Michelle Obama with Curly Hair?

March 23, 2012  |  

Wouldn’t it be nice to see FLOTUS with curly hair? That’s what someone thought when they Photoshopped curls on the First Lady.

However, while all the natural hair bloggers exploded with glee over this photo, it was debunked by natural hair guru Curly Nikki with this post

 The tweet that made me lose it–

Now, let it marinate.

Photoshopped?.. Yes, sadly, but I can stare at it all day long. Hell, I might even print it and pin it up somewhere.

Also, whoever is responsible for this… *raises hand* me next!

Aww Man, wouldn’t it be such a powerful statement in Michelle started rocking curly hair or a fro? America isn’t ready for that though.

How do you feel about this look on FLOTUS?

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  • Dione Robertson

    Beautiful!  Would love to see FLOTUS rock this look!  The fullest of her hair balances the point of her chin.  The texture adds dimension to her face in an interesting way that appears natural.  (something that takes a lot of make-up to do…)  

    As for “natural/curly/wavy hair” protesters who state that is not a formal look……the only way you can change anything is by doing.  If a women wears a pantsuit at the Academy Awards; they don’t kick her out.  

    The beauty of being a women is choice.  U can rock a dress.  Slap on a pair of dress pants.  Slide on a pair of stocking and rock a skirt/dress top to a wedding.  If you’re a dude……suit for U!  If there are no absolute laws on dressing for women(in North American); why pretend they exist for hair?     

  • Papillon

    She kind of favors Diana Ross, something about the eyes. I like this look on her, even if it’s fake.

  • Wow it really suits her! She looks like a supermodel!

  • Amija James

    OMG!  LET IT GO!  Who effin cares if her hair is natural or not?  Why is it that serious?  Enough of the natural hair debate.  

  • Imthatgirl

    Did it ever cross you mind that she may like her hair the way she wears it.  Not every one wants to go natural, just like not every one wants to wear their hair straight.  Why does it it have to be a statement either way if you wear your hair straight or curly.  It could just be a preference.  It doesnt have to mean you identify less with being black or mainstream it could just mean you like you hair a certain way.  We have plenty of ills in our community, lets not make hair be another segregating factor for our community.     

  • Msmykimoto2u

    At first I was like DANG she look good! Then I was like, awww…..=(

  • Rah Truth

    Natural hair/hairstyles would not make her any more Black. She has already made a very powerful statement by reigning as our First Lady and expressing Black love between her husband and herself for the world to see. For those of you focused on her hair, can you name 10 things she’s done (politically) in the last few years….off the top of your head? If you can’t, pick up a book and forget about her hair for a moment.

  • Bella

    That hair is FIRE! She’s making me wanna try the natural look!

  • Indigo

    I’m in love!

  • foreverdetox

    Not even first women of Africa wear their hair natural. IMO, afro-textured hair is intimidating to white western society. When it comes to politics, our hair texture is taken as a political statement, tied to the concept of the Black Political Party/Black Political Movement, nationally and internationally. 

  • Candacey Doris

    That’s so gorgeous! But the time and effort it would take her to go natural…she doesn’t have that kind of time with her schedule. 🙁 If she did it I’d be happy though.

  • Jtascam

    I love it !!!!

  • Jolie

    If only! …le sigh

  • sofie212


  • 30thoughts

    Awww! I thought this was real 🙁 She looks stunning with curls…but I doubt it would ever happen

  • I’ve always said that the woman who played Kelly on The King of Queens should be chosen to play the first lady if there ever was need for that role. Those two look alike very much. 

  • Gmarie

    The do does look nice on her. But how do we know that straight hair isn’t what Mrs. Obama prefers? She’s the First lady for goodness sake if she wanted to wear cornrows this weekend she would do it and no one could stop her. It’s pretty clear that she wears the looks that she likes.

    • Jen

      Well we don’t know now do we?  It was “PHOTOSHOPPED”, my guess with the intention on public opinion of the style.  She can wear her hair anyway she likes no one stating otherwise…for goodness sake!

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Curly or straight Mrs. Obama where’s it well.

  • Yolondayoung76

    i love it!

