Why I’m Concerned about Lala and Her Fake Full Court Life

March 20, 2012  |  

I’ll be honest, I feel like Lala is my celebrity BFF. Last season I only watched her show because it filled a gap somewhere in between my Monday night TV lineup, but after a few episodes I realized she wasn’t boring, she was the type of down to earth, unwaveringly loyal friend, mother, and wife of a pro athlete that I think I would really like in real life. Her show and her personality definitely grew on me. With the premiere of season 2 last night, I was pretty excited to see a group of girls hanging out together, sharing laughs, and catching up—especially after the foolishness that came on before her show—but unfortunately that’s not exactly what I got.

Overall, the premiere episode was decent, but there was just a hint of artificial drama bubbling below the surface that I could have done without and that I hope won’t be a running theme throughout the entire season. The premise of last night’s episode was doubt; a more appropriate title would be instigated insecurity. From concerns over Carmelo hanging out at strip clubs to him sleeping with his young, female assistant, Lala suddenly became insecure and paranoid about Melo’s fidelity all because a few friends and associates were putting thoughts in her head—so much so that she decided to confront his assistant, Asani, while out to dinner and blatantly ask, “are you sleeping with my man?”

In all honesty, I think the drama over the whole assistant situation was half real and have reality TV. Carmelo is an athlete who travels regularly, and well, these two didn’t make it on MN’s chemistry clash list for no reason. He always seems less than half-interested in Lala (from an outside, sitting on my couch looking at this couple once a week on the TV point of view) which would make you think he’s more interested in someone else. But I also think the producers felt the need to try to introduce a female cattiness element and they got the cast on board with it, which bothers me.

This is one of the few reality shows that proves women can actually enjoy one another’s company on a consistent basis without tossing drinks, pulling hair, or calling someone out their name—keep it that way. Of course, you can never put cheating and sneakiness past anyone, but there was nothing about Asani doing her job that made any viewer question whether Melo might be tapping that on his away trips. And as Asani talked about it being sad that a woman can’t be beautiful and proficient at her job without there being speculations of her sleeping her way to the top, it’s equally sad if VH1 thinks it can’t garner enough viewers without inserting fabricated drama to see two women go at it.  As I recapped the episode to my real best friend she kept asking, “So what did Carmelo say when Lala asked him about sleeping with his assistant?” And for the twelfth time I told her, as far as we saw, she didn’t ask. That’s because the whole show was about trying to cook up beef between these women for no reason. Luckily, even in that short segment of confrontation on-screen, no one got beside themselves. Unfortunately, it looks like they may down the line.

In the preview of what’s to come this season, there was an interesting spot where Lala and Po get in each other’s face asking “who you callin’ a b****,” and then Lala slaps her. Initially, I thought you can’t be serious, but after seeing that part over and over after watching all three encore presentations of the show last night (because that’s what I do) the scene almost looks totally fake to me, as if they are rehearsing for an acting job or something—except that slap looked pretty hard. Either way, it’s what VH1 thought would draw viewers in to see what drama unfolds between Lala and her main girl so they put it in the teaser footage. And you can’t really be surprised considering the success of its “Basketball Wives” series which makes a killing off of girl fights.

I’m going to keep giving Lala a chance because I think she’s smart enough to know being a drink-tossing, b-word slanging basketball wife is not only not a good look, but not a smart move professionally—not to mention the antithesis of who she appears to be in real life. But money does talk rather loudly so I hope she hasn’t buckled too much to pressure from the network to up the drama factor on her show.

What did you think about the season premiere? Did the drama seem a bit contrived? Do you plan on tuning in for the rest of the season?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • mom#1

    Carmelo doesn’t seem impressed or happy at all about this show. I think he just wants a wife who pursues her career without all the fakery. I know kim k has taught her how to seek camera attention but a man doesn’t want people all in his business and the lack of chemistry shows constantly on the show between her and carmelo.  Also all she does is complain about her life. Yet she says she is blessed and happy. Every episode we hear how stressful her life is and all she is doing is going on auditions and living it up because her husband make millions. I get sick of hearing her complain. Now let me say this comment is coming from someone who use to be one of her biggest fans but she is truly degrading herself more and more on her show. Pulling her pants down and showing her butt (even slightly blurred) and you think your husband is happy with that. She actually thinks that is a way to present herself for her son? I think she needs to scale back on the reality tv show before it costs her , her marriage because things don’t look so good no matter what she says. You can just tell by his body language. Also check his fb page, his twitter account, his website. very few pics of his wife if any and very few mentions of her if any. Actions don’t lie! She just seems to be trying to hard to be relevant and she doesn’t have to do that because she is alreay accomplishing so much. But kim k is the wrong person to be trying to mimick your life after. 

