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Ok, so the likelihood of us, regular, around the way girls, ever getting an opportunity to date a celebrity will probably never, ever present itself. Most of us, over the age of thirteen have realized this. While the glitz and glam of being on the arm of a famous beau would be fabulous (at times), there are some men who just would not cut it. No matter how much money these celeb men have, it can’t hide the fact that they’re either ignorant, lame, or down right repulsive. Check out the men we’re talking about and let us know if you agree.

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1. Ray J
Any time we talk about ridiculous men on MN, Ray J’s name always comes up…always. Why? Because the brotha is just lame on so many levels. And the only thing worse than a lame man, is a lame man that thinks he’s actually doing something. Ray J is that dude. Sure he had a couple of hit singles. I’m not gonna lie, I two-stepped to “Se*y Can I” and someone even gave me a copy of his album “Raydiation” that I actually listened to, sue me. But all of this doesn’t excuse the fact he followed it all up with a VH1 reality, dating show, “For the Love of Ray J” where the extent of his wackness was confirmed in several of his “confessional” style interviews. And if that wasn’t enough, we saw how this grown man was so content to act like a rebellious teenager in another reality show, “Family Business.” Judging by his behavior it really is hard to believe that Ray J is 31.

So cute, yet so twisted. Source: wdkx.com


2. Chris Brown

I can hear the boos and hisses from #teambreezy already. Those folks are beyond reason, so if you’re a card-holding member of Team Breezy, you might as well click over to the next slide, because I have no qualms about this one.

Now, as for the rest of you, I’m not one of those people who believes a man can’t change and grow. What I do believe though, is that when said man has changed or matured, there will be signs of growth clearly exhibited in his behavior. While I’d like to think that Chris probably won’t hit a woman again, I still believe he hasn’t addressed the real issue, his anger problems. And the position he’s in isn’t particularly conducive for doing so. Here you are young, attractive, rich, wildly successful, with a whole bunch of people, who want nothing more than to tell you “yes.” Yes to whatever you say, yes to whatever you do, yes, even at the expense of your personal development. It’s sad. And for that reason I have no “hate” for Chris Brown, just pity.

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3. Ying Yang Twins

Huh, What? The Ying Yang Twins? When was the last time they were relevant? Right around the time when “The Whisper Song” dropped. They haven’t been on the scene in a while because people finally wised up to their utter lack of substance. But back in the earlier part of the last decade, the Ying Yang Twins were a part of virtually every black “club” experience. I know I wasn’t the only one dancing to their songs. (Remember, “Say I Yi Yi”?) They weren’t saying anything of substance but when you’re in your primal mind instead of your conscious one, they provide a great soundtrack. That being said, they are hardly men we could ever take seriously. Actually listening to their lyrical content will make you question their collective intelligence and your own, really. If that wasn’t enough, any pair of grown men who walk around screaming “Haaannh” canNOT be a viable dating option.

Source: blogs.dailyprincetonian.com

4. The Game

Two weeks ago, The Game would not have made this list; not because we would’ve dated him, but because we just weren’t thinking about him like that. But in light of recent events, spitting indoors, whether on someone or not, and allowing his cronies to physically assault a woman on stage, while he watched and encouraged, are just too much to stomach. Then to make matters worse, The Game went where a lot of entertainers go when they have something to say: Twitter. One woman mentioned him on Twitter, asking about his reckless behavior and like he did in a recent issue of XXL, he simply made a bad situation worse by claiming the spit didn’t land on the woman. (Though that was his intention.) According to the rapper, the couple was throwing things and spitting at him. That would make anyone angry. But you’re the celebrity. Why didn’t you have security escort them out or at least walk away? No word on the boob grabbing, yet. Either way these two incidents really shine a light on his character and further confirm why we never checked for him in the first place.

Source: outofcontrolcelebrities.com

5. Flavor Flav

Sigh. Looking at this brotha just makes my heart hurt. You know why? Because William Jonathan Drayton Jr. was declared a musical prodigy at age five, eventually learning to play 18 instruments. And if you look at pictures from his youth, he was actually quite cute. But unfortunately, we came to learn that Flav was and is willing to sell his soul and even his talent to make a couple of dollars. He’s got to know that his behavior is complete bufoonery. And yet he doesn’t seem to care. No thanks.

Source: Billboard.com

6. Lil Wayne

I’m sure under all those tattoos Lil Wayne might not be the worst looking guy around. And even though I think he’s overrated, I can’t deny that the brotha is very talented. Most of his songs are misses for me, but every once in a while he’ll create something I can really appreciate. That being said, his plethora of baby mommas, his disparaging comments about darker complected women and his gold and diamond encrusted grill are just sickening.