  • JustSaying

    I honestly dont see the big deal with natural hair or relaxed hair. Its however you want to wear. Forget the media’s perspective. Who cares about the media? I sure as hell dont. If the media controls how you wear your hair then you, my friend, have problems.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Real talk. Works my nerves how people try to tell others how they should wear their own hair

  • Nene

    The curly hair is hot…maybe after his term is over.

  • I know it’s photoshopped but I think that natural hairdo looks better
    on her than her traditional hairstyle; it’s much more flattering. It’s a damn shame when our hair, in the state that God makes it grow from our scalps, is considered “unprofessional” or “inappropriate”. That particular perspective needs to change, right away! Our hair is beautiful in its natural state. I definitely don’t miss sitting in the shop all day, the crusty scalp, and the ear/neck burns I ended up with periodically when I was wearing a relaxer.

  • msgeegee

    She looks beautiful! She might decide to go this route in 2016 (at the end of Barack’s 2nd term).Go Michelle! Our 1st lady rocks.

  • I’m so sad to find out that is was photo shopped 🙁 but whoever did this did a great job because it looks so real and it looks so good on her…& I would love to see her rock the natural look

    • StrawberryMilkShake

      Even though it’s a weave her hair looks damn good! I’m getting so tired of this “natural hair” revolution thing. Damn, not everyone want to rock nappy-unprofessional looking hair!! If you don’t get your hair relaxed or rock weaves than, more power to you!!!! I will still be rocking my relaxed hair and my weaves!! DO what works for YOU!!! Just saying…………….

      • OMSS

         Damn, not everyone want to rock nappy-unprofessional looking hair!! ‘ LOL, you are so ignorant…

  • Rissa

    I say when Obama gets this re-election, she rocks it. Don’t want to challenge their chances to stay in office, but I’d LOVE to see it after everything is squared away.

  • Vic

    I would be nice to see the first lady without chemically mutilated ( straightened) hair

    • Nisaboo

      The first lady and her children both have natural hair.  It is just straightened.  Chemically mutilated…really not that serious.

      • Vic

        If it’s “permed” it’s chemically mutilated. and everybody knows it’s a huge deal in the black community. If it’s straightened then it isn’t “natural”


    Who cares if America’s ready for it or not?  She’s a grown woman and should wear her hair how she wants!  I’d also love to see her gain a couple pounds and rock some curves!  Most black women I know are slammin’ those curves!  

    • Nisaboo

      Damn rigt !! 

    • Nene

      She has curves! Her body is slammin!

    • 30thoughts

      Yeah she does have curves…am I missing something??

  • FromUR2UB

    It looks good on her, but different types of positions call for different hairstyles, like dress codes.  We don’t expect our first lady to be as bold in her fashion, as someone in entertainment or fashion can be.  For the types of matters she and her husband handle, it would be too much of a distraction.

    • Nisaboo

      Unfortunatley, you are well conditioned to stay in the lane that we have been put in ….our natural hair is not acceptable to everyday society.  Dress code is one thing, however wearing our hair in its natural state once styled for the particular occation, of which I am quite sure if the First Lady chose would not be an issue, should in no way be a ‘distraction’.  This is the thing that we need to shake off.  It is OUR HAIR!

      • FromUR2UB

        Hair styles and dress codes coincide.  They’re not mutually  exclusive.  A distraction is anything that would cause people to focus on something other than the subject at hand.  That’s why people in business and politics tend to play down their hairstyles and fashion choices.  If she thought it were appropriate for her position, she likely would have done it already. 

        • Nisaboo

          True, however you further reinstated my point.  Until WE decide it is acceptable and not a ‘distraction’ then so will the rest of the world.  WE are a part of business and politics.  Why should we allow others to dictate to US what is acceptable and what is not in relation to who WE are.  That goes back to the argument as to whether dredlocks are acceptable in the business environment.  Why shouldn’t it be…why was it ever a question.  If someone were Muslim and chose to where a head garment would that be a distraction as well or Jewish would the Kippah be a distraction.  If we dont accept ourselves for who we are naturally and not what has been handed to us, how will the rest of the world ever accept that we are just fine the way GOD made us.  We should of course have standards in those respects, however WE should set that standard for OURSELVES.  Hope that I do not come off as confrontational but this subject of what grows naturally out of our own head not being acceptable is infuriating when it comes from US.  I cannot think of any other culture in AMERICA that has this issue.  That says alot about US and the long road we still have to travel.  For some reason I find the discussions extremely disheartening on our Blogs and it honestly makes me sad.  It is so much not just about HAIR.

