Are They Related? Black Celebs (And Non-Black Celebs) Who Look Like They Could Be Siblings

March 23, 2012  |  
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by Marissa Ellis

With all the billions of people in the world, there are some who are bound to look alike, even without being related, and even without sharing the same ethnicity. Check out the celebrities who we think bear an uncanny resemblance to each other.

Trina and Lala

Maybe it was their light eyes that attracted Trina and Lala to one another. These besties/look-alikes are a tight pair, with the Miami-based rapper often making appearances on Lala’s VH1 reality show. Their similar appearance should have Lala worried about Trina though, rather than her husband’s assistant Asani. We see how Reggie Bush pursued the look-a-like version of his ex Kim K after all.

Shakira and Beyonce

Bey is often accused of stealing choreography from her Colombian pop star Shakira, but the sultry singer doesn’t seem to mind all that much, seeing that Bey is her sister from another mother. The two teamed up for the collaboration Beautiful Liar which failed (miserably) to live up to the hype surrounding both pop icons. It seemed like these two were more focused on showing just how much they resemble each other in the video rather than focusing on producing a hit track.

photo credit:

Dorian Gregory and Vin Diesel

You’ve probably seen actor Dorian Gregory before and assumed it was Vin Diesel with a tan. Gregory isn’t as big of a star as Diesel obviously but he keeps himself busy on the acting circuit. Fun fact: Gregory was the last host of Soul Train, replacing Shemar Moore in 2003.

photo credit:

Pam Grier and Salli Richardson

If there is a bio-pic in the works about Blaxploitation Queen Pam Grier, we know exactly who should be cast as the leading lady: Salli Richardson of course! We wonder…are they really related?

photo credit:

Terry Ellis and Holly Robinson Peete

These two besties and semi-twins met on the set of Hanging with Mr. Cooper in 1992 when En Vogue recorded the theme song to Robinson’s sitcom. As they describe it, it was BFF love at first sight. Ellis was a bridesmaid in Robinson’s wedding to Rodney Peete three years later and they have been tight ever since.

photo credit:


Yvette Nicole Brown and Sherri Shepard

Personally, I don’t think these two look alike but much of America apparently does. The joke about their similar looks was highlighted one night on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, when Andy Cohen invited both actresses on. They both joked about how they get mixed up for each other all the time. But the crazy moment on that show came when a viewer called in and asked Brown how it felt to be in “The Help.” Brown said she wouldn’t know because that was Octavia Spencer, not her, who was in the film. LOL! Something about actresses who have a little weight to them confuses folks…

photo credit:

Kourtney Kardashian and Amerie 

Who knew that an Armenian-American and a Blasian could look so much alike?

photo credit:

Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian

Speaking of Kardashians, the most famous of the K Klan is often compared to Pussycats singer Nicole Scherzinger. What do you think? Do they bear a striking resemblance?


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  • Melodie Jai

    Michael Ealy and Evan Ross look alike to me

  • alasia min

    Stop calling mixed people black!

  • keekee

    Trina and Mimi from love and hip hop look alike

  • ButterfliesNFairies

    I’m confused. LaLa isn’t black? You people are idiots.

  • Pebanks2

    Why are the people on Madame Noire so stupid. Vin Diesel is part black, but never wants to admit it.

  • sazon

    How could you guys forget Blair Underwood and actor Don Franklin (he played “Stan” on Girlfriends/”Greg Martenson” on the Cosby Show). They look like twins.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Don’t get the Dorian Gregory-Vin Diesel thing. You guys realize Diesel is HALFrican American, right?

  • njoyabl

    I have an aunt who looks like the splitting image of Pam Grier. And she really is black! They can do better!

  • diannna

    For the record, They may not share the same ethnicity but lala and trina share the same race, difference is lala may have other races in her blood more than trina but being latina has nothing to do with race, latino is an ethnicity, culture, language, music, food, arts, customs but race is a total different thing. You can be black, asian, white, indigenous and still be latino

    for example, the great celia cruz is cubana ethnic wise but racial wise she was black
    pitbull is cubano ethnic wise but racial wise he leans more to the white race
    the new bachelor Juan Pablo is latino specifically Venezuelan but racial wise he’s white and stupid ABC thought they were doing people of color a favor by having a ” latino” on their show but stupid ABC is ignorant to see that he’s a white latino so that didn’t help. People wanted to see an indigenous latino or black person or asian but not white for a change.

