Is Nicki Minaj Dyeing to be White?

March 9, 2012  |  

Beyonce usually takes the heat when it comes to the skin lightening debate, and although I wouldn’t put it past her, being on the lighter side I know how a super bright flash and yellow surroundings can erase one’s pigment in a snap, so I never felt Bey was trying to deny her blackness. Lil Kim does catch a few side eyes in the bleach department, but we already talked about her issues last week, so we know what’s up there. But there’s someone else who’s been sliding under the increasingly lighter and whiter radar since they stepped on the scene, and that’s Nicki Minaj.  The “Pink Friday” superstar declared herself the black Barbie when we first saw her, but Christie she is not. At this point she could drop the black part and no one would know the difference, and it seems that’s just how she and her creative team like it.

For the most part, Nicki gets way with her chameleon looks because her hair is almost always some shade that doesn’t typically occur in nature. This causes you to forget the fact that her skin has also been every shade under the sun except the one she was born with: brown. Take the Roman Reloaded cover Nicki released today, for example. The rapper/singer is completely unrecognizable with spattered paint covering her pink body. I might have thought this was Lady Gaga with the mangled blonde hair covering her head and breasts, which are an even lighter shade of pink, had I not been told otherwise. Although, if you look closely, I think you might see a brown finger. This isn’t the first time Nicki’s color was a bit off either. In this month’s issue of Vogue, she’s featured in what would otherwise be just a normal fashion spread, except for the fact that her skin was completely painted or photoshopped some aqua shade of blue. She also followed up her Marilyn Monroe-esque look in Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’” video with an actual song of that name, and a pale-blonde look to match. And although you may not remember this little fact from the way black women praise Marilyn, she’s not in fact African American, she’s a white woman from LA. I’m not one for conspiracy theories or to be too hyped up about an anti-negro agenda, but I honestly think the way Nicki Minaj is presented nowadays is a calculated effort to make consumers forget that she’s black.

It’s not even just Nicki’s skin that makes me call her escape from black America into question, it’s her music as well. Nicki’s had “crossover” success before she was even really fully accepted by the rap community or the black community. Initially, people were excited about the presence up a female MC after years of rap being a man’s world, and merely a year after stepping onto the scene she’s traded in the hardcore lines she once spit for bubble gum songs that catch the fancy of little English girls and magazine editors like Anna Wintour. When she speaks of not breaking down her upcoming “Roman Reloaded” album by genre, saying “There is no rap or pop for me,” she doesn’t have to explain anything to us. Her traditional rap songs are failing commercially while her pop songs climb the charts so we know who she’ll be catering to if she wants to keep spending $50,000 a month on Louis bags.

I never got into Nicki Minaj to begin with because of her caricature-ish branding so I’m not so much concerned with her success in the rap game as I am the need to appropriate white beauty to be successful as a pop artist. If you want to be a character, fine, but why a white one? From skin lightening to blonde hair brightening and the total elimination of brown skin period, it’s clear some white washing has been done and I don’t doubt that that has played a major part in her acceptance by the likes of the producers behind the Grammy’s and the Victoria Secret Fashion shows and the other stages Nicki has been given the opportunity to grace.

I know mainstream success and acceptance by white America is the Holy Grail for so many black artists, but when you get it this way, I have to question whether it’s a triumph at all. Sure, deep down she knows she’s black (maybe) but does the audience? Or are they more comfortable with her being a pink girl with a blonde wig and an English accent that looks just like any other Barbie rather than a threatening black woman? It’s fine to play dress up every now and again but when are you going to be your real self? You know, the black girl from South Jamaica, Queens, who stepped on the scene saying “Playtime is Over.”

Do you think Nicki Minaj’s look has become increasingly white washed? Do you think it’s intentional and plays a role in her success as a pop singer?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • whiteanon

    With every new album she releases, Nicki Minaj keeps getting whiter and it really disappoints me- She’s extremely talented and beautiful, she shouldn’t have to change her image just because the whole “white” appearance is so precious to the media, if you ask me I think she looks fine without all of the crazy costumes and image changes (like what is mentioned above)

  • Not a fan

    Honestly I think Nicki does not like being black. She is not brown. Indians are brown. She is a lighter shade of black, if you google you can see some old unphotoshopped images. And I thought she was gorgeous that way. I dont know what message she is sending to thousands of young african america girls out there who are already insecure about the way they look in their teen years. I think she is a bad role model.

