MN Exclusive: Trina and Towanda Braxton Talk Braxton Family Reunion

March 9, 2012  |  

It’s the moment all you Braxton Family Values fans have been waiting for. Madame Noire finally got to the bottom of Trina Braxton’s Canadian accent. We got to visit the sisters at the taping of their second reunion special, and got to ask Trina about the origins of her unique sound. We also asked Towanda about finding balance between career and family. Check out what they had to say.

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  • Andrew Martin

    There is no such thing as a `Canadian accent.`There are MANY accents in Canada.

    And Trina DOES NOT HAVE ANY OF THEM!!!. That is NOT Canadian. It`s just weird.

  • Some of her words sound like how I think a Canadian would talk but I really have only met a few Canadians and base the rest off of what I know from media which isn’t always the truth! I think it is more of where she is from, she could have picked things up from her surroundings while the rest of the sisters picked things up from the family. I kinda like it. 🙂

    • Just watched the video, guess I was way off lol!

  • Mina

    I love Trina’s accent! I noticed it right away and thought “wow that is kind of unique!” Very cute.

  • Trina has an old style Tidewater accent….it is spoken by those (in variations) living off the shores of the Chesapeake bay in Maryland & Virginia….the accent is almost extinct because of the military & government influence in the area, bringing in new families in for jobs or shifting them….but if you have older relatives still living and they are from secluded communities in this region, you will either hear it or pick it up yourself. It is a derivative of the Colonial English that was spoken by the original settlers of the area which managed to stick in the rural areas. The Braxtons are from Severn, MD. 

  • sholla21

    There’s nothing wrong with the way Trina speaks. I find it charming.

  • LJ

    Sounds like Pittsburgh to me.

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  • Tweett19

    It’s sooo annoying ….ugh

  • Mica

    Dear Madame Noire, as a Canadian I would like to advise you that Trina Braxton’s accent is not a Canadian accent. It sounds off to us too. I don’t know how she acquired it but it’s definitely not from us. 

    •  LOL- wow, even the Canadians aren’t claiming it.  Oh well, Trina, don’t know what to tell ya on this one.

    • Delila Truth

      THANK YOU!!

  • S Cbarnes

    Trina full of ish she dont know jack about forgiveness

  • guest

    I love this show.  I don’t even miss Toni on the show.

  • Shan

    Thank you! I always wondered if I was the only one who noticed that the drew out her vowels. Now I’m going to listen for it when their dad talks.

  • Ash

    Love them!