She’s Trying to Erykah Badu Me: 7 Men Whose Style Changed For Their Lady

March 13, 2012 ‐ By IndigoBlack


Andre 3000 & Common

HA! These two brothas, both very hot distinguished gentlemen, are who this story is based around. We all know that if Erykah Badu’s love wasn’t like “whoa,” they wouldn’t have felt the need to leave behind their old ensembles for crochet hats, scarves, locs and ish that looks better suited on the Beatles during their “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” days. After having his eyes (and nostrils) opened by Badu, Andre’s attire in general changed, as well as his sound. And Common might have been worse (though he went back to normal) because his style choices were more questionable, and the album Electric Circus he put out while with Badu sounded like something she could have possibly have executive produced (and she’s on the front of the album with a wealth of other people). Yep, these guys were really and truly sprung…


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  • ShebaBarb

    I liked his style best with the ex-wifey. He looked more like a man. IJS

  • j dub

    Jigga went with his age like most men do…to me Jay didnt change…Jerseys and baggy stuff was the ish back then…now he has a grown fit that isnt tight…he still get on his gully stuff a lil

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Badu got that il na na

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  • Chanda

    Should’ve added Ice T and Coco. Their outfits are usually color coordinated and yes I’m sure a stylist picked their outfits out, too. J. Lo changes up her styles too according to the men she’s with at the moment.

  • Most of the people on the list don’t put together their own clothes.  When you have a stylist driving your look, is it any surprise that they’d try to compliment your significant other?   …damn, come to think of it is there anything that’s not a big marketing ploy anymore? lol

  • Guest

    Ummm…..the “P” is for Pittsburgh, not Philly.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    There’s nothing wrong with letting your girl Upgrade ya!

  • Lisa

    Some of them changed not because of their women because times have changed. who still has the same style they had back in the day. Gosh

  • Justsayin

    I “think”…(Read:think) most of these kats more or less became a “brand” (Jay Z, Andre 3000, D- wade) They saw that corp. money and decided to change. Now am i saying that their women didn’t play a part in it, I cant and wont! But you have to understand you listed these 3 kats that have ALWAYS wanted to separate themselves for the rest of the crew….just my measly $.03

  • Lind00

    who run the world-GIRLS!!!!!!!!

  • L Anderson

    lmao @ wiz!!! love bey with the dark hair!

  • Guest

    The Madonna effect.

  • @MackMajor

    Dat kid definitely changed his style for co co Gab his shirts done gotten way too small come on D-Wade

    • Cokeland


    • anonymité

       LMAO god I can’t this one literally just killed me laughing so hard that I’m sweating