    Look at sammy sosa, jon secada, pele, they all look black so racial wise they are negro as we say in spanish but ethnic wise son latinos.

  • Melissa Brown

    N. Campbell and E. Pigford (forget skintone), just the eyes, nose and faceshape in some pictures.

  • kb

    I also think that Lea Remini (King of Queens) and Sammi Sweetheart (Jersey Shore) resemble one another. Uma Thurman and Tyra Banks look alike. Tyler Perry and Michael Strahan remind me of one another. Jada Pinkett and Dominique Daws. Phaedra and Quad (Married to Medicine).

  • kb

    I thought that I was the only one who thought that Benicio Del Torio and Terrance Howard resembled one another. They even sound alike.

  • nyx

    Yall forgot drew sidora and megan good, i swear those two were seperated at birth lol

  • Nicole

    those are contacts in Trina’s eyes

  • Hanna

    NO! Some one needs their eyes checked.

  • LalaPoe

    none of these ppl look alike in any way

  • NachoAverage

    The title of the article is misleading… I was expecting sumthin different (???) I GUESS!!!

  • shay lanay

    Am I the only one who thinks Lil Mama ans Bow Wow look alike? Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian don’t look alike to me

  • Missedwards

    Sherri sheapard looks like Loni Love to me.

  • Nita

    ive always thought kourtney kardashian and amerie looked alike

  • jojo

    It’s time for some DNA on Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps somebody is lying lol. Brothers or Cousin pick your choice!

  • i like this.. thanks

  • jojo

    They got it right! Terry Ellis and Holly Robinson Peete do look like sisters.

  • jojo

    They got it right! Pam Grier and Salli Richardson looks like mother and daughter.

  • Lola B

    Amel Larrieux and Cladette Ortiz from City High look like mother and daughter

    Derek Luke and Kerry washingtons husband Nnamdi Asomugha

  • Jessica2248

    LMAO! I can’t believe there are people actually arguing and getting angry at each other over some other person’s ethnicity. LOL!! Seriously? Jesus take the wheel!

  • kimmiexsweetie

    What about Trina Braxton and Ashanti?!!

    • lola B

      I agree

  • Shakira and Beyonce look so hot.

  • marving390

    Terry Ellis and Holly Robinson Peete look like twins

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  • Beauty is her name

    Well with some of the people we know they can look like each other. They probably went into the plastic surgeons office and asked for a specific celebs look. Some people go to the same surgeons offices too and you can tell a certain surgeons work. Would not doubt that Kim K went to the plastic surgeon and asked for Nicoles Look because a lot of women in Los Angeles go to the Dr. and get that same look. Some people are spot on Holly Robinson and the woman from En Vogue.. .

  • I think things like this goto show how closely related we are all to each other, different race or not!

  • Shakira and Beyonce DO NOT look alike…AT ALL! Get off the gas please! Especially if Beyonce took out that weave!

  • lybis

    I have always thought that Will Smith looks and sounds incredible like Elvis Presley when Elvis was young. That half smile WIll does, the face and eyes, the sound of his voice.  Yep exactly like Elvis!

  • Craigslistdodge

    I’m confused…Nicole from Pussycat Dolls is black?

  • I love this edit feature in the comment section.

  • starlet518

    I used to constantly confuse Terri Ellis & Holly Robinson Peete when I was younger. they’re almost identical!

  • JaneDoe

    Aisha Tyler and Charlize Theron. Seriously

  • Ok your list was too short. How about Jennifer Lopez AND Kate Hudson? yeah…

    • NachoAverage

      OMG! I thought i was the only 1 who thought that!!

      • Deena

        Nope, lol

  • Guest

    How about Terrence Howard & Benicio Del Toro?? OMG!!

