New York Pushes For Ban on Sagging Pants

March 18, 2012  |  

New York will join Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in the fight to ban the sight of men’s underwear showing on the street. NY State Senator Eric Adams is pushing for the ban  and he doesn’t have to look far for supporters. Adams says his Brooklyn district is “ground zero” for the sagging epidemic and has heard from many who are tired of seeing the style.

In an effort to curb the free showing style, campaigns such as “Stop The Sagging” were created to encourage  young men to not show their behinds on the streets. Now the effort is willing to take it to the next level with a legal ban. Read more…

What are your thoughts on this style?






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  • Its not even that popular of a style anymore. I honestly haven’t seen someone sagging really deep for like maybe a year or so. And I’m not from some small town, I live in the heart of Chicago.

  • Hmmmmm

    I hear all of the comments in regards to this style choice and I get the many folks who do not like it. But here’s the thing if you claim to be a free-thinking, modern-day woman (or man) and all advocating for all things free for your sister folk: If they can do this to young men they will be coming for you and your low-cut dresses and tight jeans that show off your back tattoo and new underwear. 
    Perhaps not this year, or in five, but they will come for you as well. Lets be real, lot of what women wear could be considered tasteless depending on who is looking. A lot of women’s fashion influenced by seedier elements, just like sagging….but you would flip out and be waiting for the war cry of another Beyonce anthem if someone told you you could not wear them. 

    It may be tacky but what these young men do in their jeans is no more about you than your boob-revealing dress is them. 

    • FromUR2UB

      Ohhh, but this should apply to women also.  No one’s trying to see their behinds either.  An inch of breast cleavage is not a big deal.   But when women are walking around with literally half of their breasts exposed, it wouldn’t hurt them to cover up some more. 

      This is not mere “fashion”.   This is about people having become so crass that modesty and decency are foreign concepts to them.  Someone walking around with their butt out, is as offensive as someone farting in a restaurant.  It’s vulgar, completely unnecessary, and an assault on the senses.

  • F3ral Anarchy

    my question has always been….how do you run from the cops with skinny sagged jeans on?

  • NikkitaMichelle

    This is so played out.  Everytime I see a grown man wearing this look the only thing that comes to mind is he must be unemployed.  No I don’t like to see brothers in tight pants, but buying pants 3 times to large only to tie the belt around your thighs and then have to hold on to them in order to keep them up while you walk is just DUMB! 

  • Kimberlyadesanya

    As a resident of Ny I think that we have more pressing issues to be concerned about. Such as education, unemployment, integrating former prisoners back into the community not sagging pants. Sagging pants are the cause of issues for inner city youth.

  • HansiCabo

    This is a slippery slope with infringing on people’s “rights” constitutionally.  However, that said, I can’t stand the saggy pants look.  It just looks unkempt, uneducated, and ridiculous! When I was in school, that “look” wasn’t on the radar yet, thank God! I think parents should be the ones enforcing how/what their child wears.  Where are the enforcers….parents!!??

  • So they say

    They need to pass a law to ban women from wearing see-through spandex tights and low rider jeans too. I am sick of seeing chicks with their naked parts all hanging out; it indecent exposure that no one needs to see. No woman should be walking around in the street with half of their butt crack showing. It’s not cute, it just says that your desperate for attention and want any type of guy to look at you so you can feel relevant. I hope the fashion world bans low rider jeans and spandex tights soon.

    • Basel


  • RedButterfly81

    Please let Illinois be next, I’m sick and tired of seeing these goons’ underwear on a daily basis! This ban is LOOOOOOOOONG overdue. Please, nobody don’t want to see your butt and your underwear you goons!

  • LaTasha

    All I can say is it is about time someone does something about this style. It should have been gone a long time ago.

  • This needs to be protested. I live in NYC I hope we can get together and do something about this. I don’t like this style myself, but who the heck does the state/city think they are trying to make laws about how people can and can not dress?

  • Bfdbulbgfv

    I personally hate the style but it’s just that, a STYLE. I hate crocks too but I don’t think those deserve to be banned. There is such thing as freedom of expression. Besides, isn’t there ANYTHING else that we can invest our time and tax money in???

    •  I agree. I live in NYC. They are trying to take away our expression. Self expression and freedom to wear what we like. I say as long as you are not naked in public then legalities should be kept out of this. At the risk of sounding stupid I would protest this.

  • abbysee

    I hate,hate, hate, sagging. Its disgusting and unattractive to say the least! However we cant and shouldn’t legislate every damn thing.

  • KamJos

    Definitely not a fan of this style. I think it looks gross and hate to see some guys boxers making butter between the cheeks. NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL. However, I do not think that the government should be policing how low someone’s jeans sag, especially not in NY where being a Black male and breathing seems to be a crime. 

  • danaaa

    Um no. If they’re going to ban sagging jeans then they need to ban men in skinny jeans and big women in leggings too. No one wants to see that either. These kinds of laws are pervasive,these kids will grow up eventually. But in the meantime, the state has NO right to dictate one’s personal style regardless of how silly it is.

