Royce Reed Accuses Judge of Baby Mama Bias in Custody Case with Dwight Howard

March 19, 2012  |  

“Basketball Wives” cast member Royce Reed has filed a motion to remove the judge handling the custody case over her son with ex Dwight Howard for an interesting reason: baby mama bias.

Royce says Judge Tim Shea doesn’t care much for single mothers who have babies out of wedlock with pro athletes, as evidenced by the fact that he didn’t let her present her side of the case during a court hearing last month. Royce’s attorney has also filed an affidavit saying that during the hearing, Judge Shea said he would award Dwight custody, then decided to delay his decision, despite the fact no evidence had been presented.

Royce also feels the judge may side with Dwight because he’s a local hero, but he also has a glaring conflict of interest, she says. On Judge Shea’s website, one of Dwight’s lawyers, Mayanne Downs, is listed as one of his endorsers. That fact alone ought to be enough to get him taken off the case.

As for Dwight’s end of the battle, he claims Royce interferes with his relationship with their son and makes it difficult for him to see Braylon on his scheduled days, so he wants to be granted primary custody rights. Typically, it’s harder for a man to gain sole custody but he appears to be hoping for a Dwayne Wade ruling.

What do you think about Royce’s baby mama bias and conflict of interest claims? Should Judge Shea be removed from the case?

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  • Lorenzo

    In most states child support is based on salary, It may be different with ball players due to the emormous amount of disposable income. Child support is non-negotiable whatever you owe you pay based on a formula. Alimony is a different animal, the judge is going to insist that you maintain a level of existence created by the parties involved. It would be to the advantage of the father to get full custody so that he would not have to pay child support. This is hardly going to happen because the child is the bread winner for the mother. If married alimony is sought by the mother and usually received in order to maintain the level of existence, especially if the mother is not providing an income. Heaven, would be alimony and child support, particularily since child support is not taxable. Otherwise a settlement would be in the offerring.The heavy hitters like the ball players if caught in a situation with a child. If you can’t get full custody, shoot for joint, that is better than not at all and you will be able to see your child. As for the alimony, get a strong lawyer. As for a offer in compromise, Offer a house,car (nice one) lump sum of cash (nice sum). All this is to be done under the guide of an attorney so that there is no backlash and binding documentation. Then you raise your child, forget about the woman and move on with your life. 

  • From my personal experience, and from reading the notices from the Florida Supreme Court, Judge Shea has an issue with women in general.  He has been reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court for insulting and yelling at female prosecutors in his court, asking the female prosecutors to fetch him coffee, and making sexist comments regarding females in his courtroom.  The Florida Supreme Court wants to suspend him for 60 days without pay.  He doesn’t agree.  Judge Shea should be removed from his court.  With his general disdain of women, he shouldn’t even be overseeing family court cases.

  • Gmom49

    The judge is a knuckle head – but joint custody is the best way to go.  The judge has no business bringing his personal feelings and yes he needs to be dismissed.  What an a** – what would he have done this to a woman of another ethnicity.  People in our culture are always made out to be b*****s, bastards, low lifes – because that is what we allow them to do to us in the media! As long as we sit back and do nothing about it we will always be disrespected on the bench, in the street, in the theater on the world stage.  Other races in this country do the same damned things and it some how never makes the news.  I am sure it was a freak of nature that the woman who stole money from the welfare system after winning the lottery never paid the money back – or the man who was caught haviing sex with a pig didn’t get circulated like the black guy that had sex with a dog – which by the way the owner called it rape – how in the hell does a human rape a dog? why wasn’t it called a lewed act with an animal? I am so sick of crap like this when no one stands up for the woman – what we didn’t want the judge disbarred the way we wanted or called for rush limpy to be boycotted?  Some times we can be so backward, why are we afratid to fight for the rights like everyother ethnic group?  Why are we allowiing the politicians to provide free anything for illegal immigrants?  I am so damned mad – now a judge with power wants to disgrace another black woman as if she isn’t entitled to nothing – he laid down with the woman had unprotected sex, fathered a child now they both need to share custody of the child – just because he has money doesn’t make him the right parent – misguided justice.  Sorry for the rant but this kind of crap is ridiculous.