    • Sun

      So on point with this comment.

  • Soncie

    Yes, it did come off as contrived. As a matter of fact of also rewound the teaser where La slaps Po several times. What I noticed was right before the slap, La looks like she’s working really hard not to laugh. At any rate, unfortunately,this show is sooo boring that I”ve decided not to invest this season.
    sorry La La

  • Eangel872003

    I must say, this is one of your better articles, a great read and not only that I agree with you but I like the simplicity of your opinion- straight and to the point-kuddos!

  • lillias

    I find it hard to watch because it seems so rehearsed and fake. I saw the premier but I will have to sit this one out….

  • Yum_pankakes

    agree with you completely Brande.

  • blackbeauty

    Lala show is very refreshing. Black people kill me. It’s boring bcos no weave pulling, cursing each other out or throwing wine in each other’s faces. Seriously? Lala is beautiful, Kelly is gorgeous, I like how she keeps it light and normal.  People keep saying she didn’t talk to Melo, what if she did but didn’t show that on TV. My only thing is, Melo acts like he doesn’t care about her sometimes. He probably doesn’t want to be on TV but show some support like how Lamar does to Khloe.

  • CriticXtreme

    I wish that many of you would stop living vicariously in these fake people’s lives. Her fake, faux, pseudo show is about as real as her husband being faithful to her. And who crowned this fake broad a socialite? This broad, the Basketball Wives and others are nothing but fems who laid on their backs a got a random basketball player who butchers the english language and who’s as dumb as a strutter trying to be a 911 operator. In other words, these broads are the luckiest fakeazz vaginas on the planet. 

  • I think that Lala slapping Po in the previews is fake. I think they may be doing an acting scene or something. By golly I hope that is what it is.

  • Kenya_new

    Ive never really watched da show due to its boring factor but after watching Evelyn’s wreckless over the top thinking its sharp to say mf and b every other word butt,  i decided I had enough n needed something lighter. I actually like Lala from how shes portrayed. And yes the issue with Asani did seem out of the blue, random, and contrived. Stay the “unrough” chick dat u seem to be Lala. She is definitely a fresh of breath air.

  • Brandy J Flynn

    I was SO UPSET when I saw the episode and the previews of what is to come for the same reasons that you posted. I was team Lala becuase I was like FINALLY a REAL REALITY SHOW, but she needs to decide which is more important…the fame or her marriage. One thing I can say about Khloe and Lamar with their show is that they are not buying into the drama for the show…but then again it isnt a VH1 show. LaLa please dont fall for the VH1 trap and lose your marriage over stipidity.

  • Blackonyx93

    I saw maybe two episodes and not in their entirety but I like what you have to say in the article.

  • Kari Williams

    I watched three episodes of LaLa’s Full Court Life last season. While I wasn’t particularly entertained (the primary purpose of television viewing), I wasn’t against what was televised either. I can admit that I was just weaning myself off of the full throttle, face busting, B-word pumping Basketball Wives. That may have been what went wrong for me…lol. I do remember thinking, LaLa really seems to have it pulled together. Though there was some glitz and glamour, I felt like it was well deserved. It seemed like she worked for it. I don’t know her from a can of paint but for some reason I felt a sense of pride. Now, in line with the author of this article…I’m concerned. Her show was not broken. Mentally, I wasn’t ready. I loved drama based reality tv because I felt like there was some semblance to my own drama based reality. I’ve been drama free since November 2011 and I’m ready to watch this show. However, the minute someone drops the B-bomb or hits anyone…I’m done. Please don’t fall into what I like to call the “setback sinkhole”.