  • cokewhitebmw

    A more accurate article title would have been Celebs Who Look Like They Could Be Siblings. Not all of the examples are black vs. non-black. For example Vin Diesel is mixed with black, Holly is black, LaLa is black (blatino).

  • nolaDiva

    LaLa and Raven symone look a lot alike!!  Especially since raven’s weight loss.  Alsom Nic Cannon and the dude who played the fly skater in Roll Bounce!

  • um you totally forgot about Lela Ronchon and Robin Givens I always used to mixed those two up

  • Guest

    Wow, it is uncanny the resemblance between Terry Ellis and Holly Peete Robinson and Pam Grier and Sally Richardson.  I guess as they say everyone has a twin.

  • Ona2684

    I cannot get over Kourtney and Amarie! I also cant get over how thin Salli Richardson got, she’s very pretty but she could stand to gain like 10 lbs.

  • WaitingontheworldtoChange

    The only ones that look alike to me are Amerie and Kourtney along with Kim and Nicole…that’s it!
    Come on guys can do much better, i can’t remember now but i’ve seen blacks and whites that look so much alike the only difference is their skin color.

  • Nikki Collette

    Vin Diesel has a black parent which makes him black!

  • tt

    umm, are you trying to imply that lala is not black? she has stated several times that she is black latina. damn, you do know that the african diaspora spread to many parts of the world and there are many black latinos in several latin countries.

  • I’ve been saying beyonce and shakira resemble for YEARS

  • Etomi

    I’ve always thought that Paula Patton and Whitney Houston had a remarkable resemblance to one another, down to the sly, one-sided, wicked grin.  Anybody else think so?

  • Those are not Trina’s real eyes LOL!

  • MissRae

    I agree Terry Ellis and Holly does look alike along with Amerie and Courtney , Pam Grier & Salli, Omar and Mike Tomlin.  Just other mention I think Shelia E (especially back in the day) looks like Nicole. Also , Rihanna and Crystle Stewart, from For Better or Worse look alike.

  • miche

    people tend to look alike because we all descended from one man and one woman…”Adam and Eve”…says so in the bible for those who think that’s outdated, check out Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., he said the same thing!!

  • you forgot sandra bullock and michael jackson….

    • mlw1924


    • Deena

      Always thought that! Lol, love them both though! 🙂

  • Ifuaskme2

    MAJOR FAIL! Trina has contacts and a weave, La La is natural. Bey and Shakira? Really? Shakira must feel insulted. Try again.

  • PeachCirocWitMe

    they should have mentioned Zoe Saldana & Jada Pinkett.

  • cyp225

    Good picks! You could have shown Nicki Minaj as a young Chaka Kahn.

    • Ashlee

       That’s disrespectful

  • OMG, Terri n Holly r twins, tht’s it I won’t accept anythng else lol

  • Brownsugar070

     You forgot the biggest one of em all….. Kadeem Hardison & Regina King !!! lol

  • Rebecca

    You also forgot to add Derek Luke and Tika Sumpter. They both can pass for brothers and sisters

  • Skinnypip

     Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps  same stock…different look

  • Skinnypip

     Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian they look alike only in this picture

  • Skinnypip

     Kourtney Kardashian and Amerie they probably look similar in a few pictures but thats it…the build, structure, and facial features from videos that i have seen are not alike

  • Skinnypip

     Yvette Nicole Brown and Sherri Shepard they do have a similar vibe…if you are white and think all black people look alike you would probably add Octavia Spencer to the mix…

  • Skinnypip

    i always thought Holly Robinson and Terry Ellis look similar…

  • salie richadson also black

  • lala is black and so is trina. vin disel is also bi-racial so who ever put those comparisons did not do their homework

  • Yum_pankakes

    word to the wise, Lala is Black,  a Black Latina.

    • Yum_pankakes

      please disregard the above ^post^. i regretfully mis-read the article heading.

  • America Ferrera & Jordin Sparks

  • googlemaps

    diana ross daughter and essence atkins look a like. kim whitley and jackee harry, lloyd and the cleveland indians logo, chris rock and mario, tyra banks and tais araujo (and/or beyonce), viola davis and oprah? wyclef and,b.o.b and dave chapelle, bruno mars and tahj mowry, tracy morgan and louis armstrong.

