Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: 6 Reasons Not to Go Back to Your Ex

March 6, 2012 ‐ By madamenoire

By Angele D. Russell

We’ve all been there: break up with a guy, go out with girlfriends for a celebratory “he wasn’t worth your time” party, and then you wake up the next day wondering if you made the wrong decision. While you might still be holding enough feelings to believe he might change in the future, with some men, it’s best to just count your losses and take your experiences with him as a life lesson instead of running back. Here are six reasons why you should keep it movin’ and not give him a second chance.

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  • http://www.vibratorwarehouse.com/ Vibrator

    Never get back with your ex. That is an unspoken rule of men.

  • http://www.vibratorwarehouse.com/ Vibrator

    Never get back with your ex. That is an unspoken rule of men.

    • http://twitter.com/angeledrussell Angele D. Russell

      I didn’t realize that!

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  • Md1272

    Thank you for this article. I am currently in this situation and although I’ve been with my ex for 19 yrs, we’re not compatible. Raising children alone is stressful but I will not settle for a loveless relationship. #doingme in 2012

    • http://twitter.com/angeledrussell Angele D. Russell

      You are so welcome! You and your children deserve all the love you can stand! Don’t settle!

  • guest

    Where was this article 6 months ago. Granted its stuff I’ve already heard but confirmation is always helpful

    • http://twitter.com/angeledrussell Angele D. Russell

      So glad you liked it!! We all need confirmation and to hear things again, even if we’ve heard them time and time again!!

  • wehavetodobetter

    I’ve been dealing with this guy for 2.5 years. All of a sudden he just stops calling me. Come to find out he’s with someone else. It hurt so bad because I thought that we were growing in our relationship. It’s been two months & I’m in a good place. Great things are happening in my life since our breakup & I’m a peace with it. Thank you for this article. Please give more. It’s therapeutic.

    • http://twitter.com/angeledrussell Angele D. Russell

      So glad you are in a good place and are healing! Know that you deserve more that just “dealing with” a guy. The right one would never treat you that way; just be patient enough to wait for the right one! 

  • Daysee

    I had this same problem about 5 months ago when I wanted my ex back so badly. After sometime of begging I finally said the hell with it and left him alone. Weeks went by and I didn’t talk to him he was soon calling me saying that he wanted to work it out. But I don’t want to. I am fine with us being es’s

    • Mcgrady

      Good for you. Never lower yourself to begging anyone. Your better than that. Don’t go back

      • Trisha

        I think it’s harder when you have childern involved..My husband walked out on us almost 3 weeks ago..everyone says avoid him..it’s kinda hard when we have two girls together.I’ve been emotaional wreck and trying to stay strong…And when I talk to him my anger comes out even when i tell myself not too

        • Bernadette Robinson

          Sorry to hear that Trish. Its not too bad in my situation. Me and my ex have one child and the other he been in his life since birth… he calls him dad. My children are young but i can feel the heartache for them. me, i wish i could have my family but when someone is verbally abusive, it ain’t cool. i see him 5x a were cause he picks up the children. we barely talk and we never talk when he’s not here.

      • Rajo1

        Yu been played too. Lmao. Ur trying to be strong huh.

    • Rajo1

      No ur not. Yu just liked the thrill if him chasing n yu feeling important. So yu played on that emotion. Typical female Sht.

  • Untamable0881

    I almost cried reading this. I am going through this right now. Thank you for helping me see the light…..

    • Mcgrady

      Be strong! It does hurt and will for a while but this feeling will pass trust! Keep away and the more u do the easier it will be and you will look back happy

      • Rajo1

        Yep someone didn’t want ya a$$ so ur beingg a counselor. It’s ok take ya loss n STFU.

    • Angele D. Russell

      You are most welcome! Trust me, I only know of these things because I’ve been there myself; it was the only reason I knew what to write! You are stronger than you realize and you will definitely get through the rain! #promise

      • DXTASY

        This is why I will never date a woman who came off of a previous relationship. Too much emotional baggage and you just don’t know how long she will carry it if ever actually letting it go. Some of these comments it seems like the attitude some of you are carrying is out of this big wide world we live in there isn’t another man who can measure up to what you just lost. Come on now give me a break. If you’re going to cry and experience pain let it be because someone you loved and cared for has died, to me that’s true hurt and the greatest of losses not because some relationship has worked out whatever the reason was. Life’s too short. Find a good man and regain your happiness.

  • Chocolate_Star

    Does anybody else think that dude in the pic on page 4 looks like Kris Humphries? lol

    • Untamable0881

      Lol he does

  • Idinise

    I needed this…newly single

    • Angele D. Russell

      So glad it helped! 

  • Jamma

    Eff an ex

  • IllyPhilly

    Number 1. He’s/she’s your ex for a reason. It always returns like a bad sequel.