  • Jonesal2

    why is LaLa famous, it is beyond me…

  • Tiggagirl_00

    I agree with you on this one. LaLa show was one I’d the shows last season that I could actually sit and watch and say “yeah, thats really how REAL women act”! But these past episodes have been like a fake Basketball Wives. I see now I will not last for the end of her season. 🙁

  • Jess B

    I definitely feel you, I love me some reality tv and I consider Lala’s Full Court Life to be a breath of fresh air (especially after watching BBW, RHOA and BGC in one sitting), and Lala never seemed to me as the insecure type, so it kind of bothered me that she would confront Carmelo’s assistant like that, especially since there was no action made by Asani or Carmelo that would even indicate any sexual attraction. It just felt odd. But the whole clip with Lala and Po looks fake anyway (Lala even looks like she’s trying not to laugh), so I doubt there’s any real beef there and just something VH1 cooked up to get some ratings. Smh, keep the show how it is, please.

  • Bella

    I don’t really have anything against Lala, but her smile freaks the crap outta me.

  • Moe

    I watch  her show because it doesn’t have all the extra drama that the other reality series have.. I thought LaLa did descent job of portraying women in color. The other shows depict women of color as if we’re always angry, fighting, money hungry, classless, etc,. It just full of ratchetness..  LaLas show is refreshing.. I hope it doesn’t change…

  • NegRican24

    To me that slap was totally fake and the rehearsing a scene feeling was EXACTLY what i thought upon seeing it. I disagree with you because she seems very boring. She’s likable but boring point blank. I’m also hoping that they aren’t trying to create drama for ratings but i wouldn’t put it past them. Money does talk so i think instead of just flopping and keeping her dignity she will probably go the usual route and sign on the dotted line like everyone else does. 

  • Asdfgh

    Honestly I love this site but you putting this out there is redundant .

  • Rosesister15

    that’s the reality game…. i have often wondered if marrying a young athlete comes with the understanding that he is going to slip up and cheat on you at some point. 

  • LisaLuvless

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    • Well funny your a** took the time to comment on this post too, so what does that make you….GIRL BYE! If you don’t like the site scroll to the top right and hit that little itty bitty box with the X in it…

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  • anna

    if lala was so unsure if her man was cheating, why not ask your husband???? mel’s loyalty is to his wife not, the side piece. dont get mad at asani cuz it was mel who married you.

  • Kenya

    I am 99% sure that name calling and slapping scene is LaLa and Po acting out a script. The script is more than likely for a role for which LaLa is rehearsing or auditioning. Don’t let a teaser get you going. They are play acting. Relax.

  • obamagal

    People can say whatever about her show , it’s still better than a lot of reality shows out there. What got me watching the show first season was how simple, down to earth Lala seems. The episode last night is reality. Women get concerned when an attractive assistant comes in the picture. I’m sure she talked to melo behind close doors before talking to her assistant.  Many assistants sleep with their married boss, doesn’t mean it’s all of them?  that was the message last night.

    The clip btw her and po was unnecessary. We don’t need to bash her, she’s human who will make mistakes too. I will keep supporting her.

  • Smlee0625

    I 100% agree. I really liked her (past tense) because she always carried herself well and one thing i respected about her the most is that she kept her personal life private and she protected her relationship and her son by doing so.Things have changed…..  Last night she put herself  in a box along with the rest of these women in hollywierd who lack self-respect and to be honest..a brain. What was the purpose of this episode??? If carmelo is her best friend, her husband, why not ask him about it??? Even if the assistant was at all interested in melo what reason would she have to be honest with LaLa? none!!! I think she made herself look ridiculous and its a shame. Not to mention the entire episode made  people question Melo..as we know he is an athlete but he has also carried himself well in the public eye…so to even have this as a topic on this show really started the conversation about infidelity in their relationship…which is something you would think she would want to deal with privately, if cheating was occurring. The more you share with the world, the more opinions (wanted…mostly unwanted) you receieve and the more scrutiny your subject to rather you like it or not. Because of letting viewers see her life and expose her motherhood as well as her marriage…i wouldnt be surprised if this marriage ended in divorce. What happened to the sacredness and protection of motherhood and marriage??? 

  • Pivyque

    I like LALA and I will continue to watch the show. I don’t think that VH1 put the cast together to do that.  When my friend saw the assistant, she said the same thing that guy said. There is just that mindset that attractive women shouldn’t be around your guy for long periods of time because things can happen when people get lonely and work too closely together. I respect LaLa for asking her directly and not just firing her or treating her badly. As far as the upcoming issue with Poe, I’m sure that was fake. She looked like she was about to start laughing. The producers will edit it any way they can to produce ratings.