  • blackasiatiksfromParis

    awww its so a smart & clever comment, i luv ya way of mind, white man !) bless you ^^

  • Kay

    I don’t think I’d call all these different artists prone to skin bleaching. Maybe some of them but I really don’t think all of them are sipping the juice. Think about it, skin is prone to tanning, no matter if you are dark or light skinned, the skin is an organism, therefore it reacts to different things. How often do you think these celebrities are outside, basking in the skin? I doubt they are when they are doing everything else. The before photos of those celebs are when they were new, and Im sure had a lot more leisure time on their hands. So before people start popping off saying they are bleaching and unproud to be african american, consider the surroundings they are in.

  • Jim Orozco

    Know what I think? I think you waste too much of your time worrying about stupid crap like this.

    Screw starving countries, homeless and orphaned children here in the US, wars around the world killing innocent people…I’mma focus on Nicki Manaj try to be white!!! Priorities my friend! ūüôā I’m just sayin….

  • mad,crazy,fool

    You know, to be quite honest, whites could give a crap about what color an artist is. If that were true throughout music history, none of the great black artists of Motown would have become Greats. When I think of great music I usually think of Great Black Artists, not the White ones. Oh, and I never find myself dancing to a great track at the club and the look up to see a black female in the video singing it and say, “Gee.. can’t like her, she’s too black..” I understand the argument, but it is really a dated argument. Next.

    • mad,crazy,fool

      I’d say that it is Nicki who has a problem with her skin and no one else. Perhaps we should be asking her what the problem is and why she is doing the bleaching instead of putting the blame for her actions on anyone else. Furthermore, perhaps we should just leave her alone — If she likes what she is doing and is happy with that, then who is anyone to question her?

  • Ailyanna

    woww!! she’s bashing black women for praising marilyn monroe! monroe is an icon american beauty standard and all nationalities of women can admire her, not just white women! and i know many white women who sing praises of beyonce or whoopi goldberg, not because they want to be black, but because they admire that person’s beauty/talent. and america is still a predominant white run country so artist like minaj are gonna try to appeal to the masses. and these days it seems like all rappers forget where they’re roots are once the $$ starts coming in.

  • im surprised that regular every day people like yourself can notice this, yet government officials refuse to put a stop on the terrorist behavior of “singers” that promote racism, violence (even using guns), hate, intolerance, drug use, prostitution, etc.

    • Jim Orozco

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgreed! Worst part of it is most of these ‘singers’ as you call them also promote the abusive sexual objectification of black and other women in their rap…sorry, music videos.

  • slambleton

    Nicki Minaj isn’t even black. Do some research.

  • Anonymous

    This is the reason there will always be ignorant, racist stupid f***ing people in the world. I don’t think shes trying to be white. I have no idea how I even stumbled upon a “Black Women’s Lifestyle Guide” but I just seen this. Figured i’d throw my two cents in.

  • Kite

    I disagree. Being black is incredibly fashionable at the moment. Rap and Hip Hop dominate pop culture right now…. So why does she want to be white?

  • Kite

    I disagree. Being black is incredibly fashionable at the moment. Rap and Hip Hop dominate pop culture right now…. So why does she want to be white?

  • Anon

    Just my two cents about lil wayne turning her white:

    Not that it is right, if that is what he is doing but:

    It has been proven that black males prefer ligher skinned black women. The lighter the more attractive in many cases. Don’t believe me? Look it up, the studies have been done multiple times.

  • Anon

    ps: “Being black is still seen as one of the worst things you can be”

    Psh, no, no it isn’t. Unless you’re a racist, white people don’t care about the color of a singers skin. Maybe this is the way it is in Europe, but in America black culture has such a huge presence in the mainstream, I don’t think it matters anymore. Hell, half or more of the hit songs are from black artists nowadays.

    If you’re American, think of 10 really popular artists. Changes are quite a few of them are black.

    Nicki is a strange person who makes strange decisions that outsiders don’t always understand. Whether or not Nicki is trying to be more white has more to do with her [strange] choices, and less to do with the All-Controlling-White-Media-Oppression conspiracy that it seems many of you would like to attribute it to.

    • Unless your black you will never truly understand. Actions speak louder than words my dear and simply stating that white people don’t care what colour skin a singer is does not necessarily make it true.