    • Lalatarea

      thank you! although i HATE the sight of this “style” i don’t think the government has a right to come in and ban clothing styles. i think people should REALLY think hard about whether or not they want the govt that involved in their personal lives just cuz they can’t just look away from this ugly style.

      • Netdandri

        It’s not about it being a style. It’s that showing your underwear in public has traditionally been indecent exposure. It makes sense that sagging your pants in a way that shows underwear should be viewed the same way.

  • Linda

    I don’t know about passing a law for this, but I am so sick of looking at this mess somthing needs to be done!   Some people are so disrespectful they even come in the church like this smh.

  • Reeceecup

    It’s tacky and disgusting and should be illegal

    • sweettea

      Tacky and disgusting doesn’t hurt anybody. Im so tired of the government interfering the lives of private citizens

  • Jocelyn

    I do not like the style, but I do believe in freedom of expression, and don’t the police have better things to do than to try to enforce such a law, and legislators have more pressing problems to address!

    • Rae

      See now I agree with THIS^^^. If they start telling people how to dress whats next? Blue lipstick? Toe crushing brightly colored stilettos? Where will it end? Bad fashion no matter how horrible isn’t a crime. They need to spend more time and effort fixing the revolving door on the prison system- which is where the terrible look came from to begin with!

      • Netdandri

        It’s indecent exposure. When you see half of a person’s underwear it’s like why even wear pants at all? And since nobody can go down the street with no pants on, they shouldn’t be able to go around with the same underwear showing but with pants hanging underneath.

  • Mls2698

    I was riding the light-rail one day, and some pant saggers got on, but they had to stand because the train was full. This Ni@@er’s Azz with his drawers showing was in my face for three miles! Then there was the time about 2 yrs ago, I was working at a Dr’s office; I called my patient who was in a wheelchair, who’s grandson was pushing him through the door. The Grandson would push the wheelchair, pull his sagging pants, push the wheelchair, pull his pants. It took a while for them to get through the door, but when they did, THIS NI@@GA had the biggest s**t stains on his underwear! And, he had a nerve to have been sitting on the seats in the lobby! SMH Rock that vote!

    • BrizzzoStizzzo

      No words for you… No bout if you called hom a “Ni@@er” tk his face you wouldn’t be alive today… Grow the hell up!

      • Mls2698

        People walking around looking like that deserve to be called THAT!

        • Rae

          Thats not right. You reserve the “N” word for “trash or the refuse of society”. Bad fashion doesn’t make you “trash or the refuse of society”. Its just makes you a simple minded poser. But I do share your disgust with the saggy pants phenomenon. 

          • HansiCabo

            There is NEVER a reason to use the “N-word”!  I’m tired of people justifying instances when it’s ok to use it.  NEVER!  Either broaden your vocabulary or shut the hell up, but the use of the “N-word” is persona non grata!

            • Mls2698

              How about, if I see you up here again, I “broaden” them on YOU!

          • Mls2698

            No reservations needed… its for all IGNORANT people. Black or white. Tired of scared black folk who have been trained to hide the word. First thing people assume is that the guys were black! Underwear are “reserved” for his eyes only; I shouldn’t be able to see them. And, thats trash!

            • Rae

              Where did I assume anything regarding black? Read my statement again. I said the word describes “trash and the refuse of society”. I never deemed that trash as white or black or brown. Trash comes in every color. Its interesting that you use that word and immediately assume that I think you are referring to black people.

      • Mls26989

        Don’t  let me start on the SATIN BONNETS, TOO!  Those young men (better?) can “grow up” by pulling their pants up.

    • FromUR2UB

      Yeah, I was with you until you added ‘n****r’ throughout your comments, because we don’t know that you aren’t some white person just looking for an excuse to refer to blacks in some racial epithet. Since you capitalized it each time you used it, you seem to be enjoying use of it a little too much.  That can’t happen and we can’t let this be acceptable.

    • Nitty

      Lol..never a dull a moment huh?i can’t

  • FromUR2UB

    When I was a kid, and elder people wanted to describe someone who had behaved poorly or acted a fool, they used to say that someone “really showed his a**”.   They used that phrase because it conjured up an image of someone who acted in a way that was SHAMEFUL. 

    Also, thirty years ago if a kid had walked around with his pants hanging low, walking like Fred Sanford to keep them around his thighs, other kids would have laughed at him to the point he wouldn’t have wanted to be seen for a while.  All shame is not bad, and some people either need enough shame to not want to do things that make them look stupid, or enough pride and dignity to care about not exposing their behinds to the world.  It’s sad when that doesn’t occur in them naturally, so someone has to pass laws to regulate their behavior.

    • zam


  • Yes thank goodness, they need to do this all around the country.

    • perplexed

      this is something we agree on lol

  • sweettea

    This ‘style’ would have played out 10 years ago if people hadn’t made it a social issue and tried to snuff it out. That just made it more popular

    • Rae

      I disagree. I see more dudes in nut crunching fitted pants more now than I do the ones with the “saggy diaper” look. Maybe its just a Tri-State area thing. These men chose this jacked up fad from the prisons and have been rocking it for decades now. 

  • L-Boogie

    It is time for this style to go out of style!