I Hate Having Sex With My Husband…

March 10, 2012  |  

It’s a taboo subject in our culture: Married women, who dislike, or even hate, having sex with their husbands. It’s a subject usually held in silence, behind embarrassment, confusion and sometimes even apathy. It’s consoled with inner thoughts, such as, “There’s more important things in a marriage than sex,” “This is just a phase,” or “My attraction will increase when the kids are older.”

But at the back of minds, a thought lingers: What if this is forever? What if I’m abnormal? What would outsiders think if they knew the truth about “us”?

Find out what happened to this woman and the fate of her marriage at Your Tango.com. 

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  • Chainedgoddess09

    sex in marriage is important  for both parties and to the idiots encouraging sex before marriage you suck you have no morals. You probably allow sex with anyone or thing. shame sex is supposed to be a sacred thing shared between husband and wife whether you are attracted to them or not. I am in a situation where I have never had a man a real true man make love to me. Some ppl take sex so lightly.Some men have a problem popping it off in the bedroom and im going thru just that phase. Theres nothing worse than feeling like you are having sex with a immature guy. If the husband and wife agrees that sex isnt important to them let it be. For the sake of all humanity if you are married please learn to please your partner get romantic take your time. I hate more than ever quick sex.

  • Torelle-tohell

    1. Sex isn’t crucial in a marriage, it is just a small part of it
    2. Some woman are married off with a complete disregard for feeling/attraction and some woman marry for that sense of comfort – for someone to look after them or to be looked after
    3. Abstinence stems from religion, if you do not believe in a religion then why should you believe in abstinence? 
    Just my thoughts… lol

    P.S yea your ads really do suck man.

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  • L-Boogie

    Sex in marriage is crucial!  She needs a head examination!

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  • It takes a thief to catch a thief

  • Counseling would be in order here!

  • Rormdavis45

    I agree with LawGirl713 it is so annoying to flip page after page to see pictures and like she said all of these pop-up videos and if not that you have to go to another website we are interested in your articles but we don’t like hassle that come with it either the above article is one example

    • FromUR2UB

      Sometimes, if I have several windows open, I have to look for the ad to shut it up.  The other day, I closed all my browsers, and someone’s voice from one of the videos was still speaking, until she finished her sentence.  ???  I’ll have to check out ‘Adblock’.

  • LawGirl713

    Dear MN.

    Having a video automatically play ads that I do not want to watch or listen to is annoying. It is very frustrating that for every article that I read on your website, I have to be bombarded with this intrusive nonsense. It is bad enough that for every point you make on your articles, I have to click to page 2 and so forth, but now you add sound effects as well? Please. Stop. It.


    • kim

      If yall dont like it move around goodness!

      • Liluv

        Thats just rude Kim! There r other polite ways to get your point across!  

    • Liluv

      im with u girl! freaking annoying!

    • download adblock and you’ll never watch an ad on anything again!! youtube included!!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    why marry a man you don’t find yourself sexually attractive to?

    • LiiSH

      I thought about that too but then considered the fact that some people wait til marriage to have sex. They would never know, especially if they are virgins. I happen to think sexually chemistry can be worked at and if you are planning on being married forever, you have all the time in the world to figure out what works for you.There is counseling and a whole slew of things you can do to try and help the situation.

      • Liluv

        r u saying sex b4 marriage is okey????

        • Sex before marriage is okay. 

        • LiiSH

          Its a personal choice. Abstinence isn’t for everybody.

          • Guest Services

             Abstinence is for everybody…however it’s the lack of morals and self-control that stops ppl from practicing it.

        • VirtualClover

          You better have it before marriage because once marriage happens, sex dries up ;-p Get it while you can!

      • If we ain’t having sex she getting walking papers adios. When you don’t have sex that effects other parts of your life.

    • J.

      Because while sex is a factor in a relationship it’s not all a marriage should be based on!

      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        Well no sh!t sherlock, i’m just saying why marry someone you don’t find yourself attracted to or see yourself having long term attraction to beside the other things that makes a marriage work. . .

        • Kjthrash

          Sex  is usually good but after you get married it sucks just like in any relationship. Everyone gets bored in a relationship but when your married you stuck and bored. 🙂 

          • Ms_Sunshine9898

            that’s why they say marriage is work and you have to learn to spice things up within the marriage. it can be done, you just have to want to as we see evident in couples who stay married for many years and are broken by the loss of their spouse. . . 

  • Dr. No

    A woman told me that to about her husband she was cheating on with me , but it was all sex not love , I think she is getting ready to cheat if a woman feels that way .