7. Wacka Flocka Flame

Full disclosure: Wacka Flocka is actually really attractive to me. His hair, his smile and those lips (!) are just so right. Did you see him with the puppy for the Peta campaign? So adorable. But, when Wacka Flocka Flame opens his mouth, all bets, and I do mean all bets, are off. He’s practically unintelligible. Ok, so he has an accent, that’s not so bad right? Wrong. Not only can you barely understand what he has to say, when you finally do piece it together, it’s clear that you’ve wasted your time. Whether he’s rapping or speaking, he’s not…saying…anything! The perfect example of this took place when Rocsi and Terrence, from 106 and Park tried to get his thoughts on voting and education.

Point proven.

Who are some celebrities you could not see yourself dating…ever?

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  • MalikaiDragonSlayer

    Wow, who knew Waka Flocka was so good looking… I guess because I think he’s such a sucky rapper he seems less attractive when I think about him…

  • WildeBeast

    Flava flave’s story is sad..not only can he play 18 instruments, he can also sing and graduated from culinary school!! what the hell was he a hype man for?? the guy is so frigging talented and he did nothing with it..you see all these young ppl who can only play 2 chords on the guitar and they go on to win american idol..damn waste of talent..smh

  • Phatgrl_kim

    This was thee best & funniest list ever ! Lol … I’m sorry but I’d still date Waka Flocka in a heartbeat ! & even Chris Brown ; ) Those guys may have some flaws like everybody do but dammit they got sex appeal !! (btw I wouldnt marry them tho, maybe Flocka lol ) Lil Wayne just disgust me PERIOD ! Btw

  • i guess men and women are alike in that area…..as long as they look good, they think they got it made.

    • Bella

      Case in point: Kim Kardashian. Most guys would just hit it and quit it and because she has acquired a reputation for being up her own arse, no one takes her seriously, nevermind respecting her.

  • Amija

    With the exception of Common, The Roots, Andre 3000 , I know I’m missing someone, most rappers are not dating material.  When I saw The Game and Flava, I threw up in my mouth a little.

    I’d have Gary Dourdan on that list.  I used to love just looking at him.  Those eyes, that hair.  That man was foine.  Then his coke problem came out. Then I heard about him hitting his ex-girlfriend.  All that pretty was just gone to waste cuz he’s a total dbag!

  • MixedUpInVegas

    :::Wiping tears from laughing SO HARD!:::  You ladies have it nailed–except for the commentor who thinks we all know wife beaters (for the record, the only ones I know are the ones who come for treatment in our clinic, usually under court order) so, no, we don’t ALL associate with them in our personal lives.

    Agree with many who named others worthy of this list.  Thanks for a good belly laugh tonight, MN!

  • Bella

    Oh yeah I forgot the ultimate no-go: George Clooney. I’ve never been attracted to him and lifetime bachelor stance is annoying at best. Surely his new girl knows the deal, right?

  • Kutta_MoFo

    Put Yeezy on this list. I could never try to take anyone serious that I know is only dating me because of how I look and then once he’s done with me (which is inevitable), just moves on to the exact same thing next, just a different name and outfit.

  • OMG I saw when Waka was on 106&Park that day!! From that day I realize he’s dumb as bricks! He’s s*xy, but I couldn’t do it either, lol.

    Again this proves to me society isn’t fair. I have a masters degree and I’m struggling; he can barely articulate a sentence, but he makes millions. Such is life.

  • Demetruis Jenkins

    Well the funny thing about is you’ll probaly neva eva eva have to worry about these guys wanting you’ll even for sex except maybe flavor flav lol so they probaly dnt care

  • Bella

    Diddy, Pilar Sanders, Coolio, Tiki Barber, Rush Limbaugh, Ja Rule, Maino, Russell Simmons, the list is endless.

  • Ifuaskme2

    I’d date Breezy in a heartbeat. If they can date dumb blondes why can’t I date dumb bros. Besides you said date, not marry

  • Chris Brown punk a** should be number 1 tied with Lil’ Wayne.

  • TeamMe

    As a card carrying member of #teambreezy, yep and I’m proud. I agree with the comments made, I hope that he will grow and change but only time will tell. But you people won’t let him move past that. I’m sure you all know personally know men who are women beaters and they are not getting as much hate as CB. This shows up the hypocrisy in all of us. So please stop making CB the poster child for domestic violence and go deal with the sh*t in your backyards. I’m not excusing him, I’m just saying quit being two-mouthed where he and domestic violence is concerned.
    As for the rest of these losers, money just magnifies who you are not makes it go away.

