Black Celebrity Twins Besides Tia & Tamera

March 9, 2012  |  
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Why are we so enthralled by twins? Well, it’s partially due to the fact that twins have been a rarity, if we’re not counting all the 10 and under twin children who were produced with the help of fertility treatments. But I digress. Twins are just fun. And in the spirit of documenting celebrity family ties, we take a look at some of the Black twins out there.


The Haqq sisters are celebrities by association of reality stars The Kardashians. You may know Malika from her regular appearances on Khloe & Lamar as the best friend of  Khloe and former flame of brother Robert Kardashian. Sister Khadijah is a busy mom, who is married to NFL player Bobby McCray. A lesser known fact is that these two work as actresses and have appeared in small acting parts since their teen years.

Like her superstar sister actress Tasha Smith, Sidra Smith works in the entertainment industry as a producer and director.  Sidra is based in New York City.

Tiki Barber and Ronde Barber have a lot in common, even for twins! They not only both play professional football but they even have similar taste in women, both having married Asian-American women. But we already know what happened with Tiki’s marriage – many people didn’t even know who he was til news broke that he left his pregnant wife for a much younger woman.

Baby Stace is the twin sister of rapper turned minister Mace. He and his twin sister are the youngest of 6 children. Stace, real name Stason, actually had a short-lived career in the music industry as a member of Harlem World (pictured above). We know this picture sucks but you’d be amazed at the fact that there are no photos of these two together.

Don’t you miss Jagged Edge? Connecticut born twins Brian Casey and Brandon Casey led the four-person singing group on Jermaine Dupri’s SoSoDef label.

The NBA has had its fair share of twins. Remember, Horace and Harvey Grant? Now, one set of twins hitting the courts is Robin and Brook Lopez. These young 23-year-olds played for Stanford together and then went their separate ways in the NBA. They’re originally from Los Angeles and their last name comes from their Cuban father, who is now estranged. According to, “Heriberto Lopez, their father, played baseball in Cuba, acted in plays in Spain and threw the javelin after moving to the United States. He abandoned Brook, Robin and their two older brothers when the twins were 5.”

Who knew that Vin Diesel had a twin? Well, considering how secretive this guy is about his personal life, we’re not surprised that we didn’t know. His privacy is also evinced in the fact that we could barely find a photo of his twin brother Paul, who apparently works as a film editor in New York.

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  • PeaceCorps1

    The Barber Brothers (Tiki and Ronan) both have the same taste in women–gold digging Asian women…

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  • cortez

    Holy Sh1t! Billy Dee Williams has a Twin?!!

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  • Cyrina

    Stace looks like Keke Palmer in this pic

  • Jai

    Ma$e not Mace

  • Mojan

    Tia and Tamera are mixed raced not black why should one part of them over power the other?

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      So is Condoleezza Rice and almost all real historical black Americans. As dark as Miss Rice is, she is 48% European. So what is your point? Why are children of African decent and one none black parent is different than those by a white man who forced himself on black women during 450 years of slavery?

    • PeaceCorps1

      Because back in the day white folk did not claim them.

  • Jacara Fatin

    Vin Diesel’s brother scares the bajesus out of me.

    • 123kwade

      Im sorry but Vins bro looks like a serial killer off of criminal intent maybe its just the picture it looks like Vin in makeup hella pale and the hair looks fake are we sure this story is true because iam just not seeing it if Vin was my brother and i looked like ihis twin i think i would hate him cause he gets all the chicks lmao.

  • ak

    The Lopez twins-SEEEEXXXYYYYYY!!!!

    • PeaceCorps1

      They are Cuban and white not black.

  • Angie

    Tasha’s photo with her twin is just freaky! I mean, it’s cool…but it’s kind weird too.

  • Angie

    OKAY! Is the Vin Diesel photo a joke?!? That dude doesn’t even look like Vin. It looks like a Eddie Murphy character!

  • just sayn

    Tasha and twin and hagg sisters are lovely. Vin diesel’s twin looks like the Evil one.

    • PeaceCorps1

      Huh? The WOULD be if they dropped the oh so weaved looking hair.