          • FromUR2UB

            I’ve never seen Jewish people wear kippahs to work.  I can’t say what is done on the east coast, but I’ve never seen it done anywhere else.  I’ve only known them to wear them for Jewish occasions.  If we were to visit a Muslim country, we might be expected to wear burkas as a matter of respect for their customs.  So, you see, there is nowhere on earth you can go, where there would not be some conformity.  

            As someone else mentioned, if Mrs. Obama wanted to go natural, she might be able to do it after the president is re-elected, or after they leave office.  Furthermore, when you’re running the show, you can do anything you want, the way you want.  That’s why the leaders of oil-producing countries, have always been able to meet with other world leaders in their traditional garb because they had something that everyone else needed.  Who was going to say something?  But we don’t have it that way, and you know it.  When you play in other people’s arenas, you have to do things their way.  That’s just a fact of life.  

            • Nisaboo

              WHAT!?? This is our arena too!  And that is a fact of life. We are not going anywhere and our hair will not suddenly straighten naturally over time to conform with what others think WE should look like.  That sounds too defeated and like ‘we gotta do what massa say or else’.  C’mon Sis!  The things you stated above are choices…religion etc.  My hair grows out of my head nappy as a sheeps a** and as long as I present my self in the business world or wherever I choose in a respectful manner, while others may choose, I can stand proud of all me!  Damn, I hate a lot of us feel the way you do…sounds so defeated.

            • Nisaboo

              Cmon Sis “playing in other people’s arenas”?!  WE are in this arena which is why we have to not let others tell us what we should look like or what is acceptable for us.  I love a permed head and weave and what not as much as the next woman but we have got to stop inferiorating ourselves behind our hair.  Its OUR hair.  We have to make the world accept us and love us for all of what we are by accepting each other.  Uuuugghh….sadder than before!!!

              • FromUR2UB

                Really?  You c’mon.  We don’t own anything in this country that allows us to call shots.  We are in this arena, but we DON’T OWN the arena.  Ownership is power.  Just like you have to have your own house to live in it as you please, to come and go as you please, we can’t dictate the standards of a society when we…nevermind. You aren’t going to get what I’m saying.   Through.    

          • BLUETIFFARA

            Well stated NISABOO!

            • OMSS

              Hear, Hear! Nisaboo, you hit the nail on the head! We need to realise the things that fall out of some of our mouths. What wrong with Mrs. Obama rocking a NEAT natural out do? Why is it not as good as her relaxed hair worn out? I’m all for free choice (currently natural but happy to colour and even go back to chemical straighten if I feel like it), but I feel so frustrated when I here statements like ones you are countering… *sigh*

              • Anony

                To be completely FRIGGIN honest, ya’ll know AS SOON AS we start a trend, the YT folks follow suit!!  can’t yall see it!?!?!  you got hip hop commercials, YT peeps listen to our music now days, and I could go on.  I bet you anything, if we started accepted ourselves AS ourselves when it came to our hair, they’d be WISHING their hair would kink up!!!  This photoshopped look of Michelle is ROCKIN!!!!

                • Mrsadkiah

                  I’m sorry what is YT?

    • awet

      How is wearing your natural hair being bold? Natural hair is just that, natural! Yes after hundreds of years of conditioning, it may take confidence to feel comfortable to wear your natural hair but it’s so much more than a fashion or social statement or personality attribute!

      • FromUR2UB

        The particular hairstyle shown is bold.  It’s very stylish, and stylish is bold.  You’re right that hairstyles are so much more than fashion and social statements, which is why people in certain professions don’t do bold hairstyles.  For example, if a white school principal began wearing his hair like a lead singer of a rock group, even with a suit and tie on, he might be perceived in a way that would be ineffective for him.  On the other hand, a rock musician may not want to wear the hairstyle of a school principal…unless that’s his gimmick.  It’s all about perception.  Hairstyles, like clothing, communicate a purpose and philosophy and should fit the occasion.

        • FaithDiva

          The key word here is perception……yours
          is obviously skewered. The First Lady is in a myriad of settings. To suggest that this hairstyle is too bold to ever be worn not only reflects your ignorance but prejudice about natural hair.