    • lola B

      essence atkins resemble tia and tamara so much so that people thought they were triplets for years.

  • Chiciteecheckingmyself

    QUESTION:  If Amerie hadn’t gotten a nose job; would it lend
    her more of an ethnic appearance? (or IS that why she got that
    procedure? in attempt TO alter the ethnicity of her appeareance?)


    very good…PAM & SALLI its very hard to believe that’s not her little sister or her daughter

  • Rae

    LaLa may be Latina, but she is a BLACK woman nonetheless. So…..

  • Tagirl

    Holly and Terri’s resemblance is amazing and they’re BFF’s. Omar and Mike Tomlin resemblance is crazy too. Kourtney & Amerie do resemble but I’m not seeing Kim and Nicole. Nicole is much prettier, imo.

  • Dina

    i think robin givens and reese witherspoon should be on here too

    • guest

      eve and reese witherspoon look more alike than robin givens she doesn’t look like either one of them they both have the same face shape and the pointy sharp chin they look like sisters from another mother.

  • Guest

    half these people that ya’ll characterized as non-black have African heritage wth

  • Vickiesecret

    oh and you cant forget the infamous chins duo jay leno and natalie nunn lmfao!!! ok im done.

  • Vickiesecret

    what about angelina jolie and K.D aubert or chris brown and shannon brown, brothers from diffrent mothers maybe lol same last name too. maybe poppa was a rooling stone lls.

    • lola B

      I always thought jolie was a black angelina jolie

  • Ieichie Ie

    I’d add Naomi Campbell ans Jessica White. They also look alike!

  • Kenya

    Beautiful liar did not fail , it was hot in other countries , I personally thought it was creative and how in the video they played mind tricks on us trying to figure out who was who . Anywho carry on

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  • britchick91

     the only resemblance between most of these examples are the weaves 

  • Djones157

    June Ambrose and Tasha Smith looks alike

  • whatever

    shakira and mariah Carey look alike more than her and beyonce. and fyi vin deisel is black!!

  • Chanda

    With all of the other suggestions, looks like MN are gonna have to a part 2 of this list next week.

  • Chanda

    La La and Nicole Richie

    • Inez

       La la wished she looked like Nicole Richie so you must be joking? Lala has a huge nose is a thousand shades darker and wears gignatic weaves Nicole is natural and doesn’t wear weaves.

      • Truth

        So being darker maker her more unattractive? PLus there is nothing wrong with Lala’s nose – stop the hate!

  • hampton

    Kim and Nicloe DO NOT LOOK ALIKE!!!!

  • adrienne michelle

    you forgot about isaiah washington and don cheadle…or it that just me??

    • Aribt

      just you

  • what about rachel blanchard and alicia sivlerstone

  • only number’s 5,7 & 9 are convincing in my opinion. especially #5 wow look too much alike.

  • GoogleQueenB

    you guys dont have Tracee Ellis Ross and the Lady from the Chew, Zoe Saldana and Jada or Zoe and Thandie, Terrance J and trey Songz, Shari headley and Selita Ebanks, America Ferrera and Jordin Sparks, Goapele and Rosario Dawson, Nicki Minaj and Chaka Khan, Chris Brown ans Basketball Player Shannon Brown, theres more….ill be back

  • God_mc2k3


  • Csmil06

    im mad you guys dont have Tracee Ellis Ross and the Lady from The Chew (who was also on Top Chef….i think), Jada and Zoe, or Zoe and Thandie. You dont have Shari Headley and Selita Ebanks, Trey Songz and Terrance J from 106, America Ferrera and Jordin Sparks, and more to thing of….ill be back

  • Here’s another one

    Jackee Harry and Kim Whitley. They could be sisters or 1st cousins at least…IMO.

  • Al

    Vin Diesel look more like Tim Howard than
    Dorian Gregory.

  • Tevind

    Vin Diesel is half black stupid …damn I hate bloggers

  • MissEngineer

    What about Plies and Kirk Franklin? lol

    • Passing thru

      They are related. Their brothers.

