6 Times You’ll Have To Accept No Sex For A While

March 19, 2012  |  
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A boyfriend once joked to me before going out of town for a week, “I’m sorry I won’t be around to satisfy your needs.” I laughed. Who was he kidding? I’m not a dude. I don’t go nuts without sex for a few days. Boy was I wrong. Let’s just say, by the end of the week I had bought some triple A batteries and an item that hides in a shoe box. Luckily, my doing-it drought was brought on by something as simple as physical distance, but sometimes, it’s not that simple. And there’s nothing you can do about it but wait.



After tragedy

If he has lost a loved one—a friend, a father, a dog (some men get very torn up about their dogs)—he might feel he doesn’t deserve to enjoy himself since someone he loves isn’t around to enjoy anything anymore. He might also be contemplating mortality, and the action that is traditionally for reproducing is creeping him out a little.


After job loss

A man’s ego rides a lot on his job. If he isn’t where he wants to be in his career, and especially financially, he doesn’t feel like a man. If he’s lost a job, is having trouble getting one, or has been demoted, he may not feel like much of a man in the bedroom either.


After you’ve cheated

Even if he has decided to forgive you, he may not feel you deserve sex yet. He also might not be ready to be that close to you again. Additionally, even though he knows you’ve slept with men other than him in your life, an indiscretion during the relationship just makes him all too aware that somebody else was up in there, and recently. That can weird him out.

After he’s cheated

You might think he will be so antsy to get back in your bed if you’ve taken him back after he’s cheated, but he might still be dealing with a guilty conscience. He once again might not feel he deserves sex for a while.


If you’ve been apart

Having consistent sex makes a man keep up the practice of lasting in bed. But, if the two of you have had to be apart for a while either because you’re in a long distance relationship or someone went away for a while, he hasn’t had to last for anyone when he’s just been “taking care of himself.” Some men have anxiety about finishing way too soon when they finally get to be with their girlfriend again, so they put sex off.



After a failure

The longer a man doesn’t satisfy you, the longer he might stay away from even trying. If you clearly haven’t been reaching orgasm for a while, your man might begin to dread sex. He may not be able to enjoy himself, feeling that you are not enjoying yourself at all.

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