Where’s My Belt!? Children of Celebrities Who Have Acted a Fool

March 12, 2012  |  
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From the outside looking in, it looks like being the child of a celebrity has some pretty amazing perks. Your people have all these connections, you don’t have to worry about not being able to afford to go to school, and you can often buy what you want/need for that matter. Oh, the perks. But the way many of the children of celebrities act these days, snapping off on their parents online and embarrassing them, I guess it really isn’t all roses and sunshine. I’m sure you’ve already heard about Mike Epps’ daughter Bria releasing a recording of her father cursing her out, but she’s not the only one who has acted out and put her parent in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Check these young adults (and some now older), out.

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Montana Fishburne

This young lady right here just gets a sad face from me. For some reason, Montana, the 20-year-old daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, decided that instead of just acting in regular films like her famous father, adult films were her calling. She got her start with the name, Chippy D. (what the!?), and in no time flat, completely embarrassed her pops. Montana later said that seeing how famous and popular Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton had become definitely influenced her decision. *sighs* In the end, whatever popularity homegirl had waned, her father allegedly cut her out of his life, and not only was she arrested for prostitution in 2009, but she was also charged with battery and false imprisonment after attacking a woman in 2010.

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JoJo Simmons

Man, it must be hard for JoJo Simmons. To watch your little brother (Diggy) succeed at something you want to do so badly and end up being the “Fredo” of the family (check out The Godfather), I know it can’t be easy. However, he definitely doesn’t make things easier for himself with his behavior. Not only was the eldest son of Rev Run arrested for marijuana possession in 2009, but just recently he was caught up in a nasty transvestite rumor. Said transvestite claimed she and JoJo traded text messages and more even when he was well aware that she was born a man. Trying to defend himself, he got nasty with the language and felt the need to call her a “tranny,” use the f-bomb, and continuously reference women as b*****s. Who he was trying to pump hard for we can’t say, but it definitely wasn’t a good look.

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Deiondra Sanders

Messy much? Deion Sanders is pretty messy himself (see this current divorce battle), but we were pretty sad to see his daughter go in on Pilar Sanders publicly not too long ago. I’m sure you heard about it. Not only did Deiondra call Pilar out for allegedly cheating on her father, but she also claimed Pilar tried to keep Deiondra away from her younger siblings. None of these allegations were made in a calm manner by the way (CAPS LOCK COMMENTARY is never calm), and of course, the call out was done via Twitter. And let’s not forget that Deiondra also spent most of last year trying to explain why she had naked pictures leaked on to the Internet. Oh, girl…no.

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Bryson Bryant

NeNe Leakes believes that when it comes to giving love to your kids, it’s better be tough, and this young man might need just that. Not only was he caught up in a scary bar fight a month or so ago where he needed to be hospitalized, but he also was arrested not too long ago for marijuana possession and last year for theft. And with all the money NeNe keeps reiterating that she makes, why he felt the need to steal something (razors at that according to NeNe), we just can’t understand. But we have to give his mother some props for making him stay in jail for a little while to learn a lesson, because as she said: “He’s had a really easy life, now I’m going to show you what a hard life is.”

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Ta’Kari Christie

Is it just me, or do reality TV stars get the biggest dose of “reality” when it comes to their children? Jackie Christie’s eldest daughter Ta’Kari wanted her time in the spotlight not too long ago when she put her mother on blast through Twitter for allegedly kicking Ta’Kari and her kids out of the Basketball Wives star’s home. The young woman said that because of her mother’s choice, she and her babies were homeless and sleeping on the couches of anyone who would let them do so. She had even planned to reveal secrets about her mother (whose government name she outed as “jackie christie warren lee taylor barrington”) when she reached a certain number of followers. Wow. In response to her daughter’s actions, Jackie Christie decided to blame Ta’Kari’s actions and “issues” on the fact that she’s “dark-skinned.” Say what? Either way, Jackie claims they’ve worked things out…

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Lacresha Campbell

Dead-beat father issues. Yikes! I really need people to keep the business of their family to themselves when it’s really touchy or harmful, but rapper Uncle Luke’s older daughter, Lacresha Campbell, made a video that she sent to World Star Hip Hop, alleging that her father used to beat down her mother. He use to beat her.  Beat her down till she couldn’t even move and walk.  At the age of 3, he kicked me and my mom out of the house.  What kind of father is that?” In the end, it sounded like she was just trying to get some attention. I’m really mad that in the video, she claims he shot her mother in the leg, but then didn’t seem to sure about it while laughing and calling him a f****r. Girl, set the hell down. Check out her rant HERE. And excuse her reckless language.

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Nicole Richie

Miss Richie is the bright side of our list, because while she might have been a hot a** mess a few years ago, she’s really turned her life around for the better. The adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie, the fashion icon once followed too closely in the footsteps of her friend Paris Hilton when it came to trouble with the law. Driving might have been her biggest downfall, because not only was she arrested for driving on a suspended license and found with heroine in 2003, she was also arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence and was sentenced to jail time. However, she only did 82 minutes…

In the end, Richie has cleaned up her act and is now a wife and mother of two. We’re always fans of happy endings.

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