      • Dani


  • Ms. K

    I’m a bit confused with most up here because although most of them do look alike most of them were of the same race. I think whoever wrote this article got so caught up with who looks like who they forgot what the actual topic was. LOL

  • Angeljones80

    What about Robert Horry and Will Smith…they look alike.  

  • debbie allen and judy reyes, even though judy is black dominican 

  • Fred

    Lala & Trina both look like drag queens with big weaves.

  • Hallie

    Beyonce and Shakira look nothing a like. Although I think Bey would love if she looked like Shakira. Amerie and Kourtney Kardashian look nothing a like. Amerie had two nose jobs while Kourtney had none. 

    • Holly

      Nobody wants to look like Shakira and Amerie is prettier than Kourney.

  • EEEEW at kim k’s eyebrowns

    • Jolie

      I think that was her old face. Her new one is pulled way tighter!

  • Steph

    IDK, I think Lala and “long flowy hair” Solange Knowles look more a like than Trina looks like Lala. 

  • Sid

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  • Netdandri

    Tracey Ellis Ross and that girl from The Chew.
    Jada Pinket Smith and Zoe Saldana
    Jordon Sparks and America Ferrarah (sp?)

    • Netdandri

      Also, Jaleel White and Gregory Hines. I never noticed until someone said that on Dancing with the Stars the other day.

      • just sayin

        I think Jaleel White looks like Bob Johnson. 

    • Lv

      I can see Jordan and America. I also think Jordan Sparks and Kim Fields sister looks so much alike to me in the face. They have similar smiles. I can see Jada and Zoe.

  • Stlposhgirl

    Vin Diesel is mixed, black and white.  Why do you all have him listed here on the non-black side? 

  • tee tee

    Good list except beyonce n shakira.l think shakira looks better.Beyonce just wearing a nappy wig.shakirahair all natural.

    • The Real Mrs. PR Nelson

       Please do research as SHAKIRA is wearing BLEACHED BLONDE hair and extensions (aka) WEAVE So she is FAR from NATURAL. Goggle pics to see what SHAKIRA and her hair & face looked like BEFORE fame if you want to believe she is natural

      • Chanda

        I remember when Shakira had long, dark, wavy hair and people compared her to Alanis Morrisette. Tee Tee must’ve not seen earlier images of Shakira during the 90s.

      • Patrice

         Shakira is half Arab and she also had a huge Arafat nose before she had it shaved down several inches.

    • Chilleeeee

      This beyonce hate is just people will take any given opportunity to come for beyonce . Sad

    • Tomas

       I think Beyonce looks better. There is nothing naturak about Shakira’s plastic surgery face and her blaond weave.

  • IllyPhilly

    How does Beyonce look like Shakira? That pose? 

    • Liz

      They had the same hair style but they look nothing alike as you see the in picture.

      • IllyPhilly

         LOL. I thought it was me and the Vin Diesel? Who need their eyes checked?

  • Terry Ellis and Holly Robinson Peete look just alike!

    • Aunt Juicy

      OMG, they look so much alike it’s scary

    • biglittlemason3

      They are the only 2 on the list that I think are true to form as far as looking alike goes. They could easily pass for twins….very pretty ladies.

  • Tallchiick

    @Marissa Ellis, I think you should have worded the title differently b/c some peole fail to get it..she said some of these black celebrities bare striking resemblances to other celebrities (sometimes if they’re not even the same race)…its not white vs black…

  • ME

    I see the resemblance in all of them except for LaLa and Trina.    Beyonce stole Shakira style.  Here’s some more for ya – Ciara and Wanda Sykes,  Mary J Blige and Free, Octavia Spencer and Sherri Shepherd,  chris Brown and Shannon Brown.  Trey Songs and Terrence J. 

    • No ma’am

      How & when did beyonce steal shakira style? I believe Beyonce’s had blond hair most of her entire career ?

      • Gloria

         Beyonce imitates the style of Tina Turner and no one else. If anything Shakira tried to steal Tina Turner’s style and claim it as her own.

