Stop Playing Coy: 3 Ways NOT to Attract a Man

March 9, 2012  |  

So many of us wonder why we’re single when we’re really the ones getting in our own way. A man over a Your explains how some women miss out on great guys and great opportunities by playing games when they’re out and about.

Do you play any of these games, see what we mean at Your

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  • Freebee33

    If I don’t want to be bothered or if I’m not interested then I will do the things on this list…some guys can’t take a hint though.

  • Colette

    You smile at a black man they don’t smile back most of the time. A non-black man will give you the biggest smile…hmmm.

  • Most BM say BW don’t even speak when they say hi.  Maybe that’s the reason a lot of them don’t have a man??

    • Jennifer

      Some BM don’t know how to act in public, that’s why some BW don’t speak to them.

      •  I’m talking about the ones that do.  They HATE to speak to Black women because they don’t speak back and smile like non Black women do is what I hear.  They’re disrespectful and don’t show the same manners they show non Black men that speak who aren’t even interested in dating BW.

        • Darcampb

          Well..I think its safe to say that decent folks are considerate to other decent folks. So either the guys weren’t being respectful or the women were just rude. Neither are representative of all or most women or men. Also some women have been so numbed by the barrage of verbal abuse the receive daily when walking around big cities that its harder to let their guard down and recognize a nice guy approaching.

        • Rachael

          The black men I’ve ran into whom I only ended up speaking to do to some mash-up situation such as working together or me initiating convo or making a joke or asking for help. These same men later on have told me they did not speak to me first because I LOOK stuck up and were shocked at how nice and “down to earth” I am. *I’m still trying to figure out how one LOOKS stuck up.* I have experienced this type of treatment by black men on regular basis.  Men of other races are incredibly friendly, are quick to speak, smile when I smile and are also helpful. I don’t understand why black men are so different and why they don’t treat me this way as well. I don’t understand. *shrug*