Two Brooklynites Bridge Business and Health With “Juice Hugger”

March 20, 2012  |  

From Black Enterprise

As Americans become more aware of alarming obesity rates and increased instances of diabetes, many are making more conscious food choices and the food industry has taken notice. Health and wellness is a booming business, and within it, a trend is emerging: juicing. Juicing is exactly what it sounds like: fruits and vegetables pressed to a liquid and many are turning to it for detoxing, weight loss and just incorporating much needed fruits and vegetables into their diets.

Witnesses to the benefit of juicing firsthand are Brooklynite entrepreneurs Carl Foster and Kelly Keelo, who launched their business, Juice Hugger. The duo’s mission was to create tasty beverages that happen to be good for you. The company started as an online business in 2010 delivering juices to each customer individually and selling at festivals, events and corporate functions. They opened their first full scale location, incorporating food items in October and have tripled their sales in the first year. What was the impetus behind starting a business in the heath and wellness field?

Foster: I was fat (laughing). I’d reached 218 pounds on my 5’ 9” frame. I’d gained the weight while working as an auditor; a position with a great deal of travel which led to on the road eating at fast food stops. In 2009 I’d reached my breaking point and wanted desperately to get healthy. I was introduced to the benefits of pressed juices through a great friend. After I started shedding pounds while making my own juices, making better eating choices, and through moderate exercise; my friends started asking me to make juices for them. From there the company grew quite organically. I started researching, talking to nutritionists and personal trainers and taking classes on nutrition and cooking. It became my life mission to help people, like myself, gain access to more healthy beverage choices. Today, I weigh in at 160 pounds.

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  • HansiCabo

    While their idea and entrepenuership is to be commended, I wonder about the “healthfullness” of their juices?  I hope they don’t add sugar, HFCS, or artificial sweetener to their juices to appeal to the masses.  If they juice the healthful way one is supposed to to garner the benefits of juicing, then I say kudos to them!

  • Johnylee

    I recently started juices about a ten days ago and I can say it does make a difference! I am happy that the two people presented here has started a business with this, but truthfully it is best to make your own organic juice. 48 hours after you have juiced your veggie and fruits, you start to lose the nutrients. I do not see how they can maintain the nutrients without some kind of chemical processes, which is kinda counterproductive. But overall just getting started on a better diet is a step in the right direction, so kudos to them!

  • Mopearls

    I love that they are providing a great product! I absolutely love juicing and blending

  • Prsch_jhnsn

    Juicing is so time consuming and requires a lot of fruits and veggies so I’m excited about their products!!

  • L-Boogie

    This article should have more comments.  When Black people take the time to improve their health it is a great thing.  Reduce some of these damn diseases and conditions!

  • luverly

    Great! Its the little changes that can improve your heath. I wish them much success!

    • luverly

      Health *

  • L-Boogie

    So proud! Get it!