  • Lisa

    Kim and Nicole do not look alike. The only thing they have in common is they like to have a black penis in their mouth. Nicole and Roselyn Sanchez look like twins though. Shannon Brown and Chris Brown could be brothers

  • Put it on 1 page

    Not going through all of these links!

  • Looks more like Nicole

  • Mresa2000

    ..and why isn’t Sally black?

    • Tagirl

       Sally is black. The article is about Black(and non-black celebs who look alike not Black & Non-black celebs who look alike. That simply means that the celebs may or may not be black. Holly & Terry, Mike & Omar and several others are black.

  • ThaTruthful1

    Y’all forgot Nick Cannon and Marlon Wayans, Raven and LisaRaye,  Deborah Cox and Michelle Obama.

    • Deedee_404

      ha! you made me go look up a pic of deboah cox

    • Jolie

      Wow…I doubted the Deborah Cox and Michelle Obama at first but you’re right!

    • Kandykane

      I don’t see the deborah cox michelle obama thing…

  • lakendra

    Awhile back, I use to think Kim and Nicole was the same person.

    • Lv

      I did too.

  • FabienneDesrameaux

    y trina always look high?

  • Kay

    I thought I was the only one that thought Amerie& Kourtney looked alike

  • Momo

    OMGoodness that was crazy! Those people favor so much!

  • Anon

    Umm Trina and Lala are both black lol!

    • Anon

      Ohhhhhh ok the title was misleading. I thought they meant black celebs that had other celebs that were not black that looked so similar you’d think they were siblings.  My bad.

    • Gforiest26

      Ummmmm no. Lala is not black she is puerto rican.

      • OMSS

        Umm, yes she is! She is a Black Latina…

        • lala is not black she stressed that very much in the past about how she is latino and not black lol

          • M

            “Latino” is officially not a race – since Latinos can be fair skinned, dark
            skinned and everything in between, from many different racial backgrounds,
            (Spanish, Indigenous Indian, African, etc.)

            “Latino” is an ethnicity.
            Ethnicity, as defined by the dictionary is: “ethnic traits, background,
            allegiance, or association.” Ethnic is defined as “pertaining to or
            characteristic of a people, esp. a group (ethnic group) sharing a common and
            distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.”

          • The Real Mrs. PR Nelson

             Lala has stated that she is a  B L A T I N A  of African and Puerto Rican descent……I am going to provide you a DIRECT QUOTE so these rumors will D I E

            La La: I don’t know why! I am a Black-Puerto Rican.

            Bossip: Well,  a lot of Afro-Latinos don’t want to
            be recognized for being “Black,” only Latino (Sammy Sosa, Daddy Yankee,
            Even Fat Joe Unless He’s Rapping,):

            La La: Not me, I embrace being a Black-Puerto Rican
            and think we are plentiful and do exist! I am more “black” than people
            think. I would never shun that part of me and my marriage and the way I
            conduct MYSELF in public should speak volumes for what I stand for. I
            speak fluent Spanish as well, so why deny that intricacy of my makeup?

        • Oxamara Garcia

           There is no such thing as a Black Latina that is an oxymoron she is only Puerto Rican.

          • Tifrobryh

            She is half black and half puerto rican… wtf?????? You are an idiot

          • you don’t know what the fck you are talking about 
            nosotros boricuas are everywhere idiot!

      • Deedee_404

        That just makes her a BLACK Latina



          • Bklynlady71

            As a Black Puerto Rican I find your comments EXTREMELY insulting. You obviously do not know the full history of our culture. Why does someone freely embracing their full racial history infuriate you so much (all caps over the internet is so childish). I’m going to assume that you know that Puerto Rican’s are a mixture of Taino Indians, Spaniards, and Africans. While my ethnic background is Puerto Rican I am most definitely Black. I know there are certain members of the Hispanic community who would like to fully assimilate but there are also those of us your are proud of our full heritage. Education is a terrible thing to waste you really should consider in investing.

            • Do tell her stupid self! Such stupidity and ignorance should be against the law!!!