  • Anon

    I know she’s black, and I know everyone else knows she’s black – she only has very light skin.

    This is like asking ‘Are people aware Michael Jackson is black anymore’? Yes. Us white folks still know MJ was black, just with white skin – same with Nicki.

    If you’re born black, you’re black – doesn’t matter what you do with your skin after that point or how you try to portrait yourself.

  • This is really interesting! I’ve noticed that the larger a black person’s career gets to where they can appeal to broad audiences, the more they seem to turn a blind eye to the very features that make them black. Lighter skin, lighter hair, smaller noses, lighter eyes etc. I feel like pop appeals to a broad audience regardless, no matter how “black” the artist is in appearance, there is no need for the drastic changes. Celebrities deny it and yes, I wear makeup and know it hits the camera a lot brighter, causing one to appear much lighter, also weather and sunlight and season but there’s no denying a lot of black celebrities are bleaching. I think the problems lie within ourselves more so what white people want. We are the ones that put lighter skinned people on a pedestal more so than white people do! To whites, we are all blacks and they don’t see anyone as being any less black. Black people are the ones that coin the terms like “your pretty for a dark skin girl”, “red-bone”, “yellow bone”, burnt etc. We put ourselves in this hierarchy of who has fairer skin. better hair etc. As far as Nicki’s music not being so classically hip-hop, maybe that’s our fault too for not supporting black music. Why would you want to appeal to an audience that doesn’t generate money??!??? Also, even if we did more of that, black people is still a small market that will not get you a number one billboard album. I do feel that it’s sad that very few chocolate women are as famous as the Beyonces, Alicia keys, Halle Berrys, Tyra Banks etc. It is hard to figure out if it’s the type of music they are doing or if it is really do to their more Euro centric features but I do know that black people as a whole put their features down more than anyone of any other race. They are the ones who go out of their way to claim to be mixed even if it’s soo far in their ancestry. For example, beyonce, I’m a fan but I see her on a commercial for a foundation and all of a sudden she’s listing being Native American, French and White. You can list all day, we are still all black to the white man, non better than the other. We need to love ourselves because honestly, women with blonde wigs, light eyes look ridiculously fake and insecure! People can just read that you’re insecure!! Just like if you see an Asian with blonde dyed hair and light blue contacts, SPELLS INSECURE even if it’s soley a fashion statement. Black people are the ones who need to start putting their own people on a pedestal! Look at their movies, they love giving the leading female roles to Latino women! Don’t blame others for not loving you if you can’t even love yourselves.

    • sana

      Im a Photographer and Ive been a Photographer for years
      the lighting thing is WRONG!
      people who are originally light toned to begin with will appear light in cam,OBVIOUSLY!..Alek wek still looks dark in any bright lighting,so does wesley snipes and others.. the brighter the better when it comes to lighting because it brings out your true tones.Personal preference. WE HUMANS ALSO DONT TAKE PICS IN THE DARK! Ive seen pics where its a group photo and the light people appeared pale and darker toned people still appear darker toned. Its a basic concept.
      Dark skin will appear dark skkin regardless, light skin will appear light on cam regardless! Lighting doesnt change skintone, if that were the case wesley snipes and the rest of black celebrities would be looking caucasian. please dont say “lighting” it is not lighting! Pale people will appear pale on cam, dark skinned people will appear dark. lighting only brings out the true tones.

      White or Light skin shows out better in front of the camera then dark skin. It has to do with reflection of light. White or light skin reflect light 100 fold better then dark skin (which absorbs it). And if you know anything about cameras u know the object that is beingÔĽŅ captured by the camera has to reflect the light projected unto it in order to be caught by the camera lens.

      There are no rules to makeup.Nothing called “too”.I dislike trolls that try to tell folks how to wear their liner,foundation,blush,etc.Eve¬≠¬≠ryone has their own makeup style.Many light people tend to go light/lighter orÔĽŅ mix it with a luminzer to make themselves brighter/radiant/porcelin like.An example of this would beÔĽŅ dita von teese,who stays out the sun to maintain her light skintone and wears light foundation.Others prefer to be darker and darken in the sun/use bronzer all over their skintone.
      and youre stupid and jealous of asians! asians who have blonde hair are not secure you idiot!
      you are bitter youre dark skinned and no makup company caters to your beeastly features

