to get their facts straight, cause they never said how much the trust fund was. But to each it own.

    • SB

      Dating up, dating down, dating black, dating white….someone ALWAYS has something to say! Geesh!  Can’t we all just get along.  

      • Caroneisha

        Yea it’s called having a opinion.

  • Shelshel

    who cares if they are gold diggers….dudes are the ones who is aware and giving them the attention. I know I’m not dating below my character. as I progress my taste in men does…..hahahaha i guess i’m a gold digger too?!

  • Surburban Soulja

    I know one thing..a woman who brings more to the table than her man is taking a hell of a gamble!  I spent my teens and 20’s on the “Long-Suffering, Ride-Or-Die Chic/He Got Potential and He Made a Promise” Fella——-and sho’ nuff LEARNED way more than I ever EARNED from such foolywang! 

    NO MORE assuaging a broke-dude’s fragile self-esteem by lying and saying I don’t mind he’s broke! NO MORE configuring my monthly budget to accomodate HIS financial needs! NO MORE “hoping for the best” while being nudged outta my sleep at night cuz he won’t let me sleep without “showing I really love him”….and ro refute his insecure-based claims that I “don’t wanna give [him] none cuz I’m probably —kin that square-a$$ boss I got in de big fancy office I work in!”

    Family Support/Social Services is overwhelmed with the children of these “Potential and Plans-Makers”. What about them? ???

    LADIES: Get your shovels out! Cuz I ain’t messin with no “broke-broke” EITHER!

    • Spyluked97

      You preach girl!!!! I have done the same, and refuse to any more.  Even my dad told me just last week that it was perfectly ok, for me to wait because trying to just fit somebody in not out of loneliness (Im past that but have been there too) but because I feel guilty because I want them to have at least what I do.  So when my daddy encourages he is always with the real, so guess what stays in my heart and my spirit.  🙂

      The ego stroking in and of itself is another job, getting clowned because I eat bagels for breakfast (dude they were free at my JOB), etc.  Or being brow beaten emotionally due to someone else’s fragile self esteem is abuse.  If I should be ok for dating them, they should be ok to date me and not feel the need to bring me down in some way to “their level.” I am thinking Martin and Gina style, they were were actors but Gina  made more money for a while, and their backgrounds made all the difference. They complimented each other in their differences, but never browbeat each other because of it (except for her head, and his mama) both issues that have nothing to do with their money.  

      It is exhausting driving to all the dates, picking all the fun things to do because they haven’t been to a restaurant in years, etc broadening your horizons costs NOTHING. I want them to have what I have or more so we can choose which car is going, whose house we are chilling at, whose frequent flyer miles we are using, etc 🙂 

      I agree some can be gold diggers, but I am not digging for gold. I desire respect first and when the tables are turned in the area of finances, men already struggling to find a place will happily set up camp in yours, and get comfortable, so in that, I make no apologies, but no judgment of their choices as I can only control mine.  



  • L-Boogie

    Interesting article.  Just one question, Does anyone really know if these women are gold diggers or do you simply assume because they hang with men who have money?  Also, Eve was a former stripper side fact.

  • MixedUpInVegas

    Well, the very rich have to date someone, right?  Would we call ANY woman who hangs with them in the stratosphere a gold digger?  Is there something inherently wrong with dating only successful men?
    Even in day-to-day life, it is not uncommon for the man in a couple to be making more money than the women he dates; that’s because women make around 70% of what men make who are similarly educated and employed.

    I’m all for women having high standards.  If high income men have tastes that are similar to other men–this is, flashy women–then they deserve what they get if those women are all exterior and no substance.  Can’t blame a woman for using what she has.

  • Here we go again, women are given names that are just outright degrading. We are called everything from gold diggers to cougars yet men escape being called anything when they do the exact same thing. Although I am not a fan of any of the women on this list, the bottom line is if they find a man who falls for the game then so be it. Look at it this way she is playing him and he is playing her so its all a big game. I don’t condone it but some of the women listed as gold diggers such as Kim Kardashian and Eve may not be exactly as they appear. Also what is wrong with dating someone with money, people should be able to date who they want and not be called names for doing so. Women have the right to be with whomever makes them happy just like men do and if they happen to be rich oh well that is their relationship all the rest of us can do is guess.

  • Norway45

    This is so stupid! What the next woman does is her business! Women who focus on other women are just jealous!!!