          • observing

            Her ethnicity is Puerto Rican…her race is Black… they are two different things and she is both. Just like a Black person is either a Black American, Black Haitian, Black Italian, etc. Her skin color is Black – not Puerto Rican Garcia. She is then a Black Puerto Rican because her skin color dictates it and she did not get it from a tan. That is perhaps the problem with people who choose to remain absent minded with this very simple difference in meaning… race = skin color; ethnicity = culture; two very different things that can be combined…

      • Nope

        There is a difference between ethnicity, nationality and culture. 

        Lala’s ethnicity is African (afrocaribbean, a mixture of West African, European and Native American), her nationality is American and her culture is Puerto Rican. 

        • Nitty

          Thank you.
          i keep telling all these matter how much they put that ugly bleach on your hair doesn’t change the fact that you are black.all of y’all are a product of african slaves..everyone wana be anything else but black..embrace yourself…puertoricans,Dominicans,Mexicans,cubans..all of y’all
          .unless you are frm spain u are black too..n please that blonde color on your hair is ugly n does not go w.your color..My black is beautiful anyone????

    • Oxamara Garcia

       They certainly aren’t latina they don’t look Latin at all.

    • Tifrobryh

      LaLa VAZQUEZ… her mother is latino.  I’m not sure about her dad, but she is definitely half latino.

    • They’re both Afro-Latina. La is Puerto Rican and Trina is Dominican on her father’s side.

  • Bre

    Tristan Wilds & Michael Ealy, Chris Brown & Shannon Brown.

    • Netdandri

      lol When I first saw Shannon Brown I thought he looked like Chris Brown. I would never mistake one for the other, but they do favor.

      Tristen Wilds and Michael Ealy do look like they could be younger and older brother now that you mention it.

  • ValdaDeDieu

    On an unrelated note, the BURNING question here: Does someone at MN have it in for Beyonce? Rarely is there a comment about her on MN without a bit of snark/hater-ade thrown in. Most of the other “resemblance” couples’ commentary merely had a question for this audience. Beyonce and Shakira’s bit mentioned about a collaboration “that failed to live up to the hype.”  Qui bono?

    Being a writer, curiosity is my wont. I’d like to see what this MN “Admin/Ellis” looks like–and, learn about her accomplishments (or lack thereof.)

    I have a theory as to whence this “hatred” comes…(and it ain’t pretty.)

    • Ms_Mara

      Haha, I knew it wasn’t just me who noticed it.

      • ValdaDeDieu

        It’s so obvious it’s become really tedious and pathetic…

    • Kenya

      Yep uncalled for shade was thrown ,as always, at beyonce .

      • ValdaDeDieu

        It’s called E N V Y…and it is U G L Y …

    • Suburban Soulja

      Somefolks all around this PLANET have it in for Beyonce. She gives self-hating females SO MUCH to envy her for! On another note; my question burns too: If Amerie hadn’t gotten a nose job; would it lend her more of an ethnic appearance? (or IS that why she got that procedure? in attempt TO alter the ethnicity of her appeareance?)

      • Dee

        Guess what? I’m not self-hating. I have a tremendous amount of confidence and I just don’t like her music. Everybody doesn’t have to like Beyonce the celebrity or her music. That doesn’t mean they’re self-hating, envious, or a hater. Get over it. Dayum!!!! And about Amerie: How would we know? That’s something you’ll have to ask her. Ugh!!!! Your post just made me incredibly tired. You’re stretching the post way too much honey. Relax

    • Suburban Soulja

      Somefolks all around this PLANET have it in for Beyonce. She gives self-hating females SO MUCH to envy her for! On another note; my question burns too: If Amerie hadn’t gotten a nose job; would it lend her more of an ethnic appearance? (or IS that why she got that procedure? in attempt TO alter the ethnicity of her appeareance?)

      • ValdaDeDieu

        I let people call themselves (or view themselves) as whatever they wish. It’s smart to never get involved in arguments regarding people’s ethnicity. If your skin is coal black and you tell me you’re white–why then, that’s what you are! So much simpler…

        In the end, all skin becomes dust anyway–so what was all the fighting worth? We all have to answer to God (whether we believe in Her/Him or not) and it’s our soul that’s going to count.

