Chrissy Lampkin Finally Speaks on Pregnancy Rumors

March 19, 2012  |  

Around the time “Love and Hip Hop” wrapped it’s reunion there were rumors nearly half the cast was pregnant. Kimbella confirmed hers, Yandy still hasn’t said a word, and now Chrissy has finally spoken on whether her and Jimmy have a little bun in the oven.

Today, she uploaded this twitpic saying:

“By the way that’s my sonogram…… Now you know !!!!!!!”

Before you click, don’t get too excited…the “sonogram” is really a pic of two empty martini glasses, meaning if she’s drinking there’s no baby kicking.

A source supposedly told XXL back in February that Jim and Chrissy have been trying to make a family for years unsuccessfully, adding:

“Jim and [Chrissy] had basically given up… they were like if it happens, it happens.”

For now it looks like it’s not happening and Chrissy’s OK with that.

So, so far we have one confirmed yes and one confirmed no on the “Love and Hip Hop” baby bump watch.  I wonder what Yandy’s answer will be?

Were you hoping Chrissy would be pregnant or did you care either way?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • TrueLove Adorns

    Not for nothing I heard th std rumor too. As to why she can’t conceive. I don’t know if its true. I hope not. They wld make a cute baby (ies) ♥

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  • I think she is to vocal and rude. She blew Jim’s money with Yandy. Yandy is a smart woman she could have got some knowledge but she chose to be a bully and pretend the show was all about her, and that the other ladies need to play little girl game, chose a side, her words not mine. Thank God she isn’t pregnant then Jim would be trapped and I think he know ,he would never be able to get rid of her. But, i do think he love her but he is not marriage material,he just isn’t ready for a wifey.Real Talk

    • Colat30

      This is so crazy did you miss the show did you not see Jim propose them ppl have been together for years and are apparently happy of he really wanted to leave she gave him an out yet he chased her down and asked her to marry him.

    • boo

      U r so f*****g stupid I would love for a gal to play wth my husband like yandy did bully my a** some woman don’t knw there place wth a woman man how u should ask my man about what he spending on me plz let me c d b***h dat would ask my man anything about his money manger my a** go suck out yur man gal and go sleep

  • Amija James

    I do want to know what lipstick she’s wearing.  Hottt!

  • Amija James

    Come on now, Chrissy is an old heaux. And she’s a rat.  She’s had std’s, abortions, etc.  She’s not getting pregnant.  Plus come on, she’s too old.   

    • Colat30

      How do you know so much about that lady vaginia and too old seriously you apparently have no medical education at all. It may be difficult because of age and high risk honey but it’s not impossible…..

  • Victoria

    I wonder why she doesn’t get that thing below her nose removed. 

    • Shae

       Look that may be a family trait, why should she remove it because you say so, get a life, its a mole for your information and many black women have them.

      • Colat30

        I agree Shae ppl are crazy Marilyn Monroe had a mole as well but hers was a beauty mark please ppl are SHALLOW

  • Gb

    Aint she like 40, she better be careful or she’ll have a down syndrome baby.

    • Shae

       That was really stupid and hurtful to say

  • Blkdiamondznprlz

    who cares…

  • guest

    Her hair is yummy.  

  • Jaugu

    I was hoping she was pregnant, seems like she has a lot of love to give. She’s quite intelligent and I think she’ll be a good mother.

  • Jolie

    I watch the show and I know it’s scripted but I do wish the best for Chrissy. There’s something about her that I really like…

    Shameful I know lol.

  • itll happen eitherway congrats

  • LadyRed

    AAnd who babied kimbella baby!? If babied is a

    • ThisGirl

      Juelz Santana

  • LadyRed

    She’s probably on birth control..she knows jim’s mom is Krazy! Who in there RIGHT mind would add a baby to that mess??

  • Crystal Belton

    I was hoping she was! I love this website!!!!!

  • My Phone Thanks You


  • didnt care …. on a side note no one seen her drink the drank it could be a throw off tweet time will tell tho 

  • Sherowetit

    She clearly loves Jim very much and has definitely put up with her share of on screen drama to prove it.  I wish her and Jim the best and if that’s a baby, then that’s what I wish for them.  Nia Long had a baby after her doctor told her that she couldn’t get pregnant, so can Chrissy!