      • I take it your asian lol and for your information she said blonde hair and light coloured contacts which coupled together would give anybody a completely difference appearance. One last thing, have you ever heard of MAC? They are famous for catering for darker skin tones as darker skin tones wear a lot of different colours well (ask any reputable makeup artist)

  • Rokaya Brown06

    Personally, I am glad that she is teetering on the i-can’t-really-tell-what-race-she-is ladder because her lyrics accompanied with the jezebelle stereotype of black women would only add to the¬†ostracism of black women being sexually¬†promiscuous and easy. ¬†If her skin appeared darker on magazines and in media, is it not fair to assume that white audiences (or any other racial group) would continue to pin point blacks as sleazy? i hope im making sense….¬†¬†¬†

  • jjoneluv

    Ever since she got the white stamp of approval, she’s been trying to look like a white girl.¬† So sad…

  • Dchocolatenegro

    Michael Jackson

  • Guest

    You forgot about Keri Hilson, she’s probably the worst.

  • …why wasting so much of your time????why dont yah start loving yourself wouldnt jeopardize your life anyway just bcoz your not satisfied with your color…

  • Mls2698

    Good. Maybe she will disappear soon!

  • RedButterfly81

    It’s DYING, not Dyeing! Plus she’s a wannabe a hood Lady Gaga anyways and her music sucks!


      its CLEARLY a play on words sheesh

  • Love_Sexy

    Nicki has always simply been a clown to me and I basically believe her image is created for marketing strategy….But its definitely an issue there on a deeper level…….Nothing special or appealing on an artistic level.

  • Googleme

    Who the hell would want Nicki Minaj representing black women anyways?? She can be white all she wants 

    • Tee

      Thank you! if she wants to go we will gladly give up her walking papers one less fake B*tch to worry about 

  • Hallie

    I was saying this for the longest. Nicki lightens her skin in photos sooo many times. Nicki is even darker than Beyonce. Darker than Rihanna. 

  • Moi

    For some of you giving the perception of “thinking you’re smart” by writing these essays in the defense of this clown azz female – you certainly seem to be missing the point of this article.¬†

  • It’s no use crying over spilt milk

  • icanbutiwont

    It’s called marketing.

  • Hiveship99

    It does not surprise me that she is purposely lightening her skin b/c she is under lil Wayne who has openly expressed his disgust for dark skinned women even though he is the color of a set of michelin tires.  Black Women have to stop supporting people who have disdain for us.  Nicki is about 5 shades lighter than when she first became semi known about 4 years ago.  Look at the old poster where she posed like Lil Kim.  Love yourself Black people.

    • Truth Hurts

      thank you for telling the TRUTH!!

    • I was thinking the same thing! She is under Wayne’s label, the same man who said “beautiful black woman, I bet that b**h look better red”. I couldn’t see him having a proud dark skinned black woman on his label. He created her. The surgeries: smaller nose, chest, butt, hair, all his ideas! That’s probably his twisted idea of a beautiful woman. He likes a woman that looks nothing like a black woman except in her huge butt. The man is sick, not only is he himself DARK as hell but so is his mom and his daughter. It’s crazy! I hope guys treat his daughter like he sings about treating women on his songs or better yet they don’t wanna talk to her because she’s not a red-bone and when she asks her dad what’s going on, he can play his music and express the same sick ideology. I’d clearly love to interview this man and ask him about this issue! He has a lot of influence on urban black communities and young black men. What happens when you give too much power to an ignorant buffoon.

    • Jim Orozco

      Personally I love black women! Its not a novelty or a ‘thing’ I just have an attraction to them more than most other women. dark black, chocolate, coffee, or tan…I dont care. They are just on average the most beautiful women in the world to me..and I”m latino..just fyi.

      • blackasiatiksfromParis

        awww its so nice for us, black woman, because yu know people i think they dont understand that for us, its a fight everyday to be respected with our different black beauty, thanks Jim! its so awwww a nice comment for us black woman !)

  • Rolaren

    I find it amazing that the people who are consistently the most offended by skin color is the black community. If a black person becomes famous, the black community hates on them for not referencing the black community on TV every five seconds. If someone looks lighter, the black community says they’re trying to be something that they are not. At what point will we stop being “white people” and “black people” and just start being people?

    • Hiveship99

      However, you embarrass the Black Community when you obvious Bleach your skin and try to be anything but Black! These are not camera angles or lights but clearly people lightening their skin to try and be more accepted by the White Community.