  • bitchsbrew

    Vin is black?

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  • HipHopSays

    how you going to mention the grant twins in the NBA but not another set of LA-based and Stanford educated NBA twins of which one also played for the New Jersey Nets — Jason and Jarrod Collins.

    • chocolate

      @ hip hop says also there are twins play base ball one play for the phillis

  • it’s Ma$e, or Mase, not actual Mace.

  • Brittersss

    Paul What? What’s the Mans’ Last Name? lol

  • 1,tasha smith is enough ,now there,s two of them,OMFG

  • lateshia

    By the way that is not Vin Diesel twin. I know I’ve seen a picture of Vin Diesel twin I did a search of his twin both was bald. I know in that picture that is not Vin twin.

  • lateshia

    I already knew about Brian and Brandon of Jagged Edge…one of my favorite groups. I knew Tasha had twin I think her twin is beautiful I love how she wear her hair…natural. I knew about Stace I read in old Right On magazine back in the 90’s that Mase has a twin sister. I didn’t know Billy Dee had a twin. Other twins you could have mentioned is gospel family Wianans I can’t remember which brothers was twins. I remember this R&B group from the 90’s called Ellusion it consisted of two sets of female twins.

  • MissWoo

    I can’t read the articles because of the popups and auto plays

  • LeeLeeC

    Ahhh still looking for the celebs you are talking about…I counted maybe 2



  • Aerris

    Haqq sisters “famous by association?” Ha! I knew about them WAY before the Khardashians. Maybe it’s due to my age, but they did Disney Channel movies.

  • Last I checked Tia and Tamera are NOT black,
    they are mixed 😀

  • Ididntknow

    Vin Diesel’s black?

  • Tasha and Sidra Smith. Somehow I knew there were 2 of them. Saw Sidra someplace, somewhere and thought it was Tasha.

  • Cheriemartin36

    I’m more into the fact that this is supposed to be black celeb twins… despite vin diesels race being questionable, he’s white.. if you don’t believe it look at his brother duh

    • guest

      Vin Diesel is Italian and Black

  • CriticXtreme

    Since Billy Dee Williams has a twin, would she be Dee Billy Williams? 

  • cultureflash

    Don’t forget the Hughes Brothers! Twins Albert and Allen Hughes directed Denzel Washington in “The Book of Eli,” and the hits “Dead Presidents” and “Menace II Society”

  • Tasha and Sidra? Can I have one?

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  • brownie2shasta

    Twins run STRONG in my family…I’m born a twin, have both a brother and sister who each have a set of twins in their sets of grandchildren, have twin cousins and one of my father’s sisters is also a twin whew!!!

  • Is it just me or does KeKe Palmer look like Baby Stace?

  • Bignik735

    who writes these things. we knew who tiki was and that he had a twin long before he left his pregnant wife. smh.

  • Bignik735

    the haqq twins were famous before the kardashians, and tasha smith played their mom in ATL! really do we live in a world where the kardashians rule everything or is it that their mom chris negotiated a deal to used their name. smh. next you’re gonna say laura london is best known as being a kadashian friend too. smh.

  • Sarah Suter

    Tasha Smith has a twin!!!!!!!!!! omg! I LOVE HER!  The world could do with more of Tasha…well, the characters she plays in movies especially ‘why did I get married’ and the sequel, ‘why did i get married too’. I found myself wishing for a BFF just like her! 

  • Deepea

    According to Wikipedia & other resources online, they are indeed identical twins.

  • chaka1

    Where are the Hodge Twins with their fine selves?

  • Aunt Juicy

    Vin Diesel is Black??

    • Brownie2shasta

      Yes he is…lots of blacks can pass for white and other ethnic groups. 

  • Ragane

    I never knew tasha was a twin

  • Loveloans85

    tasha and her sister r so pretty

    • RickR

      Nooooo they aren’t 🙁 sorry.

      • PeaceCorps1

        Why are they not pretty to you? You said NOTHING about Tia and Tamara not being pretty.