  • Atin

    I think she should have a different judge, since Dwight’s lawyer endorses the judge. She shouldn’t have been put on the case from the beginning. But as far as the child goes, there are three sides to the story. Royce’s side, Dwight’s side. and the truth. I am not a big fan of basketball wives, but from the few episodes I did watch, I liked Royce. And I can’t imagine her trying to keep the baby from Dwight, but I don’t know her personally so I can’t say for sure. I also like Dwight, but I can’t even imagine him with kids because he’s such a goof ball, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not a good father. But it’s pretty sad that they can’t come to an agreement about their child. We can all say our opinions, but only Royce and Dwight know the truth about what’s going on.

  • Gizmoshoes

    This is what messes her up the most, that big dino got other baby mamas does anyone hear about their complaints on TMZ and MTO. Oh yeah, Nooo 

  • CA Pullen

    People do have to be careful who they lay down with.  If you seen signs all along  that the person is crazy, then why in the world would you lay down and produce a child with that person? Men and women need to protect themselves especially if they don’t want to go through the headache of 18+ years of financial support.   Unfortunately, people still do not learn the lesson.  It does not matter if the woman is black, white, mixed, etc. 

  • Mls2698

    Why do these guys keep having unprotected sex with women they are not married to? If I was in the NBA, I would have an entire “condom room” built onto my house; and carry a suitcase only for condoms. Just pick one! Blue, green, purple, red, ribbed, wet, dry, spermicide…….Oh, don’t leave out the Magnums for the ballers.

    • brian k

      Some of these chicks put holes in condoms as well as other tricks.  These women are professionals taking advantage of ball players who have lower than average iqs. 

      • Pivyque

        Poke holes? That is why he should bring his own condoms AND pull out just in case she did manage to poke a hole in it. THEN he needs to take it to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet.

  • Asarinc

    this is typical, but even more of a problem when you have millions of dollars as a motivator, these women unfortunately didn’t think about the effects of having children out of wedlock because it is a part of the investment of time with these high profile men, they intended and even wanted to get pregnant, a blind person could have seen that coming. they’re opportunist and unfortunately the children are just a pawn, and a ticket to a monthly check, they’re trifling and deplorable people. and for these men they should refrain from using women for their own cheap purposes, for at the end of the day you get what you pay for! 

    • Virtualvenus

       I was just about to go in on you… til I saw that last line. Please don’t JUST blame the women… BLAME ALSO the idiot men who allow these females to run game. If you allow yourself to be played a fool, expect someone to play you for one. You’re a million dollar athlete… There is no way you do not know there is a target on your head…. You don’t want a groupie being on your payroll for the next 18 years, wrap it up or show her the door and not your penis. That simple. Not at all giving the groupie a pass, but saying it’s their job to collect a check from you…make them rethink their choice of career. Do not strengthen their resolve by dicking them down sans condom…

  • icanbutiwont

    Maybe baby mama bias will help curb some of the ratchet foolishness happening, all in the name of child support or in attempt to hold yo man!

    • Richard


  • Merriegirl

    The jude may have a bias against her in general due to her in appropriate behavior on TV but I don’t see how he is specifically targeting her as a single mother. She also shouldn’t be hindering that man from seeing his son. If he gives her a reasonable schedule of when he is free between games then she should make Braylon available to him.

  • AlanaGraves

    Why can’t they have joint custody? And how could he manage having primary custody durin basketball season? I think this I petty and probably has more to do with Royce and her new baller boo. Some men don’t like to feel as if they are supporting they’re baby mama and their man. Which he is not since this person has their own career but I digress…

    • Richard

      I am thinking that they do have joint custody and that is why part of his claim is that she interferes with his visitation time.  To your point, I would not want to support her either if she is married to her new guy, but if she is not then I would pay as required.   However, if she is getting a steady source of income from her new guy (such as a regular check that significantly increases her earnings.  Not dates or money otherwise spent on her) then I would not want to pay either.  Who cares about who she is dating unless the new guy is a really bad influence on the children, a crook, murderer, drug dealer, is mentally unstable, etc?  If your relationship with the other parent is broken and not repairable, be adults about the children and leave the other mess alone.

      Not sure about the bias thing but I can understand the conflict of interest if the judge is getting financial support from the attorney.  An endorsement can be either verbal, financial, or both.  If the judge is gaining monetary support from Dwight’s attorney then he should recuse himself from the case. 