  • sahdiyah

    I honestly dont think that Amber is a gold digger. You have to look at the facts: Kanye reached out to HER. He is one of the biggest entertainers in the world so is it her fault that he became smitten and wanted to share his wealth with her? No. What was she to do, say “Oh no Kanye keeps those Loubs, Imm just put on these Steve Maddens.” Be serious! Once you date someone as high profile as that you dont go digging back in the bottom of the barrel. I guess she was supposed to get off first class and ride coach bc she wasnt with him anymore. Ive actually met her in person and no I didnt have a one on one convo with her but she was very approachable and seemed like a genuinely nice person.

    • Guest

      Not trying to be difficult but the fact that she seemed approachable and nice doesn’t mean she can’t be a gold digger. Just saying. 

  • Mls2698

    Bruce Jenner made lots of money from being on that cereal box. So, Kim k. was taught very well.


    Let these women go for what they know. It’s not going to last and in all likelihood they will get cast aside for someone better looking.

    • Kath

      Just as long as they’ve achieved a ROI. I doubt these women are even thinking long term. Use what you have now, is what I endorse..

  • maggie

    I have mixed feelings about this too.  On one hand, wealthy men want beautiful women so they have to just be smart for themselves if they are willing to forego substance for an arm trophy.  On the other hand, as a black woman reaching a postgraduate degree it is hard to date “down.”  I have done it a few times and it seems that the ‘good guy who needs a little push’ is rare–almost wishful thinking.

  •  Please, I about to graduate college and I’m not dating any man who isn’t above or on my level of education!

    • JaneDoe

      As you shouldn’t. I tried that dating beneath me and trying to help my man get on my level. It doesn’t work. Men get toooooo comfortable. I am not saying a man needs to be wealthy but as I have grown and dated men who are established and are working on their craft their is no way that  I can go backwards. And as my child gets older and if I was to ever have a lil girl I will tell her the same thing.

      • Peaches100

        @JANEDOE I know what you mean! I was with someone who earned less than me and it didn’t work out. It was so hard emotionally and I have to say that you have no choice but to look for someone on our level or above it. It seems a bit harsh but I believe a woman has to give up too much emotional as well as financially. That’s why I don’t think Eve should be on this list. She is doing the sensible thing in my mind. 

    • Kath

      Girl, I love you! And if he’s on par academically, he’d better be earning significantly more.

  • FromUR2UB

    I’ve developed mixed feelings about it.  In my youth, I never cared about the kind of car a guy drove, or other trappings; couldn’t do it now.  I never encouraged my daughters to seek guys for their monetary wealth or material possessions, because I instilled in them they should work for their own.  But, it’s foolish for a woman to love a man who has nothing to offer her.  I don’t mean while he’s in college, or struggling to build a career or business; instead, I mean the kind of men that some women have babies with, who don’t have jobs or even their own cars, can’t eat unless someone feeds him. Loving someone only for who they are is just a bunch of bunk! 

    • guest

      I agree with you on that, I know money don’t make a person, but I need to know that my man is financially stable or about something. I’m not going to be with no man with nothing in their pockets or have nothing to offer. So when the bill need to be paid I have to pay all of it, I don’t mean if something would happened to my man like he lose his money tomorrow I’m going to leave him because I know his heart but when I first meet you, you better be about something by already have your career but if you don’t that okay, but at least have a job and if it’s not a good job but you’re on the path of getting a better one or you going to school. Because I’m pretty sure as a man you couldn’t care how beautiful I was if was empty headed.

      • FromUR2UB

        Exactly.  If a guy has been good to you, then something happens and you have to be the one who holds things together for a while, that’s different.  But a man who won’t work and has no prospects for a job?  Forget it.  Anyway, men don’t waste their time with women who they think are completely useless.

        • GM_I

          “Anyway, men don’t waste their time with women who they think are completely useless”

          A great quote to explain why so many women in America are single and unmarried lol XD

          • FromUR2UB

            Well, I didn’t mean to imply that men’s judgments are always sound.  Just that they don’t put much time into women who don’t serve the purposes they value.  If you’re implying that a woman’s marital status is an indicator of her quality, then how do you explain two guys having married Karrine Steffans, AFTER she’d earned the ‘Superhead’ moniker?  The quality of the man also determines what he values in a woman.  So, if she is an example of a woman that many men might find “worthy”, then I don’t think unmarried women should feel bad.