  • Mamarogo

    Cant tell them apart! which one is sidra and which one is Tasha??

  • Tasha Smith has a twin!! Awesome; they’re both gorgeous!  I knew about Billy Dee and Loretta; I think they top the list of the most unknown celebrity twins.


  • :) happy thoughts

    me and my twin are black, just not celebrities…….. darn, could have made the list. lol 

  • LadyRed

    I have twin girls they are a TRIP! Lol

    • chocolate

      @ ladyred I have twin nieces & twin cousins

  • Oooo thank GOD Jermaine Dupri does not have a twin. One is enough!

  • teshai

    didnt know Vin Diesel was black..lmao

  • Tacadillac

    I keep seeing post of cyn & mal. They did not show up on my list. & i went thru 8 pages twice…

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  • you forgot Nat King Cole’s youngest daughters Casey & Timolin and not only are they twins but identical which means one egg splits into two embryos which both implant and often times share an amniotic sac and placenta.

  • NicciNic

    Aw c’mon everybody who has Vin’s fan pg on fb knows he has a twin and has seen the early family vacation photos! I love Vin Diesel ^_^ he’s so awesome!

  • Techlilinu

    Don’t forget about “Le Twins”, the phenominal breakdancing twins from France.  Click on the following link if you have not seen them yet.  They are really good, really sweet and really cute.

  • Tini_1106

    Vin Diesels bro looks like a Killer lol..strayt UP and down serial killer

  • wish I had a twin 🙁

    • Anti-believer

      Well, if you’re a Gemini, you are natural born twin.

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  • meena

    Brook and Robin Lopez ARE NOT even partially BLACK, why are they on the list? If you wanted to do just celeb twins that would have been fine.

    • RevokingBlkCards

      Have you seen their hair? Are we looking at the same picture? Black does not have one look so quit revoking black cards just because he doesn’t fit your description of it.

      • r.nizzle

        Actually she’s right. Brook and Robin Lopez are half white and half cuban.

        • ANirvana

          and most cubans have afro-latino backgrounds

          • PeaceCorps1

            But these do not. You said MOST not all.

    • Anti-believer

      Obviously you have never heard of Cuban-Black or been to Miami.

  • Jolie

    Vin Diesel’s twin tho…………

  • deedee

    Holy Isht! Vin Diesel’s brother looks like he haunts spooky old cabins in his spare time!


  • FutureMaOfTwins

    This is crazy that y’all had this article today. I met 2 sets of twins today- one identical, the other fraternal. I believe that I get more assurance from God that I will have twins someday each time I see or meet a pair of twins which is pretty often in my work. Maybe once every 2 weeks I’d say. I have twin aunts in my family and most of my cousins have had kids by now. I hope that I am blessed with twins someday! 

  • Navronis

    Family of Florida boy killed by Neighborhood Watch seeks arrest… please spread the news about this story that came out today

  • Tagirl

    The Casey twins gave us some incredible music with Jagged Edge. Their “JE Heartbreak” album is a classic!

  • Tagirl

    Sports fans knew who Tiki Barber was. He and Ronde are the best and most successful twins to ever play a sport. Tiki was a beast RB with the NY Giants and broke a lot of records. Ronde has been a shut down corner back for the Tampa Bay Bucs for over 15 years and has a ring. They’ve both been super successful.

    • Divanerd

      I went to college with them and I can tell you that are also both super racist – never looked at a black woman and never will. 

      • Let those other women have them, especially Tiki’s low-down dirty rotten oreo has-been self. That white chick he thinks he loves is in for a rude awakening. We don’t need dogs like that in our lives so they can have the Asians and Beckys…

        • Brownie2shasta

          That’s what I say, they can all have their overrated convict asses!

      • Brownie2shasta

        Well considering how they are with their women, you should be glad that you as a black woman is not what they prefer. Hell ole Tiki left his Asian wife while pregnant for some white chick. Who cares? Black men are way overrated…

        • PeaceCorps1

          Bull. My father, brother and sons are great.

      • PeaceCorps1

        That is not racist. That is self hatred.

