Where’s My Belt!? Children of Celebrities Who Have Acted a Fool

March 12, 2012 ‐ By IndigoBlack

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Ta’Kari Christie

Is it just me, or do reality TV stars get the biggest dose of “reality” when it comes to their children? Jackie Christie’s eldest daughter Ta’Kari wanted her time in the spotlight not too long ago when she put her mother on blast through Twitter for allegedly kicking Ta’Kari and her kids out of the Basketball Wives star’s home. The young woman said that because of her mother’s choice, she and her babies were homeless and sleeping on the couches of anyone who would let them do so. She had even planned to reveal secrets about her mother (whose government name she outed as “jackie christie warren lee taylor barrington”) when she reached a certain number of followers. Wow. In response to her daughter’s actions, Jackie Christie decided to blame Ta’Kari’s actions and “issues” on the fact that she’s “dark-skinned.” Say what? Either way, Jackie claims they’ve worked things out…

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  • Kris Schmidt

    What most of these have in common are parents who came into money quickly, so not only were they irresponsible, but their children even more so.

    What I don’t understand is why Jaden Smith and his sister aren’t on here?!

  • fatbuttuglyal

    who are these trashy waste of life beings

  • KontryBoy706

    Where the hell is Miley Cyrus on this list? Get her on here now

  • Zina Gray

    Lacresha should be on this list for that outfit alone. Horrible

  • EVE

    I thought this was a new article. I scroll down and see comments from 2 years ago. lol

  • Dev2008

    Nicole grew up and now she’s a beautiful, talented and funny Wife, Mom and business woman I totally admire, respect and am glad she made it through.

  • Sexylove305


  • Lauren B.

    Laurence Fishburne should be ashamed of himself. His daughter is 20 years old and needs guidance. Instead of opening up his arms, he turns his back on her! Turning your back on your child is not the solution. If Montana doesn’t have her dad’s love, she’ll look to the wrong person who claims to love her, only to hurt her. I hope Laurence changes his mind and goes to look for his daughter before she get too far gone.

  • I love NeNe

  • Latonyafenderson

    what the? is crazy old jackie even talking about? what does her child’s skin tone have to do w/anything? For her age and going by all those last names, experience she talks without any thought at all.

  • koiceko

    Montana said she wanted to do adult films because it helped Kim K. and Paris Hilton… she’s forgetting one very important thing. THEY ARE WHITE… SHE ISN’T… America has different rules for different people…. come on now!!! they did sex tapes and got reality shows, perfume deals, tons of magazine covers, clothing deals etc., she does it and she’s just another dirty black chick turning tricks and doing adult films… sad she need jesus!!!

    • Totally agree with everything you said KOICEKO.  It is obvious this young woman didn’t get the love and attention she needed as a child because all kids need both their parents and little girl need their fathers who help form what type of woman she will grow up to be.  I hope other absentee fathers learn from this.  Hopefully she gets the help she so desperately needs.

  • SickOfRidiculous

    I don’t know, but Montana seemed to be crying for attention. All that acting out didn’t come off as “bad girl” to me; more like “Look at me!!”. As for poor Bryson… he seems to have self-esteem issues and is unsure about who he is as a man. I noticed that when NeNe and Greg talk to or reprimand him, he hangs his head and smiles awkwardly like a 6-year old. I find that odd for a young man his age. He definitely lacks confidence, which can lead to unfavorable behavior.

  • Nehemiah53

    As far as Bryson Bryant if you had a mother like NeNe you would act up too! NeNe don’t care what she do or say and call herself a mother “bad mothers is bad for sons”. 

  • montana’s story is very sad because at the end of the day
    if you don’t respect your body what is left????? she wanted
    to hurt her father and she got her wish.

  • Guest

    I am not a big Lawrence Fishburne fan but, I do give him credit for build a successful career.  I did read a long time ago that he turned his back on his mother.  Who knows, may be he did the same to Montana.  Whatever the story is, she ultimately hurt herself.  She is a beautiful girl with a famous father.  If they could have worked through their issues, I would not be surprised if he would have given her whatever she wanted. She could have used her beauty to pursue positive endeavors.  Instead she humiliated him and disrespected herself. 

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  • RedButterfly81

    Montana shouldn’t be a adult film star with them leopard prints on her booty, yuck!!! Looks like she got different diseases on her booty! 

  • RedButterfly81

    Montana shouldn’t be a adult film star with them leopard prints on her booty, NASTY!!! Looks like she got different STDs on her butt! 

    • Jack

      Good head game though!

  • IllyPhilly

    Um, his daughter’s name is Lacresha? 

  • Black_Pride

    Jackie Christi is a fool andI’m glad her daughter put her on blast! Mr. 2 Live Crew is scum! Funny that you don’t believe he beat his wife and daughter yet I can’t seem to overlook the scores entries about 1 fight  a teenage boy had 3 years ago!! Anyway, I still feel bad for Laurence Fishburne I mean wow really Chippy D <—LOL! SMFH

  • ariesdollface

    thoughts…if you parent your kids, you won’t have to police adults. just saying…

    • LisaLuvless

      Thumbs the efff up to that!

  • icanbutiwont

    If Jojo Simmons dad wasn’t famous and he had lived the exact same life. i.e the lap of luxury. This lil boy would all over my damn tv talking about, ” maaann I had to sell drugz just to stay ea’n u heard” or 

    ” real ni99as stay killin or all up in the streets”. Point, no real criminal is gonna be dumb enough * pardon me I just chuckled :)*  to be on tv confessing crimes he committed cause he know the feds don’t play that game. As for Fishburne.. smh I really just don’t know.

  • LisaLuvless

    I never heard of the Jackie Christie vs her daughter… Oh wait I’m sorry, Darkskinned daughter. Really Ms.Jackie? What are you then? You darkskin as well,does that mean that you too suffer from the issues you stated your daughter has because of her skin tone? FOH

    Montana Fishburne spoof video had me dying for months. The spots on her b u tt .. That was some mess,poor Laurence,I would have bought out all the dvds and play it for her everyday from the moment she wakes.

  • Jimmy Swaggerd

    Laurence Fishburne could use some parenting advice!! 

    He should check out this movie I saw back in ’91 called “Boyz in the Hood”.  The father role was played by this really firm but fair black man who…wait a minute…nevermind…

    • ariesdollface


    • FromUR2UB


    • Nehemiah53

      The problem with that it is very hard or impossible
      for a father to be firm or hard with his daughter, it take a firm hand from a mother and fathers must
      not interfere to deal with a unruly daughter.

  • Nehemiah53

    She [Montana Fishburne] and my sister should have gotten some a** whupping long time ago!

    • Sugar_Spice

      While your handing out “a** whuppings” please put my little sister on the list because i’m tired.

      • Nehemiah53

        I am more than tired I am giving up!