Do You Boo Boo: Why It’s Good To Act Single In A Relationship

June 26, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin

Know a friend whose boyfriend is her life? It seems like she has the word “Girlfriend” flashing over her head. No decision is just her own. No action is just her own. There of course needs to be a certain amount of compromise and sacrifice for a relationship to work, but some is just too much and can actually distance you and your man, and make you feel like you’re losing your sense of self. Here’s how to keep the balance—yes, these sound surprisingly like single behavior:

MadameNoire Video

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  • AJ

    This article is just…. ridiculous! It started with a great premise: keep yourself a whole person even if you are part of a pair. And then it proceded to give advice from the viewpoint of “in case you break up” on every single point! If you live as if you are afraid of a breakup, I can almost guarantee that’s where you’ll end up!

  • naoma

    Site is very difficult to access. Wish it were easier. I have so much mail I lose time.

  • naoma

    Why can’t we call MEN over the age of 21 something other than “boyfriend.” — Significant Other (SO?) Boyfriend sounds so JUVENILE, Just asking!

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  • D. Rose in the paint

    silly chicks are always using tricks and methods for
    relationships….how about developing decent personalities and
    staying in some kind of shape.


    Join that wet t-shirt contest, get that lap dance, ride that mechanical bull. Don’t say, “That’s for single people.” Keeping your wild side alive will keep your man super attracted to you. Many men feel their girlfriends become much more tranquil once in a relationship, and don’t like it. They wonder, “Where did that fun girl go that I got involved with?”….::side eye:: this is dumb advice. go ahead and do a wet t-shirt contest and get a lap dance while someone videotapes it, puts it online, and shows your man/ woman. Then after that, explain it and see how much conflict will ensue. there is a time and place for everything.

  • This isn’t the only article on Madame Noire that I have read where is sounded like a child wrote it.

    This one isn’t as bad as some of the others but that “I’m Young and Dumb” sentiment oozes from each and every reason given. This may be applicable to a select few but some of this, such as dressing up (to put it politely) can be a recipe for disaster.

    But like I said, I really don’t’ take issue with the article as it sounds like Madame Noire is trying to appeal to a younger and “dumber” audience with this type of “advice”.

  • Dont Worry, Be Happy

    Wow, this is really great advice that I needed to hear before I embarked down that path once again!!

  • quest

    I gotta a sister like that. She talks about his house, car and other materalistic items he has as if they are her items. Nobody in the family wants to be around her due to this.

  • BDG

    Madame Noire get it together, this all could have been on one page !! I know ya’ll gotta pay to run the website with advertisements but this is becoming annoying !! Anyways I totally agree, nothing’s worse than the girl who centers her life around her boyfriend, they annoy the f*ck outta me. My college roommate was like that

    • yes, these sound surprisingly like single

    • cin

      ditto and spell check needed!