    • Monitorette

      it’s not only the skin color, it’s always showcasing ¬†straight hair, the plastic surgery, the contact lenses. That’s ¬†a body of evidence leading to a single answer: Nicky Minaj ¬†is erasing her Black / Brown features¬†

  • Funny thing is they will never fully accept her as one of them either.

    • Kinney Elphaba

      Exactly, exactly. That’s why I will never understand Uncle Tomming and Coonery. But I guess some people see it as “It’s better to be at the right hand of the Devil, than in his path” kind of thing. Despite how demeaning being a token or a white pet is it does have it’s¬†privileges¬†and comforts for certain people. *shrug*

  • IgnoranceIsTheNorm

    It’s all about the economics of the industry‚Ķmost people of color are no longer buying hip-hop or rap music but it still needs to sell‚Ķso who does it get sold to? white upper, upper middle class and middle class Americans‚Ķin order to sell to them you need to appeal to them¬†

    It’s not fundamentally a racial issue but an issue of capitalism and maximizing profits‚Ķthe moguls in the industry need to maximize profits and they do that by appealing to the crowd who buys the music

    • hmm more like uneducated “white” people if you ask me. when “singers” sell out like this they stop being “artists” and become marketing machines without a cent of legitimacy.

  • guest510

    Nicki is doing what she feels she has to do to appeal to the masses; and it’s working. I don’t think there has ever been a female rapper to have a MAC lipstick, work with Madonna and perform at the superbowl within a year of her first album dropping. The truth is if you want to sell albums and capitalize on your fame while you have it, you have to cross over. She has probably made more money and had more hits and features than any other female rapper after being out for such a short amount of time, which was he goal to begin with.

    Speaking as someone who was never really a fan, I don’t know why people care so much about who she makes music for. Everyone wanted her to save female MCs but that wasn’t her agenda. The hip hop community has grown tired of her gimmicks and weak songs anyway so let pop music have her. No shade, but the truth is the truth. I have to admit I’m impressed by how much she has accomplished in such a short period of time. It just would’ve been cooler to see her accomplish it as that girl from Queens with the natural color hair and ” ’round the way” girl attitude that made her what she is.

  • Candacey Doris

    I don’t care what she chooses to look like. No matter how weird it is. Not really. But her music is suffering big time. I heard her tapes before she got famous i was so happy for her. But now i can’t stand to listen. I might respect her business decisions but i can’t listen to her music anymore. It’s gotten that bad.

  • Passionesquefreedom

    Omg. Are you really thinking that she is trying to hide being black because she paints her skin in photos? So the characters in Avatar were doing the same right?


       youre an idiot and your argument is terribly flawed!

  • It seems like we are always trying to find some reason to pick someone apart.¬† It would be nice to hear something uplifting for a change.¬† Geez!!

    • Glittermagic86

      THANK YOU!

    • please go do something uplifting yourself and let us say what it is and how her actions effect the youth and our society in a bad way, because she does more bad for us than all of us can do picking” her apart.

  • Glittermagic86

    and by the way, not one white person is tricked into thinking shes white. this pic is a girl with pink paint splattered skin. nobody is mistaking her for white. paranoid people who are still trying to shout the black card are though

    • BabyEatToo713

      I’d like to find ANY black woman whose hair can grow bleach blonde. When that happens, its a movement, but not Nicki she doesn;t represent an entire generation. Or at least shouldn’t. Yeah some songs hv a ring to it, but the lyrics and persona is what makes me dislike the music. Black women r nappy headed? While today’s revolution in Black America is no-perms, promoting black health, and social equality. She has bufooned us, enough already, if she doesn’t want to be black, lets dismiss her in¬†unisons yall: “You’re not black, Nicki.”

      • Monitorette

        You’ve got the point: the link between Nicky Minaj appearance and her lyrics is the denigration, the slating of the Black features. Always keep those 2 aspects on mind

  • Glittermagic86

    oh i remember the last time a white person wrote an article about another white person being too black or having an image like a hispanic person!!! oh wait.. it doesnt happen. LOL this is a sad article for other uneducated people who facilitate racial divides. how sad.

    • Smacks_hoes


    • a white person

      Google: Vanilla Ice, The Beastie Boys, Eminem, Steve Martin movies.

      Also go to any college or high school campus to see white douche bags trying to act “black” (the media image of blacks in America).