          • FromUR2UB

            Oh, please.  I like natural hair.  That doesn’t mean that every hairstyle is right for every setting.  Some of you seem to forget that we’re not talking about an actual style the First Lady wears.  This is all hypothetical. 

            Ignorant because I don’t see things your way?  If you say so.  But why does changing the world’s perceptons about natural hair have to be the First Lady’s responsibility?  She and her husband are just TWOOOOO people in world.  You put an awful lot on their shoulders. Even if this were a battle she wanted to take on, the timing is probably not right to do it today. 

            • FaithDiva

              On the contrary it’s you who are are putting an awful lot on her shoulders by suggesting that the occasional change of hair to a style that you have unfairly deemed inappropriate highlights the possible type of IGNORANCE she could be met with should she wear such a style.
              There is nothing inappropriate about this style. What’s inappropriate is your dogged resistance to the notion that Natural hair on the First Lady is acceptable. Lastly, it’s amazing how the fashion world has accepted the Flotus.
              Her influence is enormous as is her popularity. I contend if she wore her hair like this stylist would inundated with
              request to duplicate it.

              • FromUR2UB

                I have reasons for my opinions, just as you probably have reasons for yours.  Feel free to disagree.  But you’re not going to insult, demean, intimidate, coerce, cajole, or bully a new opinion from me.  Done.

                • Nisaboo

                  It is so not about the hair!!! We have so much nerve and none at all!!

                  • FromUR2UB

                    OK.  It’s bigger than the hair.  What is it about, then?  I’m listening.

                    You’ve given me the impression that you feel a natural hairstyle worn by the First Lady, will accomplish what even the election of a black president couldn’t.  Suddenly, people will validate blackness, because the First Lady cancelled her relaxer appointments?  That’s pretty ambitious.

                    It’s not as simple as fear either.  Do you think she hasn’t gone natural only because she’s afraid to do so?  If it’s more than just a hair issue, then what do you feel the ultimate impact would be, if this particular woman went natural?

                • OMSS

                  ‘I have reasons for my opinions, just as you probably have reasons for yours.’

                  Your right. I don’t want to be rude, but you are blinded by societal norms ( the idea that natural hair is not professional or equal to straighter hair predominantly natural to non-blacks) , we have seen past these notions… Hair is really not just hair to you… 

                  I am natural and I rock it everywhere and anywhere, in many natural hairstyles! But with saying that, I have no problem with the idea of going back to chemical/heat trained hair. Why? Because I am peace with myself and identity, therefore, hair is truly just hair to me- an accessory to my beauty. Your original statement above clearly states that you are not there yet and too many black women are in the same boat… 

                  • FromUR2UB

                    I didn’t say any of that.  But, fine.  If you feel that you’re changing society by wearing your hair natural, then more power to you.  You should be happy with, and at peace with the hair on your head, as I am with mine, and Michelle Obama should be allowed to be, with hers.  So, go ahead and change society, one head at a time.

                  • tam

                    here we go…. a natural hair nazi. and yes I’m transitioning to natural. Do you boo..and stop trying to over talk people.

          • tam

            Faithdiva…. no need to call people ignorant because they don’t agree with you. Grow UP will ya.

        • awet

          I think you are confusing hair & hairstyle. Hair is a follicle that naturally grows out of one’s scalp either straight, curly, kinky, etc. A hairstyle is how one chooses to arrange or fashion their hair. Some people are born with hair like Michelle’s and other’s choose to style hair in the same way. How is this particular hair “style” considered bold if this is the way it grows out of one’s scalp?

          • FromUR2UB

            Not confused at all.  I’ve been speaking specifically about “hair styles”.  Used that term throughout my responses.

    • aDawn217

      You intimate that if she was natural her hair would be a distraction. But to me, that’s “goin’ out” hair right there. You act like she would wear her natural like this all the time. This is only one hairstyle and would indeed be appropriate for certain events. If she was natural — just as she does while relaxed — she has the common sense to know what style to wear her hair in for what event.

      • FromUR2UB

        You realize that this is a “What if…”, right? 

        • aDawn217

           Yes, as implied by my “if she was natural” comment in the last sentence.

      • OMSS

        LOL, so true! That is “goin’ out” hair. KMT.