  • Wacka Flacka Lame is one of the most ignant individuals who can still manage to dress themselves. To think that this fool and his equally ignant compadres are pulling in millions of dollars when our college educated children are struggling to find a job paying a living wage and countless others who have the creditials, experience and work ethic are struggling to find a job makes me sick. Why are we wasting our hard earned cash supporting these dipsh1ts? Invest in ourselves and help uplift our nation! Overpaid entertainers, atheletes, politicians and reality show characters should be demoted to working for $10/hr for the next 20 years use all of the cash that’s left over to fund education and raise the pay of hard working individuals and even the scales.

  • Lil Wayne looks like one of the motorcycle riding monkeys from The Wiz. As for the rest of this list I’d have to agree with you 100%

    • girl, you crazy!! lol!! i was trying to figure out who he reminded me of, and that is exactly right, lol! 

  • Eestoomuch

    ALL and i do mean ALL of these individuals have one thing in common to me…they ALL look like they stink! Ray J has been with one of the skankiest women alive KK and Chris Brown admitted that he “used to” piss the bed…i bet he still does!

    • LaTasha


  • CiaraMonique

    Dang Waka Flaka!! How embarrassing! No more interviews for you!

  • Jell4l

    thats crazy that you are that judgemental about these rappers…have you ever thought about the fact of they would never be interested in you either.???.. & while you speak on Ray-J…. he sure was able to crack one of our best singers ever ….. #dont judge  #doYouReallyGetPaidToHate???

    • Live_in_LDN

      “he sure was able to crack one of our best singers ever”

      Pun intended?

    • Alto

      I don’t think its about judgement, not when the people on this list have put themselves out there as being pretty vile human beings.  Also, I do believe the writer started out by acknowledging that she would never likely get an opportunity to date a celeb anyway, so whether or not they’d be interested in her isn’t relevant to the discussion.

  • PrincessDiva_170

    I could see myself dating Chris Brown and Lil Wayne….but especially Chris Brown

  • adrienne michelle


  • IllyPhilly

    I actually agree with everybody and every comment under each one on this list. However. I am like a man though, I would still do Chris and Waka just cuz they are cute. I know VERY shallow, but meh. 

  • Lol

    Wacka and Fantasia might be a good match…..even though they might need supervision like ALL the time and most likely shouldnt have children together…they still could keep each other occupied with with their 4th grade minds.

    • Keturad21

      dammm lmao u wrong for that leave fantasia alone she trying to do her. I got to give it to you dats funny

  • butch31

    LIES, u females love thes kinds of dudes! What about crazy women? Erykah Badu and all them different baby daddy’s… 

  • MsPurpleMama88

    I agree to the fullest, lol and what in hell did Waka Flocka say? I really didn’t understand him, thank goodness they actually show the words that was coming off his mouth, cuz other than that, I was lost, lol

  • Realer

    Wacka wouldn’t have to talk to me. I would just sit there and look at his fine self.

  • MEEE

    I could not agree more.Especially lil wayne the guy creeps me out.I also agree gucci mane should be on this list

  • Tagirl

    I read an article that stated incidents(outside of Rihanna) that Chris Brown has had, like, causing $50k in damage at a restaurant after throwing a tantrum at his mom. It was pointed out that he has a bunch of enablers around him. Hopefully, he grows up.

    I’ve always thought Game was gorgeous(and I can’t stand tattoos) but it’s sad to know that he’s so repulsive.

    That’s interesting to find out that Flav was a child prodigy. 18 instruments. Wow!

    I agree with this list though.

  • Sex with Breezy? Sure…but as for being serious? I doubt…


    Gucci Mane should have an honorable mention, IJS! He is so wack…

  • Fav is ugly as sin

  • Damn I’d date Chris Brown…

  • R J is as nasty as that chick he had on his d**k…you know the one…there is no other.

  • Woooo

    WOO WOO WOOO!!! FLAVOR FLAV WAS A CHILD PRODIGY!? …did I read that right? 

  • Cha-Cha

    Yep, I pretty much wouldn’t date any of them… And I actually really like Lil Wayne, as an artist… but if that boy don’t pull up them pants, I’m gon’ SCREAM!