  • Glittermagic86

    all i have to say is, what a HATER this writer is. lets try to hate on nikki for not having enough blackness but then be upset when people think black people should stick to what being black is stereotyped to be. seriously, you cant win nowadays. you’re wrong either way. get a life.

    • LawGirl713

      This is an opinion piece. A commentary. A blog. I really wish in 2012, the word “hate” will be retired because people equate having an opinion as having hate. I dislike the image that Nicki Minaj has begun to portray. That doesn’t mean I am hating on her. It means I am not a fan of her as an artist because she no longer appeals to me. I do not like Madame Noire playing this annoying video every time I click on an article to read. That doesn’t mean I am hating on MN. It means that I hate the damn video playing in the background. Big difference.

      • Love_Sexy

        And on that note…….Thank You, very well said

  • Drews34


  • Drews34

    I think that nicki minaj has lost some of flavor since making it big. I do congratulate her for making it the top but know she has gone commercial like Lil Wayne which no one who listens to rap wants to listen to. I think she knows this but doesn’t care bc she is only in it for the money and not for talent.

  • LesMiz

    I wonder if we, at some level, do this to each other, though. I think a lot of this is internalized racism. Colorism’s effect within the black community rather than something white people are demanding.

    Black people freak out over small differences in skin tone and nose shape, but I don’t think white people care as much. They still know Nicki and Bey are black. It’s sort of all the same thing to them. Nicki and Bey happen to have knifed up their faces; I doubt that was¬†necessary. White people love to talk about how pretty Rihanna’s face is, and while Rihanna’s light-skinned, her facial features are classically black.

    I wonder if crossover black entertainers, given the public eye and their own feelings, and maybe the white-dominated circles they run in profesionally, themselves decide that they want to go whiter and whiter. People always thought Beyonce was beautiful; she’s been going in a whiter direction, and I just don’t think that was¬†necessary¬†to further her career. Same with MJ.

    • anonymouz

      ¬†Exactly! No white person would tell you Beyonce is mixed with anything all they see is a black woman with a slightly lighter skin if they can call Obama with one white parent black I don’t see why these celebs bother to do that to themselves. White people really don’t care about skintones if you’re good you’re good no matter the skin tone. i think ourselves black people push them to do that.

      PS: I really hope Rihanna won’t butcher her face her wide nose compliments her very well.

      • Tee

        That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard….”White people really don’t care about skintones(1st dumb thing) ¬†if you’re good you’re good no matter the skin tone.(only smart thing you said) i think ourselves black people push them to do that” (ohhh really??)…..if you truly believe that seek help in the form of a book.¬†

  • ariesdollface

    “…the way Nicki Minaj is presented nowadays is a calculated effort to make consumers forget that she‚Äôs black.”

    good. this chic is ridiculous.

  • kickash

    who. cares.

  • anGieBzMommy

    maybe your problem is that you hate on your own kind. instead of dissing her you should be congratulating her for becoming “famous” whatever that may be.
    so its not ok for a black woman to be appealing to white people? sounds like reverse racism to me. if you want to start breaking down racial barriers…start by breaking down your own.

    • Ay

      Nicki is breaking down no racial barriers. She’s a puppet. Trust the mainstream doesn’t take her seriously. They laugh behind her back. I don’t even think she cares though.

      • she is only in for the money, so I doubt she cares.

      • sydney

        Exactly. She doesn’t care bc money talks. Shes a puppet, but they will soon deminish her. Nicki will bow and thank her masters as long as she receives. But as soon as shes kicked to the curve she will be no use.

    • 30thoughts

      It’s not ok for a Black woman to alter her appearance to appeal to white people. ¬†That’s what’s wrong with this picture.¬†

      • Joli

        Thank you!!! Black people should be proud of where they come from instead trying to be who they are not. What kind of message are you sending to black children? That being lighter is the way to go? It’s not right. My little sister, though she is a little dark, swears that she is light and she’s 12 years old. She has also made statements that make me believe that she wishes to be a lighter skin tone like me. Yes, it’s a sad thing and i have to continously remind her of how adorable she is, light or not. But i can’t blame her because of what society has drilled into our heads; i can only pray she learns to be self-accepting. You don’t have to be white or light to be appealing. Darker skin is just as beautiful

    • Smacks_hoes

      My thing is no one cares when a caucaisan women goes tanning to be a little bit darker. No one thinks she’s trying to become a black women, but when a black chick bleaches she’s always accused of attempting to be white. Every women I’ve meet or read about on a blog that bleaches never wants to be white she’s just attempting to be a lighter skinned black women. In my opinion I have no problems with that. I actually wish I could be a few shades lighter on some parts of my body so I can have even skin tone.