  • Leakker

    Knowing your financially secure is realistic but when it is considered above sincerety and true love or instead of?  Something is wrong.  When it is a priority it is one thing but when it is a woman’s or a man’s first priority for that matter in my view the person IS a golddigger.

  • Brand_new_bn

    Thsts retarded. Kim had money b4 she was w/ ray j. When she met him she was a stylistic for a couple of stars including his sister Brandish & he hadn’t even released an album yet. Besides,her inheritance, from her deceased father is prolly more than any if the other guys will ever have

    • DrennaB

      Yes, she was a stylist but she was not one we’d ever seen. Sure, her father left her $$ but we still didn’t know her. That’s why I mentioned in the beginning that it isn’t necessarily all about money but it also includes possibly fame, gain of power or other factors.

      Kim IS an opportunist. IMO, she wouldn’t have had this fame had it not be for Ray-J and Reggige Bush. My question is: is it wrong or is it smart?

      • guest

        To me Kim is not a gold digger because she had money before those man came into her life. How do you think most rich people stay rich, they usually marry someone who are richer or as rich as them, Ray-J didn’t make her famous her video made her famous just like Paris Hilton. So for Kim is not money, she want fame and power and the only way to get them is by being a celebrity so you are right about her being an opportunist in that case.

        • Truthhurtz

          Just because a person already has money doesn’t mean they can’t be a gold digger. 

    • Spyluked97

      You making up stuff. Kim and Brandy were friends for many years.  She was a stylist, but her only client before the video was  RAY J. (check your info).  She had no other clients and was only given the title stylist by Ray J because she was married and they were ….. Well you know…making videos.   In all of her credits (I wouldn’t take any from her) she has NEVER called herself a stylist on her resume, not once… it all came AFTER the video…..

  • LiiSH

    Padma Lakshmi hustled that money. I mean if you have to date why not exclusively date billionaires? I mean yeah it was def. unscrupulous if the billionaire who left her daughter the money didn’t know that it wasn’t his child (but he might have known and not cared). It seems it really didn’t matter who the father was if all possible contenders were billionaire the kid was going to be taken care of financially.Karrine Steffans is not a gold digger, not a successful one anyway. Her kid is by the notably not ballin’ Kool G Rap.She married Darrius McCrary and is now married to an unnamed un-famous regular Jo who she admits she foots the bill for.She may have been a ho, but gold digger specifically sets out to get money. Unsuccessful gold diggers are just groupies.

    • bigbuffy

      She and all the other broads mentioned are still gold diggers. Kool G Rap is balling, he’s doing a lot better than you. And Darrius McCrary is wealthy for life but since you are a hood rat you didn’t know that actors and rappers receive residuals and royalties.

      • LiiSH

        Because obviously you know my financial situation…. Chile please. You need to stop riding my opinion so hard.

        Darrius McCrary may be set for life. I never said he wasn’t. I know about residuals, royalties, and syndication. I also know that while they pay, they don’t pay as well as you may think. Without additional endorsements or mutimillion dollar endeavors, wealth is a far off word for a child star who wasn’t even the main character and didn’t have additional merchandising. (If he were Jaleel White maybe…) However that isn’t even the point, Karrine got with him after she had become an established and best selling author with her own money. It was by her admission that she was footing the bill for him too.

        In the case of Kool G Rap… He may be set for life also. But again wealth is a far off word. Successful Gold diggers notably chase after men who have earning potential that is rising, Kool G Rap’s is not. It wasn’t when Karrine got with him either. So like I said she was not a successful gold digger. Sucessful being the operative word.

        • bigbuffy

          LOL, first, Chile is a country in South America so take your ebonics speaking azz back to adult school and get your GED. Secondly, you are changing what you said because you are a complete idiot so piss off and go eat some fried chicken and watermelon.

          • The moment you started became racists is the moment your argument becomes invalided. So crawl back into the cesspool you come from.

          • LiiSH

            No my argument was simply that she isn’t a successful gold digger. But since you are too busy spewing your ignorance to actually comprehend, I will let you get back to that and direct you to my earlier comment, you need to stop riding my opinion so hard.

            Sheesh some commenters kill me being all rude behind a screen. Lol thank you for being my entertainment though. I appreciate the laugh. You have a good day.

          • Guest

            WTF is it with you racist f*****g pigs? Can’t you have a discussion without it getting racist? Guess not, your ignorance is showing…