    • Ayishagreen30

      “Beautiful Liar” was commercially successful. It peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and experienced the largest upward movement on that chart until 2008. The song peaked at number one in many European countries, including France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Its accompanying music video was directed by Jake Nava, incorporates belly dancing moves. “Beautiful Liar” won the Most Earthshattering Collaboration award at the 2007 MTV Video Music Award. The song has been included on Knowles’ set list during her world tours since 2007.
       [hide] 1 Conception and recording 2 Composition 3 Release 4 Critical reception 5 Chart performance 6 Music video 7 Live performances 8 Formats and track listings 9 Credits 10 Charts and certifications 10.1 Weekly charts 10.2 Bello Embustero (Spanish Version) 10.3 Year-end charts 10.4 Certifications 10.5 Chart precession and succession 11 Release history 11.1 Radio adds 11.2 Purchasable release 12 References

      • ValdaDeDieu

        You really know your research!  Kudos…I loved the video myself; I love Beyonce, and I’ve been a fan of Shakira since 1998, when she used to sing only in Spanish, and her hair was black braids/locks. However, she looks great as a blond; it’s a good look for crossover appeal…

  • Guest

    I’ve always thought Kourtney K and Amerie had a really uncanny resemblance! From a quick glance they could even pass as twins IMO.

    I also would have added Alicia Keys and a young Lena Horne. There is a serious resemblance, especially in these black and white pics I saw comparing them once. It was once rumoured that Alicia would play Lena in a bio-pic, and I’d love to see that happen.

  • madison

    i’ve said kim k and nicole resemble from the jump.
    amerie and kourtney favor a lot tooand i’m speechless for terry and holly … O_O

  • awet

    Nicole Scherzinger’s twin is Roslyn Sanchez. I just recently found out they were two different people. And yes Amerie post-plastic surgery looks like Kortney, but not naturally. 

    • Helena

       Nicole looks much better than Sanchez. Sanchez has had two nose jobs while Nicole is natural. Sanchez wished she looked like Nicole.

      • blackebony

        Actually, Nicole Sherzinger had also a nose job.

    • Lv

      Nicole is looking like Sheila E in that pic to me.

      • biglittlemason3

        Agreed, always thought she reminded me of Sheila E, and maybe Appalonia a bit.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I’m still not sure that Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps are two different people.  Has anyone seen them in a room together at the same time?

    • Janee

      Haha he’s acting and coaching on the side

    • no seriously. we need to try and get them in the same room to prove it.

    • Deedee_404

      LMAO…They are two different people, but that was funny

    • Stacy D. Smith

      If Tomlin ever has a biopic and anyone other than Epps is cast, I will riot.

  • Cutiepie

    Wow its shocking how some of these people look so alike.

  • Tallchiick

    I agree..Trina looks nothing like LaLa…but the rest of…its like wow!…You forgot Terrence Howard and Eva Marcelle, Nicki Minaj and Chaka Kahn, Kanye West and Curtis Blow (maybe the last one is just me lmao)

    • Blackgold

      I think the idea was Black vs. non Black

      • Tallchiick

        Maybe so..but please see #1,4,5,6 and 9. All black!

      • Tila_B.

        They meant black and non black in general – not just as one of the two is black and the other is a non black.

    • Deedee_404

      Eva Marcelle looks ALOT like Terrence Howard

      • Lpoool11

        she does favor him a bit

      • guest

        He also looks just like Benicio Del Toro. 

    • Trisha_B

      Chaka Kahn gave birth to Nicki! No one can tell me differently lmao They look so much a lot. Maybe they like distant cousins or something. I wanna see a pic of them together

    • Kikigap

      yes kanye & curtis blow. I thought it was just me that thought that.

  • Hamptone

    LaLa and Trina do not look alike

    • ThaTruthful1

      Not at all.

    • Liz

      Shakira and Beyonce do not look alike either but there weaves look alike lmao

    • Johnc

       You did not take in consideration the ton of makeup they use