      On another note, I consider it admirable and responsible that the man wants to take primary custody of his children. Men should step up and take responsibility and care for their children.  Many do, but unfortunately we only hear about the ones that do not.  His schedule while busy during the basketball season should not keep him from caring for his children.  Children can travel with him, he can hire tutors, nannies, or whatever to be available to help him care for them on the road. Better yet, if the two of them can be responsible ADULTS and work TOGETHER, it could be part of the arrangement between Royce and he that she takes the children while he is away on travel, weekends, or whatever.  He clearly has the financial means and appears to have the desire to do so, so why not?  Especially if his claims are true that she is making it difficult for him to spend time with THEIR son.  The children should not suffer the absence of the other parent because one wants to be vindictive.

      • Veronica

        You wouldn’t want to pay your child’s mother child support if she is getting money from her new man? Seriously? So you would not want to support your child because the mother is getting money from someone other than you? Therefore, you don’t care about personally supporting your child finically although you have millions of dollars. Selfish much?
        Dwight Howard has 3 other children but is only giving Royce hell because she did a show.

        • Richard

           Nice try, but no. I think if you reread and take the emotion out you will see what I am saying. But to be fair, I can see how you deduced that based on how I wrote it so let me explain it this way:  In my experience with my ex, I asked for custody and was denied judges tend to go with the mother on these things in spite of evidence showing otherwise.  I provided support as directed and the money never went to the children’s needs.  She always needed more when it came to their needs such as them going out with friends or needing new clothes as an example. Which was weird because I was paying well in excess of 2k/month plus she had a job.  She gets a new guy, get’s married, and my amount is not reduced but remains the same.  The child support laws are based on the incomes of both parents.  Initially, I paid more because I make more more money.  Plain and simple. 

          However, if she now has a second income (in this case her new husband’s income as I tried to address in my original post) and makes as much or more than I, then the amount paid should be adjusted based on that fact (Which in my case was finally adjusted on appeal).  That means that I have more money now to spend on my children when they are with me or otherwise. 

          I can can pay those extra things because my ex is not taking up the majority of my income and not using it where it is supposed to go.  I can put more money into their savings accounts, college savings, etc.  Why, because I should not have to pay her to waste money that is supposed to go toward the needs of the children.  It has nothing to do with not wanting to support my children, but everything to do with them being taken care of.  Let me ask you this.  Why should I pay for a house for you to live in with your new husband?  Dating is one thing, but if you get married or have a significant increase in income (in most states 10% or higher), by law, the rules change and I should not have to pay as much.  So yes, if your new beau (not husband) provides you with say 1500 per month in spending money and I can prove that you do not need the amount of money that you claim you need from me because of this? then yes I want my amount reduced.  The problem I have is that in a lot of these situations, the money hardly or rarely reaches the children’s needs and just goes to support a lavish lifestyle.

          SO in closing, please re-read my quote in the 1st paragraph. It covers all of that.  Here is the quote: “To your point, I would not want to support her either if she is married
          to her new guy, but if she is not then I would pay as required.  
          However, if she is getting a steady source of income from her new guy
          (such as a regular check that significantly increases her earnings.  Not
          dates or money otherwise spent on her) then I would not want to pay
          either.  Who cares about who she is dating unless the new guy is a
          really bad influence on the children, a crook, murderer, drug dealer, is
          mentally unstable, etc?”  So really, I could care less about who she dates.  The money is for the support of the children.  And in my case after a year, I was awarded custody.

          • Pivyque

            I agree with you. In every child support case, the amount should be adjusted once the person receiving the child support remarries.

        • Sonya

           Your response shows your immaturity.  What he is saying is simply this. If the woman is paying child support to ex-husband or boyfriend and that ex-husband/boyfriend has one source of income that was included in the original settlement when it was signed then it is what it is.  But..If ex-husband/boyfriend gets an additional verifiable source of income, whether it is a second job or something else then it needs to be taken into consideration so that I as the ex-wife can live  because his financial situation has changed. 

          It would not matter if the original payee is male or female.  You better believe that if my ex was hiding income that could help us out I would be pissed and I would and should go after it.  It is not about the new man but responsibility.  There are many cases where the payer has gotten a second job and that additional income was taken into consideration for support because it significantly changes the situation.

           In Royce’s case she has a job so Mr. Howard should not have to pay out as if she is helpless. Furthermore Mr. Howard with is millions is asking for primary custody so to me that says something about the situation.  Plus if she is playing games with the children and he is trying to be in the childs life then shame on her. With the number of children without both parents involved in the child rearing she should be jumping at the chance.  If you read Richard’s comments you would know that he is not trying to not pay for his kids. it is child support not mooch and leech all that I can.  Women like you give good women a bad name… SMH