  • Lovie0520

    How could you forget the Twins Walter and Wally Scott of the Whispers.  I have love the Grammy Winning  brothers since I was a teen.

    • Blackopsdeb

      You beat me to it! :thumbsup:

    • Anti-believer

      This is about twins people don’t know about. The Whispers sing together. We know this man!

  • Bigkeena53

    Ewwew his bro paul looks scary!!! Lol no wonder he secretive or no photos! Yikes

  • My_Mind_Speaks

    The Haqq sisters were in the movie ATL…

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Kinda ironic that they were twins in the movie and their movie mother was a twin huh?

      • not ironic, it’s a coincidence 

    • NicciNic

      Dang I wouldn’t have even noticed that if I hadn’t seen your comment

  • No I don’t miss Jagged Edge…I have the Remedy on repeat daily. 

  • britchick91

    Didnt know Malorie and Cynthia were twins

    • Guest

       they’re not lol i don’t know why they made the list.

  • Truth

    Sidenote:  What is up with these auto-play videos, soooo annoying!!!!!

    • Truth

      Going through 9 pages is painful enough!!!!

    • Techlilinu

      Thank you so much Truth for addressing the auto play videos.  They drive me nuts.  Just before I got to your comment, I put my speakers on mute because the babbling was driving me crazy.  I feel like I am being assaulted by those auto play videos.  Madame Noir please give us the option to turn them on if we want to hear them.  Jeeez!!!!!

    • Mocha_687

      Thank you!!! I want to listen to music when I read these articles and then all I hear are these interviews and ads ruining it! MN….you will start losing your readership if you don’t cut this out!

    • scandalous7

      AND the random ads that cover the entire page (featuring Betty white), and I cant close them right away!

  • Nestafan2

    The Haqq sisters were in the movie “ATL” before Kloe an Lamar’s show even aired.  And Cynthia said on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” that she and Mallorie were born 11 months apart.

    • Caroltmoore

      Their called Irish Twins. Duh

  • Goddess8281

    I knew of the Haqq twins from playing in movies, not the kardashians.

    • Redchynaworks

      Exactly, they were both in ATL and a Disney movie (Sky High) before the whole Kardashian invasion.

      • Msmykimoto2u

        Yep. MN should have said thats when the white people learned about them. We already knew them

    •  Exactly. Do not give the Kardashians credit they don’t deserve. I loved the twins in ATL 🙂

    • Billz

      Right, they were definitely in ATL…

  • christielove

    Billy Dee Williams and his sister,Loretta,are attractive. I never knew that Billy Dee had a twin.

  • christielove

    Vin Diesel’s brother is soooo not cute,maybe that explains why MN had a hard time finding a pic of him.

  • Tammy

    eww Vin Diesel’s brother is gross lmao….. kind of looks albino. If he is then sorry he’s not gross just ugly lol.

    • yardgyal

      i was like oh jeez there is chucky all grown up…Lord forgive me.

    • Blackopsdeb

       I think it’s probably Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence or a Wayan Bro. in white face. Jus’ sayin’.

    • You made that deduction from one lousy photo. Critical much

  • Neecee401

    I really wish the Haqq twins would get new weaves..

    • Deedeedums

       “celebrities” tho? (-_-)

    • Rile37

      They can’t because they’re so busy trying to be white and like the Kardashians with that played out long mane that they all wear.

    • PeaceCorps1

      How about NO weaves. Why is weaving so acceptable nowadays?


    • awet

      they are both beautiful!

    • Papillonsarah

      I wonder if she is just as loud and annoying too?

      • Austrina Williams


        • Dae

          And the twins with the sister from the Kardashians are the twins she was yelling at. lol

      • PeaceCorps1

        Nah. She looks totally classy.

    • chaka1

       Tasha’s sister is stunning!!!

      • Brooklyn

        i saw her in a pizzeria in nyc called lil rays pizza a few years ago and thought it was tasha

  • Talyiac

    Cynthia & Mallory are not TWINS

    • sexxy

      Was abt to say that

  • Talyiac

    They are not TWINS…sorry