17-Year-Old Admits to Stabbing Female Friend: But First, He Tries to Blame Ficticious Black Man

March 20, 2012  |  

Well…when you’re a white person who just committed a crime, it seems the trend to get out of the situation is to make up a scary black man (or two) and point the finger at him. Fail much?

That’s what a 17-year-old man thought would work after he stabbed his friend in the neck as she was sleeping. The girl, 17-year-old Jasmyn Tully of Tukwila, WA, was sleeping when her friend allegedly felt the “urge to hurt someone” according to a Tukwila detective. He tried to strangle her as she was sleeping, and when she put up a fight, he proceeded to stab her in the neck. While the young man later claimed he was high at the time and had spent a majority of the day on drugs, he initially tried to use the “blame the black man” excuse to no avail. His uncle told KOMO News the following:

“He said that he had smoked large amounts of what they call spice — I believe the name of it is K2. It’s sold at smoke shops all over the place in this state.”

Spice??? Clearly there are way too many drugs available for people to get their hands on (like the suspect) and use as an excuse for reckless behavior. Tully and the suspect were hanging out in the same home (who the actual home belongs to isn’t clear) at the same time when she fell asleep. With his urge to hurt someone, he attacked her and after the murder he cut his wrists to cover up the crime as an attack of some sort. According to the victim’s uncle, Dave Tully, “We thought she had made the turn down the right path. We had a lot of hope for her.” She was supposedly just a few days away from turning 18. Poor girl…

These type of stories are just too sad to me. If you feel the need to hurt someone, why not just hurt yourself? To attack someone in their most vulnerable state and then run around blaming a fake black man for it is just absolutely horrendous. And when did people start thinking that making up an imaginary black boogie man was acceptable? From women who are trying to avoid marriage and responsibilities and cover their own crimes (“I was kidnapped by a black man, that’s why I’ve been gone all this time!” “A black man stole my car and took my child!”), to folks like the suspect, it’s just very pathetic at this point. I guess it’s very telling that these individuals know a lot of police will believe their stories because in their eyes, violent crimes by black men are common. That’s a pretty horrible way of thinking and is all WAY too common in this country.

I don’t care how old he is or what drugs he had in his system, but they need to prosecute this young man as an adult. And they need to do something with these people who have “Blame the black man” syndrome in general to send a message. Senseless crime. Sad excuses.

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  • Shs5876

    Kolby is half black. Learn your facts.

  • That is  One of the reason Trayvon Martian is dead. For some reason Some People feel like if you are a black man you are scary,suspect and a criminal. 

  • MillieG1

    As, I read this story it reminded of me of many stories from slavery days when white women would often falsely accuse black men for crimes they didn’t committ and many black men were often tortured and cruely killed. The media ofter portrays blacks as degenerates within society and therefore many limited minded people perceive blacks as thugs, criminals, predators upon society. I’m pleased to read the responsible party was caught and charged for this crime.

  • FromUR2UB

    Had been doing drugs all day, yet still had the presence of mind to blame a black guy and then cut his own wrists, to make it look like he’d been attacked.  Wow.  I think it would be safe to call this individual “A horrible person”.

  • Mauimoroxy

    You might want to do your research and not assume, cause it makes an a$$ out of you…did you see his father, no just his mother…if you did, you would know his father is black-which would not make him “a white person”, but of mixed race. Just having some minor facts straight, might not make you look so ignorant.

    Something tragic happened to two families, the focus should be on figuring out what exactly happened and what should be done now…not playing on “blame the black man excuse” so you could write a story.

  • JN31

    The ‘black boogie man’ excuse has been around longer than any of us have been alive. 

    • dddooonnnttt

      And it’s going to be here long after we’re gone.

  • CriticXtreme

    This type of accusal will never change. Blaming a black man on stealing a car with a white child in it, may happen until he realizes the white kid is in the back. The kid would be dumped or the veh and kid would be dumped. He may be stupid for stealing a car but stealing a car with a white baby in, your brain knows that white-t will have the National Guard, US Army, FBI, etc., out looking for you. Of course this does not happen if the kid is black. Black people need to start blaming ish on fake white folks. But still police will never ever believe you. 

  • Susan Fortier-Kelley

    You might want to read the real story and check your facts, you didn’t even get the father’s name correct. Nowhere, absolutely nowhere in the official record did the killer say anything about a black man. Jasmyn had (as in past tense) been involved in drugs but was clean and sober when she was murdered and maintaining a 4.0 grade average at the local community college. Your blog is nothing more than a gossip rag that prints rumors and causes others pain.