      • LawGirl713

        Any black woman who bleaches their skin to become something that they are not, has issues. Point blank. Bleaching an area to even your skin tone is NOT the same as bleaching your entire skin to lighten your shade. 

        • Smacks_hoes

          I just think it’s a personal choice. If your not happy with your skin tone you should be allowed to alter it without people looking down upon you…

        • manicmarie


          • mccormick

            YOU ARE DUMB! so every black woman who wear a long black or blonde weave has self hate? if u dye ur hair thats self hate!!! youre stupid! people will do what they find beauty in! its personal preference,the love for fair skin is ancient! and u need to respect that! ur no dr.phil or psychiatrist to try to analyze folks! mind ur own business and let folks do what they want

            • A lot of black women who wear weave in general wear it because the media, and society as a whole, have generated this image that long straight silky hair is the ideal and anything more ethnic, such as an afro, is nappy and not presentable. Its no coincidence that white people happen to possess this ‘ideal’ hair just as it is no coincidence that they also possess the light skin that a lot of black women are also trying to achieve. Just because the love for light skin is ancient doesn’t make it any more right. Incest was rife in the ‘ancient days’ but I don’t see anybody breaking their necks to do this today. At the end of the day people are going to do what ever the hell they want but maybe if more black women in the media stopped trying to conform to this ideal perception of beauty and were natural (i.e. natural hair and skin colour) then a lot of these young black girls out here wouldn’t feel the need to conform either.

        • Love_Sexy


        • mccormick

          Bleaching your skin has nothing to do with self hate you idiot! not everyone in the world has gone through slavery like your people did! there are whites who also bleach to be fairer! some/many folks love fair skin!! whites dont own fair skin! if someone likes how they look lighter…thats on them! thats what theyy feel beautiful with! plus,the love for fair skin on a woman is ancient and is recorded in many ancient civilizations! the ancient egyptians always painted women with fair skin(yellow) and men dark! go read poetry from ancient languages and u will see they praise fair skin on a woman because its connected to beauty/femininty! there is even a biological link in men to love fair/light skintones! so what are you on about!!! a person who bleaches their hair or skin or darkens their all vanity! stop playing the “self hate” crap..its old!

          • Of course its self hate if they did not hate their dark skin than why would they bleach their skin in the first place? You wouldn’t go and get a boob job or a tummy tuck just because the idea popped into your head one day, no you get it because you hate your breasts or your stomach. And the majority of black women that bleach their skin couple it with weave and coloured contacts, if this is not self hate then I don’t know what is.

          • lidea

            And it has NOTHING to do with slavery. Blaim the media.

      • I care when a caucaisan women goes tanning. I say to myself oh yeah black is real nice because you want to look like it. (its not whack as they make it out to be) huh!!! all that goes running in my head. getting a few shades lighter from blemish one thing. Change your whole idenity for ?? is different and deap down inside i bet you laughing to yourself saying yeah you got a point because its truth. Dont that truth stuff still make you free. =)

        • Anon

          Wow – you really have the arrogance to believe a white person is trying to be more black when they go tanning?

          You do realize that there is a whole spectrum of color from other races the women would past to before she became ‘black’?

          • Not a fan

            Thats a very racist comment anon.

      • No one accuses white women of wanting to be black when they tan because more than likely they are not doing it to look black but more exotic like spanish or brazilian women etc.

        • NardWuggler

          These are all silly comments. Even though I never do it anymore, for me tanning has nothing to do with race. I never went tanning to appear more “Spanish/Brazilian.” Race never popped into my head; I am perfectly content being caucasian. Most but not all other white women I know have felt the same as I, and gone tanning because tan skin tends to be perceived as easier on the eyes, or somehow more attractive than pasty white skin. I prefer having my natural pasty skin, but my point is that most women I know including myself didn’t see tanning as trying to appear as someone of another race. It’s more to look better wearing shorts, etc, or look like a California beach bum. Not to mention a large amount of women I know who tan are BLONDE as can be and I doubt that is an attempt to look more “Spanish.” And as far at this Erika person said above, I have never heard of a white person tanning to seem or look “black.” Maybe it exists, but it isn’t very common.


