Happy Hour Etiquette 101: How To Not Be Ratchet When Out Drinking With Co-Workers

March 16, 2012 ‐ By Blair Bedford

Oh, the joys of the co-worker happy hour. It’s a good way to get to know other peers around the office in a relaxed environment that doesn’t involve beating each other to the coffee machine in the morning, exchanging emails and jumping from conference call to conference call without a moment in between.

Even though the office happy hour is an effective, informal way to be at-peace with the people you see every day, it has its limitations and “unwritten” rules. Always be mindful that even though your co-workers are nice and you should be comfortable around them, they are still connected to you FIRST on a professional level, so take heed to your behavior in relaxed surroundings, especially ones that involve alcohol and dim lighting!

As you get prepared for that next happy hour gathering with your fellow employees, keep in mind these important tips to make sure you leave behind a good impression and not a sloppy one.

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  • Nitty

    Ugh..can’t stand my coworkers..
    The gossiping,the fake smiles.no thanks..

  • MixedUpInVegas

    Most of the places I have worked over time have had some kind of “after hours” gatherings on occassion.  It always seemed a good idea to at least show my face before heading home.  They were generally enjoyable gatherings and a chance to be friendly with people you might not interact much with during the work day.  Sometimes that was a good thing if those people were higher ups.

    Everyone is different.  If you hate your job and your coworkers, then obviously socializing with them would be a chore.  I never felt that way.

  • L-Boogie

    Never demonstrated this behavior.  It is tacky beyond words!

  • Lol I agree in a sense. I’m 22 and I do have a job. My job is in an office. The funny thing is like…it’s a big office but our department is small. I have one girl that I am super close with and I have two other women that I was super close to as well. One left for Broadway and the other…well, she changed. But I am close one this one girl. We’ve become like best friends so we do have an “outside of work” relationship. Everyone is relaxed but we do know the “rules”. Also, the supervisors tend to date some of the co workers which causes issues but no one says anything. Anyway, my point is that I would actually be opposed to a happy hour with ALL of my co workers because some of them are my parents age. Me and say three other women have gone drinking and partying together but it’s different since we are so close in age.


    I rather try my hand at tightrope walking through heavy crosswinds than socialize with my co-workers afterhours.

    • MLR

      Loves it … I thought I was the only one! You could not pay me to socialize with these people.