    Breezy – I think he really needs help. He’s a kid, living a grown up life… and needs some serious anger management. Flava Flav… um, that would be a definite NOOOOOOO! And to think he has procreated.. ewe! The Game, I’ve never been a big fan of his. Wacka Flocka is cute, but… this is the reason we need to insure our children today get an education. What in the world is he even saying? *sigh* — Actually, I don’t think there are too many celebrities I would date. That is not the kind of scene I would want to be in… too much drama.  

    • Ernette Williams1

      Jamie fox and Jay Z  Marlon and shaun waynans .Excluding Jay z they probably dont like women any way!

      • Annelli

         Jay is married though…..lol…lol.

      • TeamMe

        Finally someone had the balls to say Jay-Z, and just because he married to beyawnce still does not make him datable in my books.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I was thinking the same thing about waka flocka lol!

  • msgeegee

     Cee-lo, Forest Whitaker

  • msgeegee

    Oh yeah, what about Too Short and Uncle Luke? 

  • msgeegee

    Dont forget Gucci Mane and Rick Ross!

    • Katt_turtle

      hit the red bottoms on the heel…both make my mouth dry and. bad cholesterol go up..

  • Wisdom

    They’re all creatures. And Ray J is a midget.

  • Maya Bz

    Great article! They are all awful but I agree with the other posters that you should have added Diddy, Birdman (in fact the whole young money crew) and 50 cent too!  
    LIVE_IN_LDN you are so, so right and the Lil Wayne comment was hilarious. 
    Wacka Flocka Flame is very attractive but he talks like he has learning difficulties and that is real turn off.

  • FromUR2UB

    Well, poor Wacka Flocka Flame.  He’s just a dim bulb. 

    When people who are tatted up all over their bodies get old, they’ll probably look like reptiles.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Can we add Diddy to the list as well?  As a matter of fact, how about any celebrity with multiple baby mamas and not a wife in sight? 

  • Jolie

    Great list!

    Is it just me or does it seem like Ray J breath would smell bad…always??! Maybe that’s my way of correlating how full of sh*t I think he is?

    • Cmgirl

      You must’ve read my mind!!! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see him!!! Ugh

    • LOL. I can’t. Lmao. Not tonight. Oh lawd.

  • TeeBabe

    I Co-sign your list.  Even though I am a member of #TeamBreezy – I wouldn’t date him. Ray J’s fine but he has a Yuck Factor. I soooo agree on Wacka Flocka. He’s physically attractive, but mentally handicapped at the same time. Its so sad. SMH

    • Taygabwil

      WOW! U bout had me peeing on myself.

    • Mentally handicapped?!!? Wow! i know that is old but d*mn it! im dying from laughter!!!

  • anonymouz

    For once MN gets something right this list is so on point only I’d add Diddy, birdman (actually the whole young money crew), 50cent, snoop and more that i can’t even remember their names.

    • Co-sign!


    • Purplerainbows

      These backhanded compliments are a trip. Clearly MN has gotten something
      right more than once or you wouldn’t be subscribed to leave comments on
      the site. smh…

    • Ms Evans

      I confur to everyone u added to this list! Especially 50 and diddy!! Money do Not make the man!

  • RedButterfly81

    The editor must have read my mind because I don’t like any of the guys listed either!

  • LaTasha

    I could not see myself dating none of them! lol

  • Live_in_LDN

    Ray J – He’s always riding on the coat-tails of other women (Brandy, Whitney, Kim). I would have nothing to offer him in terms of him increasing his exposure.
    Chris Brown- I always thought (long before Rihanna incident) he wasn’t that attractive and was marked on the ‘light skin curve’.  IDW, his brow bone hangs too low for me. Got that neanderthal swag.
    Ying Yang, Flava Flav – Creepy drunk uncles at the family reunion.
    The Game – Pig.
    Lil Wayne – Looks like he smells.

    • Annelli

       I get that vibe from Ray J as well….”riding” on the coat tail of others.

    • Taygabwil

      I do understand him “riding” but I also get where he’s coming from. I mean, that skank wasn’t on the tape by herself. Why should her and her family reap the rewards of something that happened between the two of them? He’s playing the 2nd fiddle 2 Brandy like other sibs, ahem Solange. The thing with Whitney, I believe was a riding thing both ways. Bless her soul, but she wasn’t on top anymore and what else would she want with him if he wasn’t in the news all of the time. Nothing but a big hot mess.

      • Hmmm

        Definitely just want to interject that Solange writes many of Beyonce’s songs and she’s a good singer herself; I don’t agree that she’s playing 2nd fiddle….ok I got that off my chest 🙂  You can continue

    • Truth

      LMAO @ Chris Brown – 
      IDW, his brow bone hangs too low for me. Got that neanderthal — so, so true!