      ¬†Umm being famous isnt an accomplishment. Would you be proud if your daughter became “famous” by way of butt injections and sucking on rappers d**ks? really?

      Oh yea and read a fricken book cuz “reverse racism” : is a term referring to discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group. WOWAlso, to the poster below, just because everyone else is doing it (white people tanning) that doesnt mean its ok or right. smhIts sad that you see nothing wrong with a black woman bleaching her skin even if its just to be light skin. That is self-hate! They have bought into the whole light is right movement and lost their self esteem.Back to the subject at hand. Yes, Nicki Minaj is being white washed (knowingly or not) Yes, her viability as a hiphop artist is non existent so she is doing what many weak women before her have done. Sell her blackness (heritage and culture) so she could continue to spend 50k a month on bags. so sad

    • manicmarie

      ur comment is so dumb. so…. we should congratulate all African Americans for being successful no matter what they do? come now

    • ???? utterly confused from ur remark. if it were reverse racism Nikki hates being black by ur own remark. futhermore who would be the projector of racism if she cant appeal white’s by looking like a beautiful black women that she at one point in time did. I for one am glad and thankfull for the way blacks have come into the mainstream. The only way blacks have ever had balance for being our true selves was by another black saying bluntly look sister girl are you “dyeing to be white” or something? All race of people look beautifull just the way God made them and every race should have accountability with speaking out when your going off the deep end and changing everything about yourself. EVERYTHING not one two but the whole Macoy! WUSSAAAH Erika WUU and SAAAHH! =)

  • KitSy

    I was wondering when someone would mention this. I’ve noticed her getting lighter every month. You are right – it is a calculated effort to make her look less “ethnically black”. The truth is, in the entertainment business, the closer you are to the European ideal, the greater your success. The more racially ambiguous you are, the more comfortable the mainstream (i.e whites) are in accepting you and exalting you as fabulous. Notice how any black celebrity that crosses over into the mainstream never acknowledges just being black (they always find some type of mixture, no matter how far back it is) to highlight. Face it, even in the 21st Century being black is still seen as the worst thing you can be.

    • Pfeiffer87

      “Notice how any black celebrity that crosses over into the mainstream
      never acknowledges just being black (they always find some type of
      mixture, no matter how far back it is) to highlight.” Hmmmm… Where do I begin? Jay-Z, Kanye, Viola Davis, Dizzee, Tinie Tempah, Will Smith, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba, Oprah…. could go on for yeeeaaars.

      ps. Am writing from a British standpoint so you might not be aware of some of these people, but they are a part of mainstream British entertainment culture.

      • Glittermagic86

        excuse me. white people do the same thing. its called being AMERICAN. americans have hardly ANY cultural restraints, so they have always been known to claim, irish, portuguese, italian, ghanan, brazilian, etc.

        • true, hardly any restraints because America is a melting pot. The land of the free gotta love it or get out of it. In regards of Nikki and the rest of black celebrities in the mainstream.¬†there¬†is a image change. For what ever reason its far greater than any of the other races that already have simular traits. Just my point of view.=)

          • sydney

            Land of the free. Haha who are you kidding. You sound like a sell out. Don’t forget where you came from.

        • SK

          Just one small point of correction. People from Ghana are Ghanaian. Thank you.

    • Glittermagic86

      you’re ignorant. god i mean, i really started loving jay z once he became white! wow! what a white guy he is now!

    • White man

      Yes, I never listen to any mainstream music, but I saw this woman in the news for the past year or so. I saw Michael Jackson all over again – this time in high speed. In her last video, she was so dramatically German that I Googled her to research what kind of mental issue she is having. Now I’m here.

      It’s the most obvious thing that she is having a racial image issue, especially now that I haven’t lived in America for years and I can think more clearly without all the TV affecting my thoughts. For me, if I ignore the societal pressure to marry another white woman, I usually prefer a black woman or an Asian woman. I can definitely understand the insecurity of some black girls as a minority population with media constantly praising white features. Please ignore it though because you are very swexy.

    • still its okay to say “my black brother” and not “my white brother”. black people talk about black this black that, when whites do it it’s called racist

      • Nyoka

        That’s because “my white brother” sounds a bit KKK-ish….