Change of Heart: Things Men Do Differently When In Love

March 18, 2012  |  
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Love is a trans-formative force. A lot of men think that doesn’t apply to them, but then, they find themselves doing “different” things when they fall in love.

Here are some changes men most likely make when they find “the one” ….


They can keep their cool. They can handle their fuzzy feelings. They would never be that guy kiss-attacking his girlfriend near the tangerines at the grocery store. Yeah, right. When in love, men forget anyone is watching. That guy by the tangerines never thought he’d be into PDA, either.

Not a “phone person”

Talking a lot on the phone is “girly.” Only females call their friends to chat about every little thing that just happened, right? That’s what single guys think, until they find themselves calling you on their blue tooth every time they’re in the car, telling you about the funny thing that just happened at the gas station.

Sharing the bed

Men love to joke about kicking women out of their beds after sex. Stick them in a relationship long enough, and they can’t sleep when their girlfriend is out of town just for one night. They miss having someone to hold.

Sexual stamina

Something men love about being in a relationship: consistent, dependable sex. They’ll make proud comments to their friends about how much they satisfy you in bed. Never do they expect the day to come when they are too tired to have sex. But it happens, no matter how crazy they are about you.

Wanting a relationship

The days when they are “getting it out of their system” (i.e. sleeping around) can be addicting. If they are successful at it, they really don’t see any reason to slow down and, oh, settle down. But, wanting a relationship isn’t a decision that is up to them. They just meet a girl one day and are slapped in the face with the reality that they have no interest in talking to anyone at the bar they’re drinking with their friends at. They want to text that girl.

Needing guy time

Does your guy have a close group of guy friends who go out together a few times a week? He probably used to think his guy friends who stayed home with their girlfriends were forced into it. Then the day will come when he is cuddling with his girlfriend, his guys call him up and invite him out, and he has to be pried from that couch. They all become slight homebody’s when in love.

Taking your advice

When they’re young they think they never want a woman to “control” them. They let your dietary suggestions, your interior decorating advice and your insistence they start taking Vitamin D go in one ear and out the other. Eventually, they become addicted to a woman’s touch. They’ll be calling their girlfriend with a baby voice saying, “My stomach huuurts.”

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