  • Reality TV = Staged TV

  • Tiffany

    Vh1 can never fool me I knew that the only way they could get viewers to tune into Lala’s show was to make it more interesting because to be honest the show was Mediocre at its best. Each season all we see is her talking to her “celebrity” friends and holding down the household as she announces that “Mel” is on the road. The previews showed Lala confronting some woman who we now know is Melo’s assistant and then Lala telling the camera crew that she needs to speak to Mel in private. A big gimmick.  I bet that scene between her and Po will be nothing more than her venturing into acting which VH1 will try to hype up so people will watch.  I miss scripted television….

    • Kenya

      At me to the punch. That scene is nothing more than Po and LaLa rehearsing a scene from a play or movie. That’s not a Vh1 trick, all tv programs edit previews to give a preception of one thing to bring you back.

  • Petagayen

    I agree with this. I thought Lala should have been strong enough not to allow other people in her ear to lose confidence in her man. He didn’t deserve that. At least what my 30 minutes of watching showed me. I liked the reason for the same reasons cited above. I hope she rises above the nonsense

    • Pivyque

      I don’t think LaLa lost confidence in her guy. She said that she didn’t believe they were messing around. However, when someone brings up very real possibilities, it is best to address them. She asked and went on about her business. If she really believed something was going on, she would have fired the girl and hired a male assistant. I respect LaLa for that. 

    • Jw4703


  • I think you might have over-reacted on this one. I didn’t have that feeling that it was staged. This chick just been introduced on the show. She’s Carmelo’s assistant not LaLa’s; all we see is LaLa’s life the cameras are not really around him so we don’t know what kind of relationship they have outside of the cameras. Her doubting her husband unfortunately is what a lot of women go thru. Someone put something in her ear and it made her pause for a minute and think ‘maybe something is going on’. Her own mama said watch out because she is a beautiful young single woman. She approached the assistant in a classy way there was no arguing it was straight to the point. We are so accustomed to buffoonery on reality shows that when women of color act right we assume it’s fake.

    • Jen

      I love the word “buffoonery”.  Just the sound makes me laugh.  I’m sorry I don’t watch the show because I just don’t want to.

    • Pinkys_hot

      ok yes LaLa approached the assistant in a classy manner (still a little tacky for doing it at dinner and just throwing the question at her like that) but that’s not the problem. The issue is the whole episode seemed contrived. It seems like the producers wanted to throw beef in somewhere when there was no reason to. Thats why it seemed fake, not because they didnt have an argument and throw drinks.

    • J.

      I actually like the show and hope that it doesn’t turn into a bunch of ignorant women of color.Basketball wives is actually annoying, the only two that are okay and show a little class on the show is Jen and the new girl Kesha. I originally started watching to see the clothes and highlife, now it doesn’t matter what they wear they look a mess!

  • tee

    Nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes so this extra long for no reason article is kinda off.

  • RedButterfly81

    I don’t care for FAKEality shows, I don’t care for this chick, I just don’t care, they’re scripted and fake. Everybody wants to be famous, SMFH!

  • They do this on every reality show. and i mean EVERY. Remember there was an article that Ice-T and Coco’s show might be cancelled due to poor ratings. The show wasn’t bad it was just no drama. Same thing with this show. Lala never struck me as the type of girl to scream out “Who you callin a b*tch”. It’s obvious the show is fake. I don’t know why she thought we would be interested in her personal life anyways. 

    • Pivyque

      Ice T and Coco? lol Why did/do they even have a show? 

      • yes they do. on Vh1

        • Teetay87

          Actually, it’s on E, comes on after Khloe & Lamar

          • oh. well same ish to me lol

      • Soncie

        Because CoCo is an exhibitionist, and Ice likes watching.

  • Ariel

    Im so over reality TV

    • Smacks_hoes

      I completely agree…the other night was watching jersey shore because nothing else was on. Mind you I used to be a really big fan of the show. I would rush home to see it. As I was watching the only thing running through my mind was I can’t believe I used to really like this show.

      • Really?  Jersey Shore?  Wow!  LOL…

        • Smacks_hoes

          Lol don’t judge me i was only 18 at the time

      • Pivyque

        Well, I never really liked Jersey Shore. I gave it a chance because everyone would talk about how funny Pauly and Vinny are, but after one or two episodes, I was pretty much over it lol